Error 405 Method Not Allowed

I have created a form using post which directs to a psmail.asp page. i keep getting the following when submitting the form. Can anyone suggest what i may have done wrong?

Error 405 Method Not Allowed
The requested method POST is not allowed for URL /html/psmail.asp
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i dont understand why it is not allowed.

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Method Not Allowed(Error Code = 80070005)

after reinstalling Windows XP (incl. IIS) it is not possible to create new
webs on the local IIS in the likeweise reinstalled Visual Interdev 6.0.

After typing in the name of the desired webserver (machine name or
localhost) the following error comes up: "Method not allowed(Error code =
80070005)". It is however possible to create webs with Interdev on other
webservers in our network.

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Method Not Allowed

Method Not Allowed
The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /Database/processForm.asp.

Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80

i just got this error, however, i have managed to post data into my database on this server b4, why is this error comin up now, could there be a prob with my asp file??

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Error: Operation Not Allowed

I've got a page that users of my website are sent to when they log in, and one part of it shows their friends (think myspace). The page works fine if the user has one friend, but it seems that if they have more than one then i get the "Operation not allowed" error.

I won't post the whole page because there's about 750 lines of it, but here's the code that gets the friends images from a mysql db and then shrinks them (if necessary) and puts each image into a table (for a tidy layout):

NOTE: "sql" is in case there is more than one users image to get, i've checked the query when there is more than one user image to get and it looks fine... Code:

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ShadowUploader - Operation Not Allowed Error

Request object error 'ASP 0104 : 80004005'

Operation not Allowed

/ShadowUploader.asp, line 56

Any idea why this error is returned.

It worked fine a few times, with simple .html files I was uploading.

Then I tried a zip file. and got the error.

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ADODB Error - Operation Not Allowed?

I keep getting the following error at the line "Do while oRs.EOF = FALSE". I've already added some code in the SQL standard procedure to eliminate the recordsets that are returned from temp tables (i.e. not the final recordset), but it still returns the same error.

The reason I'm using the recordset object is because I need to output the result of each recordset, and am not sure how to do this otherwise.

The error message and ASP code is below.

Error Type:
ADODB.Recordset (0x800A0E78)

Operation is not allowed when the object is closed. Code:

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Error "Operation Is Not Allowed

The following ASP code yields the following error, but actually the new record is stored
in database. The same error happens when the application deletes a record, such as
sqlStmt ="delete from test where username='2323'"

Dim objRS, sqlStmt
Set objRS = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Recordset")
sqlStmt = "insert into test VALUES ('2341', '2341');"
objRS.Open sqlStmt, strConnect
Set objRS = Nothing

ADODB.Recordset error '800a0e78'
Operation is not allowed when the object is closed.

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ShadowUploader - My-Operation Not Allowed Error

I’m using ShadowUploader and it works flawlessly in the “localhost” environment. When I brought it to the web I’m getting an error Code:

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ChangePassword Method Using WinNT Provider And Error 424

Windows 2000 Active Directory, IIS 5

ASP code looks like this:

Set oUser = GetObject("WinNT://DOMAIN/" & strNTName)
oUser.ChangePassword strPassword, strNewPassword

If (err.number <> 0) Then
End If

This code works on our test system, but gives an error on our production
system. err.number is 424.

I see nothing in my logs...

Any ideas?

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Error: Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method: 'File'

Finally I resolved upload issue. Now I want to add the validation before the upload. So I can make sure it is a JPG file, not any malicious files such as asp. exe. bat, etc..

Set Upload = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Upload")
If Upload.File.ContentType="asp" Then
Response.write "Invalid file"
End if

Upload.Save "k:Inetpubwwwrootpic"

It's not working

Object doesn't support this property or method: 'File'

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Error :: Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method: 'objPictureSize.Size'

Can't get this to work. I'm creating a workaround for the absence of aspJPEG on my server. I'm using aspUpload but my server only uses aspThumb. After aspThumb optimizes the original pic the file size changes and I need to reflect that change. When using aspUpload I can reference it's built in File object references but they only refer to the "original" file. There's an easy solution when using aspJPEG but not with aspThumb so I'm trying to get the "new" picture size using a scripting object with this script but I'm getting this error.

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01b6'

Object doesn't support this property or method: 'objPictureSize.Size'

/admin/media_upload_picture_process.asp, line 107 ....

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Only English Is Allowed

I need to create a asp page with fields like FirstName, LastName etc.
But this 2 fields only allow the user to enter english characters, no
chinese, no jap.. nothing else..

What is there that i must do to disable users from entering character other
then English??

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Operation Not Allowed...

I'm using Shadow's upload script. whenever i try to upload a file larger than a few hundred kilobytes, i get this error: "operation not allowed; /_uploader.asp, line 56" at the top of _uploader.asp, i have changed the maximum file size to 50 mb. this is line 56 on uploader.asp:

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Characters Not Allowed In A DB

I would like to create a list of characters, and what to replace them with before inserting them into a database. So far, I know of the sigle quote, and you just replace it with two single quotes (' to ''). Are there any other ones that you guys are aware of?

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Maximum Allowed On Selection Box?

I have a script that has worked flawlessly for a while. It allows a user to select from a listbox - with highlighted lines already of their settings, multiple lines (CTRL-SHFT) and the page updates the database properly.

Now, for some reason, I have a user that when we load their settings, all is fine. If I submit the form, immediately, with no new additional selections, all works fine. But, if I add even one new selection on the list box by holding CTRL-SHFT, the submit button no longer works at all.

This user does have a long list of selections already, I am just wondering if I may have hit a max some how?

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HTTP 405 - Resource Not Allowed

My Default.asp page has a listbox to redirect the users to other pages on
the web site.

If I access the web site by giving it the full URL, the listbox works fine
(for example: http://domain/Default.asp)

But if I access the web site by just using the domain (for example:
http://domain), the Default.asp page is displayed fine, but if I select an
item in the listbox, I get the error "HTTP 405 - Resource not allowed"

Any ideas?

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Operation Is Not Allowed When The Object Is Closed.

ADODB.Recordset error '800a0e78'

Operation is not allowed when the object is closed.

/apply/reporting/report.asp, line 22

I am trying to return a recordset from a stored procedure into an ASP page with the following code.... Code:

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Only Constants, Expressions, Or Variables Allowed ..

Getting this error:

The name 'squibble' is not permitted in this context. Only constants, expressions, or variables allowed here. Column names are not permitted.

/squibble/incFunc.asp, line 13

when trying the following:

Code: ....

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Allowed User To Upload File

I want to allowed my user to upload file to site. how can I make this work. so can anybody help me with this issueI will be using this software to build this application.

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800a0e79 Operation Is Not Allowed When The Object Is Open

there is a site using an Access DB, and they want a sister site on the same server, i.e. within a folder of the original site, but using the same database, the error I get is

ADODB.Connection error '800a0e79'
Operation is not allowed when the object is open.

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Stored Procedure : Operation Is Not Allowed When The Object Is Closed

I have the following stored procedure:


I'm getting the error "operation is not allowed when the object is closed" on the following line:

<% If Not rsAlloAmts.EOF Or Not rsAlloAmts.BOF Then %>

I haven't dealt we this particular type of situation and not sure how I can bind the necessary values to the page based on what is passed in to the procedure. I'm not sure how to handle this type of logic on the page?

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ADODB.Recordset (0x800A0E78) Operation Is Not Allowed When The Object Is Closed

I have a problem with my programm and get the error above. In the file I've commented the relevant lines with **** and normaly the SQL-statement are in one row but there is a better overview when it looks like this.

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Need Insight On "operation Not Allowed & Multiple-step OLE DB Operation

Mainly I am asking if someone can look at a small portion of code to see if there are any obvious problems for use with mysql??perhaps with the way dates are inserted?? Code:

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"The Data Being Processed Is Over The Allowed Limit"?

I am trying to post a pretty long string (9300 bytes) in a
hidden field and i get this very strange error message:

Request object, ASP 0107 (0x800A01B8)
The data being processed is over the allowed limit.

What is going on here. Over what allowed limit?

Has anyone seen this before?

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ASP Method

I have downloaded the DiscIDCalc program from CDDB. I've used it a lot because I've written my own application for my CD collections (keeping track of the track information of each CD, track duration etc). I've already got all my CDs into the application, I'm now just going through each of the disc again just to add in the DiscID information. I do it by running the DiscIDCalc program, generating the DiscID, and then then copying and pasting this DiscID into my application and then save it.
if anyone has successfully generated the DiscID within an asp page?
Now I have to have my browser up and this DiscIDCalc program up. Just want to know if there's a way to incorporate the two together (even if it means I'm not using the DiscIDCalc anymore.). This DiscIDCalc has a documentation for its DiscIDCalcDLL.dll but it's not something that I can CreateObject with, so I'm quite clueless... I don't want to use VB to write APIs for that

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Using Get Method

I use query string to search for records by using GET method. This method will generate querystring automatically by using the form name. Using search field together with drop down is fine but the problem is when i didn't enter any keyword or left the search field blank it won't display any result.

Unless I put "%" in the search field. How do I make the querystring change to "%" whenever the field is blank so that all records will be displayed.

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i am trying top update a field in my sql database but it wont let me??? does anyone know if my syntax is correct?? I have a field called userId in the database and want to replace it with my form request. Code:

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GetString Method

When using ActiveX Combo Boxes, can you use the GetString method to populate the control? I currently am using AddItem, however, it is taking a long time to process. I know that GetString works well to improve the performance. Here is my code while using AddItem:

while not rsClient.EOF
Response.Write chr(9) & "MenuForm.lstClient.additem " & chr(34) & replace(rsClient.Fields("Client Name").value,chr(34),"'") & " [" & trim(rsClient.Fields("Client Number").Value) & "]" & chr(34) & chr(13)

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POST Method

Now this is a weird one. I'm having a problem with a system in development. When I post data from a form in IE 5.01 it works fine, but in IE 5.5 it refuses to post the data to the server and in IE 6 it's scatty -- works sometimes but not others. Anyone seen this before?
By the way -- this is normal VBS/ASP running on IIS 5 on an NT server

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Redirect Method

can values of variables be transfered through response.redirect onto the next page

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Post Method

I have a form that ignores my form validation code. My code works if I use the post method of <%=Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME")%>.

But, If I post the form to another .asp page, which I prefer, the code doesn't work. Do anyone have any suggestions? Here's my code.

I have a form that ignores my form validation code. My code works if I use the post method of <%=Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME")%>. But, If I post the form to another .asp page, which I prefer, the code doesn't work. Do anyone have any suggestions? Code:

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I have a service provider that's sends sms messages from clients mobile
phones to my asp page, problem is I don't know how to show the data and they
are not being helpful.
The process is simple as outlined below (instructions from service provider

Example: If you provide this: then we
will do a post via a standard HTTP GET as follow:
How do I receive the url with the parameters in the address bar?

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Email Method

I would like to know which method is best in ASP when using/coding for email via a form.

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