CDONTS Doesnt Work Always

I am using CDONTS to send mail to the user from my ASP application.
However, the code doenst works all the time. I am able to get mails but
nothing happnes most of the time. The code works maybe once in 20 tries.
What could be the reason?

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CDONTS Doesnt Seem To Work

i posted earlier, and the response seemed to be there is
another dll i need to use the cdonts object, i used it
fine for awhile on my old setup, i upgraded to 2k3 and it
errors up as if cdonts isnt an object. So is there a dll
i need to have to use the cdonts object in iis 6 or do i
need to rewrite my code to use cdo? (if so, please provide
asp 3 example on how to send an email with recepient,
sender, body and subject)

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Why FileSystem Doesnt Work Wit My IIS 5.01 On XP

I have got a problem wit da FILESYSTEM in ASP coding. Before I use window 98 installing PWS. Everything works fine....

And now, I use Window XP professional ( Laplop ), everything is updated ( Service Pack, .NET component, stuff...

All my ASP code with FileSystem which used to be properly ran cant be executed on my XP server.

There is no message error on da page, but the browser icon keeps spinning and da content is blank, it means u dont see anything happens. I wanna ensure dat all da code is right, cos it work properly with PSW and other servers. I even tested with a simple code, but It still doesnt work..... Code:

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Ntext Doesnt Work With ASP

I'm using SQL Server and I decided to convert one of the fields from nvarchar to ntext. The transition in the manager was all right, but my ASP pages wouldn't display the ntext and there is no error message. I use Code:


to display the ntext...and there is nothing.

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GetRow Doesnt Work

I have a database table with several records. Now I am filtering some data based on the "where" statement. If I run the query in analyzer then I get 20 rows. If I run the same query in asp and assign GetRows() to an array, then the array returns only 4. I am not sure if I am using the GetRows wrong. Here is a snipp of my code:

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CDONTS Object Doesnt Recognize Simplified Chinese Characters

When we send a mail using the code below,we do not get simplified chinese characters if they are present in the body but we get junk in the mail and we need to change the mails encoding to simplified chinese to see the Chinese characters.

'CDONTS object
set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
objMail.MailFormat = 0
objMail.From = sFromEmail
objMail.To = sToEmail
objMail.Subject = sSubject
objMail.Body = sMessage
set objMail = Nothing

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How CDONTS Work ??

Talking about the cdonts objects.. i want to send the email in windows xp..
i downloaded cdonts.dll and registered it.. but still i am not able to send
the mail.. is it so that i need to set the settings in the Virtual SMTP server
in IIS ?

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CDOnts.newmail Attachfile Don't Work When File Is Large

I am using the CDONTS.newmail object to send file as an attachment so I
used attachfile method. it seems the attach file wont work if the file size
more than 100 KB , does anybody know if there is a size limit or where to
change it I am using the SMTP server included with IIS 5.0.

PS when file is sent, it will show on the EMAIL as an attachment only with 0

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Doesnt Retun All Columns

I have a query in ASP that does a select * from table
It doesnt retun all columns!
When i use objRS("columnname") I get blank. This only effects some colums and I fix it by using

select *,missingcolumn1,missingcolumn2 from table

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SQL Db Doesnt Support The Cookie

I wrote the code for Members of Register. and i use cookie in this code, My database is SQL server. SQL server dosent support the cookies in my codes i dont know why this cause but my codes are working without any cause .

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Assignment Doesnt Assign

My ASP page contains the following VBScript code:

zipCode = Request.Form("zip")
%> <br>zip: <%= zipCode %>, rf: <%= Request.Form("zip") %>

When I enter "abc" into the "zip" field on the form, I get the
following output:

zip: , rf: abc

Why doesn't the first statement assign the "abc" string to the
variable "zipCode"? What am I not seeing?

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PWS On NT Doesnt Display Asp/ And Installation

My friedn is using PWS on NT4 machine, its a local machine, whenever he directs to an .asp page, visual interdev starts.

How can we over ocme this.I had solved this problem long time ago. Now i dont remember. Also to install IIS4.0 do we need to install MTS? if yes, where can we get

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Doesnt Display Char Type Data Field Length 1

I have one field char type data length 1.. It has data either 1 or 2 in all the field tht I have checked through enterprise manager.

I'm running query:

"select * from table" and fetching all the records and displaying...

It display all the data except data from this field..Doesnt display anything..

I had put Response.write rs("fieldname")

What could be the problem?

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Asp Does Not Work

i use a IIS 5.1 with win XP with the newest updates etc.
its possible to start aspx and html files but not asp files
what could it be ? what can i check ?

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Can It Work Like A CGI?

Can a ASP work like a CGI.(Email Scripts) ? Can a ASP script for email will work, if a Script is on 1 server and form(html.form) is on another server and a thank you page is on 3rd server. Like if u don't know about a CGI there are many websites who give you permission to use their script by editing little bit in yours form and place them on yours server website, there are number of site.

And 1 more thing I want to ask is if some one use a windows server he have a form html on that server, can he run asp script which is on Linux server to get form result on his desired email id.

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OnAfterPrint Cannot Work

cannot using onAfterPrint in IE 6.0, the page can print but cannot close.

my code like as below

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

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I Cannot Get This Inner Join To Work In Asp

<!--#Include Virtual="/bug/"-->

<title>Bug Status Board</title>

Dim conn
Set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
conn.Open "Provider=SQLOLEDB; Data Source = (local); Initial Catalog =
techsupportBT; User Id = sa; Password="
Set rs = server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
sSQL="SELECT T.BugIndex, T.[Date Entered], T.DESCRIPTION,"
sSQL= ssql &" T.Company, T.Technician, T.Developer, T.PROGRAM, "
sSQL= ssql &" T.Status, T.PRIORITY, T.[Version Fix], n.noc"
n.bugindex "
set rs=conn.Execute(ssql)

and this is the error message that I get Error Type:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server (0x80040E14)
Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'INNER'

I cannot find an example anywhere that helps with this situation. This works fine in SQL, but for some reason asp is being a pain.

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Can't Get CDO Mail To Work

I copied ASP/VBScript code from several sources and adapted it to my page and variables. Here is my current code for implementing CDO:

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Why Sub Procedure Does Not Work

I am trying to construct a sub procedure that concects to db , executes a stored procedure and returns a recordset. Connection to db and executing the stored procedure works fine.

The problem is that when I call the sub in the asp page to be executed the recordset is refused to be returned from the sub and the recordset itself does not appear to be constructed. or in another words the error displayed is: 'object required' --> refering to my recordset --> 'rs'

I do not know why, can any one tell me the reason, I tried much but with no result.
NOTE: For testing puropses I looped through the recordset isnide the sub itself and it worked fine Code:

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Global.asa How Does It Work?

Is there somebody who can explain to me how I can use a Global.asa to store Functions and Variables in it? I understand that there are 4 events that can be used in a global.asa : Application_OnStart, Application_OnEnd, Session_OnStart, Session_OnEnd

But still i don't get how i can CALL functions of variables. Because with those 4 things they start all in the beginning or in the end of a session or application.

For example i use an encrypt function in different pages, can i just put it in de global.asa and call it when i need it?

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ASP Not Work In W2003

I've just moved all asp file from IIS4/5 to IIS6(2003), but they don't work.It there any trick?

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Work Week

I need to provide a pulldown with work weeks displayed.Is there any easy way to do this?

I would like to go 6 months from the current date and show a week as Oct. 11- 15.Which is Monday to Friday.

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Validation Does Not Work

I have an asp page. In this there is a form when submit it have to chech if the fields are not emtpy.When it not empty it wil insert into a database an a mail.If a field is empty it send it anyway, it doens't do the validation. Here is a part of my code:Code:

<% if request("action") = "Verzenden" then
datum = request("dtmmeldinghelp")
if datum <>"" then
'I have tried also: if len(datum) <0 then
response.Write("<html>" & "<body>" & "Fout" & "</body>" & "</html>")
' here come my sql insert to code and the code for email
' this works fine

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Aspfunction Does Not Work

i built this test program:

the time is <% = Time %>

It does not show the time! very basic probably but not for me.

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Button Won't Work

I am trying to add a button to a menu which it's action is conditioned by a session variable. The button shows up fine but I get no action from the button being clicked . The variable does have a valid value. If anyone can help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated. The code follows:

<input TYPE="submit" NAME="Button1" VALUE="Quote Generator">

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="VBScript" FOR="Button1" EVENT="onClick">
If Session("RVQuoteAuthority") = "Y" then
MsgBox "No Authority"
End If

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Does GetObject Work With ASP?

I have not been working with ASP for too long at this time and am not real familiar with a lot of things about ASP. I have searched for articles on the following question but
not come up with any definite answers. Code:

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Setting Up IIs To Work With Asp

I am trying to get ASP to work with IIS and i keep getting page cannot be displayed when i try to open asp pages? Do i have some settings wrong somewhere?

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Session.LCID Does Not Work

The problem is, even when i set the LCID property at the
beginning of my code, it always returns the date in
brazilian date format. Example:

<% @Language=VBSCript %>
<% Session.LCID=1033 %>
<% Response.write (now & "<BR>" & Session.LCID) %>

This code should return:

But its returning:

Do you see? The LCID is correct but it keeps showing the
date in brazilian format? What the hell is happenning?

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How To Get Unicode Characters To Work In URL?

I have the following reference to an image in my web page. The name of the image is simply one Chinese character followed by .jpg.
<a HREF="transfer/rad0/﨨.jpg" TARGET="_blank">﨨.jpg</a>

The Chinese character is HTML encoded. I'm specifically setting UTF8 encoding w/codepage 65001 in each web page. When I right click this URL and attempt to download the image to disk, I get an error saying the web server can't locate the URL. In the error message, the Chinese character is displayed as ? (question mark). It works if the URL has only ASCII characters in it.

What do I need to do to be able to download images via URLs that contain Chinese (Unicode) characters?

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Separate File Does Not Work.

i have this css file.


#navcontainer ul
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
list-style-type: none;

when i put both codes at 1 file, everything are ok, but when i separeted them into different files, nothing happened. what's wrong with the code?

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If Else Statement Wont Work

i have this if endif condition but it doesn't seem to work

if date = "12-06-2007" then
response.write "its december 6"
response.write "its not december 6"
end if

and i try this also but its not working either

if day = "6" and month = "December" and year = "2007" then
response.write "its december 6"
response.write "its not december 6"
end if

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Getting Webpage Position To Work

I am having a prob with getting for example, ASP Free Forums > Programming > etc, to display properly. I can get it to work sort of but need to be able to read in a value and be able to change it before its displayed.

It works on the first page but when going to other pages it doesn't. Also when going back to the original page, topic.asp where it works, from view topic the formatting disapears which is a mystery to me. Here is the code that gets it to work on the topic.asp page:section = Trim(Request("Section")) Code:

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FileSystemObject Scripting Don't Work

I am having ASP with the following code to access the file with windows
scripting host. The page run on local server IIS 5.1 on Win XP Pro SP2. The
IE never show me any error with this, but will keep access the page for very
long. This code is running fine on other system. Code:

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