Pass Hidden Values In ASP

We are integrating 3rd party s/w which would process online

this product would require that we pass some sensitive information over
the web, using FORM-POST-Hidden fields method. On viewing source this
page we are able to see this info. To overcome this - steps followed.

PageA.asp - collect information, exists on our server
PageB.asp - request info from PageA.asp, append sensitive information,
automatically POST to client server - this code exists on our server.

The issue arises that while connecting from PageB.asp to client server,
there is a little delay which shows the hidden page.

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Who Knows How To Pass A Hidden Variable?

i want to upload my file from the first form and then keep passing the destination path (obtained from File.Path) as a hidden variable to all other forms. and in the end to upload it... how can i do this?

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Pass Hidden Value Without Submit Button

how to pass hidden field value without a submit button?i have a popup window that sends back value as hidden to its parent form..n now i want 2 pass the hidden value to a database query in another page.

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Hidden Values And IFrames

My form, "Form1.asp" includes an "email" input box. Upon submit the user is redirected to "Form2.asp" which includes an iFrame called "formFrame.asp".

How do I entrap the "email form" value

'extrap fields from URL on prev. page
ea = request.form("email")

and apply it INTO a iFrame form input box using <%=email%>

I am not able to establish connection to the hidden value from the iFrame.

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Get Hidden Form Values From Another Web Page

I received the following bit of code from a friend in need of help. I've done all I can do so far and need assistance with the rest. This code is supposed to get a web page and grab the necessary info from it so it can be used. After the page is grabbed I need to grab the values of 3 "hidden" input fields in a form.

The fields look like this:

The code I have looks like this. I need help getting started on how to search thru the retrieved web page to get the above values.

If someone knows of better code than what I have so far please feel free to enlighten me with it. Code:

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Pass Values From Asp

i am opening an excel file in the same explorer window as the form. i am storing values entered in excel in database. while saving the field in the db i need to save a field from the form can i get a form value inside the vba code or to put it like thishow can i refer the form value inside excel?i m simply opening a template of excel file.

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Pass Values

I have a link[username]&pwd=[password]

survey.asp is going to be a redirection that redirects to one of these random links;[username]&pwd=[password][username]&pwd=[password][username]&pwd=[password][username]&pwd=[password]

I need to pass what ever is in the [username] and in the [password] fields too.As the [username] and [password] would be unique for each url (as I will be emailing 1000's out which will be email-merged)

for example if the original url is; then it may redirect to:

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Pass Selected Values

I have a Multi select box which I have populated with a list of choices. Is it possible to have a second Multi select box which is initially empty, yet when the user selects values from the first Multi Select box, they appear in the second multi select box?
I'm sure I can easily do this by just posting the selection to a new page but I'd like to dynamically display the selected values on the same page.

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Request - Pass Values

I use the below code to pass a value to use in the next page. How can i pass 2 of them in the same way ?

oRs("N_GEN") = 2
oRs("COD_NOTAIO") = 00001

<a href='delete_atto.asp?n_gen="& oRs("N_GEN") & "'>"%>
i tired

<a href='delete_atto.asp?n_gen="& oRs("N_GEN") & ", codice_notaio="& oRs("COD_NOTAIO") & "'>"%>
but i got a error.

ERROR: invalid input syntax for integer: "2, codice_notaio=00001"

Any idea?

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Pass Values In Form

I have created a form. I have a log in page and a view registration page. When a user logs in I have to display only their information on the registration page. But when an admin logs in...

they can view all the records in the database. I am not sure how to do this. Can anyone help me? I have included that code that I have now. Right now...when the users log in they see everythings. Code:

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Mouse Click Pass Values

I am working with an application that passes information about an object to a Query and then populates a window with the information about it.... for example

If i had an object that was say a Box, and an attributes of that box were

box.ID = "1456"
box.Shape = "Square"
box.Name = "Boxer"

on the Click event i would choose to click the box, and pass the box.ID number through a query, (SQL preferably) and pass that value to an HTML table that had

Box Name: Boxer
Box Shape: Square

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Dictionary Object Pass Values

Is it possible to pass Dictionary object keys and values to another page? If so, how?

I know how to store the items, but specifically, how do I pass the values and retrieve them on another page

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How To Pass Values Into The Parent Form

i have a drop-down menu with a list of products.when i select any one
product i open a popup displaying hte product categories in it.i then
enter the no. of items i want.and finally when i click to the submit
button i want to display a summary of selected item in the parent make it more elaborate:

i have 3 items in a drop-down menu and each item has further 10
different types of products.

something like u have an item soap. and then 10 different brands of all my products are in the drop down menu in the parent form.
item 1
item 2
item 3
item 4

when i select item 1 i get a popup menu which has say 20 types of item1
from the database.i generate textboxes beside each label so that user
can enter his quantity. Code:

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Asp: Pass Array Element Values To Form On Next Page

how to create an array of checkboxes that were selected from a form on one page and pass them into hidden fields in a form on the next page? I have this massive project I've been working on and am having trouble with this.

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Pass Form Values To A Page After Inserting In Access

I'm using DWMX and Access DB.

i have setup a form on a normal http page which collects name address etc and is then passed to a https page to collect credit card details, on clicking submit on the https page the credit card details are inserted in db on secure server along with one field that was passed from the http page (the user id).

this all works ok, however i then need to pass the remaining orignal form values back to another http page that then inserts these values to another DB. ok you may be asking why.... the first forms allows the user to correct information already held on file before upgrading their listing, i then need them to pay for the upgrade before inserting the amended data in the orignal database... How..

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Pass Selected Radiobutton Values Thru Query String

i m designing a online test application. my reqt is on pressing next button my selected value gets stored in the database and next ques ll appear and on pressing prev button it should display me previous question with already selected value.

how can i do this?
how can i pass selected value of radio button through query string as my radiobuttons are getting cerated every time its name will be different. Code:

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Pass Hidden Form Field Value To Another Form Field To Insert In Db

I am trying to pass a hidden field value on a form into another field on the
form so that it can then be inserted in the database, to enable me then to
reference that number at a later date.

(The hidden value (1 for example) would then automatically get passed to the
other input field.)

The code for the text field that allows users to type an number into it for
submission to the db is below, but what code do i need within the hidden
field to populate this text field below so that users do not have to type the
number in? Code:

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How To Pass Values From Parent Window To Popup Window In Server Side?

1. I have a form, with a textbox and a button. I have to enter a value in the text box and then i have to click the button, which opens a popup window. Here i want to pass the value of the text box which is entered in the parent window to popup window.

I have to use that value in the popup window's form_load event in the Code behind, and i have to take the values from the database using the value which i have entered in the parent window. Code:

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Hidden Value

I want to pass a hidden value from Page1.asp to Page2.asp. My Codes for Page1.asp

<form action="Page2.asp" method="POST" name="form1">
<input type="hidden" name="num1" value="<%= value %>">
<A HREF="Page2.asp" title="Click here." <%=blank%>> Example</A>

Num = trim(Request.form("num1"))

But when i click on the hyperlink and is at Page2.asp. When i click the back btn on the IE, it cant bring me back to Page1.asp. It is always in a loop.

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Hidden Input

I have a simple problem :

When I try to pass a variable via an hidden input and it contain a word with a space (ex :The Wall), only the first part is sent(ex: The).


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Hidden Code

I am totally new to ASP.Till now the i have been using php, so i will try & relate my question with php.If a page is written in php & is seen by the client browser only the html code is visible to the client if he wants to see the code.But for the person who has access to the server,he can easily see the code by viewing the file in any text editor.What i want to ask is that if i write pages in ASP is it possible in any way that the people who have access to the server are unable to view the ASP code? Something like an exe file where the person cant see the code but just use the application.I want to know this cos if i want to hide my code of a web based application located in the server is it possible to do this in ASP?As far as i know this is not possible in PHP.

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Passing A Hidden Value

passing a hidden value to a querystring via a form. It is not working correctly because when I submit, it will go to calendar.asp?date= instead of calendar.asp?date=12/13/2004.

Here's the code for the hidden value:

<input type="hidden" name="CURDATE" value="<%=dtCurViewMonth%>">

This code works because I have already tested. The value was correct.Here's the code for submitting the hidden value (this is the line of code that I need help with):

<form name="frmCalendar" action="Calendar.asp?date=<%=CurDate%>" method="POST">

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Hidden Visible

how to make an onmouseover:visible area in the page? i mean ie. i have an output page, and list of datas from database. i want buttons releated its appear when i get my cursor over area of any data. but my buttons are called from includes this:Code:

<td><%if session("isUserLogin") then%>
<%select case cint(session("userLevel"))%>
<%case 10%>
<!--#include virtual="/includes/"--><%case 15%>
<!--#include virtual="/includes/"-->
<%end select%><%end if%></td>

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Hidden Text Box

I building online forms for our new client acceptance forms. The first page has 35 fields, the second page has 20, and the third has 8. My question is how is the best way to move the data from page 1 to page 2 then pages 1 and 2's data to page 3? Should I use hidden text boxes or write them to a temporary table then move them once the form is submited? Network traffic is not an issue.

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Send Hidden Value

how to send hidden value to more than one page.

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Hidden Process

when i call for a asp page i c some process still running in the status bar. but when i click on the same link again, i could not find the process. it happens alternatevely.why is this happening? how to prevent?

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Get Hidden Value From A Iframe

I need your help for this:

<script language="javascript" >
var getvalue

getvalue = top.markcountframe.document.hiddenform.element[0].value;


<iframe src="" width=480 height=0 center name="markcountframe" scrolling="no">
<form name = "hiddenform" >
<input type= "hidden" name="count" id="count"

How to make this work?

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Hidden Fields

When I create a form with hiddenfields and then view it in an ASP web page the following shows where the hiddenfields are on the form- "> -this appears for every hiddenfield is there anyway these can be hidden from view on the web page.

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Using Hidden Fields

how can i set the value of a hidden field at run time in my page? how can it be done in scriplets (<%%>). the second issue is that if we define a function using javascript, how can it be called at any place.

we don't want to call that function at any event but instead want to call that function every time or on validating an if condition.

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Function Hidden Fields

Can I add a function to a hidden field to get the value of that field?

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ASP / Hidden Text Box Issue

I am having a really strange issue. I have a few users calling in
saying they are getting an error. On further review I found this line is
what is causing it...

Set strLookup = cnAddStep.Execute ("SELECT * FROM ActionSteps WHERE
planId = '" & intPlanId & "' ORDER BY stepId DESC")

The exact peice causing it is intPlanId. For some reason the form
request isn't getting the ID.

intPlanId = Request.Form("hdnPlanId")

intPlanId is populated from a hidden text box in the previous page. But
only on a very few users machines will the post not occure. Any ideas?

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Parse Hidden Variable

i hav drop down menu wif 6 titles. this is populated using the Table Grade.
Now for example, im selecting Senior, which has the ID 4. how do i parse the ID thru when pple select the title? it must be hidden

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Using Sessions Within Hidden Fields

I have a product ordering process that passes information between 3 asp pages using web forms.

I am attempting to set a session on form2.asp with data entered into form1.asp . This session is then displayed.
I then wish to use this session value within a hidden field on form3.asp as follows

<input type="hidden" name="productname" value="<% Session ("productname") %>" >

This hidden field value is not being parsed in - any suggestions why this will not work?

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