Selecting The Next Five Upcoming Birthdays From The Current Date

I want to do is select the next five upcoming birthdays from the current date, using ASP + Access. The name of table is "juventude" and the birtday field is "db_dtnasc" ....

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Recordset To Only Contain Current Items (i.e. If Date Of Item Is Past Current Date)

I have a noticeboard that the user inputs items into. One of those is the date of an event. Once that event has passed I want it to disappear from the page.

So I need to do a comparison with current date to the date in the "datestarted" field. My table is called "notices." Using Access and ASP VBscript.

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How To Check The Date Difference Between The Current Date And The Booking Date?

I am developing a simple booking system where I had a booking date. The problem is I want to make sure that the user must book 3 days in advanced for certain room.

I have tried to use DateDiff but it seems doesn't work. Actually i just 1 to make sure that the user must book 3 days in advanced from the current date. I am wondering whether there is anything goes wrong in my datediff function. Code:

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Selecting * After Date()

I have a database with date of gigs in it and am trying to select * from the database the next gig basically, and am compariung against todays date and saying select * more than todays date. Is this right, cause it's not doing it? Code:

dateN = Date()
set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
conn.Open "************"
set recsetS= server.createobject("ADODB.Recordset")
sql = "select * from admin where dated > "& dateN &" order by relevance DESC " sql,conn,3,3

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Compare A Date In My Database To The Current Date

I am trying to compare a date in my database to the current date. MySQL statement is:

sqltemp5="select * from users where dateclosed <= '" & date & "'"

What I am trying to accomplish is exclude records where the dateclosed field is older than todays date. Such as if dateclosed = 6/30/2004 then today being 08/25/2004 that record should be excluded.

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Selecting Records Where Date Between Two Dates

I'm trying to display all the jobs that occur during a selected month/s. Here is the code I use: Code:

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Storing Dates As Int But Selecting Them As Date

while I store the dates as is in db, I can use a select statement like this:

mySQL="SELECT SUM(total) AS totalSum, month(orderdate) AS monthsql FROM orderDetails GROUP BY MONTH(orderdate)"

but when I use dates as integer, it simply gives me error. Are there any way of getting over that problem?

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Get Current Date

i need a button or a link, that when clicked on, grabs the current date. It then puts this date inside a textbox.

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SQL For Current Date

I am coding an ASP page and need to know how to pull the current date.

Here is my code:

SELECT tenant_id,fname + ' ' + lname as [name],
WHERE start_date < [TODAY'S DATE] AND [TODAY'S DATE] < end_date

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I have an event that update my database, I would like to record the current date and time when the record was updated. Not quite sure of the command.

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Expire Date To Current

I would like to know how can I remove expires date from asp I am not this can be done in access or asp script. There are a field i n access datbase say p_expdate which I delete and replace p_date which display the current post date

Which specific file in asp should I modify I had look into the file like register.asp and search for p_expdate. I had rename to p_date. Do you think the setting on my datbase or value I need to set.

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Fill A Box With Current Date

i have three boxes to display date.dd/mm/yyyy format.1 box for dd 2 for mm 3 for yyyy.suppose today's is 25 july i want to fill this box date from 24 july 2005 to prevous month 25 june 2005 .means each time one month back of current date.

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How To Update My Access To Current Date??

I try using the following sql statement..

strSQL = "UPDATE Messages(TABLE) SET Date=now() where MessageID=25"

The error given to me:
Syntax error in UPDATE statement.

I'm doing an update of the date already stored in my Access. How do i
resolve this problem??

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Delete ALL Records Before Current Date

how can you delete every single record in a table from the access DB with a DATE column, which stores the date in format DD/MM/YYYY? Code:

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Next Five Birthdays

I'm using a MySQL database. I'd like to retrieve the next five upcoming birthdays (column `birthday`) from table `users`. What's the best query I should use for this?

Currently, I'm trying this, which returns an empty recordset:

RS.Open "SELECT `userID`, `username`, `birthday`, `donated` FROM `users` WHERE DATE_FORMAT(`birthday`, '%j') > DATE_FORMAT('" & Date & "', '%j') AND `status` <> 9 AND `confirmed` <> 0 ORDER BY `birthday` DESC LIMIT 5;", Conn

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Show Recordset Based On Current Date

I want to call a recordset based on whether the 'expiration_start' date and 'expiration_end' date are within the current date.

I've tried a few things but can't get it to work?

Here's my non-working SQL statement:


sSQL = "SELECT * FROM poll WHERE #" & date & "# BETWEEN expiration_start AND expiration_end"

I'm simply using 'date' to call the current date. I'm not sure if that's correct but it seems to work ok when I use it in an "if" statement like this example:

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Implementing Current Date Into Form Variable

<input type="hidden" name="date" value= (Date)>

When I use:

<% Response.Write (Date)%> if returns the date I want.

I need to enter it to this date value in my form. What is wrong with my code above? It should be obvious, but I can't figure it out....

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Current-Date-Driven Range Of Events

I entered a whole year's worth of events. I want to display a range of events which change according to the date, so only 2 weeks later and one week earlier are displayed on the main page.

How did other people deal with similar issues? I know I can set a range mathematically speaking (date + 14 AND date -7). But did other people encounter other issues? How did you solve them?

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Error In The Consultation Of Information With Current Date

This command below would have in accordance with to catch information of bd the current date, or either... I inserted notice day 05 today, then the user has access and this command alone shows information of day 05 today, sees the command that I tried to use Code:

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Showing Birthdays In ASP

I have a table called 'players2005' with fields of 'player' and 'pdob' The 'pbod' is a DATE realted to the players date of birth.

Using ASP how can I call the access database to show members that date of birth is today.
I have the rest of the script but just nedd a SQL statement Code:

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Current Date And Due Date

I have two textboxes, currentdate and datedue. When a user enters the current date, how do I automatically update the datedue textbox so that it is 4 months later?

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Selecting Info

I've got a WYSIWYG editor, that runs off a template page (i.e. template.htm) that gets opened in an iFrame for editing.
How can I get it setup so I cange the template at the click of a button? I've tried doing a form with radio buttons, but can't get it to work.
For example, the iframe source has been set to "strTemplate". My form processing was along the lines of:

If request.form "template" = "template1" then
strTemplate = "template1.htm"
strTemplate = "template.htm"

If request.form "template" = "template2" then
strTemplate = "template2.htm"
strTemplate = "template.htm"

End If
End If

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Selecting A Value From The List Box

I have a list box which has the following values:

bike and Boat

If I select "car" it is fine but when I select "bike and boat" it just takes bike
as the selection. It is taking the space as the end of the string. Is there a way I can
rectify this?

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Selecting Dropdown In ASP

My boss wanted me to add a dropdown to this form. I was able to add in the dropdown and it inserts into my database (Access) just fine. However, I have an edit page also and this is where my trouble comes in.

On the edit page, the dropdown does not "know" which specific option was selected. I tried to write an If statement but I think there is something wrong in my syntax. Code:

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Selecting Software

I have undertaken a website revision project after not programming for about 6 years. I am beginning to set up a work environment on my pc, and have questions about the software being used verses what could be the ideal software.

I am familiar with classic asp pages, not I am also familiar MS Interdev (but am unable to locate my copy and cannot find a torrent file - is this an archaic program now?). The last thing that I'll mentioned is that I prefer to have a debugging capabilities.So the current website uses Dreamweaver 8.0, IIS 6.0, and MSSQL 2000. Question.Given my background, what software would you use to set up a work station?

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Selecting Values

i need to display results that do not match those in the database.I have an excel file and i upload it,inserting the records in a temp table. han i compare the values in the original table and the temp table.All i want is the values that do not match

sql = "SELECT TempSerial.SerialNo "&_
"FROM TempSerial, Serial WHERE TempSerial.SerialNo <> Serial.SerialNo "&_
"OrderBY TempSerial.SerialNo;"
Set RS = objConn.Execute(sql)

i displayed the records with <%=RS("SerialNo")%> but i get all the records in the temp table displyed.

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Selecting Last Record

i need to extract some data from a table called accountantsBids. I want to select the last entry for every accountant based on the date descending.

entryid = Autonumber
Accountantid = FK

I've tried TOP 1 but that doesn't do it - it only gives one recordset. What would be the best way to get this working.

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Selecting All Checkboxes Using ASP

I created a form for Deleting multiple records (from Access db )using checkboxes. However, I would like to add a link or button that would check mark all the checkboxes since I could have hundreds of records.

What is the best way to go about it. Does anyone knows of any samples other than Javascript.

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ASP & XML - Selecting Last Node??

I was wondering if anyone has a moment to look over some code I've written?

I'm involved in the maintenance of an old CMS system I wrote a number of years ago, when I was regularly coding in ASP. These days it takes a while to mobilise the grey matter when it comes to ASP.

Anyhow, basically I am trying to select a specific node and determine the id of the last child of the parent node.

At the moment, I am only returning the first childs id, despite my best efforts. Code:

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Selecting Ranges

On the online crm system i've built (using ASP) our customers can create a list of contacts and download/delete/add to this list when they want to and then go and view the list. It will display 20 on a page with forward/back buttons etc.

I have written a routine which queries the MS SQL 2000 database and retrieves all the IDs of the contacts. It will then work out the page it is on and display the appropriate records by reading through the 20 IDs for that page and query the data from each ID it needs to display on the screen.

This works fine for lists of up to 1000-2000 but when it gets to 5000, 10000 records it becomes an issue of performance as it will hold in a variable all of those 5000 or 10000 IDs. There has to be another way of doing this.

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Selecting Count(distinct Value)

I want to select just one field to display using sql and I want to have another variable that counts how many fields of the same value there are. My code looks something like this but i'm getting an error...

ADODB.Recordset error '800a0cc1'

Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal. Code:

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Selecting Random Images

Is it possible to select random images from a directory without creating a "library"

As in I want to have a directory with 25 or so images and want to randomly select an image without having to change the txt document when I add new images.

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Selecting Which Page To View .ASP.

This is my page that displays a certain players games played below. It sorts by games played and excludes all records that = 0. Now with 9 different grades to show i did not want 9 different pages, so i added in 'strSortGames' so that they can select which grade to view and only one page is needed.

I used a menu (list field) on a previous page to do this, do you no a better way to do this? e.g Text links or some other way? or is a list field a fairly good way? Code:

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