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Encrypt Cookie (password)

Is there a built in fucntion in VBS that encrpyts information? I've never heard of it...

Anyways, I need to encrypt my user's cookie password, and username, so people can't read it very well...i.e. "173dfhal294" etc...

I check it against the database, so I also need to decrypt it also...

Can I make a function? (of course I can, but what would it look like?)

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Encrypt Password
Public Shared Function Encriptar(ByVal cleanString As String) As String
Dim clearBytes As [Byte]()
clearBytes = New UnicodeEncoding().GetBytes(cleanString)
Dim hashedBytes As [Byte]() = CType(CryptoConfig.CreateFromName("MD5"),
Dim hashedText As String = BitConverter.ToString(hashedBytes)
Return hashedText
End Function

this function encrypt user password, I need to un-encrypt that password

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Encrypt & Decrypt Password And Store In MS Access DB
I am trying to encrypt the password and then store in Access DB. I have check out already existing threads on Sitepoint and read the artile at (Password Encrypt/Decrypt using MDI ). It works for SQLServer. I tried it. It works..

But i am using MS Access Database, and it doesn't have any binary data type in it. So MDI is not working for me here. I havn't find any help.

I am looking for your help now as i have give it up and this thread is the only hope for me now. I need to Encrypt/Decrypt the password while using Access at backend.

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How To Encrypt Code And To Learn Encrypt Styles
how to encrypt my code? and do you know which site that i can learn the encrypt style?

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How To Remember My Password Using Cookie
How to write cookie in notepad and how to get the value from cookie ....

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Response.cookie In Session_onstart Event And IE 6.0 Cookie Acceptance
When I set a cookie in global.asa in the sub session_onstart, even if
I have "privacy" in IE 6.X set to "block all cookies" the cookie is
still set, and I can get it on other pages.

I can't find an article that addresses this as a specific issue. Why
does the browser get the cookie when it is set in the session_onstart
event even when I have "block all cookies" set?

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Individually Password Protect Multiple Directories? Password Expiration?
I have a client who wants to password protect a learning course that is set up in modules. Each module needs to have it's own password protection so users can only access them as they progress through the course.

Each user should have their own password (for each module) and, said client would like the password to expire for the user at some (predetermined?) point. Is this possible? It seems like a lot (in terms of setup), but I don't know much about password stuff.

If it is possible, can someone give me an overview of how it works (theoretically) or where to find more specific info on setting something like this up (in

If it isn't possible, can someone suggest what is more reasonable in terms of protecting the modules?

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Encrypt Numbers
Can RSA encrypt a sequence of numbers and letters intermingled together.
I was told that RSA can only encrypt letters,i'm not so sure. So can it bge done

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Encrypt Files
how can encript the asp files. It can run on server but the source code is encrypt ....

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Encrypt / Decrypt
how i can encrypt something in asp and put it into a database and decrypt it using a key?I want members info and order info in my database to be secure.

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Encrypt Page URL
i want to encrypt my URL of my site when user process his/her queries he/she see encrypt form of URL and will not seen actual queries, how can i do this in ASP .

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Encrypt Codes
Does anyone out there know how to encrypt the entire ASP file? That means when a person tries to view my ASP source code, it will display as rubbish. Can't use Script Encoder (srcenc.exe) cause out there in the market exist a freeware Script Decoder (scrdec.exe) which can easily decode back the file to its original state.

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Encrypt Text In An Email
After searching the forums have found the following code from to encrypt/decrypt text.

I am having a mare trying to implement it, I know i need a form for the text but am having a mental block with calling the functions..

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Encrypt Connection String
Can i know how to encrypt and decrypt the connection string which is include with database id and password within the global.asa?

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Does ASP Have A Built In Encrypt Function?
I am working with an existing script/old server that uses encrypt(whatever) quite often (mostly querystrings), however there is no routine written anywhere in the script for this. no connection to any components or anything...

I didn't know it had a default encypt function (assuming its like base 64 or something)...

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Encrypt Html Code
I'm looking for asp or java script that encrypt html
code. That it will confuse some surffers that trying
to steal content.

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Encrypt The Query String Value
When using the QueryString of the request object the actual values are exposed to the viewer of the site and often user pickup on these values and start changing them . This can lead user to see data that they are not supposed to or even data that may be erroneous.

Is there an easy way to encrypt the querystring values that get displayed on the location bar / other than not using querystring. Can I use java script to disable the status bar, at the bottom of the page to not expose the URL's of various links on a page?

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Query String - Encrypt
I often use a querystring in my ASP pages.for example:

if val > 1 then
Response.redirect "val1.asp?val=1&user=UserID
End if

Is there a way to encrypt the querystring so anyone trying to mis use the web site will not know what the encryption stands for also when people view the page source they should not be able to see the QueryString value. How best can I handle this . Using hidden values still expose the value in the page source. Does HTMLEncode help any?

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Encrypt ASP Source Code
I was wondering does anyone use any third party tool to encrypt the original ASP source code from dispose.

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Encrypt :: Object Already Exists
I have a problem with asp encrypt. I always encouter this error message when i try to log in my system thru an IP address. The strange thing i that, onli my computer is experiencing this problem. I tried loggin in using another computer, with the same IP address.. and it's sucuessful. Izzit the problem wif my ASP encrypt or wad? The error i have is:

Persits.CryptoManager.1 (0x800A0001)
Object already exists.

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Password Sessions - Prompt Password Change
I created sessions to authenticate username and password. How can I utilize this same script to alert the user to change password at 3rd login? In other words when a user logs into a site after the 3 or 4th time which ever, they are prompted to change their password. Code:

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Encrypt An Asp File Source Code
we have an Enterprise Application on ASP and MS SQL 2000. Would like to know if I can convert the asp app to an exe or encrypt / encode / hide the source code so that no one accessing the server can touch / modify / copy the same.

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Session Cookie Vs. Regular Cookie
I want to know what's the differences between session cookie and regular cookie.

In ASP, when we create cookie, we do the following to identify an user:

Response.Cookies("name") = value

Is this regular cookie? How about session cookie? and when to use which?

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How To Set Cookie To Nothing?
The problem is that the code for "change_school.asp" takes the user right to "portal.asp". I checked the code of "change_school.asp" and it does indeed set a cookie value for "school", but for some reason "default.asp" is still finding the old cookie stored and then redirecting...any ideas guys?

'code for change_school.asp...clears the cookie "school" and redirects to page (default.asp) where user can select a new school
<% Response.Cookies("school")= ""
Response.Redirect "default.asp" %>

'code for default.asp which allows user to select a new school, and if the cookie "school" has some value then they are redirected.
If request.cookies("school") <> "" then
Response.Redirect "portal.asp"
end if

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Cookie And SQL?
On this website i am building it has password protection on certain pages. So i have a "login" portion on the right side of the page, that is shown on every page. When someone logs in is it possible to change that little section to just say Welcome so and so? Instead of having the username and password form with submit button?? Or is this something that requires some java to hide it?

Part II
When someone logs in i want them to recieve a cookie, in that cookie i want it to contain the person's name (wich i want the to be put next to the "welcome back on part I), email address, and up to four other numerical values. (some people will have greater access to sections of the site depending on who they are)

Is is possible to grab this information from the SQL database and put in the cookie? If so can anyone please show me, point me in right direction, ect?

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Cookie Value
I'm using FrontPage Database results wizards to retrieve data from Access. I have a cookie containing a number I'd like to insert in a custom query. Whenever the page opens, I want the query to run using the value in the cookie. I haven't been able to figure out how to transfer the cookie value into something the FP webbot will accept in the query.

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What i am trying to do is this: I want to make a cookie. If someone comes back to a page (say after an hour after they left)i want them to get a specific popup. If someone comes back after than hour I want them to get a different popup, telling them something different.

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Cookie Detection
I'm going to go down this route of Cookie detection


If Request.Querystring("Check") = "" Then

Session("cookietest") = "True"



If Session("cookietest") Then

<!-- Execute code if enabled -->


<!-- Execute code if disabled -->

End If

End If


Iím a little worried, do you know how spiders work with regards to this sort of thing? My site gets some traffic due to it being spidered by the likes of google and I donít want to loose that flow.

If I use this at the entry point of my site to redirect browsers with cookies turned off to a page telling them to turn them on will that stop the spiders?

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Cookie Availability
If my user turns cookies off, both permanent and temporary cookies can't be used or only permanent cookies can't be saved on the user's machine?

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Cookie Not Being Deleted.. How Do I?
I have a cookie with a path of "/"

im trieng to delete it before the expired time has comed anyway i am trieng to delete it by setting the cookie to ""

like so: Response.Cookies("name") = "";

but its not working but...i found out that if i dont set the path it is being deleted but i have to set the path because from some reason without it i have issues where the cookie is not found in some pages.

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A Cookie Disappears, But Not All Of Them
I have a problem with a Cookie in an ASP page. Without any apparent reason, one of the Cookies disappears, but the others are ok.

I'm at Page1, a link goes to Page2. Page2 redirects to Page3 and Page3 redirects to Page1. When I'm back to Page1, sometime, one of the cookies don't exist anymore... But the others are there! The disappeared Cookie isn't always the same, in the 18 Cookies that I have.

The environment is composed of 4 clustered servers. Page1 is SSL, but not Page2 and Page3.

I don't have more than 4KB (1.86KB to be more precise) of data and I don't have more that 20 Cookies on the same domain.

I added the following code:

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Sessions Without Cookie
Do you want manage ASP Sessions variables without Session Object and without Cookie?

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Retrieving Cookie Value
I want to retrieve the value of a cookie to make a form a little more user friendly (our intranet is configured to set a cookie for User First Name, Last Name and Email when they log in)

Unfortunately I can't figure out how to retrieve the value of the cookie. I've been trying:

Response.write Request.Cookies(UserLName)

But it gives me an error - I used Checky to make sure the cookies are there and they do exist:

Value: UserLName=Tarby

Can someone give me some advice?

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Encoding Cookie.
When I run the ASP page for the first time, I find out, that the Cookie file name contains some several special characters such as %5F, which are encoded with a URLEncode function. So, I have the following string (after convert): ....

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How To Remove Cookie?
How can I remove a cookie from the client in ASP? I'm not talking about setting the value to a blank string and I've tried this:

Response.Cookies("mycookie").Expires = Now()
Response.Cookies("mycookie").Expires = Date() - 100

Neither of which work.

Is there any way to completley remove the cookie?

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Cookie Array
Is there a way to store an array of information in a cookie? ie. a user can have a "x" long list of a variable stored in a cookie, so when they return to the site this information can be retrieved.

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Get Cookie Path
Is it possible to get the physical path of a cookie? (C:Document and SettingsmyLoginCookies)

Because I need "myLogin" (the Windows Login), and I can't get with request.ServerVariables("logon_user") or ("author_user") or whatever...

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Write Db Value To A Cookie?
I select 'name' from the customer table.

Is it possible to write it into a cookie?

Response.Cookies("customer")("firstname") = '" & objRecordset(NAME) & "'

when I try to write the above using

Response.Write (Request.Cookies("customer")("firstname"))

i get the following ....

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Cookie Testing
I need to revisit cookie testing. On the home page and every product page I
write a cookie. I do this because some users enter by direct links to
product pages.

Response.Cookies("cookietest") = ("49")
Response.Cookies("cookietest").Expires = Date + 2

On the cart page I test for the cookie...

If Request.Cookies("cookietest") <"49" Then
End If

I have a user that insists he has cookies enabled, yet he keeps getting
redirected to my error page which suggests he does not have cookies enabled.
What could cause this? Is the above too simple for all circumstances?

Is there more extensive code that I could setup on a hidden page where I can
send users to get read out on how they actually have their browsers setup?
i.e. Run a test on their browser and the results are emailed to me.

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Creating A New Cookie
I have an asp page where i created cookies-for admin and for user. The aspx page reads these cookies. Everything seems to work fine but now i have to create a new cookie if cookie has expired or if cookie is null. Also, i am having problems with the expire because if the username belongs to the admin for example and then i want to change
the username that belongs to a normal user the cookie recognises the first (admin) cookie. How do i solve this? .....

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Cookie Poisoning
I have created a page where i got sth like this:

if (request.cookies("example") <> ""
end if

(I will try to explain as easy i can), so in the login.asp using a .mdb i get the username and check with the password, and putting the username in the cookie in this case called example, but using some cookie poisoning i can be anybody logged in, even sb out of the table of users, i didn't use the session object, i wanted to use a cookie because i got curiosity and i didn't understand what is the difference, and actually i don't understand so much...anyways i got 2 questions, how i do sth for protect the cookie for cookie poisoning and what is the difference between the session and the cookie (from the little what i know is that the session is a predefined cookie that has some encrypting stuff and that so on and got some properties, methods right? and the cookie is just a information holder without any extra stuff as the session object has, am i right?)

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Encrpyt A Cookie
I have created code to create a cookie about a user when their login and when they tick a remember me box.

The problem is though the the data in the cookie is stored in plain text. Which means I can use firefox and it webdeveloper tool to look at the cookie and change the values.

My question is how do you encrpyt a cookie so it doesnt store the info in plain text?

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Cookie Abandon
well in session we got session.abandon and all the bad sessions gone... i need to delete cookies from users side, there is option for this in asp dot net but in classic asp how we can do it?


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Cookie Not Being Prompted
I use the following simple code in an asp to test how cookies work ...

<%@ Language=VBScript %>
Response.Cookies("CookieTest")="Lovely Cookie !"
<HTML><BODY>The cookie has arrived !</BODY></HTML>

I've set my IE6.0 to prompt me for all cookies, which it does for all web pages I visit,
but not for the above asp page which is hosted from IIS5.1 on my PC. I can see the cookie being created in my Cookies folder, but would like to be prompted first!

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Cookie Problems
I''m having a problem with cookies that is driving me insane :).
- If a user comes to and a cookie is set for them, then the user for whatever reason jumps to one of the 2 happens:

1) The cookie we set can not be read (expected), but then a new one can not be written ether (I looked at the server headers and although the cookie information is sent, IE ignores it).

2) The cookie from can be read, but you can not write to this cookie. Same here cookie is sent back from the server but IE ignores it.

Now, if its the other way around. If a user comes to, a cookie is set, then he/she jumps to

The cookie can not be read (expected), but a new one can be written (as it should be).

So after driving my self insane, i whent out and tried it out in other servers to see if it was true. I tried 4 different sites which used cookies (for shopping carts). I did the same tests, (Go in via, add something to cart, then, jump to, cookie would not be overwritten. Then did the other way around, everything worked fine.)

Sample code: .....

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Cookie Test?
I have always used this in ASP to test if the client is accepting cookies:

Session ("nc") = 1
If Len(Session("nc")) = 0 Then
'Cookies Off
'Cookies On
End If

But I only ever tested it in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 though not sure. Anyway with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 Len(Session("nc")) <> 0 always whether cookies are on or off. Can anyone suggest a better cookie test that will work in most browsers?

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Reading A Cookie Value?
am trying to create a login page for the first time, I have a login page, validate login page and if the password is correct it takes me to the first page.

I have customized this code someone else created,but what I have a problem with now is I need to log who submitted that data and that is why I am trying to read UserName cookie so I can later match that data.

This is the error I get which is telling me that it is reading the cookie since this is the UserName I am logging in with
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E14)
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid column name 'boxhill'.

but I can't see what is wrong, and there is not much out there for this kind of error.

So I can login successfully but now i need to read and dispaly that cookie and then insert the value of the cookie but,but don't worry about that now, just trying to give you the full picture.

So this is the code for reading the cookie ...

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I'm writing an ASP validation script that uses a cookie that is created by a user validation page and has a single value. This site will be used only under Internet Explorer 5 and more recent.

My problem is that the page called after the cookie creation can't read the cookie unless I set the Cookie.Path attribute to "". All the documentation that I found about it is very brief, don't explain how it really works and if there's any kind of "side effects". An even stranger fact is that some people of my team can read the cookie without setting the Cookie.Path attribute.

Can anyone tell me how the Cookie.Path really works or witch browser settings make it needed (or not)?

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Posting The Value Of A Cookie
Is it possible to post the value of a cookie through a hyperlink?

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Session Or Cookie? Which Is Better?
Can anyone tell me the difference between Session and Cookie? Does Application Object and Session works the same way?

How do we know when to use Session and cookie?

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Possible To Pass Cookie Value From VB To ASP?
I want to pass the value of the cookie created in VB to ASP. This doesn't work. Any idea?

<script language=vbscript>
document.cookie="mycookie" ' also tried with


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About Max Size Of Cookie
cookie has a limit size? if yes, how big?

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Using Response.cookie
Having just migrated to w2k from NT4, I've stumbled across an oddity with
cookie handling - at least, that's what it appears to be.
I (was) using response.buffer with .addheader to write two cookies into a
the http header for a particular page . Worked fine for three years.

After the upgrade, I'm finding that two copies of the same cookie appear,
one with blanks for values, the other with values filled in; this has the
effect of logging the user into the page if the first copy isn't blank....

So, I changed the code to use response.cookie, which is fine, but the
names/values get encoded, and unfortunately the software vendor uses dashes
in the name part.

Is there any way to force .cookie to not encode the '-'?

or do I need to look at javascript to write the cookie?

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