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Validate Form Field Against SQL Database

I need to validate an item number from a form field against a MS SQL database

I am using a 2 page process to print barcodes from an entered item number on page 1 and need to only use valid item numbers from the database. If they enter a wrong number I want to give them a page telling them of the error.

I have 32 fields on page 1 to enter 32 items.(one for every label on the second page that contains the barcodes. Here is the connection to the database that I am using for the barcode.(Column IMLITM contains the item numbers) Code:

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Validate 1st Field On Form
I have a form that users fill in, thefirst field is a username, which
must be unique.Currently only when I attempt the Insert into the DB does the restaint
inform the user that it already exists.Is there any way i can check , let say onblur, if that username exists, so that they dont have to complete the whole form before being

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Validate Only Name Field
I have 2 fields on a form called 'name' and 'title'.

I want to make the 'name' field compulsory to fill in on a form. So if someone submits a form and the name field is not filled in, it will tell them and won't let them submit.

But I only want the name field to become compulsory when the 'title' field is filled in. So if the title filed is blank then the validation will not be effective but if the title field is filled in then the name field will become compulsory. Code:

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Validate A Required Phone Field
I got this so far.But I need the user to be able to enter a space, a () and a dash into the field. ASP Code:

if studentphone="" or not IsNumeric(studentphone) then
lvstudentphone="<font color='#CC0000'>"&lvstudentphone&"</font>"
end if

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Calling A Database Field From Form
I have the following line of code that is part of a form that displays a record from a database;

<textarea name="name" cols="60" rows="20" value="<% =rscms_example("body") %>" </textarea>

Could you please tell me where I am going wrong on it? I know its probably very simple, but I am terrible at forms anyway.

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Form Field Data From Database
I currently have a web page that pulls in job vacancies from a search form all written in asp and the database is in access. I will be placing an extra field which will say "apply now" and on selecting this you will be taken to a new page where you can fill in your details and email them to the employer.

My problem is I need to know how to get a field in the form that will automatically fill in the title of the vacancy being applied for from the database.

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How To Search A Database Field From Form Input
How to search a database field from form input? is it easy to do i like to have a html form from an html page that will call an asp page to do db search, if user enter a zipcode that match in the database it will pull all the infomation from both talbes and display on the screen

i have 2 tables related to each other
contact table
id, fname, lastname, contactid, email

zip table
id, zip, contactid, city

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How To Search A Database Field From Form Input?
How to search a database field from form input? is it easy to do i like to have a html form from an html page that will call an asp page to do db search, if user enter a zipcode that match in the database it will pull all the infomation from both talbes and display on the screen

i have 2 tables related to each other:

contact table id, fname, lastname, contactid, email

zip table
id, zip, contactid, city

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Validate Form
I have a form which consists of a few fields. The problem that i encountered was it seemed like just checking the first field only rather than all the fields. Code:

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Validate Form Variables
I have a form that imputs several variables. Some of these variables are varchar some are smalldate and some are numbers.

What is the recommended method of handeling input that does not fit the required variable type? I am thinking of doing some kind of check and if it is not the required field type just dropping that value (for instance if they type "aaaaa" into a date field I would just turn that variable into "").

I have done a search and came up with many great methods of doing this, but what is the best way? I would like to avoid large Java routines (actually I would like to avoid java all together.

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Validation That Validate Whole Form
I built a form with all fields validated:

here's my code===========================

' validation
Dim validationOK
For Each elem in fields
'all fields required
'If (Trim(fields(elem))="") Then validationOK=false
If (Trim(fields("name"))="") Then validationOK=false
If (Trim(fields("email"))="") Then validationOK=false
If (validationOK=false) Then
Response.Write DisplayPage("error.html", fields)
End if

end code================

how can I change this so that certain fields are NOT required.

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Pass Hidden Form Field Value To Another Form Field To Insert In Db
I am trying to pass a hidden field value on a form into another field on the
form so that it can then be inserted in the database, to enable me then to
reference that number at a later date.

(The hidden value (1 for example) would then automatically get passed to the
other input field.)

The code for the text field that allows users to type an number into it for
submission to the db is below, but what code do i need within the hidden
field to populate this text field below so that users do not have to type the
number in? Code:

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Simple Form Validate Question...
I have a form, and it has an email and phone text input fields. I want to test if BOTH are empty and stop the email from being sent. I thought that this would work Code:

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Validate Form With Multiple Payment Options...
I have a form where the user has 2 payment options. Is there a way to add validation to the form to ensure that at least one payment method is selected? This form does not actually process the payment, just sends the information to the recipient.

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Validate Username And Password From Access Database
I am trying to create a "Members Only" section of my website. I have an Access Database to store usernames and passwords and I am using Frontpage 2003.

I have very little ASP experience and am having trouble finding some help on this subject that is understandable. I already have a global.asa file on the site because I currently have a page with a form that writes to the database.

What I would like to know is how to setup a login screen to get to the members only side of the site which will validate against the password table in the database.

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Form Field Form Submit
I have a form that has approximately 7 text fields and 1 checkbox.
Generally when this form is submitted(to itself BTW) it works fine,
however, when the checkbox is only field that has been
modified/clicked the form doesn't always submit. When it does work, a
Stored procedure is passed form variables and updates to the db are
made. When it doesn't, its as if the form wasn't submitted, it
reloads and resets the page, but the stored procedure isn't triggered.

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Form Field's Value
How do you make a form field's value be determined based on the page URL?I've seen sites that you can change the URL like this (given "UserName" is the name of the field):


Then when I clicked to visit this page, when it loaded, the value of the UserName field would be preset to baseballdude_.I've tried doing this for one of my sites, but it doesn't work. Is there some way of enabling this?

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Form Field
Ive got a session("name") and the following form in my website:

<form action="updateName.asp" method="post" name="myform">
<label>Name</label><br />
<input type="text" name="Name" size="25" maxlength="60" style="width: 50%"><br />
<br />
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Update Password">

How can I equal the value of the form field name with the value of the session so the name will be displayed on the text field?

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How To Insert Image To Access Database From Form When The User Submits The Form?
my form contains two text fields(name, address) and two file field control where user can insert image(photo1 and photo2), i want to insert this data in to ms access when the user submits the form?

this is my code for insert text fields to access data base.but i have no idea about the code for image fields. In my access data base i set photo1 and photo2 as herf (binary data). Code:

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Field In A Database
I'm trying to upload the entire field for every recordset to &nbsp;. How could I do this? Here's what I got so far.

<!--#include file="searchconn.asp"-->
UPDATE SearchTable SET SearchTable.newscontent = "&nbsp;";

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Validating Form Field
I have an asp page that has a form and only 1 field which is know as the ID field.

I only want users to enter an Integer value in the field. If they enter anything else it should come up with a pop up box error and not allow them to process the page.

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Requesting A Form Field
I'm trying to make a simple Feedback Form using that CDONTS thing I read about (in that "How to use CDONTS" thread). Every works like it should until I try to step it up a little and get the information from a Form... Code:

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Upload Form Field In Asp
I am trying to create an upload form field in asp. Below is my code. When I try and access the form I get the following error. Does any one know whats wrong with my code
the error I get is

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0009'

Subscript out of range: '[number: 0]'

/cwm/admin/reportrequest.asp, line 105


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Form Field Validation?
We have a shared hosting plan (Windows-based) with has a
"generic" form mailer script (gdform.asp) that allows us to set up a
"Contact Us" page, which, when the user clicks "Submit" sends an email to

I am a complete newbie re asp, but looking at the code, it looks to me as if
a error is generated if any of the fields are left blank--which is good. I
don't want to be getting emails that don't contain messages, or that don't
contain a return email address.

However, submitting a completely blank form results in me getting an email
with blank response fields.

Can you take a look at this code and tell me if it should be allowing blank
fields to be submitted? Are there any changes that can be made? Code:

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Form Field Validation
I would like to make two field in a for required fields. Do you all know a simple way to accomplish this? I can post form and any asp if needed( page is getting really huge).

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Form Field Validation
I have a form field on an ASP page and was wondering if I can require the number that is entered to begin with a 0 or a 2.If the number starts with anything else,the user is notified to update the number correctly(Your [FormField] must begin with a 0 or a 2, Please update your entry).

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Form Field 'focus'
Is there an ASP equivalent to Javascript's '...focus.();' that returns focus to a form field? I want to accept input from a user on a form.This input is to be databased and also unique. I want to check the user's input against what already exists in the database. If the input already exists.

I want to generate a pop up dialog box ala javascript and then when it's acknowledged, return focus to the form field.

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Address In Form Field
I'm using MS database editor.When the db is updated ("submit") I want to send an email to an addrss in one of the fields.The db update function works well.

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Request.form Field
I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to use an email-processing page for different forms.For example, having a feedback as well as a contact form page.When the user fills out the form I would like it to be processed on the next page,which will display all the completed fields as well as email them to the recipient.

I can do this with just one form,but what if I'd like to use the same form-processing script with a different page and then another without having to specify particular form fields.

This is done in CGI.I looked at Matt Wright's formmail script but I don't know if the same carries over to ASP.

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Form Field Order
I know that the order of from fields from a form post are somewhat random. But, what about fields that have the same name -

<input type="text" name="something" value=""> First Choice
<input type="text" name="something" value=""> Second Choice
<input type="text" name="something" value=""> Third Choice
<input type="text" name="something" value=""> Fourth Choice

First = "bananna"
Second = "orange"
Third = ""
Fourth = "apple"

Will the values, in the delimited list contained in Request.Form("something"), always be in the order they are in the form? That is - bananna, orange, , apple

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Form Field Chars
I have a form where the user enters a customer name, then clicks the submit
button which then adds it to a database. This works absolutely fine untill
the name has an apostrophe in it.

eg when the name entered is O'Hanlon and its submitted, I get this

Microsoft JET Database Engine (0x80040E14)
Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression ''O'Hanlon'

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Form Field Values
I have a form F1, once submitted it goes into another form F2, I want the fields in F2 to be filled with the values the user filled out in F1. in php I would use the $_POST[] to get it, but I dont know nothing of asp

and from what I could find on the web, would this work?

<asp:textbox id="txtLastName" runat="server" MaxLength="30" Width="140px" Height="21px" value="Request.Form('lname')">

and what if they accessed the page directly, rather than through a previous form, would it field appear blank? or do I have to have an if statement. also what if based on the F1 value I want to select (check) a checkbox/radiobutton or drop down menu in F2?

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Update Form Field
I have a asp form that has a dynamic drop-down box that a user selects a value from. Once the user makes a selection I use the onChange event to capture the selection and pass this value to a vbscript sub.

The sub then makes a adsi query using this value to retrieve additional information. This all works. I used a msgbox to display the retrieved value and it is correct. My problem is how do I update a field on the form with this retrieved value?

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Form Field Value Prior
I am trying to do some form validation. Is there a way with vb script to change the value of a field on a form prior to submit.

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Checking Form Field
I'm trying to verify a request.form("blah") with a field (value) in a recordset taken from an Access Database. Basically what I'm trying to do is once this NUMBER is entered into the form object (textfield), check a database to see if this number has been used (i.e. in the database) and if so redirect them to an error page.

I thought this would be rtight, but doesn't seem to work

If rsTeddyCheck = Request.Form("PersonalID") then
response.redirect ("Error.asp")
End If

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Access Database Field Name
I have an access database with year designations for field names, such 2005 2004 2003 ... and data corresponding thereto. I can formulate a query in MSAccess and it works just fine. However, I am trying to create a web page that will create a database
connection and use SQL to create a recordset(s) which I can then manipulate in vbScript.

The problem seems to be structuring a query that will work in
vbScript. I have tried several combinations:

rs2.Open "SELECT 2005,2004,2003 FROM Table", conn, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic
rs2.Open "SELECT '2005','2004','2003' FROM Table", conn, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic
rs2.Open "SELECT "2005","2004","2003" FROM Table", conn, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic

but none of these will extract data.

I have also tried casting these numbers to strings in a string variable, but still no success.

Is there some naming convention I am violating by simply using year designations as field names or is there a problem with vbScript?

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Database Field Types
I pass a table name into my program dynamically. I could display the data by looping through the object.Fields for both the field name and the field data using object.GetRows.
What I have not figured out is if there is a way to figure out from the Fields what type of field (ie. Numeric, Text) it is.
Certainly I could check the actual data once it is read, but is there a way to figure out the field type without doing that? Perhaps an object property of a recordset that I am not familiar with?

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Ref Database Field Name With Variable
I have an asp page that has a function that connects to an Access database.
I am using Javascript. Is there any way to reference the field name in the
database through a variable in a sql statement? Code:

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Database Field Names
I have a "csv file" as a database.

The 1st row contains the field names:


the code I use normally works:

Although in this case is doesn't because the fieldnames contain full stops.

how to modify this line:

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ASP If Database Field Blank - Do Nothing!
what i am trying to do is when the database field is empty to not display the box (table) that is in my css file, whereas when there's something in the field i would like the box to display!!! So i'm basically trying to get a 'when field empy, do nothing!!! my code at present generates the box no matter whether the field is full or not!!! Code:

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Update A Field In A Database
I'm having a spot of trouble trying to update fields in a access database using asp. I can delete and add fields thru the asp page but when i attempt to modify the fields i get a page not found error message. Code:

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Increasing The Value Of A Database Field
im trying to increase the value of an id key in my database by 1 each time i add a new record. is ther anyway i can do it using ASP?

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Searching Database Field
I want to search 2 of my database fields (title and description) for search terms entered in a form. I can do a 'LIKE' but how do I cover searching for each word in the string that has been submitted? For example, if someone searches for 'World Cup Final', I want to search both database fields for 'world', 'cup' and 'final'.

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Checking A Database Field
I have a form that inserts a student's course choices into an Access db. The student can choose from 4 options in a day. From a drop down box that is populated from the db.
Each course has a field called count1, count2, count3 and count4 which are the class sizes for those sessions. When they choose a session, I have a bit of ASP that takes '1' away from the count.

However, I need to validate the form when it is submitted so that if course = 0 a message pops up to say the course in that session is full. At the moment, the drop down boxes are populated by SQL that says only show if count>0 but if a lot of students load the page at the same time they can all subscribe to it - so I am getting -4 in some sessions. I need to check whether the course in that option is full i.e. '0' when the form is validated and then for it to tell them that that particular session is full.

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Parse A Database Field
I am trying to take a name that is in a database field and rearrange it to place it in a session variable. For example:

Database Field:


What I would like to see:


Instead of - Welcome SMITH, JOHN
I would prefer - Welcome JOHN SMITH

Can this be done when requesting a form variable or does it have to be done when viewing the recordset variable.

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Setting A Form Field Value Using Cookies
I have a form on a page which I need to auto set certain fields from values stored in a Cookie.

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="vbscript">
RegisterForm.Prefix.value = Request.Cookies("store")("id1")

That is how it is in my file yet it just appears empty but I know there is valid data in the cookie as I printed it on screen using:


So I figured maybe it was something to do with the script tags so I tried using the <% %> tags instead and I got an error saying something like Microsoft VBScript runtime object required.

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Check To See If A Form Field Is Blank.
I have a page that processes a form and one of the fields might be empty as it's optional if it gets selected or not.

In my process page I would like to check if the form field news_image is empty or not.

How would I do this?

<% If Request.Form("news_image") = "" Then %>

Is that how you do it?

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Detecting Blank Form Field
I' m getting a (0x80040E2F) error, if I submit my form, with blank textboxes
to my update stored procedure. The stored procedure expect values, so how
can I detect if a form field was empty. I've tried testing to see if the
form field is null, blank and to count the characters, but I can't get it
working. My SQL table allows nulls, so it's not that.

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Get Data From A Form With Different Field Names
I am designing a shopping site, in the picture the #1 section is a check box behind product name that customer can select that product to buy in #2 section the customer can set quantity of the selected product ok now codes this is the code which I have used to pull out produts and categoris from database and show them on the page Code:

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Simple Validator- For One Field In Form.
I am using ASP, but javascript will be fine, basically I am looking for a very simple validation which will check the field below named= "LotAmount"...

<form name="bid" action="http://etc,etc" method="post">

<input type="text" name="LotAmount" size="9" maxlength="10" value="">

<input type="Submit" value="Bid" name="Lotsub">

Here are the limitations etc I would like it to carry out: Code:

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Accessing Form's Field From Vbscript
how to access the form's field in the vbscript written in the same age without submitting the form.

Actually i want to access the ACCESS database to retrieve the records based on the value in the textbox catText.

request.form("catText") is just not working......
vbscript is the default language set up for the pages.

if i create a function in a vbscript then the SERVER objetc is not recognized at all!!!!!!!! How Come?

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Extract Last 4 Characters From Form Field
If someone submits a phone number in form, such as 707-433-5434, how could I get the last four digits into a variable, ie., 5434 in this case?

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Form Field Length Validation
Alright what I need to be able to do is to make the field it's maxlength if the user does not enter enough characters.

<input type="hidden" name="B" size="10" maxlength="6" value="">

so basicly if the user enters a 5, 4, 3, or 2 digit number the input will be forced to it's maxlength. I need this because I am writing to an SQL db and am combining multiple form inputs into one field in the db table ie(variable = A&B&C&D)

On a different webpage I need to display the variables. I am doing this by string manipulation functions like the one below.

Nbr = mid(aTable1Values(DATA, aRowLoop), 6, 6)

(DATA = A&B&C&D)

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