Tab Control Character

I'm trying to figure out how use a tab control with data on the clipboard. I have a copy button that uses java to copy a variable, but I want to be able to paste into two input boxes. The best I've come up with is:


UserNameDisplay = UserFirstName & "" & UserLastName

Trying to make the tab control charactor a part of the variable I'm copying, but all that does is create a space in between first and last names, not put first name into input 1 and last into input 2. Is there anyone out there who knows a way to accomplish this or knows if it's even possible.

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How To Display Chinese Character In Mobile Control

I having problem in displaying chinese character with mobile control. what configuration or settings should i set in Pocket IE or PC IE in order to display correct code page??

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Form Control; Want A Little More Control Of The Name Attribute

I would like to be able to control an asp text box control's name attribute.

I know i can manually type the whole string
<input type="text" name="username" value="" />

but then i can't use the validation control on the inputs. [free javascript ]

PHP Code:

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%20 Character

I have a login form in which i have logins for company as 'National City"
But when i capture the login name to give it in my query on some other form as Request.Querystring(username)
Its recognises it as National%20City...
i dont want to chhange my login names and keep it as NationalCity as one full word.How can i tell ASP to recoginze this as a space in the query ?

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Last Character

How do I delete the last character in a string?

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Tab Control

can anyone please advise me how i can create multiple tabs under one page?

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Character Set

I am using mySQL with ASP. I have a trouble with Turkish characters as I am
tring to get and display data from mySQL database. However, I can see whole
Turkish characters exactly when I use phpMyAdmin.I used the following tags on HTML but I couldn't achieve to display Turkish characters in any way.

mySQL database lang: latin5_turkish_ci
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-9">

<% @Language = "VBScript" Codepage="1254"%>
Session.LCID = 1055
Session.CodePage = 1254

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' Character In SQL

We have an application which uses surname and the date of birth to allow people to login.
The SQL gives an error if the user's surname contains the character '

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/ Character

I'm trying to set a session variable where two variables are seperated by a backslash:

Dim a
Dim b
a = Request.QueryString("Class")
b = Request.QueryString("Group")

Session("FTEClassGroup" & y) = a + "/" + b

I can't get this to work? I'm not sure, but is the backslash being seen as a string instead of the actual backslash character?

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Control Value

I am using VBScript for ASP. The control value must be case sensitive? The following example should print the "fname" value, but if if I change "submit" back to "SUBMIT". Then it works fine.

If (Request.QueryString("submit") = "submit") Then
End if

<form action="formtest.asp" method="get">
<P><input type="text" name="fname">
<P><input type="submit" name="submit" value="SUBMIT">

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First Four Character

i m declare one variable and it hold the name of a person

eg: strName = "Arvind Singh"

and i want to put first four character in an other variable please tell me the way to do this.

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Character Encoding

I have a partner sending me by post method to an asp page some text (xml

It arrives to my page encoded as follows

The < and > and spaces are replaced by nu霉mbers and percentage sign
I am using Request.BinaryRead(BytesTotal) and then doing response write and
I am getting exactly the same string with the encoding
How can tell my asp page to translate the encoded text to normal text?

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Special Character

How do I remove those special characters in a variable? I think there are a dozen special character and so I use a dozen replace object. Is there an object that call this in one call instead of a dozen?

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Getting The Contents Of The A Control

I have a select element in a form on a page with some options. When i submit thet form and the target asp page is executed, i want to find retrieve all the values in that select element on the page...?

thru request.form("sel") i am able to retrieve only the vaue selected by the user.

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I am having a few problems with the Timer component in ASP.NET. I can get it to work in the C# windows application of visual studio but not in the ASP.NET.

The thing is a number of people will be logged into the website (its a game) so each person will need to view the same timer counting down to zero.

This is the code in ASP.NET. The timer only seems to be counting during page load.

How do i get it to count for a number of minutes while the game is in progress????

This is my sample code:

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Currecy Character

I wonder why my computer with UK settings returns '$' when I call the 'FormatCurrency' function?

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Using Asp Page Control

I need help. I don't know how to using asp paging control function to display result pages format as like as or

For example.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 >>

<< 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 >>

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C# Windows Control Lib

I have C# windows control libarary (Dll), which I could able to load them
into browser using <objecttag with following syntax (In aspx page) and user
able to see the contolr properly.

<object name="chk" id="chk" classid="http:GSIM.dll#GSIM.gsimManager"></object>

I would like to load a client C# windows control libarary (Dll) instead from
webserver. (something like OCX)
So is there way I can load .NET control from client machine?? (Assum that,
the libarary exists in client machine GAC or in physical path)

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I'm having a problem finding/using an escape character with this ASP/JScript application I'm creating. Basically I have text sometimes that has apostrophes or double quotations in them, but they won't be INSERTED unless I manually take them out.

Ex: INSERT INTO tbl1 (vendor,reason) VALUES (81,"This is only a test, but there is an apostrophe and it's only going to make things worse.")

That apostrophe in "it's" is kiling everything. I've used the replace method to change it to " ' ", but that STILL doesn't work. I can't find MS SQL's ESCAPE CHARACTER. I've tried several directions of the backslash, but no luck.

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Active Control

My problem is my active control will download to IE6 sp2, but not download
to IE6 sp1. On IE6 sp1, ther is no popup to ask for download.

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Escape Character??

I am trying to only have a link show if there is a certin value in the DB. This is what I am trying:

<% if (rsWelcome.Fields.Item("access_level").Value) = "admin" then

response.Write("| - <a href="sps_main.asp">Sales Training Support </a>-")

end if %>

BUT... this is the error I get:

Expected ')'

/sta/topnav_test.asp, line 9 response.Write("| - <a href="sps_main.asp">Sales Training Support </a>-") How do I use quotes in a "response" and have the app server ignore them??

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Unrecognised Character

The application should have a way of alerting the user if it does not recognize a character used by the website and give the user the ability to make adjustments to the unrecognized characters. The system should then remember the characters that have been adjusted by the user.

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String Character

can someone please tell me how to add the " character to a string
i've already tried:
dim string

string = "something"

string = string & """
string should equal something" but doesn't work ?

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Grid Control

how to use grid control in asp 3.0
i am using visual interdev 6.0

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DataSource Control

I created a stored procedure (sp) in my sql database. The sp accesses a table in another sql database. I ran the commands to add the linked server and add the linked login. The tests work fine within the database. Using Visual Web Developer, I'm trying to link my Sqldatasource control to this sp and I'm getting the error: "Could not find server 'xxx' in sysservers. Execute sp_AddlinkedServer to add the server to sysservers." Can you tell me how to fix this error?

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After 80th Character

how can I add "vbCrLf" after every 80th character of a string. Suppose there is a string containg 600 characters and I want to pass on the string value to some variable, adding "vbCrLf" code after every 80th character.

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Error Control

when a error happen in my site, how to report it to my mail etc.?but for all error..
db,fso,string error...all and all

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Chinese Character

some one cuts and pastes the chinese charcters.
they are saved in DB as
---- case1 : ----

& # 6 5 3 9 6 ; & # 6 5 4 2 7 ; & # 6 5 4 1 9 ;
i used the space above as it is converting the characters while posting..
but i noticed some few records which are saved as

-- case 2 --

if values are stored as case1 then i have no problem.
but with the case2 .the chinese characters are shown good in few pages and at few pages they are shown as it like symbols.
when i cheked the its the same.what shd i do to see that in a html page these character codes display correctly?

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Underscore Character

Is there a way to make the underscore Character display in a browser? I've
tried several different fonts but the "_" character will not display.

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Removing Last Character

ive got a string where i woulld like to remove the last character it probably seems simple 2 u but i cant work it out
can anyone tell me how to remove it.

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Login Control Bug

The login control fails password validation from both the Web site
administrator as well as from the control itself when the application
containing it is run.

The validation error message produced is: "Password length minimum: 7,
Non-alphanumeric characters required: 1."

This occurs when running the app both running in IIS and file based. What's
'odd" is it seem like a client side problem.

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Menu Control

I have a menu control that has two Menu choices
One is "View History Items"
the second is "PDA"
My problem is as you roll the mouse over the menu options, the second
one works only if your mouse is actually over the text "PDA". Since it
is much narrower than the first item, the entire width lights up like
an active link, but the link won't work unless your exactly over the
area that has actual text. So it appears to the user who clicks too far
to the right that nothing is happening (which it isn't)

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Treeview Control

I need to create a treeview on a database management .aspx site that
when the parent is clicked, it expands to display the many associated
records with it. Aka, it pulls info from not one, but two sql server
tables. Further, these rows must be editable.

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