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MSN Messenger Website Integration

Is it possible to add an MSN Messenger link like what Hotmail has so that our website visitors can pop up an MSN message to us?

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Yahoo/MSN Messenger Notification On Website
Is it possible to notify your website when you log in to messenger?The idea is to show on the website which site opperators are available on the messenger services for a IM question and answer session.We has a rudementary chat option as an idea but many of the site opperators are on mobile devices.

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Add Messenger
i need to implement messenger. Only Members can use this messenger. They can add other members to their messenger list and have ability to chat with them. can anyone give code for this.

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Pinging And Messenger
I'm creating a forum system and need help getting a couple of features working.

It is running on a network and everyone has msn messenger which works using an exchange server. Is is possible to have a link in the forum which will open a new messenger window to speak to another user?

I would also like to let people ping users from the site. Is there a command which can access command prompt, ping an ip address, and then retrieve the results so that they can be displayed on a page?

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Free Messenger
I am looking for a free instant messanger I can add to my site.I want it to be like AIM or Yahoo's. Of course, I want it to be free, and want it written in ASP. And it needs to actually work (I have found many that don't do anything!). I appreshiate a post from anyone that has any ideas.
P.S. I want it to be web-based, no downloading things for the client

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MSN Webbased Messenger
I am looking for a webbased messenger.I like to test it on my site, and try to use it.

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Open Msn Messenger
can i use asp to open mesn messenger from behind a firewall

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Launching MSN Messenger
Is it possible to open a new MSN Messenger window from a link on a site using ASP? I want to try and use it like a live chat link, but want to use the audio and webcam facilities MSN provides.

Haven't managed to find much on search engines and not sure where to start. I notice that this forum provides a link to send an MSN message to members, but it didn't seem to work when I clicked one(it just opened up a new window and then redirected to the home page).

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Application Like Yahoo Messenger
i like to develop an application like yahoo messenger.

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Open Msn Messenger From Behind A Firewall
can i use asp to open msn messenger from behind a firewall.

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Check If MSN Or Yahoo Messenger Is Intalled?
Is it possible to find out if Yahoo or MSN messenger is intalled or running on a visitor machines thru ASP Script. Like we get IP Address, O/S version etc etc. Code:

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Integration Of 2 ASP Pages
I have 2 seperate sites - Employee Site and Admin site. Only difference between the 2 is - Employee site is displayed based on the employee ID who logged in. So they can see only their information. Admin Site is displayed only to the admin users who can see anybody's information.

Admin users have a textbox and a submit button at the top where they enter the employee ID and then they can see that employee information. (Typically, the employee information seen by the admin user would be the same as seen by the employee.)

Both pages have NT authentication where I grab the "Logon_User".

The goal is to combine the 2 pages into one page.

Once I do that, I need to validate if that NT ID exist in the tables against that Employee ID of the person who logged in.

However employee's information is in the Employee Table.

Admin user's information is in the ReportViewers table.

I also need to check the error message I need to return back if the person;s NT ID does not exist in the table. Code:

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Paypal Integration
I already have the asp files coded,but when a user goes to submit payment I cant get my database to update. Im sure its an easy fix, but I cant seem to figure it out.I have attached the file that first submits to paypal, and then the IPN file.

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Forum Integration
I run my site off an asp cart system called vpasp and i'm currently thinking of installing an asp forum called webwiz forums but what i want to do is i want to display at the bottom of all of my product description pages any forum topics which are related to that product, so it would be something like the search results for the product name which would list the topic headers as links to each topic?

I've seen this on php sites but not on asp sites yet and i wouldn't have the skills to develop an add on like this myself so i'm wondering if anyone here knows of any forum that already does something like this that would run with my asp cart system?

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Paypal Integration
how to implement the paypal gateway in my site using IPN method. is there is any coder who has done that previously. If there is code to check what to do it will be great helpful. I can't able to understand some of the stuffs which is in paypal site itself. So any one can please give me the code.

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Paypal Integration
I wrote a shopping cart script and now I want to integrate it with paypal. How I can integrate it with paypal ? Basically I want to add the order into the dbase after the checkout process completed successfully.

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Amadeus Gds Integration
i am using asp and xml-com to make the conversation with the amadeus network but everytime i trying to send the information it revert back with comm error dialogue box, could any body tell where should i get the information reagrding how to pass the parameters and all?

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Datacash Integration
how to integrate ASP into Datacash or any sample code? Does datacash API need to be installed on its own web server and not shared hosting?

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SMPP Integration
Does anyone know any resources that show how to send messages using SMPP?

I have seen a number of components that are available but would really like
to write my own. I have seen PHP versions, but nothing in ASP.

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Payment Gateway Integration In .NET
How does Payment Gateway Integration work? I also need the Code in .NET.

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Payment Gateway Integration
I need to use payment gateway integration in my site.

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Google Checkout Integration
I am integrating google checkout in my shopping cart. I am able to submit my cart on google. But i want that the user should be able to update the cart even after that.

For that we have to specify the url where user can do so. But i am stuck and not getting how the cart is updated after that and what should i do so that user can update while being on google itself.

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HSBC EPayment Integration
Require assistance with a ASP program to link my web site (URL) order forms with my merchant account at HSBC. My web host package is a MS business package with 1&1.

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Active Directory Integration
I need to be able to integrate an ASP login system to work with active directory. The advice i need is that what access do i need to ask the IT department to grant to integrate the ASP code with Active directory.

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Persits Upload ( ASP Upload ) AND Database Integration
I need some help with aspupload and a database. I have used the same script before and it worked fine, but now it wont upload. Code:

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Website On A CD
I want to create a dynamic website hosted on a CD. It would be based on ASP and have a database. Is this possible? How would I approach such a thing?

I'm sure I could by a runtime version of Access and build an application, but could that be implemented within the website? Any thoughts? I don't want the user to install anything on their hardrive if possible.

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ASP Website On A CD-ROM?
I have a asp website and am wondering is it possible to place the website on a cd-rom?

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ASP Website
I have a little website which works great on the local machine
but I cannot seem to access it from a remote machine. It is not a
connection problem because my remote machine (which is on the network)
has a share on the local machine using name resolution. The message I
get on the remote machine's explorer is the classic "Page cannot be
displayed". It seems I have looked every where on the net for
possibilites without succes. Both machines have XP SP2, firewall turned
off. The remote machine runs IIS 5.1. Both machines are under the same
workgroup. Any help highly appreciated, will send french chocolates if
you sort my problem out. I have also tried creating a simple "Hello
World" html page. Same think. Workd locally but not remotely.

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How Can I Use Both VB & C# In ASP Website
I have classes defined in both VB & C#, and would like to make them
accessible ASP Website construction. I could not put them both in the
App_Code folder, what should I do?

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Asp Website
I would like to build a simple asp based website. I would like to create a webgallery with some pictures i have.Can I use a MS Access database to do it? And create an asp based site? How can I do it? Is there an example

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ASP Website
I have a little website which works great on the local machine but I cannot seem to access it from a remote machine. It is not a connection problem because my remote machine has a share on the local machine using name resolution. The message I get on the remote machine's explorer is the classic "Page cannot be displayed". It seems I have looked every where on the net for possibilites without succes. Both machines have XP SP2, firewall turned off. The remote machine runs IIS 5.1. Both machines are under the same workgroup.

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FSO From One Website To Another
I searched and couldn't find any threads that answered this question: can I have an ASP (classic) page at my site ( that includes an FSO for reading the files and folders of another, unrelated website ( ?

When I say unrelated, I mean I own both and have control over both. The primary one is at my ISP hosting and the other is a home machine running Server 2003. I want to load up the one at home with photos in folders and then create an album on the other one that uses the pictures on the home machine. I have the following working fine when all is on one server:

Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set folder = fso.GetFolder(myPath)
Set files = folder.Files
Set subFolder = folder.subFolders

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Log In From My Website
I have forums and are running for my clan I have made the website now and I would like to add that login and logout form to my website so that the users dont have to go to forums to login they can login from the website and the form will direct them to the forums.

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PWS To Another Website
How can I transfer the ASP and HTML files from PWS (Personnal Web Server) to my website?

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'

[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified

/wheelofgod/deuteronomy.asp, line 13

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Designing A Website With XML, XSL, And ASP
1. all the content (i.e. the text) is located in an XML file
2. the XML file would then be styled with an XSL stylesheet
3. and finally, the XML/XSL files will be outputed via an ASP script (for all the browsers)
that's all fine and good. the problem is, that for every ASP page, i have to have a separate XSL file. so, for 3 ASP pages, i'd have to have 3 different XSL files. this could become a hassel.
so, my question is, is it possible to have:

- 1 XML file (which holds all the content)
- 1 XSL file (which extracts the appropriate info for each of the 3 ASP pages)
- 3 different ASP pages (which call the appropriate info)

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Connect Website
I am running a website on anintranet on one domain and trying to connect to a SQL database that is in another domain. The server that is running the website does not have SQL Server installed on it. I've looked at many different variations to set this up but none have been successful so far.

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Possible: Transfer Asp Website To CD?
Is it possible to transfer a dynamic, asp site built on top of an Access database onto a cd for demonstration purposes?

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Migrate A Website
I've to migrate website from IIS 2.0 to IIS 6.0.
Simple asp pages are working, but pages with visual interdev 6.0 controls
not work ! HTTP 500 (internal server error)
Visual Interdev 6.0 is it compatible with II 6.0 on W2003 server

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Website On CDROM
I am trying to burn copies of our website on CDROM's and
having problems because the ASP's cannot work without the
existance of a server that supports ASP's.
Does anyone have a suggestion or know of a way I can make
this work?

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Redirect On New Website
Based on the user's input, I want to redirect him/her to another website, but I want to keep my page open and open the new website in a new window. For example:
response.redirect ("") redirect the user to Yahoo site in the same window as my web site. I need to have yahoo site to be opened in a new window? what is the command/option?

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My Website Extensions
This is going to sound strange, but this has been bothering me for some time now.

The site is administered through MonsterCommerce. I recently started working with the owner who just purchased the site. There is one other person helping the owner out and he is doing some web work, I do more of the business side.

All the files previously were html files in the root directory with an "images" directory and a "ProductImages" dir. Now all of the sudden the files are coming up with an index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD*** extension. How could this have been done and what exactly is "Aspin"

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Website Devlopment
When we start with building a new website do we prepare a
user manual first? While preparing the doc in designing
stage what are the steps that are followed?

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Troubleshoot ASP.NET Website
We have a cluster of 5 w2003 servers running an application talking
to a SQL backend. The ASP requests queued frequently gets over 500 and the
server will display the "server busy error". The application seems to be
riddled with problems. What tools are available to help diagnose where the
problem might be?Are there any profiling tools for .net that show request that take longer than x to process? Im not a developer so excuse my ignorance if this is a
silly question.

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Website Builder
I came across a free script (a few pages) that would allow your users to create their own site. It had a Rich Text Editor, and some other features. I am looking for a free script, that I can add to my site to offer my visitors the ability to create their own site. I realy like FreeWebs design, and the way it works.

If any one knows of a free script (in ASP or ASP.NET) that will let my users create their own site (similar to FreeWebs), please post the site that I could get it at. I currently have one that I made, but it isn't that great, so I am looking at other options (without making me spend months writing code).

I have searched the heck out of google, and cannot find any thing...I could be searching the wrong keywords...I'm not sure what to call it...most of the portals don't offer the Create A Website feature.

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Spider A Website
How can I go about sending a spider to a website and retrieving data? I want
to sell product for a company that claims the cannot query their database.
Ridiculous! Anyway, is there a way that I can automate someway of collecting
data from their site? I would need UPC codes, descriptions etc.

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Lock Website
I have a web site that I need to distribute to different sites around the country. Problem is each site has its own developers and I dont want to allow them access to the code, is there anything I can do to lock them out?

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Activating Website
I needed to duplicate an asp website for testing purposes, which reqired my to install IIS on my windows pc.

All went find until I tried accessing a certain website, I received the following error:

Error Type:
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80004005)
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified
D:INETPUBWWWROOTSIGNUP../Common/connect.asp, line 18

The contecnts of the connect file are al follows : Code:

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Determine A Website
Somewhere in my program I ask users to provide their website URL. I would like to determine if the given website exists or not.How can I determine a website with given URL exists?

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Website Downtime
if anyone can give me advice on this. My company's website page

is always slow and experience downtime.If I click any of the categories in that page eg: Audio & Visual Supplies, it will take quite sometime to access that particular page or it will show page cannot be displayed on the IE browser.How do I check to know if the website is causing the problem cos this didnt happen before.

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Data From Website
my asp application want to read data from how this is possible?

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Ping A Website
I am very new to the ASP world and have done most of my work in the CF world. I know in CF you can ping an IP or address, is this possible in ASP?

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Secured Website
We want to build a couple of secured pages which will be viewable only to those who have an account. One way of implementing the security is using session cookies (temporary cookies). When a user logs in a session cookie is created. When the browser window is closed the session cookie disappears.

This way when the browser is closed the session is over. So that even if one tries to copy and past the URL of a secured page, they won’t be able to view the page unless they log in.Is there any other way of building a secured website that will work just
like I described above ( session should be over as soon as browser window is close)?

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Website Statistic
i can't find it on the web:I would like to do site statistic and find out the visitor of our website:

- ip address
- the corresponding time
- referal address

Where can I download sample asp?

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