ASP Application Form To Insert Records Into SQL Database

I have a project where i have to use an html asp application form to insert records into an sql database. My problem is finding resources online to practice with to learn, i have basic knowledge of ASP and have attended the microsoft 1 week course on Administering a 2000 SQL Database and i have designed a few small sites so i know html and javascript. I have the database side covered its just the VB code to take the form values and post them to the sql database.

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of sample codes to play around with as i cant seem to find any which relate to this project.

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Trying To Insert Multiple Records Into Database When Form Is Submitted

I'm trying to insert mutiple records into my database when the form is submitted.. My form has 4 textfields; serial1, price1, serial2 and price2.

I would like to insert serial1 and price1 as one record, then serial2 and price2 as the second record. I know some sort of loop has to be used to achieve this but i'm new to this and I don't know what to do...

I tried to do it with dreamweaver but it does not seem possible and the dreamweaver code seems really complicated I've only been able to insert only the first row(serial1,price1).. since I only have 2 fixed rows I guess what I need to do is to get dreamweaver to do it twice in a loop. Code:

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Submit Form Elements To Insert Multiple Records Into A Database

I have a table that contains all of the function permissions within a given application. These functions are different sections of a site and each has its own permissions (READ, WRITE, UPDATE, DELETE) which are controlled by a web frontend and the table
records are manipulated to control the permissions. Code:

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Can't Insert Records In My Database..

I am workin on a project at home,asp vbscript website, n im having problems with inserting records into my database .. I am using a dsn-less ADODB connection, but it seems that some kind of security is preventing me from writing in the db.. i can access n retrieve, but NOT WRITE.. ive tried disabling every type of security, still doesnt work..

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Insert Records Into Database

i have learned database connectivity. I am facing some problems in inserting records to database using SQL. Please tell me the way to insert records using SQL. I received error about wrong arguments on following line.

Rs.Open Query, DBConn, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic

where Rs is the RecordSet object, Query contains they SQL String, and DBConn is the Connection to my Microsoft Access database. I easily connected to the database and retrieved records using following command:

Rs.Open Query, DBConn, 3

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Insert Database Records To Email

How to do i send database information to an html email using ASP?

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How To Insert Multiple Records In Database?

how to insert multiple records in database?? i have this problem like i have this one form and there are three fields like the (quantity,unit,item name)..the item that will be inputted will vary, depending on the number of item to be inputted..

enter the number of item: 3
qty unit item_name
1. 2 pcs pencil
2. 2 pcs glue stick
3. 2 pcs clip

what should i do in order that these items will be inserted in just one insert statement?

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Can't Insert Records From Page With Request.form

I'm trying to insert records into an SQL database coming from a page using the request
..form method. The table "general" has a primary key 'geid .' I get the following error:

Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'geid', table 'general';

column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.

....not sure how to include the 'geid' field into the scheme.

strSql = "insert into general (firstname,surname,company) values ('"
strSql = StrSql & Request.Form("firstname") & "', '"
strSql = StrSql & Request.Form("surname") & "', '"
strSql = StrSql & Request.Form("company") & "')"
myconn.Execute (StrSql) ....

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INSERT Multiple Records From Checkbox Form With Unique Ids

I have an .asp page with a form to copy job responsibilites form one
job to another. It is a hotmail type interface with checkboxes
besides each responsibility. After submitting, it should copy the
selected resp's to a different job. After that it should renumber
that job's responsibilities.

This is the code I am using now to copy:

POSCODE,'" & dept & "' IDCODE1,'" & unit & "' IDCODE2, '999' RESP_NUM,
'" & sourceDept & "' AND IDCODE2 = '" & sourceUnit & "') AND RESP_NUM
IN (" & Request.Form("chk") & ")"

As you can see the value '999' is hardcoded in there as the new
Responsibility Number to go with the copied responsibility. I use
this because there are no jobs with that many responsibilities. This
works fine if I only select one resp. to copy over. But if I select
more than one that part still runs fine but I get an error with the
below. It says too many rows would be affected. Of course, this must
be because there are now at least 2 responsibilites with the same

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How To Insert Image To Access Database From Form When The User Submits The Form?

my form contains two text fields(name, address) and two file field control where user can insert image(photo1 and photo2), i want to insert this data in to ms access when the user submits the form?

this is my code for insert text fields to access data base.but i have no idea about the code for image fields. In my access data base i set photo1 and photo2 as herf (binary data). Code:

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Add Multiple Records To A Database From A Form

I am trying to have a form that has multiple records on it and the user can check a box on which ones to add to the database. I created the form but cannot get the fields to enter into the database.

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Returning Random 10 Records Form A Database?

How can I do it?

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Syntax On Passing Variables From Email Form To Insert A Database...

I'm having a problem with passing variables inserting to my database. Here's what I'm doing. I have a page where the user selects a team member (this is fine) Once the team member is selected I have the variables on the form send and email to all supervisors and the member selected (this is fine also) BUT, I'm having problems inserting the emailed information to my access 2000 database after is email. Can someone guide me in the right direction.

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Pulling Records From End Of A Database Or Inserting New Records To The Beginning

I'm trying to pull the last 5 records from my database.

<% j=5
While ((j>0) AND (NOT rs_article.BOF))%>
''Execute HTML and data insertion here


Everytime I attempt to run this code, I recieve an HTTP 500- Internal Server Error. It tells me no more than that. I know that my connection settings are OK because when I move forward through the database (first five records), the code executes without error. And yes, my Cursor type is Dynamic.

Alternatively, I would also like to know how to add new recordset to the beginning of a database rather than the end.

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Insert All Records

I am trying to figure out a way to insert all the records from a dynamic table - repeat region into one table as individual records. On the 1st page users select which items they want from a large list. When they click submit it passes the values ( IDs ) with a URL par to the next form. This form has a recordset that uses the URL par from the last page and creates a new dynamic table - repeat regon with all the records they chose. I need to do this so I can then add up rates for those selected items. I need to find a way to the add all those selected records now into one table. Also I need to have them insert each record at a time. So if 4 records are in the recordset and repeat region, I need to have it add 4 records into the table. Hope that makes since. Im a bit lost on this one.

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Insert Records

Is it possible when you insert a record in a database to only insert max 5 records. Can i make it delete the oldest one when i want to insert record #6 and so on?

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Insert Records Access DB

Anyone know if it is possible to update/insert a database record into a dynamically specified field.

The code I have here holds data in an asp session, ownerId, storeid and product type.

I can insert a record into the Productcat table, fields OwnerId and surfboards, no problem.
But what I would like is to insert the ownerid then insert poduct type into the field sepcified in the session variable (session("prodtype")) and/or strprodtpye

For Example
Insert OwnerId + product type into productcat into fileds ownerId and field labled ''strprodtype'' (variable, surfboard, wetsuit, boots, etc)

SQLstatement = "INSERT INTO Productcat (Ownerid,'"&strprodtype&"') "

I have tried using different methods, but the closest I got was IIS error msg ='field not found ("Surfboards", "wetsuits", "boots", etc)' Code:

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Insert Multiple Records

I'm trying to set up a form whereby users can select a variety of different subject mailing lists they'd like to be added to.
Each subject is in a different table so I want the FROM part of my SQL statement to loop through the values selected from the list box which I've loaded into an array.
But I'm getting a Type mismatch error.Code:

Dim strSQL
Dim subjects
Dim subjArray
Dim iLoop

subjects = Request.Form("subjects")
subjArray = split(subjects)

strSQL = "SELECT firstName, lastName, address1, address2, city, state, pcode, country, email FROM"
For iLoop = LBound(subjArray) to UBound(subjArray)

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Insert Multiple Records

I have a recordset that contains multiple records of product a user is purchasing. For clarity, I converted the recordset fields to variables. I need to take that entire recordset and insert it into another table on a remote server. The below code only inserts 1 record. How do I change the code to get all records inserted?

Dim DataConn2
Set DataConn2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
DataConn2.Open MM_kasKSS_STRING
SQL = "INSERT INTO wsOrderDetails (OrderID, OrderNo, Description, Qty,
PriceEach, Priceline) "
SQL = SQL & "Values ('" & iod_OrderID & "', '" & iod_OrderNo & "', '" &
iod_Description & "', " & iod_Qty & ", " & iod_PriceEach & ", " &
iod_Priceline & ")"

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Unable To Insert Records

I get this following error while inserting recoed in ms-acces db :

Error Type:
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80004005)
[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Cannot update. Database or object is read-only.
/mis/add_iteminfo.asp, line 35

This thing is making me go crazy as i'm running windows platform & running the app on localhost. The have several times but the db isn't read-only, not even in the iis. Don't know what to do .

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Insert Mltiple Records

What is the most efficient way of inserting multiple records into a database ? At the moment, I'm grabbing data and inserting each record with a loop. The only thing is on each loop I'm opening a connection to the db (SQL Server), inserting a record, then closing it.

Is there a way of inserting all the data with either one command or by keeping the connection and looping the command instead. The situation is the user entering email addresses into a textarea, one per line, then process each of those emails as a record.

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How Do You Insert Multiple Records At The Same Time?

I need help to solve this situation....

House 1 (1 photo)
House 2 (4 photos)



I need insert multiple records into a single field of the Table2 and
insert the idHouse too. How do I do this?

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Request.form :: Can´t Upload But The INSERT INTO Form Works Propertly

I´m having a problem using ASP Upload with an insert form..

If I use ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" the all the parametres i might get with request.form don´t appear.. but i can upload the files.. Besides if I take away the ENCTYPE tag, i can´t upload but the INSERT INTO form works propertly

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Insert Multiple Records Into The One Table At The Same Time

Does anyone know how to insert multiple records in the same table at the same time. This is what I have. I have a form with 6 fields and they are name prod1 through to prod 6. The table is called related products.

Basically this table is related to the main table called prod_parent. tried looking on google and couldn't find anything.

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Insert Atleast 10000 Records At A Time

I need to insert atleast 10000 records at a time but if the user stops the process i need to rollback the transaction.

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Web Database Application

I'm wanting to create a simple web database application using MS Access, but i'm not sure where to start. All i want is the database to hold names of students and information about them as well as the courses they are studying. Then i want this information to displayed on a web browser.

Do i need middle tier software? If so what would you suggest? I've tried running apache tomcat but it won't start for me. Or does anyone know a good tutorial using MS Access and ASP?

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Best Way To Store Database Password In ASP Application?

I am new to ASP security. I want to know what is the best way to store
database password in ASP application? Or if there are any places to
store in IIS? I tried to store the password in VB DLL file, but looks
like when I open the DLL file, I can still see the plain text password.

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Application Object :: Allow Only One User To Access Form

I'm looking for a way to allow only one user to access my web form at a time. so that if there is a user using my web page / html form.. then the next user is directed to another page. So only one user is allowed access at any given time .I was hoping there is a way to do this with Application variables.

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Insert Form

I am geting this message when INSERTING a form.

Microsoft JET Database Engineerror '80004005'

Operation must use an updateable query. /admin_pportfolio_bl_insert_processor.asp, line 8

the code on "admin_pportfolio_bl_insert_processor.asp" is Code:

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Insert Into Database

Im using microsoft access and I made the field data type Yes/no. How can i enter data of type (Yes/No) to database?

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Insert Textboxes In The Form

Someone have a script to insert dynamic items in the form?
For example...

In my default form have 5 textboxes... I need to put a button to users to "add new item"... and add textboxes to the form.

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Insert Form Fields

I have about 30 names of workers (and their IDs in hidden fields, that depend on their departments) in one form, beside them there is one dropdown list for each worker, with same items. I want to select item from dropdown list for each worker, that will write item ID in another hidden field... and then I want to submit worker's ID, ID from dropdown list etc....into another .asp page and sql db.
If I use next way :
FOR EACH name IN Request.Form
I get only values of IDs from dropdown lists. But I need workers' IDs, too.

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Multi Form Insert

How would you go about inserting data from two forms into one record? using access/javascript

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