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ASP & Passing Variable From Drop Down

The ASP page contains a dynamic drop down menu with project manager names. I would like users to choose a specific manager and click submit. The form should pass the managers last name as a variable to a page that lists all of the manager's projects. I have the dropdown created but when I submit the form it has an empty variable. What are my options?

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Passing Data From Javascript Variable To Asp Variable.
is there any way of passing a javascript variable over to a asp variable so
i can write it to my database.

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Passing Values From Drop Down Box
I have a form which I can upload images to a web server. In the same form I have a drop down box which is populated by folder names in a specific directory (see code). I would like the user to select the images to upload and to the select the folder (from the drop down box) they would like the image(s) to be uploaded into.

I am having trouble passing (via a post method) the value of the dropdown box, namely the folder name to the upload code page. I passed value from drop down boxes to other pages successfully in the past but something is going wrong somewhere - it doesn't seem to pull any value through - would it be something to do with how the drop down box is populated?? Code:

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Passing Data From Drop Down Box
how to pass the selected value in dropdowm box into a textbox.for ur informations, all the data inside the dropdown box are retrieve from Access Database.i want to pass the data that is selected into a textbox, which already consist data from the database also. how to overwrite it with the data from the dropdown box?

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Passing A Variable Into An SQL
I am trying to make a variable appear in an SQl but am not sure how. Here is the sample code:

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Passing Variable With & In The Url
i try to passing variable using get method in a url.

this is my example url


<a href="addsection.asp?uid=<%=uid%>&sublvl=<%=sublvl%>&headertext=<%=headertext%>">add</a>

i did print out teh variable headertext at addsection.asp, what i get is from the variable headertext is PE, so what shd i out in the url to get PE&CCA in my addsection page?

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Passing Variable From PHP To ASP
I have a PHP page with a form which captures some information about a user before then redirecting the user to a ASP driven website. Thing is, there is obviously nothing to stop the user from simply noting the URL of the site they have been redirected to, and then going direct to the site everytime after.

Is there a way I can make the homepage of the ASP page only open, if it has been passed a hidden variable (by _POST). I could probably do this if the referral site was in PHP, but I have no experience of ASP. I assume i will need to input a few lines of code at the beginning of the ASP homepage which look for the POST variable and only open the site if it has been passed from the PHP page?

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Passing URL Variable
I'm building a site with news headlines on my index.asp page. I want these headlines to link to a file called story.asp. This page would contain the entire article. The data is coming out of Access.

Am I supposed to use a querystring to pass the storyID from the headlines on the index.asp to story.asp? Is there other/easier ways to this? I want to be clear in the direction I'm heading.

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Passing Value To Variable In Asp..
Is it possible to pass the "text content" in a table to a variable.. here's my code

<table border="1" width="443" id="table1">
<td><%response.write vFieldOperator%></td>

you see i want to pass the content in that particular table to a variable..

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Passing Variable
I am pulling info from a recordset and all the information is correct as I have tested it in Analyzer.
The recordset returns info inside a table. From that table, I select a few options then submit the form. During the submit it passes 6 parameter. Up to this point, everything is correct. My problem is that my last parameter is passing the ID and not the Manufacturer Name. Code:

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Variable Passing
Does anyone know how you would pass a variable back to the classic side from the side? I pass a variable to .net, but for the life of me I cant seem to figure out the way to reverse it from .net to classic. Below shows where my variables are stored on the .net side from classic ASP.


Dim BgDate = Request.Form.GetValues("BeginDate")(0)
Session("BeginDate") = BgDate
Dim EdDate = Request.Form.GetValues("EndDate")(0)
Session("EndDate") = EdDate

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Passing Variable Into Function
i have a problem when i'm passing a parameter into my function, it gives me an error saying invalid column ts Code:

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Passing Variable In A Form
I have a form that you enter in a file path i.e c:folder1
you then click search and the application will search for that folder and check if it exists if so it will return a list of files in that folder. you are alowed to select what files you want to copie and then enter in the folder you want to copie them to.

here is my issues: i enter in my folder to search on and it is good I get a list of files in that folder I am also given the the folder path at the top of my table. in the code I have also created a hidden field so that when I click on my copy button my from folder path is sent over to that I can us it in my objFile.CopyFile.

NOW Here is where I go *WTF* at the top of my page I am printing out my folder path vartiable and it is right. however once i press that copy button the folder name gets cut off at the space i.e E:flkfkdlsdkklfile2 inforil....

so how do I fix this here is my code I have tryed to highlight the partst pertaing to this issue. Code:

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Passing Session Variable
Im trying to pass the 'month' variable which is a session variable from one page to another. It manage to appear on the other page in a textbox but when I try to pass it to the recordset, it fails. Can I know why?? This is the page which I'm passing the variable to. Code:

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Passing An Asp Variable To An Xsl Stylesheet
im trying to learn how to pass a variable taken from a database and write it into an xsl stylesheet. And ive found some info regarding this but its too advanced for me to understand. Could anyone explain it to me in newbie terms?

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Passing Variable Strings
What I have is an ASP page that starts off with multiple ways to access a project list and other pages via mysql queries. One of those is a button with the following

<form name="ProjectsActive" method="post" action="P_ProjSort.asp?ActiveSort=1&MySort=1">

From this button I'm wanting to pass a variable to acknowledge that it is ONLY wanting ACTIVE projects and also what was originally already there which is the MySort for sorting by different columns. The next page has the following I cut out some irrelevant stuff. Code:

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Passing Variable Error
Can someone tell me if they see an error in my SQL statement? I'm passing the TEAMID var into this page. I know that works because I tested it.


Microsoft JET Database Engine error '80040e10'

No value given for one or more required parameters.

/league/teams/team.asp, line 13

<%@ language=vbscript%>
<!--#include virtual="/includes/common.asp"-->

<% Dim teamID %>

<% teamID = Request.QueryString("TeamID") %>

<% Set rs = Conn.Execute("SELECT * FROM tblTeams WHERE TeamID = " & teamID )%>

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Passing Session Variable In IE
I have a session variable 'Status' that I created in page1.asp in my website. After creating this session variable, page1.asp will redirect to page2.asp and will display 'Status' value. This works in both IE and Netscape.

A problem starts when a page (redirect.php) from another website (which belongs to a client) tries to call page1.asp. Using IE, page1.asp can't pass 'Status' value to page2.asp. However, in Netscape, page2.asp can display 'Status' value.

I don't think my code in page1.asp is wrong because it works if I type in the url to page1.asp directly in IE. The client's website runs on Linux. Anyone know if this is the cause for this problem? Anybody know how to solve this problem?

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Passing Variable Value To Another Page
i am trying to pass a variable to another page using a button.this is the code i have

<form action="G_Reply.asp?Title="<%=rsUser("Title")%>" method="post">
<button name="add" type="submit">
<img src="Pictures/G_Chat.png" width="150" height="20"></button>

Even though it does not work ,it does pass the variable when using as hyperlink like :

<% response.write ("<a href=G_Reply.asp?Title="&rsUser("Title")&"> Post Reply </a>")%>

(rsUser is my recordset and ("Title") is the field in the database. )

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Passing Variable Loginname
I have an ASP site and an PHP site.I would like to pass a variable 'loginname'from the ASP page to my PHP application in the form of a link,eg.:

'myname' is a Global variable / Session.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to make a simple encryption for the 'myname' variable so I can pass this variable to PHP without people knowing the username?

1. ASP will encrypt the username into 'sfh234gge'
2. link will be
3. PHP will decrypt the username again into 'myname'

I hope I am clear with what I am trying to do?

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Passing Variable StrPostcode
I have a form and a variable called strPostcode.The code for the form is as follows:

<form name="formPostcode" method="post">
<input type="text" name="txtpostcode" />
<input type="button" value="Go" onClick="window.location.href='main_menu.asp'" />

I want to store the value of entered into the textbox and output it onto another page.
Any ideas on how to do this?

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Passing A Variable To Use An Include
I am trying to write a little script using includes ... but I am getting errors, I am passing a URL variable to use an include.

<!--#INCLUDE VIRTUAL=Request.QueryString("path")-->

Am I missing something?

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Passing Variable Using Get Method
how to pass variable using a url?let say i have a page contain a variable Variable, so when i want to pass the variable using url i shd using what code?thx a million.

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Passing A Variable To Use As An Email
I have created an ASPX web site to use as an EMail page. But I want to use this for a lot of users. Can I create the link on the WEB site to mail to passing a variable from the WEB site to the ASPX web site to E-Mail to? Hope I explained this correctly.

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Passing A Variable From Flash
I currently have a form on a page that allows you to search a database for all information on certain states. From a drop down jump menu it passes that variable of which state you selected into an ASP query.

I am building a interactive map in Flash that I would like to replace the drop down menu. So when you rollover a state it lights up and when you select it it passes the variable into the ASP query. Does anyone know how to do this out of FLash?

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Variable Passing Problem
i using an url to pass variable to another page, the variable supposed to be EnglishEnglish1Poem, but when i pass the variable to another page, it become EnglishEnglish1Poem, so what can i do to get the priginal variable? Code:

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Passing A Variable From Flash To Asp
a simple asp page named “download.asp”. Flash would pass a variable called “link”, which will contain a string.

This string would contain a url which the download.asp page would call to download. We need the “content type” to be set accordingly to trigger the specified content to be downloaded directly instead of displaying in the browser window (e.g. jpeg files).

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Problem When Passing A Variable In The URL
here are in attach files the two asp classes involved.

In my class ListeArretsAValider.asp renamed in .txt, I pass the parameter
named Action in the url to my class ResultatValidation.asp renamed in .txt.
I do have a value cause when I do in my class : Code:

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Passing A Variable To Another Server?
its for a uni project and i need some help, my uni asp server doesnt support CDONTS and i cant get an automatic emal thing to work, but i have got a simple php one working on a different server (

now the user is entering their email address ( variable = "m_ail") in flash and passing it to a asp script to put it in a database, and i want to email out the user welcoming them to the list. I have been told i need to set up a poxy script to pass this variable over to a php script on the other server.

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Simple Variable Passing Question.
I'm working for a client with ASP hosting and I need to do something really simple - convert the following into ASP:

I click on a link in flash which attaches the email variable, like so:

'"+ email_address +"'

the equivalent PHP being:


Then I use the following form field to submit this to a pre-existing mailing list handing asp page.

<input name='EmailAddress' type='hidden' value='<?php echo $ea ?>' />

I know that this is as basic as it comes, but if anyone could help me out with putting those two lines in ASP um, format (?)

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500.100 Error Passing Session Variable To SQL
I am getting the following error when I run my page I just created. The
first time I run the page I get this error, if I run the page a second time
I get no error and everything works fine. This is the case everytime.

The error is:

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Passing Variable To Frame Page
Is it possible to send a variable through a hyperlink, to a frames page, and have all 3 pages in the frame pick up the variable using the request.querystring ?

In other words, I click on a link that has ?id=2 lets say.. it goes to a
page called umm say index.asp the index page has a top, main, and a left.
how do i get each one of those to receive the variable, when i can only send
it to one page? or is it possible to send it to more than one page, but only
travel to one page? so the link looks like index.asp?id=<%=var%> Code:

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Passing A Form Variable As Table Name
how do I pass a table name in an ASP select stt. as a form variable.

e.g from server side script

Select * from (response.form(group))

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Javascript Function Passing A Vb Variable
I'm trying to use a javascript function passing a vb variable. I don't understand why it doesn't work. Code:

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Problem Passing Variable To Function
Here is my code:
dim fname
fname = rsAddwg2("file_name")
response.write("<td align=center onclick=""tst(fname);"">" & revno & "</td>")

I'm trying to pass te variable fname to function tst, but I keep getting this error message "Error: 'fname' is undefined. I have a feeling that there is something wrong with my syntax but I can't figure it out.

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Passing Variable From ShockWave Movie
On the Shockwave movie (in a browser) I have:

on mouseUp me
postNetText("address/page.asp", myVariable)
goToNetPage "address/page.asp", "_blank"

and in the ASP page I have:

<% passedvariable = request.form("myVariable")%>

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Passing Variable To Parent Page
I want to pass a variable or value from the pop up page to the parent page. how do i do that?
Another approach i was thinking was dragging and dropping the selected variable from pop up page to the text box in the parent page. but i dont know whether ASP has any drag and drop module or something.

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Passing Variable With Response.redirect
I'm trying to retain a value that I pass to a processing page. When the page is done processing, I use the response.redirect to forward to the page I started on, and i want that page to hold the same category id that it started out on. I'm trying to pass with response.redirect using response.redirect "mypage.asp?number=" & number
But it dons't seem to work. Why?

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Passing A Variable To An Included File?
I'm attempting to include a file within another file using Server.Execute. This works fine... however, I need to pass the value of a variable defined within the parent file to the one included via Server.Execute.

From what I've read, the included files are processed before the parent files, so it seems as though the variable is getting lost. Is there any way to internally (not relying on query string) to pass a variable to an included file?

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Passing Asp Session Variable To Js Function
how to pass an asp session variable to a local variable withing a javascript function. Something like this:

var zip = <%=Session("clzip")%>

but it's the quotes around "clzip" that is throwing a syntax error I think. I've tried single quotes and no quaotes. Can't get it to work. Anyone have any ideas?

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Problem Passing Variable Values To Subroutine
I'm using a database table to create forms on our intranet. If the record is 'text', an input is printed, if it's 'dropdown', a dropdown is printed etc. In the case of dropdowns, the next field in the recordset is 'options' (eg Mr, Mrs etc.) and this works fine by splitting the options array and creating a separate <option> for each one.

My problem is that I've written a subroutine that creates dynamic dropdowns and it looks like this: Code:

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Passing A Querystring Variable Through A POST Form
I am passing a value to a form through the URL as follows:

<A href=""radius">"radius"

On the orderone.asp page, I am reading the value into a text box as follows:

<input name="Template" type="text" id="Template" size="25" maxlength="255" class="body" value=<% = request.querystring("Text") %>

so far it works fine. It shows the value in the text box on the page. I am trying to post this page with all the form fields to a new page that emails all the variables that are on this page. The form tag looks like

<form action="Orderform3.asp" method="post" name="order">

In orderform3.asp, i am requesting the values for all the form fields as follows before emailing all the fields to myself:

strBody = strBody & Request.Form("Account_Name") 'strbody is the variable that adds all the form fields to the body of the email
strBody = strBody & vbCrLf
strBody = strBody & Request.Form("Contact_Name")
strBody = strBody & vbCrLf
strBody = strBody & Request.Form("Template")

Here is the problem...I am getting the email with the values filled in except for "Template" and I cannot figure out why. Is there something that I am doing wrong? i have to mention that there is no DB behind this is just a static web site with an email script in it.

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Problem Is Passing Hidden Variable To Next Page
I am storing the hidden variable in DISPLAY.ASP

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Passing A Hidden Field Containing A Session Variable
i have two asp pages, one collecting value in a for the other displaying those values.

Normal non-hidden text fields are displaying properly. But my hidden field is not. The hidden field is made up of 3 other text fields and joins them together. This page collects and sends values (i only included the item in question) Code:

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Passing Variable With Querystring - Update Db - Error !?
i have a table 'Accounts' in my database, which contains a bunch of
users. From the main menu i choose "edit user" and all users in the db
are presented in a table. The first column 'Pnr' is a unique ID for
each user that i made appear as a link. clicking on one userID should
present a form where the picked users userdata is already filled in so
i can easily edit it and then move on to submit the form to update the
db. i get to the part where all users are listed nicely in a table,
but clicking on one, i get this error:

Error Type:
ADODB.Recordset (0x800A0CC1)
Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested
name or ordinal.
/VS_Files/updateUserForm.asp, line 19

I think i'm doing something wrong with passing a value with the
querystring...? Code:

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Passing Variable From VBScript To ASP Page Using Form
I have a Function in VB Script that generates a signature. I assign the result to a variable and then need to do a hidden post to an ASP Page for further processing.

Basic functionality is I have a button upon pressing it -- It does the hidden post.

Code looks like this. Please assist with passing this stringToSign variable to the .asp page via hidden post. Code:

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Accessing/Passing An Object Variable To A Server.Execute Include
I've been browsing this and a few other related newsgroups trying to get my head around this problem, and so far all the trails seem to go cold, without an acceptable solution being reached. I'm posting here because there seems to be a few MVP's knocking around, and if they dont know, then it's a safe bet nobody does.

I'm beginning to think that what I want to do is simply not possible - but i'll put it out there once more.

Here goes: I'm writing a content managaement system - and i'm making use of dynamic includes via the "read a text file" technique, and then substitiuting values into markers in the template. Code:

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Form Passing Variable -SQL Statement - Matching Data Type
I have a page that calls itself using a form. The form has two select elements. In the sql statement I am attempting to match the values of the select element to populate a recordset.

The two fields in teh Access db are of type Text and of type Integer. What baffles me is that one sql statement works fine and the other returns nothing. I am having the issue matching on the bedrooms.

In the first statement I took out all other doo-doo and just matched bedrooms = request("bedrooms"). On the other one I used p.bedrooms but it keeps turning up empty. Code:

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Batch File: Passing A String Variable To Sql Script Results In Truncation
I have a batch file that takes variables from the cmd and passes them by sqlcmd to an SQL script. When I pass the variable 'MikeTestList' the script runs as expected with no problems. When I passed 'BulkTransferTest' I got an error message, 'The string or binary data will be truncated'.

Some testing has shown that I get the error when the string is anything above 12 characters. Is there a limit to the length of a string you can pass using sqlcmd from a batch file? Is there any way around it?

Also, if I have a space in the string, it only passes the string up to the space. I have tried to fill it with a '%' which then gets passed as is, so the % stays in place through out the script. Code:

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Display Drop Down Options Based On The Selected Item From Another Drop Down
The code that I have has 2 drop down boxes dd1 (visible) and dd2 (hidden). Based on the option selected in dd1, dd2 should be visible and populate options. I think I can have OnChange script but how could I return the value and put it in the SQL query (see variable in red in thecode)? Code:

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Calling Com + Object Variable Or With Block Variable Not Set
I'm turning my application into a "DLL". Everything worked fine untill I try to do a "While" in my asp code. Then I recieve an error like this:

"Object variable or With block variable not set"

My vb code look like this.....

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Convert ASP Variable To Javascript Variable
How do I convert an ASP variable to a Javascript variable?

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Disable Drop Down "2" Until You Have Filled In Drop Down "1"
I have 3 drop down boxes on an asp page Dynamically populated fron the db, I need the drop bown boxes to be refreshed when you have picked the first eg I select "Midlands" from the Region drop down and only the "Locations" that are in the Midlands are entered into the Locations drop down.....

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