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Open Pdf File From ASP?

I have pdf files that I would like to open in ASP. I've already searched the forum and didn't find what I was looking for.

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How To Open A File Dialog And Get The Path Of The Selected File In ASP?
i am having a problem in how to create a Open File dialog to enable user to select a image file that will be stored into database. i just want the file path to be stored in database, not the image.

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OPen Dbf File
i want to open a dbf file in asp which is saved in a directory. The Path of the file is "F:mywebdb". The dbf file is saved in the above path and is called test.dbf. I write the following programm to retreive the records Code:

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Open A File On A Cd-rom
Is it possible to struture a link in a Web site so that when clicked it will open a particular file on a CD-ROM? I didn't create the CD-ROM and the files are AVI and DCR.

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File Open
I am trying to open a .tif/.cal file thru' my web site. This file uses a program to open. I have installed browser-plug-in for this program. However, using my web site when I try to open the .tif/.cal file, I get the message "This type of file can harm your computer ..." "Do you want to Open/Save/Cancel" . How can I get rid of this message.

I think the browser-plug-in is trying to open a .exe file that's why this message must be appearing. Is there any way I can specify not to display the message when this particular program is called?

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I Need To Open PDF File In My Website
in MY website
i need to open PDF files
i have all headings for each PDF files are in my database
i need to display the headings (which i have in my database ),if anybody click that heading then corresponding PDF file should open for them to see
how can i proceed

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Using ASP To Open Excel File
Can anyone help with this? Here is the code I am using. The problem
is, where it checks if a file exists, it always goes to else. Even if
the file is there, it won't open the file, goes straight to else part
of statement.

If Session("strLogID") = "" Then

strfile = Request.Form("month") & Request.Form("day") & " Misses" &

Set fs = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If fs.FileExists("http://website/webreports/Misses/" & strfile) THEN

Response.Redirect("http://website/webreports/Misses/" & strfile)


End If
End If

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Open Excel File
I am creating a webpage and have a form where a visitor will choose a
day, month, and year. I want to pass the data from the form into an
asp page which will process it and put it into a string and open the
excel file requested. The excel file to open will depend on the day,
month, and year chosen in the form.

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Open Excel File In Asp
Is there a way to insure the user can't save the excel file that has been opened?

I have a link that goes to XLS files for users but I don't want to users to be able to save the XLS files to there local drive.

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Save And Open Csv File
I am creating csv file by doing following. So when asp page get load this code run and it create csv file and store in specified location.

How can i open this store file in same window after it get created. I have a name and location of file "whichfn" how can i open into excel format. Code:

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From Php To Asp, Open And Write To File.
I'm having trouble translating a script that I wrote in php to asp. Well a line any how.

$fp = fopen("/mydomain/logs/mail.log", "a+") or die("Could Not Write Form Data To File.");

fputs ($fp, $info_from_form);


basically, the above line does is:- opens the file mail.log and writes to the content of that file. the "a+" means that if the file is not there then it will create "mail.log" and write to it.

The process was included in a form to email php script.

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Can't Open An .aspx File
I am having problems opening a .aspx file. I have installed the .NET 1.1 Framework. When I go into IIS,Websites, Default Website, then look at the properties under documents, default.aspx is not listed.Is there something that I need to configure to add aspx?

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Cannt Open Asp File
I have a page that calls an asp page within frameset in a popup window. It shows the code rather display the page. Any clues what might be going wrong?

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Open Asp File With Confirm
How I can open asp file when I click on image after answering the confirm?here is my code:

<img src="delete.gif" border="0" onClick=" if (confirmSubmit()){ <a href='test.asp'>;}" >

<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">

function confirmSubmit()
var agree=confirm("Do you want delete this item ?");
if (agree)
return true ;
return false ;


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Using ASP Coding ,wants To Open .doc File
i'm trying to open document file through ASP coding. but an error "Could not open macro storage" comes. what shall i do ?

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How To Open A Asp File In Excel
i would like to know how to open a new excel file and add tabular data in excel file from asp.

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I have a big problem with some part of my code, where I'm using the method to open a file...

I've tried this:

dim shell
set shell= createobject("") "C:Clip_CreatorTVSA02.bat"
set shell=nothing

and this

Function fnShellExecuteVB()
dim objShell
set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
objShell.ShellExecute "C:WINNT
otepad.exe", "", "", "open",1
set objShell = nothing
End Function

I don't get any error but the application doesn't starts, I've also tried executing the notepad.exe and occurrs the same, nothing happens, I don't get error but the notepad doesnt lunch...

I'm getting tired about this code, I've tried a lot of kinds of scripts but I got the same result...

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Open A Microsoft Word File
How can open a Microsoft Word file by ASP?

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How To Autoload A EXE File While The Page Was Open
how to auto load a exe file for user to download once the user enter the download pages.. how is the coding for that download page to auto pop up donwload windows for user to download the exe file???

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Forcing Excel To Open File
I have the following code at the top of my page. Is there a way to force Excel to open the spreadsheet? Presently, it opens within the browser window. I know it can be saved etc., but I would rather have Excel receive the data.

<% Response.contenttype = "application/" %>
<% Response.AddHeader "Content-Disposition", "filename=" &
Request.Form("FileName") & ".xls" %>

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Div, OnMouseOver, Open HTML File
I am trying do do this when a mouse is over a link (as the image attached), so a popup comes and show the database results, like i have done using Degsy solution.

I have a page (nw.asp) and it queries the db information. if is possible to call this .asp page in the div, I can use the 'a href' like this: Code:

<a href="nw.asp?id=<%=rs("id") %>">.

So this way will be possible to mouseover others links in this page, and as it is asking for id, will bring all the right values o.

I am trying to grab more information around this solution and any light will be so kinda.

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Open A File Over An Intranet Don't Download It
I'm developing an application on an intranet. I need help opening a word document a powerpoint presentation and a .avi file. All of these files are quite large (1 -2 gig) and so I can't download them.

How can I just open a file over an intranet and not download it? I have tried the word.application activeXobject, but I get all sorts of errors.

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Open A PDF File Inside Browser
I have a asp web page with a link point to a file which depend on the database information. Sometime is a picture file sometime a word and some time is a PDF file.
For picture file, when user click the link, it will open the picture inside the IE browser. Now here is my problem:

On some of the computers, for PDF file only, it opens outside of the IE browser. Like the Acrobat program is not in the browser. With the same code, some computer works good. But I want to force it open inside the browser. why and how to fix it?

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Open A File In The Current Directory
Set fileSystem = Server.CreateObject( "Scripting.FileSystemObject" )
Set file = fileSystem.OpenTextFile( "config.xml", 1, False )

It's saying that 'config.xml' doesn't exist. How can I reference this file? It's in the same directory as the file with the above code. Do I need to build the path somehow?

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Open Existing .aspx File
have try to search from the MSDN, i found the namespace "System.Windows.Forms.HtmlWindow" has this function, but the my .NET Framework version 2.0 dont have the object. Moreover, i have try to download the .NET Framework version 2.0 from MSDN. But, it still dont have the "System.Windows.Forms.HtmlWindow".

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ASP Page To Open/download A File
I want to write a ASP page to open/download a file In fileview.jsp, I have the file browse, and when user click submit button, fileview2.asp should open the file.

<FORM ACTION="fileview2.asp" method="POST">
<P><input type="FILE" name="filename">
<P><input type="submit">

String filename = Request.Form("filename")
Response.Redirect = filename

However, this is not working. any ideas?

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How Can I Open Word File From Url Without Getting Password Window
I want to open word file (or Excel) from IIS server (URL) without
getting security window for input Username and password. I know
Username, Password and Domain. I'm trying to open with:


When my computer is registred in this domain - no problem. But if my
computer is not from this domain I always get window for input
Username, Password and Domain.

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Use Asp To Open An Excel File And Upload To The Database
I want to provide a function using asp for the users to search for their excel files in their PCs in IE and then upload to my database.

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Cannot Open File In Virtual Directory Defined Via Share
I have 2 web servers both running win server 2003 with iis 6.0. On my
PROD server I have a virtual directory called CONV. It points to a
folder on the C drive of this PROD server.

On my TEST server, I defined a virtual directory called CONV. It points
to a share called prodservernameCONV. Note that the share name is
the same name as that of the virtual directory.

Using IIS on the TEST server, I can navigate to this CONV virtual
directory and via right mouse, click EXPLORE. I see all the content I
should but when I try to doubleclick on a file I get a message saying
"Security alert" - "your current security settings do not allow you to
perform system commands on this item".

I've tried everything I can think of on the security settings for the
physical folder on the PROD server. I extended EVERYONE from READ, etc.
to FULL CONTROL. I added the user called INTERACTIVE and gave it full
control. In short, I am stumped and guessing now.

Basically, I just want to avoid duplicating all the data files on my
PROD server over to my TEST server.

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SPLIT FROM Launching MS Word To Open File From A Hyperlink?
How would this be done for something like a text editor?

For example, say I wanted to launch a text editor from a hyperlink AND also the file I wanted to open with the editor as as well?

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How To Open .OFT ?
I'm required to write ASP code to open some .OFT (Outlook template) files from within a web app. Does anyone know how to accomplish this ?

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How To Open A Doc In IE?
I devolop a webpage using ASP.NET. i want to redirect my page to certiain links stored in the database. the links can be either URL or Word documents sored in the server. here is my problem. when i redirect my page, if it is a document, it opens the MS.Word appilication.

instead, is there any possibility to open those documents in IE itself with out any confirmation ?

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Open PDF
I have an application that generates PDF documents (from an ASP page). In some cases, I need to generate a PDF then provide a link to that PDF from the web page - this I can do fine. In other cases, I want to generate the PDF, but then immediately open the PDF in the browser; in this case, once I have generated the PDF, I am simply using 'Response.Write MyPDFPath' to open the document.

However, for some people this doesn't work, but for some it does. And I can't figure out why results are different. In both cases, the browser address changes to match the URL for the PDF document, but in some cases, all you can see is a blank screen. If you click on the Refresh/Reload button, the PDF displays perfectly - so it's not a show-stopper, but it is a bit of an inconvenience.

Has anyone got any ideas why this may be happening? Is there a better way of opening the PDF? I thought of streaming directly to the client, but that would present the user with an Open/Save/Cancel dialog, which although is more intuitive, it's hardly any easier than clicking on Refresh.

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Open PDF
I'm dynamically creating a PDF file using a 3rd-Party component. I've got this much working...

However, once the PDF has been created, I want to open it in the browser. This is where I am struggling...

I can create a page with a link to the PDF, but I dont know how to open the PDF in the browser directly.

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Open EXE From ASP
How can I open an .exe File from ASP without getting any message?

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Open Excel In ASP
When I try to open an Excel file from ASP thro' HREF it works fine. But i give the same file in Response.Redirect it says "page cannot be displayed" even when the file exists. Is this related to server configuration?

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Open Excel In Asp 3.0
i have a radio button when a user clicks it i want to open up a excel sheet
and want to display the records from the table

i want to only display specific fields from the table not all fields

Can someone tell me how it can be done in asp 3.0

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Open A Window.
I would like to open a new window (Function is called NewWindow and is writtent in VBscript) when a user submits a form. All the samples I found on the web indicate something like the following: Code:

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Open New Window
how can i open a new window with a if statment but still getting variables values?

if x=1 then
Response.Redirect("<A href=""&tit">"&tit")
end if
I donīt mind using java, but i donīt know how

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Open Window
I am working on a website and have a couple links that open up a new window. My webpage is .ASP as well as the windows I am opening. Currently the link open into a new window. However, I would like to be able to set the the size of the window that is opened.
This is the code I am currently using:

<p><a href="Search/search_owner1_form.asp" target="reportWindow" class="style2">OWNER 1</a></p>

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Web Open Room
I have problem i want created simple site
This site should epitomize table about organizer free or busy room in month
the rooms is 6 but people should mark

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Open Word From ASP
I have a Word doc already created that I want to open from an asp page. I want it to open in Word and allow the user to modify if necessary. I currently have it opening (using href), but it is opening in IE. I think I should be able to do it with javascript to open word and then call that function on the link to the doc. Can someone give me some pointers?

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Programs To Open With Asp
anyone knows some program which can be opened directly by creating an object within an asp file ?

something like word or excel (Set objWord=Createobject("Word.Application") for instance )

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How To Open A Doc In New Page
I have an asp like this

<td width="49%" align="left" class="HD"><a onclick ="javascript:newwin('DNA.ppt','server/delivery/Documents/')">rs("Report")</a></td>

function newwin(docname,url){"new";
location.href="viewdoc.asp?docname=" & docname & "&url=" & url;

in the viewdoc.asp i need to check the file type and set the content type accordingly.also the viewdoc.asp must load in a new page and display the document passed.
can anybody help me with a piece of code???

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In our ASP page, we call XMLHttp to download XML files. When calling our
page using localhost (localhost/myWebSite/myPage.htm), it works, but when
calling using the IP address of the web server
(, I got "Permission denied" error in the
HTTP.Open statement.

Set http = CreateObject("Microsoft.XmlHttp") "Get", "http://" & "" & "/XMLFiles/N-1min.xml",
ALSE --> permission denied error

Why do I get permission denied error on the HTTP.Open, and how to fix it ?

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Open In Another Window With Asp
I have an the following asp. How to have this asp to open in another
window when it is called?

<% something %>

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Open Source
I am looking for an open source, very simple CMS that allows an administrator to add pages, news articles, and maybe a staff directory.
We don't need new users to signup, or comment, or anything along those lines. Maybe a wysiwyg editor included. Just for a homepage, a news section (that may include many sub-cats, pages).

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Open Excel With Asp And More...
I have a website set up that can pull data from Access database tables and display them on the webpage depending on users' selection. Is it possible to have ASP open up Microsoft Excel and dump the data into it, plot graphs, calculate averages, etc.?

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Open New Window
I have a submit button that a form uses to submit the contents of that form to another page.

<input type="submit" class="input" onclick="this.form.action='checkname.asp';">

Is there any way to open a new window and perform the action in the onclick event?

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Is there any way to keep a window on top using I can't use a modal or window.focus onload b/c I have to get inputs

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Open In New Window
I have an .Net project that has an ASP page, that has links. When a user clicks on one of the hyperlinks, it opens an Excel page, in IE. One of the cells in the Excel Workbook contains a link to a PDF document.

If the user clicks on the PDF link, it's opened in the current page. I'd like to know if it's possible to open the PDF in a new page. So it would basically be opening a PDF from the Excel document - that is opened in IE. Code:

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Open Mht Files In IE With IIS
I try to open mht file generated by ASP use the
Content-Type = "application/msword".

When the browser show de "dowload dialog" and I click in the Save button the file open perfectly, but if I try to click in the Open button, the browser show the "downloading dialog" and stay perpetual trying to open the file.My problem is, I cant save the file in the local machine, I need the Open only in memory.

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Open A Database
I want to Open a database with asp, I know the syntax to do with VB but how do I make the refference of the DAO in ASP?

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