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How To Call Another Asp Page?

I have an asp page accepting input from users Lets say this is form A, form A
passes data to another form (say form B) to validate the data, if its valid
then I want to open up another asp form (say form C) that does some queries
based on data sent by form B.

I need help in opening the form without user intervention meaning, users
should not have to press any key.

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How To Call A .asp Page?
I have two .asp pages running under different IIS authentication methods..

The first page uses Windows Authentication and gets the Logged on User from

The second page runs under different Domain credentials and can access the
ldap directory... so I want to call it like so..

user = request.servervariables("User_Logon")
then something like --

call page2.asp?theuser=" & user"

where page2 runs as 'anonymous' credentials... (and Logon_User is Null)

If this can't be done can I write the information to a cookie and then read
it from the other asp? How would I do that?

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Call A Page
I want to syndicate some content to other users. (no RSS).Anybody should be able to publish some information from my server/database by placing some javascript like:

<script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>

How can I code an ASP-page (on my server) so it returns and inserts information into a location in an existing webpage (other servers).

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How I Can Call My Asp Page In Php
I want to call my asp page in php page how i can make that.

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How To Call Web Service From .ASP Page?
I've created a web service with ASP.NET 2.0. I'd like to call this service from ASP page.
Can you give me an example? Code:

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How Do I Call A JavaScript Function From An ASP Page?
I have created a JavaScript function to validate values of a parameter. Let's say validate(parm). I have saved the entire file as and included in my ASP page as:
<!--#include virtual="/"-->

Now from an ASP page I want to call JavaScript validate function and pass on a parameter, X, to validate. How do I call a JavaScript function from an ASP page?

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How To Call A Console C# Application In Page
i have a cc validation application in c# i dont know how to use it in webforms any suggestions. how do i create the instance of that class in webforms and use that class functions/properties??

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How To Call A Sun One Webserver Plugin From A Asp Page
How to call a sun one webserver plugin from. I want to call NSAPI SAFs from a asp page.
I need a example that how to call SAFs from a client browser....

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How To Call Asp Page With A Javascript Command
How to call asp page with a javascript command.

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ASP Page As Remote Function Call From Javascript
I've been playing with the idea of just how to use an ASP page to provide a
remote function call. In an ideal world this would be a web service but how
can you do it if restricted to ASP 3.0 ?

Idea 1 was to write an ASP page that accepted arguments using the classic
?X=1&Y=2 type of strings and have the page return an ADO disconnected record
set containing the results of the action. This is call very well, and works,
but you do have to allow the browser to create an ADODB.RecordSet in which
to place the results which goes against some security principles. Code:

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How Do I Call A Function Defined In Html Script Tags From Asp Page?
i have this.asp page:

<script type="text/vbscript">
Function myFunc(val1ok, val2ok)
' do something ok
myFunc = " return something ok"
End Function

val1ok = something1
val2ok = something2
thenewVal = myFunc((val1ok), (val2ok))

i want to call and use the returned value of Function myFunc(val1ok,
val2ok) ,without omitting the html script tags and replacing them in <% %>,

(My Question is:) How do i call a function defined in html script tags from asp page?

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How To Call Dll In ASP?
I want to write a dll using VB6/VC6 and used by ASP. Questions are:

1. what special requirements for the dll used by ASP?
2. after built dll, how to use it in ASP? Where I should

save the dll? Do I need to register the dll?

Any article/link related to my question? the sample code?

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How To Call VC++ DLL From ASP?
How to call VC++ DLL from ASP? Could any1 show me the way/coding step by step?

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Can I Call A WSH From ASP?
I want to have a single script for sending emails, accessible from both
ASP pages in any virtual directory in our websites (all on the one
server), plus accessible from a number of WSH (windows scripting host
vbscript files) which are triggered by the web servers Scheduled tasks.

The script formats text and checks emails and so on.

Is this a candidate for a web service? if so, how would i write it? Is a
web service available from WSH?

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Call A Dll In ASP
We have a C++ DLL that we call from VB6 program. This is how we declare the DLL in VB6:
Declare Function RefSearch Lib "csearch32.dll" (ByVal path As String, ByVal findword As String, ByVal CaseSensitive As Integer) As Integer This is how we call the DLL in VB6:
hit = RefSearch(path, SearchStr1, ChkValue). Can I call this DLL in ASP and how ?

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How Can I Call Exe From ASP Code
I just want to call two exe files from asp code.

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Call MSSQL Job Using ASP
Does anyone try before using ASP to execute JOB in MSSQL?

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Using An Input To Call A Sub R.
I have a bummer here. I have 3 sub R. that I need to call from a input button. I set up the following line, but the script just calls them with out having the button pressed. OOOO! Any ideas?

<form method="submit" name="nreg" onsubmit="(this)" action="call readitme, call saveitme, call reduce" >

I have also used method="POST" same darn thing, script just runs the sub R. with out being pushed or cliked. UUUGGG

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Call ASP Function
I have a form which checks email addresses. On submitting the form i have some JavaScript checking the format of the email address, once this has been completed successfully I would like my asp function to run. On successful completion of that I would like my form to be submitted to another page. Is this possible?

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Call Report
This may be in the wrong forum, but I'm going to give it a shot anyways. Here goes.
I have a conference report that has 24 phone lines that are available for booking. Each call can take between 1-24 lines, you can have any number of calls as long as the number of lines they take up does not go over 24.
I graphiclly represent this in a horizontal bar graph that displays the number of lines that are taken up for a particular half hour.
Problem is when a meeting takes more than a half an hour, the meeting bar fills up for that whole time without any information on the meeting.
What I would like to do is have each meeting when assigned in the DB or through an array be assigned a color and then that color appears on the graph under the time the meeting is. If there are multiple meetings (there almost always are), then the meeting that has been active the longest will be the first color bar on the graph.
To make a way too long story short. I want to have a stacked bar chart that moves colors to the front as other's leave every half hour and move new ones to the back.
If you want to look at what we have now visit URL.

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How Do I Call The Last ID In A Column
Ok i'm self taught with regards to ASP so not great etc, so sorry if this is a really basic question..

On the last line here i'm trying to some how get it to call the last ID entry...

ImageID = Request("ID")
If (Len(ImageID) = 0) then ImageID = "1"
If Not IsNumeric(ImageID) Then ImageID = "1"
If ImageID = "0" then ImageID = "1"
If ImageID>3 then ImageID = max(Len(ImageID))

This is basically for some max min links for a online comic here's what it links to

<a href="default.asp?id=<%=ImageID-1%>">< Backwards</a> -
<a href="default.asp?id=<%=ImageID+1%>">Forward ></a> -


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Call Funtion Of A Dll From Asp
Can i call function from dll from an asp page (not COM)?

The problem is that i want the asp page to call function from dll which will
be in the same folder.

I could have created a com dll but it means that the web hosting company
must register it on their server and they wont.

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New Database Call
My 1st page calls a 2nd that uses same data from a database. What is
the best way to get the data in the second: a new call to the database
or passing array through session variable??
I seems to me that avoiding a new call will speed up things but my
concerne is that I have read many posts with caution messages againts
session vars.

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Call Application
How can I execute a console application (smsbr-con.exe) in the server from asp, insert the parameter (-c, -m, -n, etc.) and get a returned values.

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Call To Server
I've built an application in VB6 does some processing - it's not really
important what it does.
The application consists of a single DLL which does all the hard work, and a
simple EXE which acts as the front-end.
I designed it this way in the hope that I could also build an intranet app
that controls the same component (DLL).
I'm building the intranet page now, but I get this error when I try to
instantiate the component. Rather than fiddle aimlessly with the
permissions, I thought I'd post here and find out what I am missing.
What permissions do I need to set up and where?

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Call Iframe
I have 2 web pages which is a.asp and b.asp. I using iframe to call b.asp in a.asp like below:-

<iframe src="content_wallpaper.jsp" id="myiframe" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="355" height="120" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" align="center" allowTransparency="false" background-color="transparent"></iframe>

The problem is, i need to call the iframe in b.asp like below (because i just want to refresh this portion of the page)

<a href="javascript:myiframe.document.location.reload()" class="blue_11"><%=tmpCatName%></a>

The error occur as "myiframe" is in a.asp and i need to call it in b.asp and i can't find the solution for that too.?anyone know how to pass value from a.asp to b.asp in above?

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Call Subroutines
how can I can a sub routine in ASP which has been given attribute runat=server

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Asp Call Dll Problem
I have registered a dll in my server using
regsvr32 dll_name.dll

and it prompt me the dll is registered succssfully

however, when my asp code want to create that object, the page prompt me
Server object error 'ASP 0177 : 8007045a'

Server.CreateObject Failed


Any idea??

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How To Call Win32 DLL?
turnOnString = "/scripts/openagent_HTTP.dll?TurnOn&" & ascii(turnOnParameter)
Response.Write ", ""TurnOnWindow"", ""locationbar=no, width=20, top=350, left=350, HEIGHT=20, toolbar=no, resizable=no"")" & vbCr

DLL name: openagent_HTTP.dll
Function name: TurnOn

The above coding works fine, i run the above script in button on click, it can pass the value to the dll, but evertime it prompts for each click, because i use the window open,

What i need to do is, instead of calling my dll through Internet explorer,

Is there is any way i call my dll straight and pass the value without window open?, pls help almost struggle for a week...

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Best Way To Call Functions?
I have written a very complex web app for intranet use. It allows users to search a large database and then returns formatted results. I am currently employing a method as below: Code:

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Call A Function
By VBScript ASP
How can I call a function by click one button?

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Call Another Program
With .asp,how do I call another program?I would like to have my .asp script make a call to a PERL script, wait for the PERL script to finish, and then continue with what is/isn't returned from PERL.

I know in PERL this is simply done: system(theASPprog.asp). No fork is created, so the PERL prog waits for the .asp to finish.How do I do this with ASP?

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Call ASP Function
I'm trying to call asp function just simply by clicking a button But could i do this method? or how could i pass the function and values.It should be something like this:

function btnClick_onclick
Dim strID
Dim strName
strID = document.form.txtID.value
strName = document.form.txtName.value

<%saveData(strID, strName)%>

End Function

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Call A Function From A C DLL
This can be in vb, vba, Delphi and a number of other development enironments - I just need to know if it can be done in ASP; if it can perhaps.

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Executing An API Call
I have a VB DLL which I've created that I call from an ASP page I also created. The DLL makes a call to the API (FindWindow), but always returns 0 instead of an HWND. I'm guessing that IIS is designed to disallow its own processes from discerning any information about outside (non-IIS) processes (for security reasons).

i read into low, medium, and high "security" settings (ie. being created as an IIS process, pooled, or an outside process), but that didn't seem to help. Any suggestions as to how I can make this API call succeed (and/or any similar API calls?

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Execute Th Call
why my page immediately executes the Call(update_User()) function even though the client hasn't clicked on submit yet............can someone please help me with not give me javascript.I'm trying to get my form to execute a function when someone clicks on the submit button.Code:

<input name="btnNew" type="button" onClick="<% Call(Update_User())%>" value="Submit" />

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Call The DOS Command
how do i use ASP command to execute the DOS command. i need to use the ASP to call DOS command to ping the ip address of the computer.

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Call Function
I used this method to get the datas from array. After that, i call the function ora_login) by passing parameter but it doesn't work. It comes out 'Type mismatch' . it's there any method to do it?

for i=0 to ubound(cnn_ikh)
if i=0 then
ora = "'" &cnn_ikh(i)& "',"
elseif i = ubound(cnn_ikh) then
ora = ora & "'" & cnn_ikh(i) & "' "
ora = ora &"'" & cnn_ikh(i) & "',"
end if

parameter = ora
call ora_login(parameter)

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Function Call
how do I call a funciton in asp when the user clicks a button? I mean, i donīt think this will work:

Sub MyFunc()
End Sub

<input type="button" onClick="<% call MyFunc %>">

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Call Recordset Value
I want to get a value from a recordset where the recordset name is dynamic and so is the field name, such as:

"rs_" & nameVar.Fields.Item(fieldVar & "_id").value

what is the correct syntax for this?

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Call To Server
I just moved all my IIS and COM+ to windows 2003 server and its gioving this permission error. I checked some articals and I am usin the basic authentication in the IIS. So Where should grant access to the users.(for the COM+ components) All users are Active directory users.

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Call ASP Function
Is there a way to call an ASP function when I click on a button, without submitting the form ?

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Possible To Call With Javascript
is it possible to call asp with javascript. can you give me a sample? is it possible to call asp with javascript?

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On-call Schedule
how to create an on-call schedule. It just needs to be really simple. Basically a two column table with names on the left and dates on the right. There is a specific order that the names are in in the Access db and need to stay in that order to keep the schedule rotating properly.

I want the name of the person who is on-call this week to be at the top of the table and then when the on-call week is over that person drops to the bottom of the table. A typical on-call week is from Mon-Sun. Also making the dates populate correctly without having to manually enter them in the db

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Call VB6 DataReport
Is it possible using ASP to call VB6 DataReport?if yes. any reference of creating those com+ of DataReport and Call method?

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Call A Dos Program
I was wondering if its possible to call a program thru' asp pages. If yes, then how? For eg. I want to call abc.exe how can I do so? What if abc.exe is standalone program?

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Call Webservice
I have created a web service in .net, I need to call it from classic asp. SImply put, how is that done. Smaple code would be create.

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Call A PHP Code
this them can seem absurd but I need to put this PHP code Code:

<?php include_once("ssi.php"); ?>
<? print cpg_random(); ?>

in a part of my ASP page, this is the work of that code
(puts photos in random of coppermine gallery) it is possible?

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Call C Function From VB Dll
I would like to call a C function (Unix server) from a dll (VB) based on a Windows server (ASP - II5). Is it possible? If yes, can you show me how to do it?

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Cannot Call BinaryRead
Just another quick one, the upload system im using obviously doesn't like request.form is there anything else i can use to pass the variable that wont give me the error shown below.

Request object error 'ASP 0206 : 80004005'

Cannot call BinaryRead

/mainstay.asp, line 34

Cannot call BinaryRead after using Request.Form collection.

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Call VBA Subroutine From ASP
I am currently using an Access 2000 database as the back end of an ASP website that is under development. I have some vba code that generates a Word document from within Access and saves it in a folder that makes it available for download over the website. Can I execute this code from ASP?

Further, I am planning to split the Access database, once it is complete, by migrating the back end to SQL Server. Once the website connection is to SQL Server, will I still be able to execute the vba code located in the Access front end?

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ASP.NET>Call Function
I have a class. I create an instance of this class in Page_Load event. Somewhere in the page I'd like to execute an a function (public) member of this class. This function return a string. How can I call this function ?

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Call Javacript
How do you call a javascript from your asp script? I got error Variable is undefined: 'theJavascriptFunction' using this one:

<script type='text/javascript'>
function theJavascriptFunction() {

if request.QueryString("call_javascript") then
theJavascriptFunction ()
end if

I know I just mix both script but just want to know if it is possible.

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