SQL Db Doesnt Support The Cookie

I wrote the code for Members of Register. and i use cookie in this code, My database is SQL server. SQL server dosent support the cookies in my codes i dont know why this cause but my codes are working without any cause .

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Please observe the pages below:


Response.Redirect "session2.asp"


Response.Write Session("test")

Those pages does not output any thing if I use IE and If I access the pages
from machines running Windows 2000 Server, XP or Windows NT Server. Opera
outputs as per session variables name.

IIS server is running Windows 2000 server. I've checked the cookie settings
which was set to accept cookies.

I tried IE 5.0, IE 5.5 and IE 6.0

What could be the fix?

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CDONTS Doesnt Work Always

I am using CDONTS to send mail to the user from my ASP application.
However, the code doenst works all the time. I am able to get mails but
nothing happnes most of the time. The code works maybe once in 20 tries.
What could be the reason?

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Doesnt Retun All Columns

I have a query in ASP that does a select * from table
It doesnt retun all columns!
When i use objRS("columnname") I get blank. This only effects some colums and I fix it by using

select *,missingcolumn1,missingcolumn2 from table

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CDONTS Doesnt Seem To Work

i posted earlier, and the response seemed to be there is
another dll i need to use the cdonts object, i used it
fine for awhile on my old setup, i upgraded to 2k3 and it
errors up as if cdonts isnt an object. So is there a dll
i need to have to use the cdonts object in iis 6 or do i
need to rewrite my code to use cdo? (if so, please provide
asp 3 example on how to send an email with recepient,
sender, body and subject)

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Why FileSystem Doesnt Work Wit My IIS 5.01 On XP

I have got a problem wit da FILESYSTEM in ASP coding. Before I use window 98 installing PWS. Everything works fine....

And now, I use Window XP professional ( Laplop ), everything is updated ( Service Pack, .NET component, ASP.net stuff...

All my ASP code with FileSystem which used to be properly ran cant be executed on my XP server.

There is no message error on da page, but the browser icon keeps spinning and da content is blank, it means u dont see anything happens. I wanna ensure dat all da code is right, cos it work properly with PSW and other servers. I even tested with a simple code, but It still doesnt work..... Code:

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Assignment Doesnt Assign

My ASP page contains the following VBScript code:

zipCode = Request.Form("zip")
%> <br>zip: <%= zipCode %>, rf: <%= Request.Form("zip") %>

When I enter "abc" into the "zip" field on the form, I get the
following output:

zip: , rf: abc

Why doesn't the first statement assign the "abc" string to the
variable "zipCode"? What am I not seeing?

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PWS On NT Doesnt Display Asp/ And Installation

My friedn is using PWS on NT4 machine, its a local machine, whenever he directs to an .asp page, visual interdev starts.

How can we over ocme this.I had solved this problem long time ago. Now i dont remember. Also to install IIS4.0 do we need to install MTS? if yes, where can we get

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Ntext Doesnt Work With ASP

I'm using SQL Server and I decided to convert one of the fields from nvarchar to ntext. The transition in the manager was all right, but my ASP pages wouldn't display the ntext and there is no error message. I use Code:


to display the ntext...and there is nothing.

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GetRow Doesnt Work

I have a database table with several records. Now I am filtering some data based on the "where" statement. If I run the query in analyzer then I get 20 rows. If I run the same query in asp and assign GetRows() to an array, then the array returns only 4. I am not sure if I am using the GetRows wrong. Here is a snipp of my code:

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Response.cookie In Session_onstart Event And IE 6.0 Cookie Acceptance

When I set a cookie in global.asa in the sub session_onstart, even if
I have "privacy" in IE 6.X set to "block all cookies" the cookie is
still set, and I can get it on other pages.

I can't find an article that addresses this as a specific issue. Why
does the browser get the cookie when it is set in the session_onstart
event even when I have "block all cookies" set?

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CDONTS Object Doesnt Recognize Simplified Chinese Characters

When we send a mail using the code below,we do not get simplified chinese characters if they are present in the body but we get junk in the mail and we need to change the mails encoding to simplified chinese to see the Chinese characters.

'CDONTS object
set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
objMail.MailFormat = 0
objMail.From = sFromEmail
objMail.To = sToEmail
objMail.Subject = sSubject
objMail.Body = sMessage
set objMail = Nothing

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Doesnt Display Char Type Data Field Length 1

I have one field char type data length 1.. It has data either 1 or 2 in all the field tht I have checked through enterprise manager.

I'm running query:

"select * from table" and fetching all the records and displaying...

It display all the data except data from this field..Doesnt display anything..

I had put Response.write rs("fieldname")

What could be the problem?

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Session Cookie Vs. Regular Cookie

I want to know what's the differences between session cookie and regular cookie.

In ASP, when we create cookie, we do the following to identify an user:

Response.Cookies("name") = value

Is this regular cookie? How about session cookie? and when to use which?

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Asp Support

Does anyone know when MS is going to phase out suppport
for ASP (not asp.NET, but classical ASP) in their
operating systems/web servers? For example, they have
already stopped mainstream support for the main tool used
to build ASP pages (Visual Interdev). It is very much
possible that in the days to come , they come up with a
version of IIS which does not support classical ASP.
Does anyone know when that is supposed to happen?

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ASP Support SSL

Can ASP support SSL ?Any tools is required ?Or any things has to be installed on server side ??

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XML DOM Support

I've been trying to write a an RSS feed program in ASP, but I cant find any decent or much reference to a good asp/dom/xml example. I want to be able to read AND write XML to a file system on a server. Does DOM support exists for ASP. I want to have full control over the XML like you can in PHP for example saying Node node = root.childNodes()

and then saying somthign like "for each node get child nodes" and attributes and what ever else I can get. The things I found so far are very limited. Does anyone know of anything like this. I've spent all yesterday and today looking and I still havent made much progress.

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Support ASP Files

How do I enable my server to support ASP files?Am I even posting in the right thread?
I am running windows server 2003.
Could I enable this server to support ASP files?

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How Do I See If My Server Has ASP Support

Like IIS installed on it. Its not my server, so i dont know all about it or exactly what the company is, but i can upload whatever i want onto it. Im a complete beginner, so can anybody give me some sample code to test if it supports asp?

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Customer Support

I have been using ALS for a while, and I want to be able to create my own version, But the only issue I have is being able to track users realtime, ie get what page they are on, how long they have been online, and being able to contact them by throwing a pop-up.

ALS does it but i've tried scoping the coding, but can't find anything.

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Support Updating

Error Type:
ADODB.Recordset (0x800A0CB3)
Current Recordset does not support updating. This may be a limitation of the provider, or of the selected locktype.
If checkAttemping = FALSE Then
objRst("Ended")= FALSE 'reset old attempT

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Support For OWA On Exchange 5.5

I would like to start using Outlook Web Access on my IIS 5.0 server. It has PHP and MySql on there along with their ISAPI filters. Everything works great. It has the ASP support taken off and I would like to re-add this support back to the server.Where is the ISAPI filter located at on the Server?

I am hoping that this would be the only reason that OWA will not work.

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Multilingual Support

In my ASP page I set the charset to UTF-8

But all the javascript functions included thourgh a .js file does not work. This happens only on IE6.0.28 and works fine on IE5 and IE6.0.26 also. If anyone of you guys have worked on mulitlingual support if u could mail me your ASP page,which uses a charset mail to me.

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Apache Support ASP. Net

Is it possible to configure Apache to work with ASP.Net? If so, how do i do it?otherwise, do i have to use IIS for ASP?

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Object Does Not Support

I have the following code:

<Script LANGUAGE=vbscript RUNAT=Server>

for i =0 to document.form1.elements.count-1

response.write "test"



When it gets to the line for i=0.... the error message pops up stating that Object does not support this Property or Method.

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Make Support ASP

I have Windows 2000 Server. Running IIS 5. I created a ASP file that connects to a database and when i go to view it, It either says that there is a error in the code on like 106.

Which is only an "End If" command, Or it will say that this page needs to be posted on a web server that supports ASP. Well.. I have indexing service running, And I know for a fact that the code in the page is correct because it works on other 2000 server.

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MultiLingual Support

I need to support my web pages both in english and spanish. Is this possible in ASP. Can u please point to some places(websites)/articles which will show that. Or if you have any code Or any leads into it that would be great.

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Browser Not Support Cookies?

If application deals with browsers that do not support cookies, then what I will have to use other methods to pass information from one page to another in your application in the ASP.

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Does Bamboo SMTP Support BCC?

I'd like to bcc someone using Bamboo. I've tried setting smtp.BCC, but it doesn't work - gives an internal server error. Does Bamboo in fact support bcc?

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My Live Support Script

IT also has almost all of the features I want. It uses a microsoft access 2000 database (I use the following code to connect to the database:

DSNtemp="DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; "
DSNtemp=dsntemp & "DBQ=" & server.mappath("SOMEPLACE")
sqlstmt = "Select * From TABLENAME"
Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
rs.Open sqlstmt, DSNtemp, 3, 3
Do until rs.EOF or rs.EOF)

The code works fine, I would just like to add a thing and it would tell what page the user(s) are/is at and then I can request a chat with them and a box would pop up asking them if they would like to chat. My oly problem is how would I keep track of the visitors on my site, and how would I know when they left the site?

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Support Multiple Languages

how ASP (not ASP.Net) to do the following things:
1) Get real-time information from other web site such as tracking via
2) Real-time credit card charging via a payment gateway such as WorldPay;
3) How to support multiple languages.

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Ticket Support System

i want to build a ticket support system for my company, so when a client has a technical question, they can email a support address and get assigned a ticket number. then my colleague will get the email and respond when he can. my question/s is:

a) is there any existing system i can use (free if possible. i would rather use an existing system as i have limited time!)

b) how can i write some code that acts when an email address is sent. ie: user sends email, the server receives it and executes some code (sends an email back with assigned ticket number and adds record to db).

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Support Asp Debug In Vs 2005?

Is it possible to change the web.config or machine.config file to allow access to an .asp page? I'm new to .Net 2.0.

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