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Response.Write To Specific Page Location

How can I direct Response.Write to output to a specific location on my page?

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Write A File To As Subfolder Of A InetServer Location
I have an ASP application on IIS server:
I use ASP and a my own VB activex DLL to create a pdf file and write this
file to a subfolder of the Application folder:

Over IIS I have set the "write permission" for this subfolder.
But each time I receive the message: "Can't open output file (bad filename,
in use by other application)", error 0x80040202

2- a visual basic test application can call this DLL, generate and write the
file without problem to the folder

3- with ASP I generate the file in a normal folder (ie c: emp), it works
Then my ASP page use FileSystemObject to copy this file to the folder

When I call this page there is no error message, but the programm runs utils
the line, where FileSystemObject to copy the file to the folder, then it
stops there. The process is hung (dead). The file is not copied...

How can I do?

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Response.Write To The HTTP Response Body
<a target="_blank"

Can anyone please tell me what to enter after Response.Write to write the above to the HTTP Response body.

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Dynamic Page Location Display
a code snippet that I wish to create/use on 90% of my pages. I want each page to display their location to the user. Obviously I could do this by just hardcoding this in but I would prefer to create a mor dynamic template that automatically displays the relevant info. Examples of what i would like displayed is:

You are here: >> Home Page
You are here: >> Services > Update Personal Details

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Response.Write Containing %>
I writing code that will create asp pages using the file system object.

'other code here

Response.Write "<%sName=" & Var & "%>"


How can I do this?

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If my recordset is empty I want to write "Not Complete" and if there is
a value, I want to write the value. Can someone tell me what I am
doing wrong?

If IsEmpty(rsa.Fields.Item("reclaima")) Then
Response.Write("Not Complete")
End If

Also tried....

If rsa.Fields.Item("reclaima") = "" Then
Response.Write("Not Complete")
End If

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While doing a response.Write,

I would like to display the text as array item wrapped in quotes. How can I do that?

I write the code as:

'Now get all the sub-reports names to pass the log-on information
For i = 0 to UBound(aSubRpt,2)
Response.Write "webSource0.AddParameter " & u0 & " & " & aSubRpt(c_SRName,i) & ", " & dbd & "<br>"
Response.Write "webSource0.AddParameter " & p0 & " & " & aSubRpt(c_SRName,i) & ", " & dbc & "<br>"
'Response.Write aSubRpt(c_SRName,i) & "<br>"

While seeing the results in the browser, I would like to see


which is primarily


How can I wrap the text in double quotes within a response.Write?

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I am trying to retrieve info from database and display it in the form. The problem I having is when I try to change the info in the form, it is not changing and I don't know why.
table.fieldname = payroll


payroll = rs("payroll")
If payroll = "something" Then
payroll = "Some Payroll"
End If

In the form table:
<input type="text" name="payroll" value=<%response.write(payroll)%>>

I want "Some Payroll" to be displayed in the form instead of "Something".

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I need to put this whole line into a response.write statement:

field delimiter = """

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Why do I get an error on executong the following code:

Response.Write" <script language = ""vbscript""> "
Response.Write" res = MsgBox (""Do you want to edit appliance?"",4,""Edit Appliance"") "
Response.Write" if res=7 then"
Response.Write" window.location.href= ""Appliance.asp"" "
Response.Write" else"
Response.Write" window.location.href = ""Scenario.asp"" "
Response.Write" end if"
Response.Write" </script>"

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Response.Write URL
What is the right syntax, to make that a hyperlink?

Response.Write("<TD>"<a href=""rst("Kotisivu") & ">" & "</a"> & "</TD>")

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How to use Response.write to Output the following Code:

Type id="1"

I tried this one but not working Code:

Response.Write( "Type id="" & "0" &"")

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I am creating html string in a component that transforms xml into html.
Works o.k. with small html strings, but takes forever to response.write
big html strings. Is it possible to speed it up?

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Response.write As URL
I have a specific access db field that holds visitor website url's and I am currently displaying it onto a page as text but instead I need it to be displayed a clickable hyperlink.

The field datatype within access is set to url but when the entry is written to an asp page it doesn't bring the hyperlink properties with it.

I think I should be enclosing the RS within an <a href=''></a> type tag but can't seem to get it right.

Current code: Response.Write RS ("website") & "<BR><BR>"

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Response.write ASP
Example 1 don't work:

title = rs.("title")
response.Write title
' this will show title= "the 100 Club"

SQL2 = "select * from events where (venue = '"&title&"');"
rs2.Open SQl2, Conn

' Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted.

Example 2 it work fine

title = "the 100 Club"
SQL2 = "select * from events where (venue = '"&title&"');"
rs2.Open SQl2, Conn

it work fine, so what I hove done wrong with the first one it seam strait forward..

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Response.write (&quot;%&gt;&quot;).can any one tell me how to do that.y can i not do this?

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trying to display a memo field using response.write but it truncates it. Is there a size issue with response.write? If so how do I get round it and to be able to display the whole memo field.

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This is driving me mad.

Response.Write ""

doesn't work. It actually prints out "" not the character ''

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Response.write And CSS
I have certain pages on my site that are displayed by using response.write...these are results displayed from databases. My CSS doesn't work on these...probably because it looks for certain fields and the response.write is done server-side? I dunno...but does anyone know of what I can do to get this working?

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i have a record in the table like


'a n'

then after query if i display on the page using response.write, it displays as 'a n'. only one space in between and all other are removed while the value in the variable or session is the same as in the database. any ideas or alternatives?

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i have a column called Country and the records are blank when its U.S.A . when i retrieve them i have this code and when i do Response.write residentcountry its blank can someone tell me whats wrong.


if residentcountry="" then
End if

Response.write residentcountry

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i have asp page with 2 tables one is created by me and the second by response.write
beetwen those tables i have empty space that i dont want how to fix this.

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Use Response.write
i use response.write(day), where day contains a day of the month. well, it just prints '2' if day=2, but i want to print '02', like it's supposed to appear. Something similar to this

printf("%02d",day) (C++)

Hope i made my self clear.

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I want to do:

response.write("bla bla bla "in quotes" bla bla")

How do I show the quotes on the screen in asp like I have to do " in php?

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I'm trying to use a value passed from a previous page, and placed in to the variable 'pname' in to a response.write function:

<option selected> <% =rscars("" & "'" & pname & "'") %> </option>

where 'rscars' is the recordset. how I could do this?

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i have a response.write issue.

When I use:

response.redirect ("user-updated.asp?id=<%=objRS("id")%>")

i get the error:

Error Type:
Microsoft VBScript compilation (0x800A03EE)
Expected ')'
login.asp, line 46, column 50
response.redirect ("user-updated.asp?id=<%=objRS("id")

Does anyone know why?

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Response.write Drop Down
I'm having a problem getting my drop down to populate with the values, it's just coming up blank, when i do a response.write on the rstSQL("PASSPORT_IND") it come up

response.write "<tr><td colspan=3 class=selectionHeading >abc</td></tr>"
response.write "<td class=fieldHeading>Passport"
response.write "<select class=selectionText name='Passport'>"
response.write "<option value= " & rstSQL("PASSPORT_IND") & "selected='Passport' id='tableValue'>" & rstSQL("PASSPORT_IND") & "</option>"
response.write "<option value='N'>NO</option>"
response.write "<option value='Y'>YES</option>"

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Hyperlink With A Response.write
i cant seem to remember how to add a hyperlink in a response.write object.

Basicaly i am doing an if then statement to customize my shopping cart. and would like to add a hyperlink this does not seem to work, am wondering what is happening or if i could add it to the response.write object:

<span style="font-weight: 400">
<font size="2">
<a href="../../index.asp">
<%elseif aParameters(0) = 2 then response.Write("order here")

or do i add it as

response.Write<a href="../../index.asp">
("order here")

I know this second code is wrong, but am wondering how to get this done.

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Asp Eof Response Write Issue
I am creating a page that will take date passed from a session then it does a query to the SQL to see if a matching record can be found (based on the date). If it is found it will return the record... No big deal here... But I am getting messed up because I have always used a redirect if a an EOF happened...

Because of the way the asp page works I need at EOF message to show on the SAME page as the record set would if it were to exisit... Code:

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Response.write Question
How would include a Session variable using Response.Write:


Would I just break up each individual piece?

"<" & "%" & "=" & Session('originalAllocation') & "%" & ">'" & ">" & "</td>")

I tried the following, which was close, but no cigar:

Response.Write("value='" & "<" & "%" & "=" & "Session('origAllocation')" & "%" & ">'" & ">" & "</td>")

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Output Response.write
I have site where the pages ending .html don't really exist, but cause 404 error on the server and in this way I am catching the error and displaying the content to the site visitors.
Now, due to slowness of the site, I would like to create the .html files once a day, rather than catching the 404 error once the request is coming in.
I want to create the .html files using a script I am writing, and in order to create the .html I basically need to output all response.write calls to a file, instead of the the user's browser. I dont think there is a way to do this (altough I would love to know about it if there is a way), so my question is:
Is there a way to output a .asp file output to a file rather than to the user's browser?

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I use this code to go back one step but i try to change it to go back two steps and it didn't worked. Is this possible?

Response.Write(" history.go(-1);")

Response.Write(" history.go(-2);")

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Response.write With A If Then Statement
Trying to do a dynamic list box. I have to use response.write to create it since the number of option values changes. Im trying to make it so when you select something the onchange submits the form to retotal all the values on the page.

Problem Im running into is the if statement to keep the selected value and have it selected after the form submits and reloads. Not going to another page just a general submit.

I have this working on other pages just not with the response.write that is created the list box. Code is below. Im getting a Syntax error on the line with the if then on the option value. Any ideas ? Code:

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Response.write Problem
I have a page which jumps from one server to another using with some parameters. Once the client arrives at the new server, some math is done on the parameters, and the parameter passed back to the orignal server.

I catch the parameter on the fly using request.querystring("retVal") and check the value of it. And this is where my problem is : the retVal param is a string formatted as an "if" function : Code:

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Response.write Formating
I have the following variable being displayed but i would like it displayed in the default font and text size 2 how is it done?

<% response.write(sUserId) %>

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Wildcard & Response.write
I'm trying to compare a form field from the previous page & write a response in the html on the current page. e.g

if (form field value) is like "Custom" then write Correct or else write Incorrect. Here's the code I have curently Code:

<%If (Request("RangeColour")) = ("Custom*") Then Response.Write("Correct") : Response.Write("")else Response.Write("Incorrect")%>

I've tried *, &, ? but they don't appear to work. I've also tried like "Custom*" but I receive an error about a sub or function not being declared.

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Response.write Syntax
What i want to do is eliminate the target=_self thing in this piece of code but i can´t get where all theses quotes are coming from so it´s not working.

Response.Write vbCrLf & " &nbsp;<a
href=""news_archive.asp?PagePosition=" & intLinkPageNum & """target=""_self"">" & intLinkPageNum & "</a>&nbsp;"
End If

I don´t want this [target=_self] thing but i can´t find out how many quotes to delete!

Isn't it incredible?

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Dynamic If/Then Response Write
I am wondering how I could go about creating a response write that was based on the current date and time - and how it compares to a date range in a database. If the current time fell within the range in the database than the response would be written.

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Use Target With Response.write
I have two browser windows open on the desktop. One is a full screen, one is a popup.

I have this line of code:

response.redirect ("findClient.asp?error=invalid")

I need it to load in a popup box(findClient.asp) instead of the fullscreen . I need something like a target attribute here, but don't know how to do it inside the response.write.

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Response.write + Function
I want to add function fixit
FixIt=Replace(str, "'","''"_
End Function

to a response.write form.I want the form to automatically fill in the the input box with the value attribute.I am having major issues. I have tried everyway several times but I can't seem to get the syntax down. Here is what I currently have.
<td><input name="year" type="text" id="year" size="4" maxlength="4" value='<%Response.Write FixIt(adoRecordset("fldYear"))%>'></td>

I do have the function at the top of the page before I call it. I don't know what I am doing wrong.

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Response.write A Table
what would be the best way to response.write a table in asp? mutilple response.writes?

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Response.Write Returns ???
I am working with NT4 and when I do a Response.write it returns the value ???????. I have been developing for many years now and this is the first time I have seen this. The IIS version is 3 (I think), and we are running the same setup on two other systems and neither of the other systems have this problem.

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'Response Write' A Hyperlink
if it is possible to response write a hyperlink? and if so how you go about doing it.

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Hyperlink And Response.Write
I'm developing a basic management tool which allows an administrator to create links to files which an intranet user can then follow. I store the address of the file in my MySQL table. I retrieve this address and use a Response.Write to add it as a hyperlink to the page.

When I try to follow this link it goes nowhere. The page refuses to load.

I have taken several of the addresses and when I hard core them into the page without the response.write it works fine. When retrieved from the table however.

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Response.Write To Other Pages
I have a page that contains a form, and when the button is clicked a seperate asp page is called. Is there a way to write results back to the original html page?

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Response.write Problem
Can someone please identify a problem with this line of code if there is one.

<%response.write("Welcome "& RsCUSTOMER("Customer_Name")) %>

This is the error i am getting??

Error Type:
Exception occurred.

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Alternative To Response.write
I'm trying to build a contact form using ASP. The form works properly but the code I found has "Response.write "Your email..." which appears on a white page after the form is successfully submitted. Is there a different function I can use that will redirect the use to another .html page (like a "thank you for submitting...") instead? Code:

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Response.write Usage
Hi's there any concerns or disadvantages of using alot of respose write's (50) in a ASP page for calculations and is it better than using the recordsets to do the calculations?

Also, we are looking at moving to a secure server, will this cause any problems apart from changing all references to https?

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Response.Write Problem
I have 2 pages, page 1 has a text box and a submit button going to page 2. Page 2 displays the text in the field on the page but i keep getting an error. Below is the error and my code, thanks!!

Request object, ASP 0102 (0x80004005)
The function expects a string as input.
/onlinesupport/tech/job-updated.asp, line 10


<form name="test" method="post" action="page2.asp">
<input name="jobRef" type="text" id="jobRef">

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Response.write Loop Question
I'm trying to get some data from an SQL database into flash. here's the latest version of the ASP code I've come up with:

dim count
count =0

Do while not rs.eof

Response.Write ("time" + count + "=" + L_location +"&")


'not working
'Response.Write ("count" + count)

When I call this using getURL in flash I get a blank page, with no records.

If I remove the 'count' variable from the Response.Write string it outputs the information ok.

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Response.Write "<b>You Are Not Logged On
I last posted to this group about 6 months ago and was very pleased by the
excellent response I got and the great help offered to me. I am back this
time with another request for your expert help on a bit of ASP code I use on
my windows server 2003 with IIS6 machine.

I would like the code below to display in different colours depending on the
status of the page. I am looking to make the not logged in code appear red
and the logged in code green.

The code:

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Response.write String And Quotes
I am trying to output the following:-

Response.write ("<a class=""events"" href=")
response.write ("http://")
Response.write (rs.Fields("eventURL"))
Response.write (">")
Response.write (rs.Fields("eventURL"))
Response.write ("</a>")

It outputs OK, except for the fact that <a class="events" href=whatever> - theres no quotes around the value in the 'href' element. I have tried to include these but keep on getting ASP errors, obviously because I have put the additional quotes in the ASP in the wrong place.

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Response.write The Infinity Character?
I'm trying to response.write the infinity character. When I pull up the character map it says its code is U+221E (unicode I'm assuming?) for Times New Roman. I tried response.write(chrw("U+221E")) but it doesnt work. Anyone know how to make it print?

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