Uploading Images/Files To Server

Other than creating a custom component or purchasing one, isn't there
any other way by which users can upload images/files from their local
machines/hard disks to a remote server? Doesn't ASP have any in-built
component to do so?

If that's indeed the case, can someone suggest any free components
(not trial ones) which can be used to upload images/files from users'
local machines/hard disks to a server?

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Uploading Images To Server

how to upload images to the server.

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How To Display Images Using Files Form Web Server?

I am trying to build a simple image gallery,that displays image form the files on web server and displays it on webpage.

I tried,but it gives an error:

Quote: Error Type:

Active Server Pages, ASP 0113 (0x80004005)

The maximum amount of time for a script to execute was exceeded. You can change this limit by specifying a new value for the property Server.ScriptTimeout or by changing the value in the IIS administration tools.

Here is the code:

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How To :: Uploading Images

My image is in local directory. Using "FILE" input type, I am getting the path of the image. How to upload this image to my server using ASP?

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Uploading Images Into A Database

I would like to know if there is a way to upload an image and text into an Access database using asp. I have a web site hosted on a web server which doesn't accept to install components. If anybody knows some sample code (in case this is possible), a link or some code would be welcome.

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Uploading Images To Database

My database only has an image field (sql2005).

All the tutorials I find have the databse with additional fields like Filename, FileSize, FileData, FileID, Contenttype, etc.

I want to upload into ONLY that image field because my windows app accesses the same database, and it doesn't use those additional fields. does someone out there have a tutorial or some code example or SOMETHING related to uploading a file into a SQL database?

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Uploading/resizing Images

I've been looking for ages for decent serverside (or clientside I suppose,) software for uploading images. I need the software to make thumbnails of the images too.

I'm making a property website product and I need to make it easy for the user to upload pics by browsing to them and selecting them. When he/she adds the info and photos the thumbnails will be made automatically ....

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How To Uploading Images And Renaming Then

i want to give a option to client that they can upload there logo/images. how i can upload the images and when some upload the images i want to rename the images as the user name of the client or some autonumber. how i can rename the images.

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Code Example For Uploading Images

Does anyone have some code examples to upload image with ASP. My App is using ASP with VBScript.

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Uploading Images From Webpage

I am creating a site and want the users to be able to upload images from their computers either onto the server or into the database using a BLOB field. The question is, which of these is the best. The basic use of the picture (jpg or gif) would be similar to ebay or an Avatar on a forum. Would it be better to store the picture it the database or the link?

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Uploading And Inserting Images Into A Homepage

I'm trying to improve the way that our press team update images on our homepage. At present the headline link and text is inserted using a submission form that writes to a database. However the accompanying image is inserted by placing the image on a blank web page (headline.asp) and using an include on the homepage to insert it into the appropriate cell next to the headline text.

I would like to add an 'upload image' function to the news submission form that would allow the press team to browse to the image file and insert this into the same location. The upload function would therefore have to automatically send the image to headline.asp.

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Uploading / Resizing / Thumbnail Images

I am working on a gallery and am uploading pics. Is there any way of resizing the resizing image eg make a thunbnail from the image been upload. Also can I rename the image so that images aren't overwritten.

below is the code I am using.....

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Uploading & Inserting Multiple Images

How can I upload & insert 2 images to the server using asp, I used this code for one single image....I need to know for 2 images in order to insert them in database

The following is the code :

Set Upload = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Upload")
Upload.IgnoreNoPost = True
Upload.LogonUser "","maf","fam@dmin"
Upload.Save server.mappath("/uaeagricent/AgriNews/Newsimg/")

For Each File in Upload.Files

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File Name Validation When Uploading Images

I would like to know ho to validate a file name when uploading via asp. I need to upload 2 images and the file names must be the same...

1) browse for 1st image.
2) image path and file name appears in text box i.e. IMAGE1.JPG
3) browse for 2nd image.
4) 2nd image file name MUST match the file name in the text box of 1st image

Hope this is clear... How can this be done.

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Uploading Images/Creating Directories

I have only been developing small sites using asp and Access database. I want to advance my skills and develop a large site. Basically, I need direction in relation to having a user set up an acct., and once set up, being able to upload images. FrontPage (dare I say it) has always enabled me to allow visitors to upload one image at a time, and then only to a specific directory. What I want is the ability to have someone upload a specified amount of images to a directory that is created when they opened their account. ie., /tom/images If anyone knows of of good tutorials on this, I sure would appreciate it. I also want the ability to check images file size and dimesions, and resize or reject if neccessary. Can I learn how to do this w/out buying some program online.

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Uploading Images :: Restrictions On Size

I want to allow my visitors to upload images, but with restrictions. For example, I want to display an error when the image is bigger than 50x50.

So my question is, how can I check the width and length of the image that is getting uploaded?

Also, I'd like to store the images in my database (MS Access and MySQL). Can someone give me clues or code on how to do this?

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Uploading Images And Storing File Name, Height And Width In Database

How can I accomplish the following:

I want to upload image files (jpg) into a sub-directory of a website root directory using a web interface allowing the user to browse their drive and select the jpg file to upload.

Also, is there a way to parse the information from the jpg file and insert the information into a SQL database table which would hold the file name, image height, and image width?

I'm new to handling binary files, so I'm not sure how to accomplish this?

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Uploading Files

how I can upload a file to
the server, and overwrite the existing file if there is one.

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Uploading Files

I have this ASP code, for uploading files. I can upload an image,but cannot retrieve other form element data, can anyone suggest me a way out?

For eg, I have a form wherein I am getting some info from the user and he needs to upload an image as well. The code I use can upload the image but cannot get the other info. form the form fields. The code to upload is: Code:

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Uploading Files

I am using some free Upload code by Jacob Gilley:

'' File: Upload.asp
'' Author: Jacob "Beezle" Gilley
'' Email: Join Bytes!
'' Date: 12/07/2000
'' Comments: The code for the Upload, CByteString,
''CWideStringsubroutines was originally
''written by Philippe Collignon...or so
''he claims. Also, I am not responsible
''for any ill effects this script may
''cause and provide this script "AS IS".

However, it takes a really long time for it to write large files to
disk. I am uploading files that range from 500k to 2.5 megs in size.
It can take Jacob's code up to 2 minutes to write the file to disk.

Should I just buy one of the upload controls? Are they any faster?

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Uploading .mdb Files

Is there a script out there that will allow me to upload .mdb files. I am trying to be able to let my client go into thier admin page and download the .mdb file (that works fine...) and when she is done changing it or w/e she wants to do with it she will need to upload it to make the changes work. So it needs to over right the origional or something like that...

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Uploading Files

I have one Server that supports ASP, but very little storage space on that server.
I have another Server that supports only PHP, with lots of space.

My website is writen in ASP, so all my ASP files are on the first server, and I have an option on the ASP server to upload files to it from an ASP page by users accesing a certain page.now, I wondered if it is possible to upload files by an ASP file located on the first Server to the PHP server, because there I have more storage, is it?

I need this done this way because once the file is uploaded by the ASP page the file name,size and type are inserted into the DB thats on the ASP page.

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Uploading Two Files

i found this code on the net that allows me to upload a file to the server:


The code works really well. However, i want to upload two file at once rather then one. I have tried changing the code but nothing really seems to work. Can anyone see a good way of using this code to upload two files?

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Uploading Files

I'm making an intranet application where all the users can send mail and attachment to the adiminstrator. Physical file transfer to server machine and putting the message in Access database is done.

I want to upload all the messages along with the attachments in the Outlook of server machine. So that when administrator starts Outlook application, all the incoming mails from intranet are displayed in his inbox. I'm using Access and ASP (VB Script).

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Uploading Files

I have problem in uploading files using ASP, can you give me some sample code about uploading using ASP?

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Uploading Files

I use an .asp file to upload files from my website..but there is a problem.
first of all i use a file control and then i sumbit the page using a submit form button
and the asp stores the file it self.THe problem is that if the file is >than 1 mb i cant
i have a free account at brinkster.

and 1mb is the file limit.BUT not the database limit! so i add the file SUCCESSFULY in the database and retrieve it also successfully.THe problem is that i cant send over 1mb over asp. IF you have anyideas or have to suggest any free site that supports that.

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Uploading Files

I am uploading some files to web server using clsUpload component. The problem is its working perfectly with IE but failing to upload in Mozila, Opera etc like browser. Can any one help me in this. Am attaching the file as text file. These are the 2 asp files.

Kindly suggest me asap as am trying to solve the issue from last 2 days without any result.

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Uploading Files In ASP

I would like to know how can I upload files on a web server, without using FTP, but using ASP.

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Uploading Multiple Files

I have a page with only one <input type=file ..> tag.

The page submits to itself with a "Save File to List" button. User browses thru the files and click the above button to add the file to a list. In the end user clicks "Submit" to upload all the files from the list to the server.

Problem # 1

I'm not sure how to save FILE type object collection/array, with every click of first button.

Problem # 2

How do I post that collection/array varaible when submit (2nd button) is clicked.

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Uploading Huge Files.

Is there any SCRIPT that I can upload 50MB files? The one I have written do
only <2MB, We have no way to use vb com.

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Uploading Files And Security

I want to upload files from my page. (in the past I have used pure asp upload) My client is concerned about security. Is there a way to encrypt these files? Is it necessary or does it even help to put ssl on the site. What do I have to worry about as far as security so others can't get to these files?

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Uploading Very Large Files

I am currently developing a download centre for a hardware manufacturer which has alot of firmware and other software available to it's clients. Most of these are less than 10mb and with their internet connection I'm thinking a browser upload through the admin tools will be fine. However there are files on the current site of up to 100mb, how would be best to handle uploading these?

I was thinking maybe an ftp component would handle bigger files better than an normal http upload? Does anyone know of any components that allow some kind of background uploading so they can continue to use the admin for other tasks while this continues?

Or just any other suggestions full stop! Maybe I would need to come up with some way of taking them out of the system and loading a windows ftp with the correct directories etc.. predefined?

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Uploading .docx Files In ASP

I have a file upload script that has successfully uploaded files,although the MS .docx format will not load for some reason. Has anyone found a workaround/solution to this?

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