Error: Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method: 'File'

Finally I resolved upload issue. Now I want to add the validation before the upload. So I can make sure it is a JPG file, not any malicious files such as asp. exe. bat, etc..

Set Upload = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Upload")
If Upload.File.ContentType="asp" Then
Response.write "Invalid file"
End if

Upload.Save "k:Inetpubwwwrootpic"

It's not working

Object doesn't support this property or method: 'File'

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Error :: Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method: 'objPictureSize.Size'

Can't get this to work. I'm creating a workaround for the absence of aspJPEG on my server. I'm using aspUpload but my server only uses aspThumb. After aspThumb optimizes the original pic the file size changes and I need to reflect that change. When using aspUpload I can reference it's built in File object references but they only refer to the "original" file. There's an easy solution when using aspJPEG but not with aspThumb so I'm trying to get the "new" picture size using a scripting object with this script but I'm getting this error.

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01b6'

Object doesn't support this property or method: 'objPictureSize.Size'

/admin/media_upload_picture_process.asp, line 107 ....

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Object Doesn't Support :: Property Or Method Is Not Supported?

I got this code from a reputable ASP web site:


If (fs.FileExists("c:winntcursors3dgarro.cur"))=true Then
Response.Write("File c:winntcursors3dgarro.cur exists.")
Response.Write("File c:winntcursors3dgarro.cur does not exist.")
End If

set fs=nothing

Except everytime I run it, I get an error saying the property or method is not supported?

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Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method: 'Mailer.Response'

Can somebody explain me why I get this error

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01b6'

Object doesn't support this property or method: 'Mailer.Response'

/Mailform.asp, line 284

This is the piece of code it refferers to.....

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Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method: 'Response.Redirect

I wanted to add this method to my .asp page in order to dynamically choose a
page based upon some selection criteria. It's in my .asp book and in the
online reference. Yet when I use this object, the following error returns
in the browser:

Error Type:
Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01B6)
Object doesn't support this property or method: 'Response.Redirect'
/testwebs/choose.asp, line 22

What is missing from my IIS libraries in order to use have this method

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SQL Db Doesnt Support The Cookie

I wrote the code for Members of Register. and i use cookie in this code, My database is SQL server. SQL server dosent support the cookies in my codes i dont know why this cause but my codes are working without any cause .

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Object Does Not Support Error

When trying to play Yahoo games, I can not get past the following error:

Error: Object doesn't support this property or method
Code: 0

I am running windows 98.2, IE 5.5., Ad-aware,Java 1.42_01

I also have problems clicking on any links, they say done, but go nowhere.

Any solution?

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Recordset Does Not Support Property

I connect to a Access DB and when trying to display the data from the DB, I get the followig error:

Object doesn't support this property or method: 'Fields'

The recordset does not support this property.

The script that I use is attached along with this thread.

Does anybody know what is wrong, is there a simpler approach to
display Access data on a Web Page?

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Object Doesn't Support :: Microsoft VBScript Runtime Error '800a01b6'

I have almost completed tweaking vbscript to run on mysql rather than the Access database it was designed for. Trial and error, luck and a bit of detective work have got me this far, however I am getting the following error when tryinf to update existing records in the database.

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01b6'
Object doesn't support this property or method: 'RS.Find'
/faq/admin/edit2.asp, line 7

The piece of script looks like this in Dweaver

Set RS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
RS.Open "Questions", Conn, 2, 2
RS.Find "ID='" & Request("ID") & "'"

The .Find text is black whereas all other "methods"(?) like the .Open are pink. Is it that the .Find method works with access and not mysql and if so waht is the equivalent or am I barking up the wrong tree?

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CDONTS Object Doesnt Recognize Simplified Chinese Characters

When we send a mail using the code below,we do not get simplified chinese characters if they are present in the body but we get junk in the mail and we need to change the mails encoding to simplified chinese to see the Chinese characters.

'CDONTS object
set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
objMail.MailFormat = 0
objMail.From = sFromEmail
objMail.To = sToEmail
objMail.Subject = sSubject
objMail.Body = sMessage
set objMail = Nothing

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DefinedSize Property Of Field Object

why is the DefinedSize of the Field object of type adInteger returning the
value 4 and the same property on a adVarWChar type field (Text in MS Access)
is returning the max length of the string that it may contain (for example

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Object Does Not Support

I have the following code:

<Script LANGUAGE=vbscript RUNAT=Server>

for i =0 to document.form1.elements.count-1

response.write "test"



When it gets to the line for i=0.... the error message pops up stating that Object does not support this Property or Method.

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Object Doesn't Support MoveFirst

why an error like

Object doesn't support this property or method: 'ZoneRS.MoveFirst'

comes up on a page? MoveFirst is a command to move to the first record... correct?

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Object Doesn't Support :: MoveNext, EOF And RecordCount

I'm getting errors when trying to access any Recordset properties and methods

"Object Doesn't support Property error" MoveNext
"Object Doesn't support Property error" EOF
"Object Doesn't support Property error" RecordCount

I'm using a DSN and ADO do I have to change to an OLE DB connection?

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File System Object Error

i am looking into using the File System object on an intranet through ASP so as the user can move files from there local drive onto the server drive.

i have got the code working moving files from one local drive to another but a problem arrises when i transfer from a local drive to a mapped network drive (the server).

the errror is: Permission Denied

the mapped network drive has full read and write access.

any ideas as to why this is happening, or is there a better way?

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Object BinaryRead Method

It became clear to me that using a Request.Form object doesnt work after a Request.BinaryRead. I never had to deal with the BinaryRead Object Method, so this is quite new for me.

I'm using a script to upload files to my server (this script uses the Request.BinaryRead). Besides the file, users submit there name and a checkbox (if checked of course). I want to use the data submited by the user, but the Request.Form object doesnt work .how can i access the tekstfield and checkbox, if cant use the Request.Form object?The answer will be simple probably, but my searches on google didn't give me an answer.

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FSO Object, Write Method

I am writing a VBS File Which will Take Data from an SQL Database and put it into a text file. I am getting an error on: myFile.Write NewLine (myFile is set to FSO.CreateTextFile, and NewLine is the text I am trying to write)

I have found this error is being produced When I try to "write" this text from the database:

<p><b>Moviní On Printed Throw Blanket</b></p><p>

The Problem is on this "Square" Charecter. I used the Asc() Function and got the Charecter value as 63, and Did a replace on it and it still does not work. I don't know how this charecter got in the database in the first place. I don't know if that charecter will show up correctly on this forum. But the character just looks like an empty box.

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Send Method (CDONTS NewMail Object)

Is there a way to determin if the email message was sent? I have a numnber of applications that use CDONTS to send mail from both ASP and ASPX pages. If the server is down mail does not get sent. I do not see a way to determine this by code. Does anyone know of a way?

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Problem With FileExists Method Of FileSystem Object

I am going crazy trying to figure out why the FileExists method of the FileSystem object returns false when the file passed to it DOES exist.

The FolderExists method of the same object recognizes the existence of the folder containing the files in question, but FileExists always returns false.

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Getting File Title Property Using Vbscript

I am trying to dynamically generate links on a webpage base on a list of file using their title property as the link text. My problem is I don't know how to get the title property of the file. Is there a object or dll i can use?

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Error: CDONTS.NewMail.1, ASP 0220 (0x80020009), This ASP File Must Be Transacted In Order To Use The ObjectContext Object.

Hey people,

I have just tested code I pulled from the chilli!Mail tutorial to email data via an ASP page.

It worked perfectly the first time the page was loaded, however now I am getting the following error:

Error Type:
CDONTS.NewMail.1, ASP 0220 (0x80020009)
This ASP file must be transacted in order to use the ObjectContext object.
/ContinuousImprovements/test.asp, line 29

I haven't seen this error before and am not too sure what it means, any help would be appreciated.

The code is below:...

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Accessing Comment And Subject From File Property

Using ASP, Is there a way to read the File property of an Image. Like Comments, Subject etc. (Information seen when you right click on an Image) I have tried using the FileSystemObject. But this is limited to very few properties like AccessDate Modified Date etc.

I also tried reading the Exif information in the JPEG. The EXIF Comments are not the Same as Comment section available from the Properties of the File.

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Error - ODBC Driver Does Not Support The Requested Properties.

I am taking my first crack at writing some ASP and have no clue as to what this error is pertaining to. I will be in your perverbial debt for ever!


The error I am getting is:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e21'

ODBC driver does not support the requested properties.

/agentlookup.asp, line 8


And here is the code it is referencing: Code:

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Error 405 Method Not Allowed

I have created a form using post which directs to a psmail.asp page. i keep getting the following when submitting the form. Can anyone suggest what i may have done wrong?

Error 405 Method Not Allowed
The requested method POST is not allowed for URL /html/psmail.asp
Powered by Zeus Technology

i dont understand why it is not allowed.

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Method Not Allowed(Error Code = 80070005)

after reinstalling Windows XP (incl. IIS) it is not possible to create new
webs on the local IIS in the likeweise reinstalled Visual Interdev 6.0.

After typing in the name of the desired webserver (machine name or
localhost) the following error comes up: "Method not allowed(Error code =
80070005)". It is however possible to create webs with Interdev on other
webservers in our network.

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ChangePassword Method Using WinNT Provider And Error 424

Windows 2000 Active Directory, IIS 5

ASP code looks like this:

Set oUser = GetObject("WinNT://DOMAIN/" & strNTName)
oUser.ChangePassword strPassword, strNewPassword

If (err.number <> 0) Then
End If

This code works on our test system, but gives an error on our production
system. err.number is 424.

I see nothing in my logs...

Any ideas?

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File System Object - Check If File Is Being Read

I have code that loops through a directory reading files..

now the problem is that files are constantly being uploaded and I only want the file system object to read those that are finished being uploaded.

How can I check the properties of the file to see if it's in middle of being written before i read the file?

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Error :: Response Object Error 'ASP 0101 : 80070057'

I have created an update image field which almost works perfectly. When you select an image and click on the update button it works just fine.

If you dont select and image and click on the update button you get the following error.

Response object error 'ASP 0101 : 80070057'
Unexpected error
/html/advertiser-premier-main.asp, line 0
The function returned |.

I know it seems pointless to worry about this as you would not expect people to press the update buttin unless they insert an immage, but im sure people will try.

Code: ....

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Error :: Server Object Error 'ASP 0177 : 800401f3'

i had done your web page with feedback form. In that i had used ASP to email the users feedback. but when the user sends feedback. the asp email scripts return error as

Server object error 'ASP 0177 : 800401f3'

Server.CreateObject Failed

/TSendMail.asp, line 4


how to resolve it?

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Error :: Server Object Error 'ASP 0228 : 80004005'

I'm hoping someone can help me, I've searched the posts with limited results. I'm migrating an app to a win 2003 boxwith sp-1 and I get:

Server object error 'ASP 0228 : 80004005'
Server.Execute Error
/rock/userlogin.asp, line 60
The call to Server.Execute failed while loading the page.

The page code:

'Call procedure to display the page header

I've tried giving rights of the IUSR account to the system directory, no luck. What can be causing this?

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File System Object - Not Deleting File

I am using the File System Object to create server side cookies and part of
the Function that I am writing deletes a file but I am getting a permissions
denied error on that line of code.

I am using Integrated security only on this site but how do I get the
IUSER_Machinename account to work with Integrated Security?

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CDONTS Doesnt Work Always

I am using CDONTS to send mail to the user from my ASP application.
However, the code doenst works all the time. I am able to get mails but
nothing happnes most of the time. The code works maybe once in 20 tries.
What could be the reason?

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Doesnt Retun All Columns

I have a query in ASP that does a select * from table
It doesnt retun all columns!
When i use objRS("columnname") I get blank. This only effects some colums and I fix it by using

select *,missingcolumn1,missingcolumn2 from table

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