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Session Variables In Trusted Sites

I have an asp based site which for various reasons has to go in either
Trusted Sites or Intranet under security in IE7. However as soon as I
place it in either of these zoneI can no longer use session variables.
These session variables work fine when it is in the Internet zone. Any
ideas anyone?

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Add Trusted Zone From ASP?
Is it possible to add a domain name to trusted zones from an ASP page?

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Tracking Session Variables From Outside The Session
I want to create an administration page which lists all the current users who are on the site at the moment.

I know coldfusion has this feature built in using the SessionTracker class... does ASP have something similar? If not... is there any way I can just iterate through all the session files on the server...?

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Adding A Website As A Trusted Site Programtically
We have this application that uses ASP and requires the user to add our website as Trusted Site before he could proceed or even work well using our website.

I know it's just a simple click click click with the Internet Options but with would like our users to be prompted that the site need to be added as Trusted Site so that they will not encounter issues later on.

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Detect If Domain Is In User Trusted Zone
Is there a way to detect if the servers domain is added to the user's trusted zone?

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Sql Error 18452 Login Failed Reason: Not Associated With A Trusted SQL Connection
Not sure if this is the right place but I need to get this website going and am having problems with the ODBC driver connecting to the SQL server When setting up the driver I am getting a sql error 18452 login failed reason: not associated with a trusted SQL connection I am at a loss as I installed this on another machine and it worked.

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Session Variables...
I am using Session variables in my ASP application. I have tested the
application on a Win2k professional and it works fine. When the same web
app is installed on a win2k advanced server from the client browser when the
app is accessed the session variable returns null inspite of a value being
already set. I have checked the IIS enable session state settings. When i
use the server machine as client and access the app as localhost then the
session variable has correct value.

How can this be solved? What other settings if any, need to be changed to
get it work.

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Session Variables
Do session variables carry over if you've left your site and come back?

My shopping cart uses PayPal/IPN to transact and then enter details of the transaction into my database. All of the data entry takes place after IPN has returned all of the data to my site.

A couple of the fields I need to populate are held in session variables throughout the application. When the customer clicks on the checkout button, and is sent over to PayPal's server to complete the transaction, will the session variables still be available to me upon returning to my site?

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Session Variables
Is there a way to close a single session variable, once it's been created? I have an application that requires a several session variables to be created once a person enteres a certian section of my site. When they leave the variables are set to nothing, as they are no longer needed. I'd like to just close them out, but I will still need to keep the session open, so Session.Abandon will not work in this case.

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IIS And Session Variables
I recently reformatted my PC and reinstalled ISS onto Windows 2000.

Since I have done that, my local sites don't work as they used to.

By that I mean, if I have a login page, such as this: Code:

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On my IIS 5.0 i have enable session state set to 20 minutes
ASP SCRIPT TIMEOUT set to 200 seconds.

On my asp pages i even coded in session.timeout = 60

When i check the value of one of my sessions on a page i
am being returned to main page.

i.e If session("basket") = "" then
go to mainpage.asp

When i check the session.timeout on the page this is set
to 60

If i wait around for a few minutes i.e 5 then i am taken
back to mainpage.asp...

The server is not given me the 20 minutes session state.

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Session Variables
I cannot seem to get session variables to work on our test server.

The test server is running windows server 2000 with service pack 4, iis 5.0.2195.6620, and sql server 2000.

However, on our main server, NT 4.0 fully updated, they do work.

Could anyone enlighten me as to why session variables don't work on Windows Server 2000?

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Session Variables
We have different types of logins for our accounts on our intranet. When a
person logs in, a Session variable is set to determine their level of
access. For sake of argument, say the two LoginTypes are Manager and
Employee.When I log in (as a Manager), I get a certain set of options on the
homepage. Then I return to the login page, after logging in as myself, and
log in as an Employee. For some reason, the page seems "cached" and the
manager options will still display. If I refresh this page, it will appear
the way it should. I *think* this only happens when I copy/paste a URL that
I was at as a Manager. I believe that if I click a link, it displays
properly.Is there a way to prevent this? I do a ton of copying/pasting

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Session Variables
I would like to declare a session variable.
' Use session variables for the recordsets for the GetSubordinates and IsManager functions
Dim orgStructRS
set orgStructRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

Where can I declare this session variables?
Once I use the recordset in both the functions, where do I close these recordsets?

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Session Variables
I have read couple of articles warning against the use of storing VB COM
objects (Apartment Threading) in Session Variables due to the fact that
these variables could go bad.My question is what's the workaround this?
I have also read about making ASP Stateless...I'm guessing that means
turning the session and application variables off and if you do that
then how do you pass information for a particular user from one page to
another?I'm confused about how to get an ASP site working without using
Application and Session variables as well as not storing VB COM objects
in Session Variables.

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Session Variables
I have a session variable in a login page. Then I go to a form page where I
uses the ProfileID and the UserID. Then I go to a result page where I would
like to use the UserID as a filter, but I can't get the value is stored in it.

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Session Variables
I'm loading a variable into the session variables that will be for checking to see if the user can access a certain area of the website. When the user logs out or gives and incorrect login password is it better to kill off all the variables using session.abandon or to set the session access variable to False?
I'm not really concerned about using the servers resources with this one variable, but I would like to keep the server as free as possible.

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Session Variables
I've noticed that in my ASP application that session variables are not carried over from
one IE6 open browser window to another.
Can anyone tell me how IE can do this? It seems like it's a useful protection mechanism
that I can add to my application.
BTW, I'm looking for a way to determine if someone is moving cookies between computers.
How IE and/or ASP handles sessions might give me some insights (and I'm open to
suggestions as to how to prevent cookie stealing?)

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Session() Variables
I have an ASP [Classic] application running under IIS 5 & 6 [on different
servers (obviously)]
I need to implement Session() variables to cache some frequently looked up
data. Because of the nature of the data, it is best held in the Session()
rather than the Application() object.Is there a limit to the how long the parameter name can be?
For example:
Session("HairColour") - the parameter name length her is 10 characters -
what's the max length (is there a max length)?
I ask because my code will generate these parameter names on the fly and I
don't want them to break anything

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Session Variables
I have a question regarding ASP session variables.
My assumption was that a session variable has the same lifetime as the
session itself: as a consequence, given that closing the browser doesn't
terminate the session, the session variable is kept alive until the
session expires.But, surprisingly, I've found this to be true for the session variables
whose value is set in the global.asa file, but if the value is set in an
..asp script, it appears to be erased from the session object as soon as
the browser is closed although the session is still alive. Strange. Is
this a bug?What I'd need to know is: how I can make session variables whose value
is set in an .asp script persistent as long as the session is alive.

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Session Variables
In my GLOBAL.ASA file I'm trying to create a session variable for reference
in the various webpages of my site....

Sub Session_OnStart
End Sub

When referring to Session("LoggedOn") on my various ASP pages, it is coming
up as "".

I'm obviously misunderstanding how this works... Can anyone point me the
right direction?

Eventually I'll need to access a database and I'm assuming that if I need to
connect to that database, that I'll need to create the connection in the
Session_OnStart event and destroy the connection in the Session_OnEnd event
of the GLOBAL.ASA file.

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I Need To Set Up Session Variables
I need to hold some session variables on an intermediate page for later use . My problem is I dont know Where to store the session command. Do I put it in the head of the page of the form I get the Variable from , do I put it into the response page (I am using The POST method) or Where ?

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Session Variables ?
On the index page of my site the following code creates a unique user id in the form:

if session("userid") = "" then
session("userid") = left(createobject("scriptlet.typelib").guid,38)
end if

This is checked in every page to make sure the user has an id with the following code:

if session("userid") = "" then
response.redirect "index.asp"
end if

When the user has finally finished filling their webcart the userid is posted to the database but for some reason, with about 1 in 5 visitors to the site the database saves an empty field for the userid.

Does anyone know of any issues with session variables or any browser / config that could cause this to happen.

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Session Variables
In client-side script (<script> codes </script>), how can set / get session
variables' values?

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Session Variables In IIS
I am having some trouble with seesion variables.

I have just moved hosting companies to but have been
having problems with my applications holding session.

They say they can't guarantee sessions and recomend another method of
storing persistant data.

I questioned them on why, only on their servers, my sessions are being
reset as often as they are. They said it must be a coding issue.
However, I have not had trouble before, with same applications on
different or local servers.

So my question is this, what can reset session data? Just a reset of

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Session Variables
I'm having problems with carrying variables over from one page to another and then using them in if/then statements. I can carry the variables over fine (because I can print them) but if I try to compare it to a value I pull from a database it acts like the value is null and won't display. I'm not the best at explaining things so here's my code:

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Session Variables
I have a website written in asp that uses session variables. On
one workstation the session variable always comes back as an empty
string, like it doesn't exist. What could cause this? Is there a
browser setting or some type of security that can control whether
session variables are created?

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Session Variables
I have some pages in an asp site. Page one collects some data through a form and posts it to page two. Page two inserts the data into an access database and sets three of them as session variables. Page three is supposed to display those variables. My problem is that page three does not display any variables. All the variables are declared correctly and when i tried displaying them with page 2, they displayed properly but between page 2 and 3, they get lost.

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Session Variables
I have an web application framework that uses sessions to
maintain a userID and some other variables. If a userID
is not present in the session collection, it redirects the
user to a login page, assuming their session expired.
However, this has been happening seemingly at random on
some of our implementations. The configuration is
basically the same... IIS 5.0, Win2k, IE6, etc. Also,
this happens even when a user goes from screen to screen
so it isn't a timeout issue.
Is it client-side? Server-side? Is it due to some additional security features added
in updates to IE? I don't think we ever had this problem
in IE5.5, but I don't have a written history of that.

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Session Variables Not Set
I’m experiencing a problem regarding Session Variables and/or Cookies.
I have developed a web site, part of which is the member’s area (I guess well known to everyone) using ASP code. The problem is that it is functioning perfect on the ISP who is hosting the site but it doesn’t on my local server in the office. In both the cases a Session Variable is set to true (lets named it “SESSecured” ) when a user is authenticated (programmatically using Access Database) and all the rest ASP pages are querying the variable in order to proceed or not. In my office server this variable is always empty each type a new ASP page is loaded. In fact any variable set in any previous stage is empty which made me to investigate further and to found that each ASP page is getting a new SESSION_ID! On the cookies matter, tried to use cookies instead of Session variables and found that no cookies can be created

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Session Variables
I'm doing a a web survey now which can only be done once. I send email to all with a id append to the URL so i can do checking. If he didnt do be4 I will direct him to the survey page.

After he finish and submit, I do an insert statement backend but the problem is I cant seems to retrieve the session which is the guy's id so i can insert into the DB. When I insert the id is always 0.

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Session Variables
My asp application needs 2 variables (uid, password) which i need for
running sql statements.

This is not the same uid , password used for the logging by the user, but
are supplied by a Radius server. My problem is i'm supplied with the uid,
password only once by the Radius server(on the first page) , so i need to
store them. The thing is if i store them in the session they are visible to
the user. So that should be avoided... Been thinking about encrypting the
variabels, but cant find default vb code to encrypt the data. Actualy i don't
want to send any info at all...

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Session Variables
I need users to login to my site. so now i have a login page. Users enter their username and pasword and then gets redirected to another page.

Now first:

The address bar at the top changes to the new page. Is there a way that this can be prevented? Because after someone logs in once, and get that address, they can use it as a "shortcut" and get into the site without logging in at a later stage.

And then, once a user is logged in, they can fill in all forms and it would automatically add which user completed the form. Instead of re-entering their name / special code. Sort of like a datestamp but with the login details?

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Session Variables
Is there any limit on number of session variables or recordset objects that we create in ASP application?

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Session Variables
I've been using the same session variable for logging in to sites for a while now and it's been working effortlessly.

Until now on my developement server (windows 2003 same as hosts) it works perfectly but when i load it up to the site it just bombs out instantly. I use frames for the site (admin panel). Code:

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Session Variables And SSL
I am new to asp and am having problems accessing a session variable on a secure page (https) the session varaible was created on a non-secure page and when i go i can see that it is still there, so the session is being abandoned, just it is not viewable. I have also noticed the the opposite also happens, ie a session variable created on a secure page is not viewbale on a non-secure page ....

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Session Variables
Oh where Oh where are my session variables???

From a page in the root of a virtual directory I set 2
session variables. I then navigate to a page in a child
physical directory and a new session always starts thus I
lose my session variables. I tried placing the page in the
same location and the same happens. The first page sets
the variables and the second reads them but because a new
session is started, I have nothing. Is this a known
problem? and if so is there a workaround?

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Session Variables
do session variable still work if you change environments? for example i have a site on one sever, will the session variable be preserved once they transfer to a different site on a different server?

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Session Variables
I need help on session variables please.ive got a form that show an error message if the user did not enter a value. the problem is that is doesn't show both messages at the same time.first it show the error message for the first field and then when you click submit again is shows for the second field.

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Session Variables
I need to pass a session variable to global.asa file. When user signs on they create a id. I then need need global.asa to retrieve information from a database that belongs to that id after session is abandoned.

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Session Variables
Is there a server-side event that fires when the session variable expires that i can trap and do something with ie renew the session Variable or say run an asp to update a database

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Session Variables
From a html page with frames, I have a link to an asp application. When I let it go to a new browser, all the session variables work as intended. But when I link it into the main frame as target, the session variables are all blank.know of a way to mix asp and html pages with frames?

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Session Variables
I've (with some help) managed to set a session variable in a page, that looks like this: Code:

MyHeadOfficeAdd = "<span class=""c3txt8b"">" & MyRSarray(0,i) &" Head Office<br></span>" & _
"<span class=""c1txt8"">"&MyRSarray(2,0)&"<br>" & _
MyRSarray(3,0) & "<br>" & _
MyRSarray(4,0) & "<br>" & _
MyRSarray(5,0)& " " & MyRSarray(6,i) & "<br>" & _
"Tel: " & MyRSarray(8,0) & "<br>" & _
"Fax: " & MyRSarray(7,0) & "<br>" & _
"Email: <a class=""mainlink"" href=""mailto:" & MyRSarray(9,0) & """>" & MyRSarray(9,0) & "</a></span>"
Session(MyHeadOfficeAdd)= MyHeadOfficeAdd

which does some styling, and grabs some data from an XML file. All I need to do is call this session variable in another page, in Response.Write kinda way.

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Session Variables
A website I run uses session variables to store authentication information, but it doesn't work for all my users. For them, they enter login and password information, but it doesn't "stick".

My first thought was some sort of security setting or browser issue, but I don't think that's it. Why? Because I've noticed the issue when using the same version of IE with the same security setting at different locations. For instance, it works fine from my main computer using IE, Firefox, and Netscape. It doesn't work on my laptop with IE, but does with Firefox. It does work at work with IE and Firefox, but doesn't at my brother's house using IE.

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Session Variables
I am unable to pass the values using session variables. Here is what I tried thus far

1. In the 1st program I have created a session variable called name Session.Name= <the value I would like to pass>

2. In the next program how do I use it?

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Session Variables
Does a users browser need any specific settings turned on in order for these to be stored? ie, is there something *I* could disable in my browser which would prevent session variables being stored from my web site (ref: asp shopping cart).

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Session Variables
I have a form which includes several textareas. Each text area can be dynamically regernerated with the same name. Therefore when i submit the form and retrieve the data using the Request.Form method

eg. Session("Aims") = Request.Form("Aims")

each peice of information is stored within the Session variable delimited by a comma

eg. Aim one, Aim two, Aim three

i then use the split() function to sperate out the different values. This has been working fine, however if the user includes a comma within an aim the code can not distinguish the difference between this and the delimiter. Is there any way that I can change the delimiter within the session varialble from a comma to something else?

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Session Variables
We have a strange problem with our IIS server running on windows 2003 server. A small number of users complain that thier session expires midway and the application logs them out and even after logging in again the same problem exists. It only happens to about 3-5% of our users. why this happens?

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Use Session Variables
If I store information in these handy "session variables" am I going to run into many limitations that I wouldn't have it I added a database record for each session instead? For example, if I use session variables, can I have an admin utility that lets me see a
list and/or count of all open sessions? Or would I be able to keep the same user from starting multiple sessions if I wanted (by comparing the log-in name which my web-site requires)?

I know if I create a record for each open session that I can do all kinds of fun stuff like reports and queries, but not sure if I'll have all of those options with these built in ASP session variables (which I imagine ASP stores in memory or some non-standard format).

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Session Variables
If there is an associated memory cost for using session variables, can the memory used be reclaimed on an ASP page by setting the session variable to undefined or null?

If on the same ASP page you use a different session variable name and after each refresh of the page, set the previous session variable to undefined before using the next session variable, does this reclaim the memory used in the previous session variable, or does the usage of memory just continue to grow with each page refresh?

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Session Variables
Is there any limit to the number of session variables a site can have? And is that affected by global.asa at all? The reason why i ask is that i have a relatively simple site that relies on about 40 sesion variables and a mixture of vbs and js files. One of the session variables is an id number that gets incremented to point to the next piece of data to be displayed.

This variable is initialised on the first page of the site and then incremented. However, if you quit the site, and then access the site again, this variable is not reset to its initial value. Any ideas?

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IE6 Session Variables
I was alerted to a problem on a customer site late last week which, after investigation, suggested that session variables were not being stored in every instance. Searching Google pulled up details of an MS bulletin about this (KB Article 316112) which related to a recent update to IE patch MS01-055. This patch supposedly blocks cookies from domains with 'improper' characters in them and the example it gives is of an underscore, ie cookies from would be rejected.

It specifically states that a dash, eg, is OK, but we now have two sites, both with dashes in their names, where session variables are not being stored. This has been verified by testing in IE5.5 without the patch, and other browsers. This is a serious issue with huge implications. Has anyone else seen this on sites with hyphenated names?

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Session Variables
How can i see the value of the sesion variables, for each session client, in my web server ?

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