Code Works On IE Https But Not Http?

Just to explain what's going on briefly... I've added an include to the top of all files on our site (this code is pasted below) to check IP address, and then some pages will display slightly different content for our Canadian or US customers.

This works fine in Firefox. However, in IE, when a Canadian visitor comes it doesn't display canadian content on the http version of any page. Once they go to a https page, it works just fine. After that, if they go back to an http page it still displays properly. Code:

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Http Or Https

I'm trying to detect if the user is utilizing HTTP or HTTPS in the address
bar. The following code responds true regardless of whether I use HTTP or HTTPS.
What should I be using? In the end, if the user types in HTTP, I will
redirect them to HTTPS.

If Request.Servervariables("https") <> "" Then
Response.Write "this is https...OK!!!"
End If

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I have a site that requires a checkout process. THe checkout process occurs in the secure server. I need to pass session variables from one server to the next.

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How To Handle Http And Https

I've integrated a secure certificate into my e-commerce site. However, when I forward people to the account log-in area (https) all of the relative links on the page obviously then point to http://www.mydomain/homepage for example.

How do I do what Dabs do, and redirect these links back to non-secure pages, without hard-coding all links as full URLs?

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Switching Between HTTP And HTTPS

I wish to have a web site that has most of the pages as normal HTTP pages
but has some areas that use HTTPS. I want to have it that if a user selects
a link to a HTTPS page that they go there an there Session Information is
kept. I also wish to have the pages switch automatically to HTTPS if a
visitor types the URL without the HTTPS. So my questions are:
1) How to redirect to a Secure Page without losing Session Info?
2) How to test if page is accessed by HTTPS, and if not switch to HTTPS

I think something like this code is what I want but how do I do it.

if not "HTTPS" then
end if

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HTTP To HTTPS Redirect

I am using the following code in my default.asp page to redirect the page
from HTTP to HTTPS


if Request.ServerVariables("HTTPS") = "off" Then

Response.Redirect("https://" & Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_HOST") &

End if

I got the code off of a website and found that many web sites had similar
code for doing the same thing. The problem I am having is that the code
will not redirect to the HTTPS and will keep reloading the page. Is there a
setup issue with IIS that I might be missing?

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HTTPS -> HTTP Lost Session

if a URL is

clients are redirected to

This works fine for all but 1 client. He looses a session during the
redirect. Apparently his browser interprets https:// and http:// as
different domains.

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Code Works

I am retrieving data from database through asp code.It works fine for IE 6.0 browser.The same code does'nt work for Mozilla Browser.what are the changes that i need to do to make the code work for mozilla browser.

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HTTP Post - The Code...

i've got this code...

Dim oOriginalPO, oXMLHTTP, strFileName, strURL

strURL = "url that is required"
strFileName = sXML

Set oOriginalPO = CreateObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument")
Set oXMLHTTP = CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP")

oOriginalPO.async = False
oOriginalPO.load strFileName 'name of file containing cXML data "POST", strURL, False 'strURL is our URL you post to
oXMLHTTP.send oOriginalPO

So on the assumption that the sXML variable has correct information inside it to send out, can anybody see why perhaps this code isn't working properly?

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HTTP Return Code 200

My web page is not returning '200' to the user. why this might happen?

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HTTP Status Code 400 W Redirect

I used a Response.Redirect "page.asp" as the last command in ASP code that
processes a submitted form from an Adobe PDF form (using HTML format). For
some reason, if there is any linked file (image, stylesheet, javascript) in
the target "page.asp" IE hangs until you press Escape. With Refresh, the
page loads completely.

I checked the web log and the entry for "page.asp" is 200 (OK) but all the
files I mentioned above all show 400. The description for this status code
is pretty generic and not much help (a syntax error in the request and the
server doesn't understand it

I can't control the syntax of the request so how can this be fixed? (and how
could the submit from the PDF form have anything to do with this since other
HTML forms directed to an ASP page with images etc. works fine.

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Correct HTTP Response Status Code On "Access Denied" Page.

I have a password-protected area on my site. I'm not using any server
authentication methods: Instead I prompt the user for a username and
password using an HTML form and check these against a database of
registered users.

I was thinking that this page should be returning a HTTP status code of
"401 Unauthorized" instead of its current "200 OK". My reasoning being
that this would let search engines know what's going on when they
request a protected page and get redirected to the "Access Denied"

I experimented with adding response.status = "401 Unauthorized" to the
"denied" page, but now it displays a (Windows/IE) username & password
prompt instead. The HTTP sniffer shows that the www-authenticate field
is set to "Basic".

My question: How can I indicate to the search engines that the page it
is requesting requires authentication, yet have it not display the
login/password dialog box?

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Need To Display Error Code When I Get HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

I tried to display an error detail on my webpage when I got an "HTTP 500 Internal Server Error" of my .asp page, but I was failed I did setup in IIS so it will display debug error on my asp page as well as setting up my browser internet option.

Can you help me how to set it up so I am able to see the error detail on my browser when I get "HTTP 500 Internal Server Error" ( Currently, I just got a blank page with "HTTP 500 Internal Server Error" in the web page title)I run IIS 5.0 and window professional xp browser.

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Error ASp .NET WEb Service : URL:'http://localhost/WebService1. HTTP/1.1 302 Found"

i'm using windows XP, IIS 5.1, Visual .NET 2003 and SQL Server 2000.

When I open New Project - Visual C# Projects - ASP .NET Web Service -

Location : http://localhost/WebService1

After that i click OK, then it returns error

"The web server reported the following error when

attempting to create or open the web project

located at the following

URL:'http://localhost/WebService1. HTTP/1.1 302 Found"

After that i try this : Code:

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I find that all the values of the session variables i have created is empty when i use https. I am sucessfully able to use these session variables in the other pages that does not use https.
While making a shopping cart and using https for checkout process. What is the best method to retrieve cart values like item, total etc. Currently i'm using session to access these values in different pages during checkout but the problem is what i have mentioned above when i use https. What method do u prefer and how does it work?.

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I have a question regarding https and SSL between two web
sites. I am not quit understand how asp application can
handle https, encryption and SSL. Here is scenario:
An asp application on my web site requires to get form
data from web client and to convert the data with XML
format and send the data to another web site which only
accepts https protocol.
If my site needs to receive information from the remote
web site, then I know a digital certificate needs to be
installed on my side. and https configuration needs to be
implemented on local web server.
However, if all of local side need to do is to send data
to remote web server with data encrypted, do I still need
to install digital certificate and enable https on local
web server? If not, how can I encrypt data with the the
certificate so it can be accepted by remote server and be
decoded by remote server side?

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I'm in a non-secure page (http). When I click on a submit button, I'm about to enter the secure page (https). But I got the popup saying that I'm about to enter a non-sercure page, wanna continue(yes,no).

If I click YES, it take me to "https" page. This doesn't make any sense at all.

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When To Use Https

I'm working on an e-commerce site and we've just purchased a secure certificate to transmit a shopping cart to the payment gateway without fear of tampering.

Question is, should the whole site be built on https:// or should only the form which posts to the payment gateway be secure?

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I need to implement in my site the HTTPS. But I don't know anything about
this. Can someone help me or give me a way to learn about it?

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Redirecting To Https

I have enforced SSL connections on my website to make it secure. My problem is if the users go to http://wesite-url they get an error message saying:The page must be viewed over a secure channel

The page you are trying to view requires the use of "https" in the address.

Instead of showing this error page, I want to automatically redirect them to https://website-url. Is it possible?? Do I need to to program this in gloabal.asa?

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Secure Communication Over Https !

I am developing an application over the web(intranet app). Now my problem
has to do with secure communication
between browser and webserver. I want to enable secure communication using
https. Are there any alternatives other than buying certificate for virtual
directory ?

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File Download Https

I am trying to write a routine that allows users to download files from our secure site, with the code below the file will download and when you click save i get an IE error. However when the page is not https the routine runs just fine. Any Ideas?

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Redirect To Https Page

I have a login page that's https and after logging in should redirect to the
home page

<form id="Form1" method="post" runat="server">

No matter what I've tried it tries to redirect to

Exact error is:

The page cannot be displayed:

500 Internal Server Error - The network logon failed. (1790) Internet Security and Acceleration Server

Does anyone have any clue as to what's going on here, and how to fix it?

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How I Can Enable Or Configure Https

How I can enable or configure https on a certain page(file).

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XMLHTTP Accessing Web Service Over Https

I am trying to access a .NET web service over https:// using Microsoft.XMLHTTP but I am receiving "A security problem occurred. , Number=>-2146697202" error. I guess it is bacause of https certificate challenge. Is there a way to accept the certificate in ASP.

My sample code is:

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Force HTTPS Redirect With POST Data

I need some help/pointers here. I maintain an ASP/MSSQL e-commerce site.

I need to force the use of HTTPS for private/payment data and force back HTTP on other pages. Some googling taught me the use of checking Request.ServerVariables("HTTPS"). Though GET data/QueryStrings are passed all my POST data is lost because of the REdirect. Code:

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Asp Site Works

We're moving an asp site onto our fedora redhat server and I am fairly sure that I have installed all the proper modules to get apache to read the site properly, but when I bring the site up in Firefox it displays the actual asp code as text. I would assume this means that something is wrong somewhere along the way, and yet when I display the page in ie the site shows up fine? How could this happen?

Looking at it in firefox displays code and ie displays the site (with some errors, but it still displays)I'm a php/mysql personally so I have no experience with this, but as far as I can tell we have apache-asp support installed properly and the site should be showing up.

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Web Servers Works With ASP

I have built a site completely with ASP.I am searching for free web host which works with ASP.give me a list web links of fre asp hosters.and i have used drive letters to access my database, how can i remove those drive letters (ex. "c:m.mdb").

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IP Works FTP Component

I am trying use the IP works ftp component to send a directory full of files to an ftp server, and all that is in the help for this is the methods with no example code for anything other than how to list a directory which works fine! But when it comes to uploading files I seem to not be having any success.

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Mail Only Works When Its Within My Own Domain Name?

I Finally Got this admin_SubscribedCust_email_processor.asp working so it sends emails to everyone in my database but ONLY WHEN THE EMAIL IS something so within the network... anything else it came with error message.. CDO.Message.1 error '80040213' is this out of my hands, as it is the ipowerweb server related or can i do something to fix this problem and how?? please help asap as i have been working on this problem for a while now and i also have another email admin section on my site that the admin can send emails to the customers on the database manually and it also is the same problem!

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CDONTS Works Intermitantly

CDONTS works with all sites hosted on my test server bar one (which surely
rules out a miscomputation of the Default SMTP server in IIS). I have tried
uploading the file with make up the site in which CDONTS to one of the IIS
"sites" which is known to work with CDONTS, and still, no email received.
The bad mail dir gets three files each time, the error is:

Unable to deliver this message because the follow error was encountered:
"Error is processing file in pickup directory.".

The specific error code was 0xC00402CE.

The solutions offered in various responses I found after a quick search all
assumed that the SMTP service was configured wrong, but how can mine be when
other sites can use the CDONTS/SMTP components fine. Code:

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Send Email Works But Not In Wlan

i have a very smal asp programm with mail functionality, which works and i send mail with it! The Problemis when i' use wireless lan in my company i get error. At home, where i have a static IP-Adress it works as i said! I know that it is a question of dynamic IP (in WLAN of my company i get a dynamic IP from the server)....

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Script Works On W2000, But Not On W2003?

I'm an ASP beginner and did an application here locally on my IIS under W2000 Prof (SP4). Runs here completely great.

Now I wanted to place this application under a W2003 server online. Now always get the message:

Runtime error in Microsoft VBScript error '800a01a8'
object required: 'Application(...)'
/globalfunctions.asp, LINE 18

Funny, that line 18 in my globalfunctions.asp is empty. However I use the Application()-object in this file and the coputer seem not to find it. I read that it could have to do something with global.asa. I then created a global.asa and created the subs for the events but put no code inside. It changes however absolutely nothing.

What could I have still forgotten and why run it here locally? Possibly a rights problem?

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