Accessing Comment And Subject From File Property

Using ASP, Is there a way to read the File property of an Image. Like Comments, Subject etc. (Information seen when you right click on an Image) I have tried using the FileSystemObject. But this is limited to very few properties like AccessDate Modified Date etc.

I also tried reading the Exif information in the JPEG. The EXIF Comments are not the Same as Comment section available from the Properties of the File.

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Getting File Title Property Using Vbscript

I am trying to dynamically generate links on a webpage base on a list of file using their title property as the link text. My problem is I don't know how to get the title property of the file. Is there a object or dll i can use?

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Error: Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method: 'File'

Finally I resolved upload issue. Now I want to add the validation before the upload. So I can make sure it is a JPG file, not any malicious files such as asp. exe. bat, etc..

Set Upload = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Upload")
If Upload.File.ContentType="asp" Then
Response.write "Invalid file"
End if

Upload.Save "k:Inetpubwwwrootpic"

It's not working

Object doesn't support this property or method: 'File'

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Accessing Exchange Via ASP-file

I have an application where I access Exchange server via an ASP-file whit
the following code:

objSession.Logon "", "", False, True, 0, True, "ExchangeServerName" & vbLF &

This works fine for years on one server. I now want to move the application
to a new server I get error code number 424. I use the same Exchange server
and the same mailboxUser but from a different server. Anyone knows what the
error code 424 means?

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Accessing A Shared File

I have 2 servers and I would like to access shared files on server 1 from an asp page situated in the server 2 (with the filesystem object).I can't do it, I think, due to access restriction with the user IUSER_.Both servers are Windows 2003 server no situated in a domain.Is there a solution to this problem ?

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Trouble Accessing A Text File From ASP

This ASP (Visual Studio 6) code works on other PCs (The ASP code runs locally on localhost), but it causes IE to hang on a new PC (again, the ASP code runs locally on localhost). I think it may be a permissions issue. Code:

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Automatic Subject Title In Mails...

I am running my information pages from access database, using ASP - This database includes an email field, i would like the subject in the email to have an automatic title.

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Formate Of Email Field (subject)

1. in subject section i have formatting problem,as it is appearing in a row. can it possible to let appear the content of subject to user as it is being written in asp's textbooks?

2. function checkform() is not working. It is not throwing any error ,it also prevent to appear invalid email address (say missing @ or so)to appear in from section. but not stopping wrong entry in page,neither alert "alert("Email address is not valid.");" is getting invoked?

3. Can code be modified to get return receipt to user stating some text.? Code:

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Mail Doesn't Send Subject

Here's the code I am doing ( for a form ).. in ASP with VB script. Code:

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Accessing ASP Files Gives 404 'File Not Found' Error

I have a virtual directory which I can access as Directory
Browing has been enabled. Now if in Internet Explorer I
open any Static content like HTMLs/SWF's they work fine.
But when I try to open an ASP page it gives me a 404 'File
not Found' Error. ASPX pages work fine though they are in
a different sub folder.

I have checked the security settings and they are not
hidden. Any ideas?

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Email From Web Page Subject Line Problems

The site I am working on sends out a automatic replay email to the person who fills out a form. The problem I am having is in the from line there needs to be an ampersan e.g. A & B When the message is sent out the space after the ampersan gets removed. It looks like A &A Anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening or do I have to removed the & completely?

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Im just starting to learn ASP (I already know PHP, and very little PERL).BUT, how do you comment properly in an ASP file?

is it ' COMMENT, or double slash (//) ?


Im running a Apache server on my computer, with PHP and MySQL .... is there any way to get ASP support in there, without having to use IIS?

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Comment Code

Is there a style for commenting? I seem to comment my code to make it easier to read, but it still looks ugly. How do you all comment your code?

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Comment A Line

How do I Comment a line in asp

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Comment Box On Form

I have a form that that I use to upload files to a server. I want to put a place on it so people can coment on the files they upload. The problam is how do I get it to expand as people write info into it.

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Send A Comment Adds Another ID?

how to set up comments in seperate table?

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I have a MEMBERS table and a COMMENTS table I am using session varible which is rsUser in the members table, I am using this as AUTHOR of the comment so I do not know what to filter (as you can tell i am using Dreamweaver with Access database) I also do know know about what collumns to have in what table? ParentID ?

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Post Comment To User

I have set up a COMMENTS section on my site, How do I get it to display just in that users profile if they where looking at it?

user: test1
pass: test1

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Complete News Script, Comment And Check

Just finished creating my own news script and was wondering if someone could look at it for me comment on it, how secure is it etc.

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there is a property in called autopostback, what i want is to set this property
on plain asp to give a combo the ability to postback the selected option.

Is this possible???? i need to set something like that to a dinamic combo, any ideas????

If it can be done in java or vbscript just please tell me, cause i don�t have a clue if is possible or not.

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Adodbconnection - Property Value

I don't understand why but If I use vbscript the following code works

....connection string.....
msgbox dbConn.Property

but the corresponding code in asp:

...connection string.....
response.write dbConn.Property

returns the error "Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of
acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another" In both cases
connection to sql server is ok.

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Textbox Property

I have a requirement like this.When the textbox gets this even i want to change the input langauge arabic.
Currently i have to do it manually by pressing the Alt+Shift toggle between twon langauages

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Property Procedure

when do u use property procedure for example
PublicProperty CompanyName() AsString
Return strCompany
Set(ByVal Value AsString)
strCompany = Value

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Timestamp Property

I've created a form and I want to add a timestamp to it. How do I do this? I'm using dreamweaver by the way.

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EnableViewState Property

I have a few server controls on my page. Also I have a aspropDownList with AutoPostBack="True". When I select any value from the dropdownlist I want all the controls to be empty when my page reloads.

Can I use the EnableViewState property for this or I have to write specific code to do this? Currently the values which I had enetered in the servier side controls are retained after the postback.

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Word Property

does anyone know how to change dynamically a property in some word documents?(in vb, javascript or even if you've got a tool or something )

For example:

In my directories I've got docs with a property "version" I want a tool to update each "version" in my files...

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Visibility Property

Is there any way to make visiblitiy a combo box (2) in asp false when i used combo box (1) to select one item in the combo box(1) i want to make a combo box(2) which should be made visible false .

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XML DOM/Null Property

I'm using the Microsoft.XMLDOM object in an ASP page to read an incoming XML post request and respond to it. Although the XMLDOM object verifies the XML at a basic level, I want to make sure that the request is in the correct format (as per the specification I have to work to), as well as making sure that any XML at all was sent successfully.

At the moment, I'm stuck at the point of just trying to make sure that an XML request was sent at all. Here's the code I'm using. note that I'm loading the XML from a file for ease-of-testing, but am giving a bad filename so as to create the condition where the XML didn't load successfully.

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Missing Default Property

I got the following error when access an asp page.

Response object error 'ASP 0185 : 8002000e'
Missing Default Property
/downtime_category-old2.asp, line 0
A default property was not found for the object.

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Cannot Get Field Nullable Property

I am using asp/vbscript/ado/mssql.

I am able to get the nullable property OK when generating a recordset
with a simple SQL statement such as "select Fld1,Fld2 from Table1" and
then looping thro' the fields and :-

Response.Write(rs.fields(x).attributes and adFldIsNullable)

When I use the following statement all fields are erroneously reported
as nullable:-

"Select B.Fld2, B.Fld3 From Table1 A Left Join Table2 B On

Is this normal?

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Recordset Does Not Support Property

I connect to a Access DB and when trying to display the data from the DB, I get the followig error:

Object doesn't support this property or method: 'Fields'

The recordset does not support this property.

The script that I use is attached along with this thread.

Does anybody know what is wrong, is there a simpler approach to
display Access data on a Web Page?

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Response.buffer Property.

How can I set the amount of Response.buffer? How can I block scripting if the buffer gets more than 2mb?

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Disable Text Box Property

I want to disable text box property so user can't modify that perticular text box value in HTML form.I do not want to use to disable text box property in HTML form.

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