Time Format

I am trying to get a time to display with AM or PM (not the 24 hour clock). When I use:

<%=FormatDateTime(Now(), vbLongTime)%>

I get 21:28:37 I want 9:28 PM .

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Time/Date Format And Changing Time To GMT

Currently working on a ASP for a friend, which requires the date and
time on it. It pulls in entries from an Access Database with dates and
times in the format of:

"Fri Oct 17 18:02:46 2003"
However my date and time on the ASP page is displayed as:
"Friday, October 17, 2003 18:02:46"
using the script:
"<%Session.LCID = 1033%>
<%=FormatDateTime(Date(), vbLongDate)%>
<%Session.LCID = 2057%>

Anyone know how to change this script, fully or partly to produce the
date and time on the format that's in the access database i.e. "Fri Oct 17
18:02:46 2003" Code:

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Format-time In Xsl

I have and XSL page that transforms my XML data from MSSQL. The way I display datetime variable from XML within XSLT is:

<xsl:value-of select="ms:format-time(Modified, 'h:mm tt')" />

Which is fine, except it gives me time in UCT, when I need it in Eastern (-5 GMT) time.
XML actually has the correct data and it shows -5, but XSLT will only display UCT. How can I fix that?

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Asp Sql Time Format

Working in VBScript ASP page with MSAccess Db. Well I'm darn embarrased for this to be my first post on here - you know when you've solved all the big stuff and then some tiny stupid little thing sends you flat opn your face ?

I want to put a time into my sql statement, like this :

INSERT INTO hoursTbl (opening,closing) VALUES ('09:15','17:35')





etc etc....

nearly all of them work if I run them in Access itself, but none are working in my ASP page. I get the standard 'syntax error in INSERT statement' error message

Is it a special syntax I need?

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How Do I Format Time?

I'm using an Access db and have a field which holds the time of an event. The field is a text type as when I chose date/time format when displaying it on my ASP I couldn't format it. So anyway, I display my date like so

strStartTime = rs("StartTime)
FormatDateTime(strStartTime, vbshorttime)

which formats the time in a 24hr format but I want to display am/pm, how do I do that?

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Time Format

I've made my own guestbook in asp and everythink is working fine. The page is hosted on a server located at USA and the record time is displayed with AM and PM... How can I put it like 16:00 for example?

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Format Time

I'm trying to us the formatdatetime function to format US-time and it doesnt give me the seconds. how to do that?

2002-02-02 06:00 AM gives 6:00 AM when I want 6:00:00 AM

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Time Format

When pulling the hour (or minute, or second, or day, or month, etc) from
the server like:

<%= hour(time) %>

Is there a quick way (like, without an if then statement to check it and
fix it) to format it so it represents all hours in two digits like:


for 12 am. instead of just:



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Format Date Time

I am trying to format the following line fo code so that it shows tha date time in my database as dd mm yyyy

currently in the database it shows as 2006-10-03 08:01:00

Here is the code that I want to format it is posssible to format it in such a way???

Response.Write "<td class=TableFieldInput>" &trim(rsSet("Archive_date")) &"</td>"

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Date/Time Format

i am using ms access for my database.there is a table named Reservation and of the field inside this table is resDate which is the format is Date/Time.in my asp page (use vbscript), there is a variable where i coded it like this, res_Date = Date().the save data process is just fine but when i look into the data database, my resDate stored data just like this 12:00:00 AM.but when i try display res_Date at asp page, it shows the current data like 12/7/2004.is there any wrong with my code or i just left something?

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What Format Date And Time Should I Use

I trying to do a start date/time and end date/time data from database to performance check it is overdue from an asp file.

So I have Start Date/Time and End Date/Time form textfields. The time textfield is 24hour format. The date are 3 fields Day,month and Year. Code:

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Format Time Field

I have this field time field in my database which has records in the military format



Can anyone tell me how to come up with a slick function to show results in the normal time format

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Format Time Display

I am using the query bellow to display some fielsd on my page and am having some problema displaying the data from calltime. I have the field setup in access as short time but when it is displayed on the page it displays as 12:15 AM. How can I remove the AM/PM from the display?

<% notesSQL = "Select * From notes where callID =" &RSupdate("callID")
Set RScalls = dbConnection.Execute(notesSQL)
Do While Not RScalls.EOF
<%=rscalls("notes")%> &nbsp;Added by: <%=rscalls("employee")%> on
<%=rscalls("notesdate")%> &nbsp;Time Spent: <%= rscalls("calltime") %><br>

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Format Date Time

I'm trying to format 5/23/2005 9:00:00 AM to look like 20050523T140000. How can this be done with ASP? I have a VB version, but ASP uses FormatDateTime and I saw no equivilent switches.

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Time Format: Get Rid Of Seconds

I have a simple calendar scipt that ask for time of event input. While I like the time feature I do not like the fact that it displays with seconds included.

Ex. Displays HR:MIN:SEC 5:05:30 PM

Desired display 5:05 PM

How do I get rid of the display showing seconds? I have changed the database format, but this does not seem to effect the disply on the asp page.

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Testing Date/time Format

I want date inputs to be in the form "d-m-yyy h:m:s". On submitting a form. I want any date input not i this format to be alerted for the correct format.

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Time Format Conversion Question

I have a variable that contains a time value in the format HH:MM:SS that indicates a duration rather than a clock time, and I need to convert it to plain seconds so an input of "00:07:01" would output "421". I'm not too good with time/date conversions, and I can't seem to get this one working right. Is there anyone out there that already has a script that does this or someone who could point me in the right direction?

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Converting The Time Format Throw Asp?!@

i use this code to convert the date format throw asp. so it could work well with me sql server Db Code:

strSQL="select * from Visit where convert(datetime,visitdate,103) = convert(datetime,'" & date() &"',103) ORDER BY visittime"
rs.Open strSql

but u try to convert the tme form also in the same way but it doesnt work , so anybody have any idea how could this be done? Code:

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Display Time In 12hr Clock Format

I try to display the time from an access db in 12hr clock format. Am I missing something simple? The time is held in the medium date format ie 07.30pm and I'm using:

FormatDateTime(rs("StartTime"), vbshorttime)

but this displays 19:30 instead of 7:30. If I change to vblongtime I get 19:30:00 and if I change the time field format to short time I still get 19:30. What am I doing wrong??!

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Remove "AM" In Time() Format

just want to ask how can i remove the letters "AM" or "PM" in this code:

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Script To Format Existing Access Table Into Wall Calendar Format?

I have the tables set up in Access, viewing in column format on ASP pages but now the company wants the schedule reports to be in a wall-calendar type format. I've searched and found calendar scripts but I need one that's creates a table resizable to a report size format. Using the existing MS Access db I've written is also a plus.

Any suggestions on where to start?

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Convert Any Audio Format Files To Vox Format

if there any asp or vb functions that can convert any audio format files to vox format.

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How To Format Date In MM/DD/YYYY Format

how to format date in MM/DD/YYYY format in ASP?

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Time Calculation :: Difference Between Login And Current Time

I would like to display the difference between the logging time
[Session("start"] and the current time [now]. In hours minutes and seconds,
I have tried a couple of things but all I see is gobbledy gook.

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ASP To Re-load Page From Time To Time To Reset Varaibles

I have a website that I subscribe to that allows me to track tasks. I have an extra computer with a big monitor that i want to always display the task list. the problem is after so many hours I get logged out.

I need to need to reload that sign in url every few hours Code:

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Comapring Database Time And Computer Date/time

there i was just windering how do i compare a date/time vlaue in sql server agaisnt the computers' date/time.
for example, if computer date/time is two months or 2 weeks before the database date/time do something

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Time Convert String To OdbcType.Time

I am working on a database that collects information about incidents. One of the fields that people enter is the time of the incident. I am trying to convert that string that people enter into a OdbcType.Time and I am at a lost.

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Local Machine Time To Eastern Time

How will we convert the system date & time to other timezone for eg: Eastern Time zone using ASP?

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Time Function Returns Wrong Time

When the Form is submitted I use the Date() and Time() functions to put the date and time into the Body part of the e-mail. The time reported is three hours earlier than the time at which the Form is actually submitted.

I understand these functions are evaluated on the server so the server must be in a time zone three hours earlier than where I am . Is there any way I can get the local time at the location where the user is actually located. ?

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How To Get Asp Execution Time And Database Connection Time ?

Any some tools or sample codes drop down asp script execute time and
database connection time ?

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Server Time Local Time Convert

I'm trying to do a very simple code that converts the server time into a time zone of your choice.

dim h 'Current Hour
dim i ' Time Zone Increase - add or subtract hours
dim r 'Result Here
h = Hour(Now)
i = + 2
r = h + i

but obvisouly i'm having trouble with the time zone convert.

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Compare The NOW Time With A Deadline Time

I am trying to compare the NOW time with a "deadline" time. Please help. Just not sure why this is not working. I need to be able to say IF IT'S BEFORE 9:30 TODAY, IT'S OKAY TO ADD SOMETHING. IF IT'S AFTER 9:30 TODAY, YOU MUST ADD IT TOMORROW.


deadlinetime=formatdatetime(now(),2) + " 8:30:00 AM"
response.write "NOW: " & nowtime & "<BR>"
response.write "Deadline: " & deadlinetime & "<BR>"
if nowtime<deadlinetime then response.write "can send out today" end if
if nowtime>deadlinetime then response.write "must send out tomorrow" end

NOW: 1/18/2007 8:51:43 AM
Deadline: 1/18/2007 8:30:00 AM
can send out today

As you can see, NOW is GREATER THAN Deadline, so it should must send out tomorrow.

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Time Calculation :: Between Two Dates And Time

i want to calculate the total time between to dates and time.

Example: Total time elapsed from date 1 time 1 to date 2 time 2.

27/09/2004 11:00 - 28/09/2004 10:30

The user enters a record and then later comes back and closes it. I need to know the time it took from when they entered the record until the time it was closed.

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