The Action Or Method Requires A Report Name Argument

I'm trying to view a form from Access 2k in ASP and I'm getting this error.

Error Type:

MSAccess (0x800A09C1)
The action or method requires a Report Name argument.
/GetCalendar.asp, line 39 ......

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IsNull Function Requires 2 Arguments Error

I used this to sum column with nulls and it worked fine but then when I tried to do the same with the next column over, I get "IsNull function requires 2 arguments error".

In my select statement:

Sum(IsNull([1st Qtr],0)) as Sum1QN

The one above worked fine, so I thought I would just do the same for the next column over like so:

Sum(IsNull([2nd Qtr]),0)) as Sum2QN

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Is It Possible To Pass An Argument By Querystring To Two Different Frames?

I have a frameset containing two frames named "left" and "right". Their src are "left.asp" and "right.asp". In the right frame I have the following code where I send an argument to the left frame (left.asp).

My problem is how I can send the same argument to "right.asp" too. I want "MyArgument" to be sent to both frames by clicking the link, not only "left.asp". Code:

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Invalid Procedure Call Or Argument

I am working on some minor modifications, face uplift and fixing some bugs/problems. This site is done in VBScript and currently is down.

When uploading a file, the following error happens on both my local machine and the development server. Code:

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Invalid Procedure Call Or Argument: 'InStr'

I get this error melding >>>Invalid procedure call or argument: 'InStr' and this is the code where this error refers to:

If (InStr(r, UCase(strRetVal), "<TABLE>") > 0) AND _(InStr(r, UCase(strRetVal), "<TABLE>") < _
InStr(r, UCase(strRetVal), "</TD>")) then ThisCellText = mid(strRetVal, StartCellText, _
InStr(r, UCase(strRetVal),"<TABLE>")- StartCellText )
ThisCellText = mid(strRetVal, StartCellText, _
InStr(r, UCase(strRetVal), "</TD>")- StartCellText )
End If

in this area i am doing something, can anyone plz direct me and tell whats wrong?

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Runtime Error '800a0005' Invalid Procedure Call Or Argument

I have been modifying a forum I found on the web for a web site I am developing. Everythiing has been going great ( until I yesterday when I hit a brick wall. There seesm to be an issue with the email functionality. The author wrote a "send_email" function that I just can't figure out why I keep getting this error:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0005'

Invalid procedure call or argument

/forum/admin/functions/functions_send_mail.asp, line 158

In the script for the email function, here is an excerpt of the code (he uses a select statement for various email types...) and a call to the function from a page. Might I just modify that include file with my own CDONT script? I use cdonts on other pages in the site just fine? BUT, I would really like to get this to work.. Code:

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Problem Writing Text To A File - 'Invalid Procedure Call Or Argument'

I'm looping through the source code of an HTML page, looking for links, grabbing the source of those links and saving each one in turn to an HTML page on disk.

This is working fine about 70% of the time, but sometimes it falls over when I try to write the source code as a text file to disk: Code:

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Login To Page Requires Login

I want to login to a page using MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP.4.0 or an object like this, I must send the form variables needed to login when I try to login to the page. But the problem is, that the page looks like a exe file (not a asp file or php file or what ever). The name of the page I try to login is something like "/pw?/session/login", nothing more, without extension. I have tried the code with a normal asp file with session registration and login process and it worked, but not with this file.

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Action .asp From HTM

I'm trying to connect to a sql server to write a record , but am getting no results.
See the attched file

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Action Form

I have a form with 3 combobox whitin a asp page called data.asp, whose
action form is itself; the first combobox drives the behaviour of the other
two.The onchange event of the first combobox is related to a javascript function
in which I call the submit method for the form, whose action form is itself.
This works fine.
The problem is that if I want to save the changes done by the user (clicking
the OK button) I need to set the action of the form to another page, for
example save.asp.
The question is: how to do this?
I had written a function inside the onclick method of the OK button that is
similar to the following one

document.MyForm.action = "save.asp";

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Action Successfull Or Not

im trying to get used to asp, as im abit of a php users really. anyway my problem is ive made a database connection and made an update work. only thing is im wondering how one would test if the update was successful so can display to user that it was.

my query ends as


adoConn.Execute strQuery

so is there away to test if it was successful?.. so i can do if it was var = success else car = error

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Forms Action

I have an ASP page with some form elements on it, as well as an inline frame
called 'body'.

Depending on element is selected when the form is submitted different ASP
pages appear in the inline frame.

<form Name=aSelect method=Get action=Test.asp target=body>

<Input type="radio" name="Radio" value=0)

Using this the line passed to the inline frame = Test.asp?Radio=0

I want to add a second inline frame to the page and have a different
page displayed in this. The page to be displayed needs to reference the
selection made in the form. Something like Otherpage.asp?Radio=0

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Automatic Action

is it possiable in run some automatic checkups on the server every X time or every time (with no reaction with the user). I need to run all the time checkups on the sql database and check values of some column.

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Perform An Action

Is there any way that I can for example, send an email After a file has been downloaded? Currently, it is setup so when they click to download a sends an email...I am trying to figure out a way to have the email sent only have the download has completed.

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Sending Action

I have a system that i designed a while ago that is an online diary system. The way it works is that the users are given the option to click on any day of the month on the main diary screen. This then opens a second browser window using javscript to show the user all of the appointments in this day. All action are then done in this new window.

The proplem that i have is that once the action has been done, it is not highlighted on the main diary screen untill the page is refreshed. Is there any way that i can send a refresh comand back to the original brower screen from within the new javascript opened brower? I have a close window button on the js window so i didn't know if there was some way of adding a command to do it.

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POST Action

I have a form with dropdown boxes and a "Submit" button.These dropdown boxes get populated dynamically with user interaction, like this:

<form method="POST" name="form1" action="MyPage.asp">
<p><select size="1" name="Dropdown1" onchange=form1.submit()> 

The "Submit" button is included within the same form.Is there a way to find out which item made the POST action.If it's the Submit button.i want to do this.If it's the dropdown boxes.then i want to do a different thing.

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I have this form that updates a database when the submit button is pressed like this


If Request("submit")="Submit Hotline Form" Then

and I noticed that it works fine when I have the form itself as the action, but when I make another form the action for the form it doesnt update the database. Is there something wrong with my if? or is there a different way to do this? I wanted the second page to display info from the database as values in the input type=text boxes.

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Action Codes

Having a problem with a page being skipped in the cart. Intermitting problem here. Action code 38 then 47 when this occurs.

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Form Action

how I can create two different form actions.I'm currently creating a On-Line Order System for our company. I've created a page that displays what they have ordered and the option to update the number of item that would like on there order. so I need to create two different for actions.

What I looking to have is one button that would submit, one button that would update any changes? Two different action.the update button will call proorderbyline.asp the submit will call submitbyline.asp .

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Action Scripting

Anyone can help me to create a Text Formating. AS I want that there is a object. I want to write some text in a textbox on Run time. and it displays on the object and if i want to change his font,size or color.

so tell me how its possible. can i get tha code from anybody or from anysite or anyone plz me to do this in Flash with Action Scripting.

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Form Action

I have a form that appears in a popupwindow. I found a javascript code that allows me to return to the opener window onClick and it closes the popwindow. The problem is I tried to implement the code into my Form Action and I can't get it to work.

This is the original code:

onClick="return targetopener(this, true)

This is what I'm trying to do:

<form action='return targetopener(<%Response.Write("checkboxtrial2.asp?Model=" & Recordset("model") & "")%>, true)' name="formOptions" method="post">

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Hidden Form Action

Is there a way with ASP or Java to hide the form action part of a form? I have someone that has found the location of a script by looking at the source of one of my forms.

They run some type of script that trys to post bogus info from 6:00 in the morning till 12:00 in the afternoon. Although it gets denied due to wrong input by the user, it sends administrative emails that are annoying (hundreds). If the user only saw the client side (below), they could not do it. Is there a way? Code:

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File Shows Action

I have an asp page that outputs a word document. Wnen the user attempts to
open this page from a hyberlink in an email document the word document opens
fine but if they save then an action cancelled message appears in a browser
window. If you cut and paste this same link into IE and attempt to saves
there is no browser window opened.

If the user attempts to open instead of save the document it opens in a word
out side the browser. I am told this used to open up in word insdie the
browser.If you cut and paste the link into explorer and acess it from there
the word document is displayed in word inside the browser.

If I omit the content disposition header the word document opens inside a
browser no matter how it is opened however the save problem remains.

I do not want the browser window to remain open. Or if it must then I dont
want the ACTION Cacelled message. How can I control that

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Two Action Post At Different Script

Is there any way to post two actions at different in a same form data with a single button click? I would like to use the following actions in the same form. But I can successfully use any of one below.

<form name="DeliveryDetails" method="post" onsubmit="return check(this);" action="ShowDeliveryDetails">
<form name="process" method="post" action="">

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<form... Action="

Is it possible to have a form with TWO submit buttons that calls TWO DIFFERENT ACTIONS?
For example, at the end of the form, when SUBMIT1 is pressed, it goes to PAGE1.asp. if SUBMIT2 is pressed, it goes to PAGE2.asp. and whichever one it goes to, all form field values are sent to it?

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Active An Action Query

i have a an access query on my db, and i want when i open the asp code .the action query run , but when i try to so it , by select *from actioguery ,it doesnt work, how to do this move?

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Changing The Action On A Form Before Submitting

I want a form to submit to a different page depending on what selection has been made in a dropdown option box. However something is going wrong my code looks as follows: Code:

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Avoid Action Page Being Refresh

Currently i did 2 pages
form and action pages, where form will have 2 inputs, and action page will insert the data into database.

but the i have tested once i keep refresh the action page, the data will be inserted again and again, anyone know how can i control this matter and avoid sql injection?

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Triggering An Action On A Dropdown List

What I want is for an action to be triggered when a user selects something on a dropdown box.

The something would actually be two variables. One 'static' in that the drop down would be 1, 2, 3, 4 the other being a variable in the true sense e.g. if selection A is 2 and selection B was 3 then the variable is 5 and this variable is the one I want to use to trigger events.

Using themes I could maybe do it but I am hoping there is a easier, more dynamic way to do it.

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Using A Dynamic Dropdown To Initiate An Action

I have a dynamic dropdown list that has info brought in from my SQL database. Based on the user's selection, I want to create a message box that informs a user that an additional step must be taken first before the form can be submitted. For instance:

Drop down list contents -

New Build

If a user selects "New Build" from the dynamic drop down, a messgae box would appear to let the user know that they need to have a permission form filled out before they can submit the work order. Something to that affect. Can this be done based on a selection in the list or do I need to use check boxes instead.

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Form Post Action Options

I have a form with several submit buttons. Each one is different. For instance, one may require the next action window to be a pop up requesting more data. Another may require it to be normal. And of course I need the request data from the form. I tried not specifying the action on the form and put it on the the submit button via the OnClick but the request data was always behind and isn't current until after the submit.

I guess an easy way to think about it is say you have a tool bar and depending on which button you click it fires a different asp file but the current form data.

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Call Subroutines Via A FORM Action

Can I have this: Code:

<!-- #include file="myFunc.asp" -->
<form name="myform" method="post" action="<% function1(); %>" >
..form stuff

I tried it but it was as if the page was trying to process the function before the page rendered.

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Performing Action Before Moving To Another Page

Is there a way to force a sub or a function to be executed before the
user to move to another ASP page?

In fact I want to update a basket (table) if the user wrote a quantity
for a product in the page. I want to avoid them to click for every
single product they add.

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