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Adding An Apostrophe To RegEx Patterns

how to add the symbol ' (Apostrophe) to the code so that the validation accepts this within a surname such as o'neill? this is wot i hav at the minute:

With regExName
.Pattern = "^[a-z]+$"
.IgnoreCase = true
.Global = true
End With

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Apostrophe Problem When Adding To DB
I currently have a simple html page that consists of a text box and submit button. A user supplies a quote in the text box and presses the submit button. When the submit button is pressed the quote is added to a ‘Quote’ table in an MS Access database.

This works perfectly well, however if a quote contains an apostrophe, such as … this won’t work… It will not add to the database. If I had typed in …this wont work… It would be added to the database with no problems. Code:

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How To Accept Apostrophe When Adding On Database
how to accept ' or apostrophe when adding on the database? because I created a simple guestbook and when i tested it it works fine but once i add apostrophe like TOY'S etc it generates error.

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Using Patterns And Practices
I have a asp webapp that must use a .net dll (with com wrapper) that in turn
uses the patterns and practices libraries (june 2005 version) to access to
the database.My asp webapp can properly instantiate the c# dll, but I do not know how to
set the data needed to access the db. In I can add the configuration
info to web.config, pointing to a dataconfiguration.config and all works fine.
How can I put the needed info in the ASP configuration?
If it is not possible to do so, how can I set a single configuration file
for the enterprise library, provided that their dll are in GAC and that the
can be called from c# exe, webapps and asp webapps and all of them
should share a single configuration?

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Apostrophe Bug
I am getting a bug with regards to submitting an ASP form. Here's the scenario:

I am entering info in a form and calling an ASP page to process it. I am collecting info from the fields like so Code:

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I’ve a form with a textbox called Message. When visitor enters text, I use Replace function to handle an apostrophe code that will receive the text and store in the database.
It works fine.
When I try to retrieve the text message, it doesn’t show what I’ve in the DB, but it displays, for example: I?m. It supposes to display as “I’m”

I did try:
<%message= Replace(trim(RS("message")),"'","''")%>

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Apostrophe Replacement
I know this is a very commonly asked question, but I can't find a solution
anywhere that I have looked.

I need to take the text that will be typed in paragraph form by the user
(textarea field) and do two things with it:

1. Store it in a SQL Server database field
2. Send it in an email upon page submit.

Of course, single quotes have caused problems, so I have this code:
strInternalDesc =

Problem is, it shows up like this in the email that is sent:
We''re in the process of

I would like to get rid of the double apostrophes, but not sure how. Went to
an article on ASPFAQ, and saw something which directed me to do this:

strInternalDesc =

However, that just makes it a regular double-quote. I guess I could try and
find out what the character number for apostrophes are, but not sure where
that is. Besides, will that mess up my SQL Server or the email if I do that?

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Textarea Apostrophe
i have a textarea in my form, and it worked. but if the input text contains apostrophe, i would get sth like this:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Driverserror '80040e14'

[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression ''rtert'','Judy Nadia Jolonius');'. /saveRemarks.asp, line 195

how can i make asp ignore the apostrophe?

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Best Way To Handle An Apostrophe
I know a few ways to handle an apostrophe, but am at a loss for which i should use for this. The ways I know how to deal with it are.

alias = Replace(Request.form("alias"), "'", "''")
alias = Replace(Request.form("alias"), "'", " & #39; ")

The name of the field is self explanitory. When the admin searches for a person using the "'" , " ' ' " method they find the user. But when ever we display that info anyware it has the O''conner setup. Code:

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I have been trying for days to learn regex, can't seem to get to grips with it at all .

Basically I need to remove all text between strings.

abcdef <mytag>ghijkl</mytag> mnopqr

would be left with

abcdef mnopqr

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ASP Regex
I am struggling to find a solution to a relatively easy problem I have a string which contains a date in the format of: 20 Sep 2007 14:24

I would like to strip everything off after the month, so I am left with '20 Sep' is there an easy way to do this?

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I have a text search which reads a textfile and displays each line that has a value the user is searching for. It's practically finished except when it searchs it doesn't look for exact matches (e.g a searh for Ali would return Alison or Alice).

How would i go about using RegEx's to prevent this by making the search look for the exact word entered? Code:

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I have this pattern to filter out bad words

regx.Pattern = "darn|dick|swear|blahblah"

it works, but in case of the word "dickinson"
the wordfilter also replaces dick in dickinson d***inson,

so i thought i could try this pattern

regx.Pattern = "darn|dick|swear|blahblah"

but no change, i've tested the regex with a similar PHP script and the  operator works.

any clues why it wont work in asp?

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I am trying to do some custom forum code, like using [ b ] as a tag and replacing it later using RegEx. The problem is, its not replacing quite right. Its leaving in the []s and its not closing some of the tags.

Here is my pattern: "[ b ]((.|
)*?)[/ b ]"
Here is my replace text: "<b>$1</b>"

Here is some sample text: "yada yada yada [ b ]hey![/ b ] yada yada"

Now, another thing, I would like it to close tags if they aren't closed properly. Is this possible?

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im trying to use Regex to replace some text in my string. I want to replace some text to html tags eg. [b] to <b>, [u] to <u>.

How can I please use like a wildcard for the letter in between the tags. What am i doing wrong in this code, should i replace $1$2 to something else please: Code:

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Apostrophe In SELECT Query
I'm trying to query a database where some records contain apostrophes in them. Is there an effective way to do this?

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Apostrophe In Dynamic Text Box
I am running into a very common problem that i cannot seem to find a solution for. I have an access database with a text field. Some of the records will contain an apostrophe. i have used the replace method to escape the apostrophe and turn it into ~~~. I can sucessfully change that back to an apostrophe everywhere but a text box. Here is my code:

response.write "<input type=text name=title" & icount & " value='" & replace(rs("title") ,"~~~", "'") &"' size=55><br>"

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Apostrophe Errors Out Form
Below is the code I use to send data from form to database. Problem is if an apostrophe is entered in cQuestion field or any field for that matter the form errors out. Code:

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Getting An Apostrophe Through A SQL Statement Successfully
When I want to execute a SQL statement (as we all know) certain characters will cause an error. You can't execute a statement with a " in one of the parameters or else the command will stop short and result in an error.

Let's say for example that I'm trying to update a field named "code" and the value of the field "code" is: Code:

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VBScript RegEx
I made a regular expression to match Guitar Chords.


This pattern should find any of the following:

1) G
2) Gmaj
3) G7
4) G#
5) Gb
6) G#min

The pattern works for all of these except for #4. For some reason it will only return the 'G' instead of the full 'G#'. I find this very odd because if the chord is 'Gb', the regex will return the full 'Gb'.This pattern works fine in javascript. Is there anything special with the '#' character in RegEx for VBScript? I am using VBscript engine 5.6

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RegEx Problems
I'm using regular expressions to identify in a string an url ad format it in hyperlink.

The problem is that in the same string should be bbcodes and the [url] one tooo... so when the regexp will format the code will format the one in bbcode too.

The solution would be the lookaround function of RegEx to see if behind the match there is the [url] code... but it's not implemented in VisualBasicScript. Is there any way to use this function in my script ?

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RegEx And .pattern
Is it possible to have more then one pattern for the .pattern variable. If I'm to execute and search and replace on a specific string can I make it so my .pattern will ignore specific keywords and not just A keyword?

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i have text, in it i want to highlight the words user used to find this result.
i used the normal replace, it worked fine except the case thing..

SearchForSp = Split(SearchFor, " ")
For i = 0 to Ubound(SearchForSp)
EmpJobsText = Replace(EmpJobsText, SearchForSp(i), "<strong><u><font
color=red>"&SearchForSp(i)&"</font></u></strong>", vbTextCompare)

i tried to use the regEx.Repalce from the examples in groups but just couldn't find a way. problem is in the normal replace function i have option to supply a source. in this case "EmpJobsText" is the source. but regEx.Repalce don't seem to have place to type where to replace, only what to replace with what.

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Apostrophe Is Doubled In Query With Function
I am having a problem with the apostrophe not showing up correctly when doing a mysql query and returning the data.

I am using a function to keep apostrophes from causing the queries to fail and the data that does get displayed to the user (html) turns out right 90% of the time but on a certain page it displayes the apostrophy twice instead of once. Here are the relevant pieces of code:

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Quick Regex Question
I need a pattern to do this:


Where [0-9]+ means you need atleast 1 number there, the rest is just a string plus my recordset's variable. I know this syntax would work with the regex I learned at school but I'm not sure how to make it work in ASP.

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Checking A String, RegEx
I have a string that I want to check to be sure there are no single or double quotes in it. Using RegEx should be possible but I cannot figure out how the syntax should go.
I am programming in ASP.NET with C# as the code behind.
here is one I know works to be sure there are only numbers in the string, but i can not for the life of me figure out the right syntax for quotes

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Complex Regex Problem
I am trying to write a regex function that will find all html tags with an id= value and get it to return the tag and value of the id.

i.e. <a href="blah.htm" id="someLink"> would return
a someLink

Any help would be greatly appreciated, this has got me very frustrated.

It will most likley be a very simple thing that I have missed.

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Regex Replace Question
I have the following regex replace:

putDefInThis = RegExpReplace(putDefInThis, strPattern, "<a href=""" & lcase(replace("$1"," ","-")) & ".asp"">$1</a>")

The problem is that i can not get the vb replace to work on the "$1" in the url. $1 is such that it can be multiple words separated by a space. for the href, I need to convert the space to "-". It does not do that with the way I hvae the code above.

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Apostrophe Error While Retrieving The Record From The Database
I am using a Replace function to replace single quotes with double when
submitting a text field in the database i.e. Replace (q, "'", "' ' ")
which works fine. When I retrieve the field from the database which has
apostrophe I am getting 'Object expected' error message. Is there a
way to fix this?

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Treat User Input As Text Only (allowing The Apostrophe)
Isn't there some line of code that I can write to tell ASP to treat everything between BLAH and /BLAH as text (including the apostrophe). So that users can type a name of "O'Malley" in a form and I can retrieve it and store it in my database.

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Need Info On Using Proper Data Type For Words With Apostrophe
What is the correct data type to use if the phrase I'm saving to my table contains an apostrophe such as in the phrase "yesterda's news". I've tried "text" data type, I've tried "varchar" and "char". They all give me bugs when I save to the database and if I remove the apostrophe from the phrase, then it saves correctly with any data type.

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Regex :: To Allow Lowercase And Uppercase Letter, And Numbers?
What's a way (like, for a username) to allow lowercase and uppercase letter, and numbers?


objRegExp.Pattern = "[a-z][0-9]"
objRegExp.Global = True
objRegExp.IgnoreCase = True

That's what I have, but I want to make the letters or numbers OPTIONAL, but right now they are required. how can I fix that?

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Definitive Regex Reserved Character List
Can someone tell the ALL the reserved characters for regex?

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Regex :: Grab Any Style Attribute Within HTML That Uses Double Quotes
I have the following regular expression:

re.Pattern = "style[^=]*=[^""]*""[^""]*"""

It will grab any style attribute within HTML that uses double quotes, and put it in the re.Matches collection.Now, I want to include single quotes into this regular expression. Here's what I have so far:

re.Pattern = "style[^=]*=[^""']*(""|')[^1]*1"

but it does not work.

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Adding Bcc
I have a form on my asp page that sends data to an emailing script. I am working with other peoples code which is causing a lot of hassle. Is there any way of sending a Bcc address command from the form rather than the emailing script?

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I wanted to know how I should go about doing this. I have this query:

SQLmax="SELECT Max(OrderNumber) AS intTotal FROM Status"

Which gives the Max(OrderNumber).Say in this case it is giving out put as 37.

Now i want the output to be displayed 38,which can be done by adding 1 to Max(OrderNumber).

Should i get this by doing this way?

Response.WRite var

Is this right?

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Adding Second Value
Im using this code to pass a value to a variable:

<a href="Artists.asp?cat=<%=Server.URLEncode( rsuser( "art_Artist" ) )%>">&nbsp;<%=rsuser( "art_Artist" )%></a>

How do I add another value to this link with the variable name catArt so that I can add:

?catArt=<%=Server.URLEncode( rsuser( "art_Artist" ) )%>

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Adding New Row
what do you think is the best way to implement an "add new row to table" functionalilty?
am using asp(obviously )im currently using document.createElement with javascript, but im having a hard time retrieving the also thinking if this is really the best way to do this.or if this would work with all other browsers other than IE...

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Adding Pwd
how to add a password to using this connection string

set conn = server.createobject ("ADODB.connection")
set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.recordset")
rs.Open SQL, conn

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Adding In Asp 3.0
i have a id1 field which has data like this 002,003,004 and i have to increment it by one when i add a new customer so this is what i do

Set rs1 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
sql1="Select Max(id1) from table2"
rs1.Open sql1, Conn ,2,2


so i get the maxid for example as 003. the next record will be added and it should be 004 and i do it in this way maxid= maxid+1

but when the record is added the id1 field has a value of 4 instead of 004

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Adding Different Fields
Say I have to different recordsets that have the fields:
rsA.Fields.Item("A").Value ,rsB.Fields.Item("B").Value

How would I add those to fields? It may be my inexperience but when I
tried something like

rsA.Fields.Item("A").Value + rsB.Fields.Item("B").Value

didnt work because one of the fields was a empty value. I have about
6 fields i need to add together if a value exists in any of them.


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Adding Data On Its Own!
I want to fix this problem, i dont no how. Bassicly there is blank data appearing in my database, for no apparant reason! Code:

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Adding New User
How can I add a new user on my server using ASP?
User example: myserver/user1

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Adding Pictures
I'm new to ASP and a few querys

I have created my database in Access with the following fields

StockCode (Text Box, Primary Key)
Item (Memo)
Price (currency)
Picture (memo)
OnOffer (Yes/No)

and I know that access table cannot have a picture in it, only a access
form using OLE, but how do I get my asp page to display a picture for
every record? The picture would be a picture of the product with the
Stockcode as the filename - m001110.jpg?

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Adding Form
I have an ASP page with a table that fills with records from a loop. Every
row gets a link to another ASP page with data from the row. The link is
written as <a href=newpage.asp?value1=xx&value2=yy .... and so on.
Now I try to let the user specify a number that should be sent to the other
page. But I do not want to clutter up every row with each an input field,
so I thought instead I would place it above all the data rows. When the user
clicks on the link, I want to include the input field to the querysting. The
problem here is that I cannot figure out how to refer to the name of the
input field.

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Adding Size
I have just finished building my first shopping cart in asp and MS Access. Originally the shopping cart was to be built for products with no size and colour, however as usual the goal posts have moved and I now need to incorporate a size and colour option for each product. Could anyone explain to me how I can go about doing this i.e. adding the different sizes and colours in the admin website and then linking them to a specific product when it is displayed on the products page? I know they both need to be in a dynamic drop down box when displayed on the products page within the shopping cart, but I am just wondering how to read the correct values out from the table depending on which product is being displayed. I have a normal products table at the moment with general fields i.e ID, name, description etc.

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Adding Header
I have a web page hosted by server1. I need to add a link to a web page hosted by server2. This part is simple. However, I also need to give the linked web page the user id for the user that was validated in server1 (it's in a session variable).

At first, I thought the following would work:
Response.AddHeader "MYUSERID", "whatever"
Response.Redirect "http://server2/mywebpageonserver2.asp"

On server2, mywebpageonserver2.asp:

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Adding Up Values
i have a page that enters numbers stored in different values e.g monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday into a database. is it possible in asp to add those values up and store the added up value in a seperate field in the database
total =monday+tuesday+wednesday+thursday+friday
How would i do that in asp.

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Adding Recordset Value
I am using Dreamweaver MX to create ASP and MS SQL Server for database. I got a few fields like Value1 - Value5. So i have create the recordset of the 5 fields and i am extracting the total count of each field. Now i got 5 recordsets showing the total of each field. So is it possible to add the value of the 5 recordset together into one value? And is it possible to use the value of the recordset to do some simple math addition, subtraction, multiplication and division?

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Adding Picture
I need to add a ppicture to my Database.. The table is accessed through ASP Recordset but having troubles trying to insert an individual picture to each record?

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Adding Records
I have a table with 2 fields, name and value

I need to be able to add multiple records quickly, for example I need to add

name value
abc 1
abc 2
abc 3
abc 4
abc 5
abc 6

etc etc, does each record have to be added separately, or is there a way I
can add a chosen number of records, lets say 10, and have the value field
increase by one each time?

sometimes I might have 30+ simple records that need adding quickly, and each
time the first records value will be one, and each record after will
increase by one, is there a way to solve this problem or does each record
have to be added separately?

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ASP Looping Adding
i have a variable in a database that is looping that outputs numbers like:

1. 45
2. 34
3. 94
4. 34

But are all in the same variable:

DoDateTime((rsBoxEdit.Fields.Item("").Value), 3, 2057)

How can i make it so that it loops that variable and adds the numbers up and outputs 1 variable called total or something?

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Adding Records
I have a drop down which has numbers from 1 to 25

When a user selects 3 he will see 3 first name textboxes and 3 last name textboxes

the user fills them out and hits the submit button

three records are added to the table

i have a for loop for adding records

Here is my code:

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