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ASPX Load A Page

I have 2 ASPX files. One is the main, the other a smaller one which is the
center part of the main ASP file.
Now, how do I load the 2nd ASP into the first one?

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ASPX Load A Page
I have 2 ASPX files. One is the main, the other a smaller one which is the center part of the main ASP file. Now, how do I load the 2nd ASP into the first one?

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How To Load Multiple SWF Files In Aspx
what i am doing in swf ------i have one Base swf file this Base swf
call one another child 1 swf this swf call one another child 2 swf this is
the concept . This is run clearly in out side, but i attached these files in
aspx this is not run, only run parent file only Code:

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Opening A Aspx Page Withing A Aspx Page
I have an page that I would like to open up another page within the first one. Like a parent - child relationship. I need to display a graph in the child on the parent.

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Display Aspx Page Or Reporting Services Page In User Control
What I want to be able to do is create a user control that will display an
entire page page within it. Does anyone know how to do this or better yet
have any same code?

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What's A .aspx Page?
never seen one of these extensions before. anyone know what it is?

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I have an aspx page that has the "include" code in it which includes another page that displays information. I also have an upload page that allows users to upload a simple html document onto the server. The include code calls that html page to display the text on that page.

The problem is when the user uploads that html page, the aspx page does not refresh to reflect those changes, even if the user hits refresh in their browse. However, if I manually connect to the server and open the aspx page that contains the code and hit save then the webpage updates to reflect the changes that were made to the include page. Can anyone help me fix this problem?

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Aspx Page(.net)
i have a asp project. however there is one module i want to create in .net. can i include the .net module in my asp project?

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Publishing Aspx Page
Something was wrong with my IIS 'Service unavailable', I decided to uninstall IIS and then reinstall it, then the simple pages can be viewed but the aspx pages not. Then I uninstall SQL server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 and reinstall it.

Now I can view simple pages but not aspx pages, but when running from the debugger of Visual Studio, it Works good. When I access an aspx page 'The page cannot be found' error occurs

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Contents In .aspx Page
what i shoud do if i want to set all the contents in .aspx page such that it will become fit in the internet explorer window, b'coz it always leaves some balnk space from right. hw can i solve this problem.

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Calling Aspx Page
I have asp page. In that I want to call a aspx page in the background.That called aspx pages will send and receive mail in the background.The calling of the aspx pages should be hidden from the user.Is it possible.

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Page Won't Load
I'm using IIS on my localhost and also in some free Brinkster webspace.
The problem I have is that when ever I try to use a script that includes the File System Object (as I want to read/write/copy files etc), the page won't load, the progress bar in the browser just very slowly increases, but never gets anywhere, and nothing ever loads.So I'm thinking it's a set up problem? I've tried the same scripts in my Brinkster webspace, and they don't work there (but I know they do work!) but Brinkster may have some restrictions.
Is an FSO problem like this common? Can I alter some settings on my localhost set up to solve it?

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Load Page
I wanted to know if there is a way to load a asp page in to it self.

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Load An Asp Page Within Another
I have an asp page that gets data from a form in another page, for this, i am using the GET method to send the data to my asp page, and the page works great.

This asp page, nowadays, is quite big for displaying at once, so i decided to split this page in four new pages. Basically, my old asp page is now the static visible part, and the other four new asp pages, are the ones that will show the dinamic data.

What I tried was to make an <!--#include file... -->, and this works great for me if i have not to pass any values to the pages in the includes, but i have to, so what i want to know is if it possible to do this in any way, or, if i have to make four new diferent pages.

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Column Width In An ASPX Page
i am using visual studio 03 to create a web app using 1.1
i created a table in a text box using System.Web.UI.WebControls.Table

i am adding data to it...
i want to knwo how i can set the width of colums.
i hve 2 columns and one of them is way to the left..
i hve fiddled around with the html and the tablename.blah.blah stuff
but i dont know which one to use

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Unable To Browse An Aspx Page
In IIS, when I try to browse an aspx, I get a popup message asking me if I want to open or to save the file instead of actually browsing to the page. Any idea of what could cause this issue?

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ASP Error While Running Aspx Page
This is the error which i got when i tried to display message in my text box which is a aspx page.

Error which i got:Server Error in '/' Application.

Runtime Error :

Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.

Details: To enable the details of this specific error message to be viewable on remote machines, please create a <customErrors> tag within a "web.config" configuration file located in the root directory of the current web application. This <customErrors> tag should then have its "mode" attribute set to "Off".

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Why Is There A Delay When I Browse To My First Aspx Page?
I have a IIS server somewhere hosting an aspx website. Whenever i tried
to access the website after some times, my browser will like wait about
10-20 seconds before showing the contents. But after that, subsequent
pages is load up almost instantly. The page is not heavily loaded and
every pic should be cached.

And sometimes, after 1 or 2 days didn't access the site, when i tried to
access again, it will never load up the page. My IIS server is never
shutdown running 24/7. I have to go to my IIS server and move around
with the mouse then go back to my workstation and try again in order for
it to work. (My IIS server (also my Internet gateway) will not go into
Sleep mode because i still can surf from my workstation.)

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Accessing .aspx Page Behind Firewall In DMZ
We are hosting a web site, and within this web site we are trying to open a .aspx page within the DMZ. Is there anyway to do this? We are currently running Windows 2003 on both servers, and both servers are running IIS. Redirecting the page of course does not work, any other ideas?

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Printing .aspx Page From A Frame
I am working on a project where the site was already created using frames and .aspx pages. I was asked to update pages as well as add new functions. This project is an online training course for internal use only.

I need to put a Print Button on the left frame called "buttons.aspx". I need it to print whatever current content is on the main page. So, of course this will vary from page to page because each has a different file name such as 3_1.aspx and 3_2.aspx. I was able to get the Print function to work but it only printed the "buttons.aspx" page which was nothing more than a few navigational buttons.

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Aspx Page(.net) Include In A Asp Project
I have a asp project. One of the module, i wish to develop in .net, can i include it into my asp project?

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On Page Load - Refresh Page
I have a page (with a form on it) and when the form is submitted, if there is an error the page is redirected to an error page (i.e. your attempt was unsuccessful..etc) Once the user is redirected to the error page, after a few seconds the page automatically takes him back to the previous page he/she was on.

This is exactly what I want, HOWEVER, when the user is redirected back to the previous page, I would like for the page to be refreshed so the form can be cleared without the user having to click a reset button or anything like that. Does anyone have any clues to how may be able to go about achieving this?

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Ca;ll Javascript In Page Load
I'm having some fits with getting this to work but I'm near the end and I'm
hoping this one obstacle is not a huge one to get past.
Here's my scenario:
I have a page where when someone clicks on a dropdown and selects an item,
it will hide 2 other dropdown boxes that are related as the input in those
are applicable. When I save those items, everything gets into the db fine.
The problem is when the page refreshes, those 2 related dropdown boxes that
should be not visible are still visible. Is there a way in VBScript to
hide/show those controls based on the data in dropdown A? Javascript is
handling the actions but I don't think I can call Javascript on page load.

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Page Load Never Ends
I have a relatively simple ASP page written in javascript, that basically
contains a table, a dropdown list populated by a query, and a button.

The problem is that when first navigating to this page, the progress bar in
IE only shows the page as being 10 or 20% complete, even though the page has
fully loaded.

I originally had a mix of html/jscript/html (in that order), and tried
changing that to html/jscript just to see if the conversion from static to
dynamic to static code was causing a problem, but with no effect.

I have run the output of this page thru two or three different html
validators, none of which show a problem with the final code.

I'm using IIS on W2k server, and IE6 or IE5.5 on client.

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Load Page Out Of Sequence
I have a "Digital Dashboard" that basically has 4 IFrame sections.
The page flows in the following order: Messages, Stocks, Weather, User
Links. Please note that this order needs to stay that way.
Everything but the Stocks section is pulled from our dB. I am using
the server control InetCtls.Inet to obtain the stock data from Yahoo

The question I have is can I load the page using the dB driven sources
first and then the external source (e.g., Messages, Weather, Links,
Stocks). In other words, I need to page to render the Stock portion
last. What currently happens is the page loads, then "pauses" while
loading the stock information, and then finally loads the remaining
content. The pause is caused by the "screen scraping." If I can give
the appearance that the page has fully loaded, and then load the
stocks last, that would be perfect. I tried looking at script defer,
but I don't think that is what I want.

In summary, I have 1 asp page that contains 4 IFrames. I need to load
the page out of sequence. Is this possible? Any help would be much
appreciated. We are running IIS 5.0 w/ asp 3.0.

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Variables First Page Load
how can i clear the session variables on page load (the first time)

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Flash Load Asp Page
i have a ASP website and a flash on it. on a page, i have a button that links me to this page "pacientes.asp?id=<%=session("adm")%>", so, it returns me the page "pacientes.asp?id=#"... however, i want to control this link through can i make flash get the "adm" variable and attach to the end of the url?

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Auto Load An Asp Page
how to run one asp page after html file display ion browser for few seconds.when i click on certain href tag the realted link will open in another frame.. before opening the related link i just wanted to show one or two image so the web page will look styley.

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Load External Web Page
I want to load a web page from another server via http into an array or variable, parse it, and pull some data using plain ol ASP / example page to pull:

I search quite a bit for this info but so many results and not enough knowledge in this area of ASP.

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Iframe First Load In Page
i have an page that has an iframe in it. i'm using the request to pass parameters to the page, and to the iframe as well, in the on_load function i change the href of the iframe (which also is an asp page)acording to the parameters i received, but it doesn't get them. does anyone knows why? i think it because it loads the page before changing the href. how can i change it?

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Page Load Event
Is there an event that signifies the end of a page load?

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Errors On Page Load
In the body of my asp page I have :

<input style="LEFT: 800px; WIDTH: 95px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 485px; HEIGHT: 24px" type=button value='Delete' name=deleteButton onclick=<%agentDelete();%> size=31>

and in the Head section I have a Sub called agentDelete(). In it's current form above when I go into the page I receive an 'Expected end of statement' error. If I place the onclick in quotes, I then get a typemismatch error.

The input line above is hardcoded into the body of the page. In other forms I have the same syntax, but it gets built from the server and they all work fine. I'm not building this from the server because it's a different form.

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Refreshing Page On Load
i need to know how to refresh my page after it loads but only one time. don't ask why
also is there a asp command that displays current url?

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Aspx Page With Mailto And French Characters
I've got an aspx page with a 'mailto' with accented characters in the
subject field, when the mail is created the accented characters aren't
displayed correctly.

The mailto looks like this:....

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How To In A ASP Page, Load, Pause And Reload
How do I via an ASP, load the page, pause for 30 seconds
and reload/refrest the page with no user intervention?

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Page Taking Too Long To Load
I have a page that is taking way too long to load. The time is around 8 minutes. It is pulling about 2600 records from an SQL database.

The page works properly, and I’ve put a “Please wait” <div> to help, but I’m not sure where to look as to the problem. How much is the way the page is built or the server that is serving up the page? Code:

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Update Record On Page Load
how to Update Record On Page Load. I have one feild in my database that I want to subtract 1 from each time the page is loaded.

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Play Audio (MP3) On Page Load
I need to play mp3 file when my asp page loads. Now, i want to do it the NICE way by providing stop, pause and play buttons. It is not professional to just start playing audio and not giving control to the user. What are my options?

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Submit Form On Page Load
Is it possible to submit a form as soon as the page it is on loads and then redirect to another page?

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How Can I Speed Up The Load Time On Page?
This page takes awhile to load which is probably due to the queries and the way I have it outputed. Anybody have any advice for speeding this up? Code:

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Forced Page Reload On Load
I used to have thios bit of code and I have totally forgotton what is was. It set either an expiry for the page forcing the browser to download it from the server or it abandoned something. Anyway I want the page to always check its data and refresh from the server and not use the cache

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Unable To Write File From ASPX Page. What Am I Missing?
I have a folder on webserverwwwroot, called staticContent. The folder
has several message of the day text files, such as RepMotd.text. I have
an admin page, AdminMotd.aspx, that allows a user to view and edit the
contents of the files.

Webserver is running Win Server 2003 64-bit and IIS 6.0. The development
machine is Win XP, using Visual Studio 2005 (thus ASP.Net 2.0.)

In IIS, staticContent folder has Write checked and execute permission is
set to Script Only . In NTSF, the folder grants full permissions to
Network System.

When I try to overwrite an existing file in staticContent, or try to
create a new file, I get a System.UnauthorizedAccessException. The
Application error log on webserver notes that the error is on the page
I am trying to run, that my user name is what I logged in as, that I am
authenticated, and that the thread account name is NT AUTHORITYNETWORK
SYSTEM. Elsewhere, I am able to read these same files and insert them
dynamically into the web page.

This is the code that I am trying to run in AdminMotd.aspx, cut down to
the basics. If it makes any difference, the code is run "in page" and
not as part of a separate code-behind file.

<script runat="server">
Protected Sub MotdChange(ByVal ThisFile As String, ByVal ThisText As
Dim sw As StreamWriter = New StreamWriter(StaticRoot + ThisFile,
End Sub

Protected Sub RepMotdChange_Click(Byval sender As Object, ByVal e As
MotdChange("RepMotd.text", RepMotdText.Text)
End Sub

<asp:Content ...>
<asp:TextBox ID="RepMotdText" runat="server"></asp:TextBox>
<asp:Button ID="RepMotdChange" runat="server" />

I have traced that the error occurs when New StreamWriter is called,
rather than when actually trying to write to the file. Obviously I'm
missing something, but danged if I can find it.

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Load Binary Files Directly Onto Page
I currently have my database set up so that when a user uploads a file, it writes it in binary in the database. I know the benefits of having a separate file server and storing the path, but unfortunately, I can not do it that way.

I know how to include the file in, lets say, a hyperlink so that any user can click on the file to view it. But, I would like to know how to include the file (mainly pictures) directly into the page as an <img src> Any suggestions?

Once the information is in the database, these are the commands I use to output the file to a hyperlink. The file that this code is in is "file.asp?Id=" Where the Id is taken from the URL and used to obtain the correct file. I left out all the connection/cmd strings intentionally just show I could show the relevant information:

Response.AddHeader "Content-Disposition", "filename=" & _
Response.ContentType = rs("ContentType")
Response.BinaryWrite RS("FileData")

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ASP To Re-load Page From Time To Time To Reset Varaibles
I have a website that I subscribe to that allows me to track tasks. I have an extra computer with a big monitor that i want to always display the task list. the problem is after so many hours I get logged out.

I need to need to reload that sign in url every few hours Code:

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Asp Or Aspx
I'm still new to server side languages, and have been going though asp 3.0 for beginners by wrox for about two weeks.Is it a waste of time to learn asp now since .net is supposed to be the future? Am I better off just learning php since it's so popular, and open source? I'm really lost, and kinda pissed off about the lack of backward ocmpatability for asp. I read .net is so completely different in all aspect, and it uses

At the moment I know the following:

tiny bit of vbscript/asp 3.0
adobe photoshop/image ready

What should I be focusing on learning. I'm scared i'll choose the wrong thing, and waste time on it.

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I have been using ASP for a few years now. For the most part I have been
able to make it do what I need for it to do. Is there a reason I might want
to be learning ASPX? Can someone point out some of the general differences
between ASP and ASPX?

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I got some code in ASPX format but I have no idea about how to make it work.. like, I did this . I created a virtual directory in IIS . Gave default.aspx as the default document . When i enter the URL in Internet Explorer, it displays only the code rahter than displaying the output

So, how do I do it?

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.aspx Files
I am having trouble publishing .aspx files in my Sharepoint Portal Server. I receive the message: "The page contains server script, which is not supported on this server", apparently due to the dual security of WSS and ASP. I have heard that there is a possibility of side-stepping this problem by publishing the files in the _layouts directory. Can someone please instruct me as to how to do this, or if there is a better way to get around this issue.

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ASPX Files
I have installed IIS on WINDOWS 2003 server.
IIS is working only if I type filename.aspx for .asp or any other file its
giving "HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not found.

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How To Include An Old-ASP Within My New-ASPX
I've got and old ASP script that works Ok, but I want now to include it within a new ASPX script I've just created with '.net'.

The process could be: Code:

<%@ Page Language="VB" %>
... aspx code ...

include my old ASP script

I'm newbie in ASP, and would be extremely obliged if anybody could tell me how I must write it. I've tried with:

<!-- #Include File="old-script.asp" -->

but it doesn't work.

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I've just taken a client who has a membership-based site served as aspx. Yhe relationship with his current host/developer is going south and I need to switch to new hosts and find someone to handle the backend stuff.
Much of the site appears to be poorly structured - needlessly complex and yet lacking certain features. From my own limited knowledge of what I've seen of it, I'd have suggested using a drupal and a bunch of php... but I know little and may be talking out of my butt.
I'm more comfortable with linux/apache... and I'm guessing that's incompat with the current work - or is it? The database is sql so is it viable to migrate away from aspx? Etc?

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ASPX Not Executed
I'm trying to execute ASPX page on a test IIS Server. Instead of executing it shows the ASPX file on screen.

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ASPx Code
I don't know ASPx at all, but I working with some simple code here that is supposed to display the date automatically at the bottom of a page. Here is the code:

<%=response.write("© " & year(now) & " Company Name")%>
But nothing shows up at all.

Same deal when taking out the equals sign.

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