Doesnt Retun All Columns

I have a query in ASP that does a select * from table
It doesnt retun all columns!
When i use objRS("columnname") I get blank. This only effects some colums and I fix it by using

select *,missingcolumn1,missingcolumn2 from table

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Ado Retun Var From SP

I'm having a problem with an ado->sp-> return var to asp script code runs fine in query anayizer, but no output is returned to the asp page. Anyone see it?

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CDONTS Doesnt Work Always

I am using CDONTS to send mail to the user from my ASP application.
However, the code doenst works all the time. I am able to get mails but
nothing happnes most of the time. The code works maybe once in 20 tries.
What could be the reason?

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CDONTS Doesnt Seem To Work

i posted earlier, and the response seemed to be there is
another dll i need to use the cdonts object, i used it
fine for awhile on my old setup, i upgraded to 2k3 and it
errors up as if cdonts isnt an object. So is there a dll
i need to have to use the cdonts object in iis 6 or do i
need to rewrite my code to use cdo? (if so, please provide
asp 3 example on how to send an email with recepient,
sender, body and subject)

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SQL Db Doesnt Support The Cookie

I wrote the code for Members of Register. and i use cookie in this code, My database is SQL server. SQL server dosent support the cookies in my codes i dont know why this cause but my codes are working without any cause .

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Why FileSystem Doesnt Work Wit My IIS 5.01 On XP

I have got a problem wit da FILESYSTEM in ASP coding. Before I use window 98 installing PWS. Everything works fine....

And now, I use Window XP professional ( Laplop ), everything is updated ( Service Pack, .NET component, stuff...

All my ASP code with FileSystem which used to be properly ran cant be executed on my XP server.

There is no message error on da page, but the browser icon keeps spinning and da content is blank, it means u dont see anything happens. I wanna ensure dat all da code is right, cos it work properly with PSW and other servers. I even tested with a simple code, but It still doesnt work..... Code:

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Assignment Doesnt Assign

My ASP page contains the following VBScript code:

zipCode = Request.Form("zip")
%> <br>zip: <%= zipCode %>, rf: <%= Request.Form("zip") %>

When I enter "abc" into the "zip" field on the form, I get the
following output:

zip: , rf: abc

Why doesn't the first statement assign the "abc" string to the
variable "zipCode"? What am I not seeing?

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PWS On NT Doesnt Display Asp/ And Installation

My friedn is using PWS on NT4 machine, its a local machine, whenever he directs to an .asp page, visual interdev starts.

How can we over ocme this.I had solved this problem long time ago. Now i dont remember. Also to install IIS4.0 do we need to install MTS? if yes, where can we get

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Ntext Doesnt Work With ASP

I'm using SQL Server and I decided to convert one of the fields from nvarchar to ntext. The transition in the manager was all right, but my ASP pages wouldn't display the ntext and there is no error message. I use Code:


to display the ntext...and there is nothing.

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GetRow Doesnt Work

I have a database table with several records. Now I am filtering some data based on the "where" statement. If I run the query in analyzer then I get 20 rows. If I run the same query in asp and assign GetRows() to an array, then the array returns only 4. I am not sure if I am using the GetRows wrong. Here is a snipp of my code:

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CDONTS Object Doesnt Recognize Simplified Chinese Characters

When we send a mail using the code below,we do not get simplified chinese characters if they are present in the body but we get junk in the mail and we need to change the mails encoding to simplified chinese to see the Chinese characters.

'CDONTS object
set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
objMail.MailFormat = 0
objMail.From = sFromEmail
objMail.To = sToEmail
objMail.Subject = sSubject
objMail.Body = sMessage
set objMail = Nothing

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Doesnt Display Char Type Data Field Length 1

I have one field char type data length 1.. It has data either 1 or 2 in all the field tht I have checked through enterprise manager.

I'm running query:

"select * from table" and fetching all the records and displaying...

It display all the data except data from this field..Doesnt display anything..

I had put Response.write rs("fieldname")

What could be the problem?

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2 Columns

I want to display the results from my database in 2 columns.any easy tutorials or article out there? havent found any easy so far

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Get The No. Of Columns!

How do I find out how many columns exist in a SQL Server DB table before displaying the records of that table?

Also how do I get all the column names as an array so that I can seperate each column using the Split function?

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SQL Columns

I have a small doubt, my access database has been moved to SQL Server. Now I had some columns say [Where NoP] and similar many such columns. Are these columns going to work, since some of my queries are returning error. When i change the column name to say WhereNoP, it works fine, but in that case, I have to check around 300 forms where the column name is mentioned. So any clues to make such column types work.

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Listbox With Two Columns?

I want to make a listbox which will show the results of two fields (the ID and the Name) of one table , but the one field (ID) will be the one to pass.

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ADOX Add Columns

can't seem to get this ADOX code to add columns to existing Access 2000
table what's missing ?

Sub AddTableFields()

Set tbl = Server.CreateObject("ADOX.Table")
set cat = Server.CreateObject("ADOX.Catalog")
cat.activeConnection = conn

With tbl
.Name = "events"
Set .ParentCatalog = cat
.Columns.Append "MaxEntries", adInteger
.Columns.Append "CurrentEntries", adInteger
End With

cat.Tables.Append tbl

Set tbl = Nothing
Set cat = Nothing
End Sub

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Formatting Columns

I have a SQL 2000 table with data I display in three columns. The code
I am using sorts the data horizontally but I need it sorted vertically.
Here's the code I am using. Perhaps somebody can help me find a way to
modify it.CODE

response.write "<table width='100%' cellpadding=1 cellspacing=0>"
if not oMain.eof then
count = 0
do while not oMain.eof
if count mod 3 = 0 then
'there are 3 in the current row, so end the row and start a new

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Dynamic Columns

Is there a way to make dynamic columns? I'd like the data from one field to be the column in a dynamic table. What i'm trying to do could be compared to a pivot table in excel.

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The Art Of Printing Columns

there are many ways to make this happend but what is the best way of printing sql records in non divided number of columns-say 5 columns? say you got 10,000 names and you want to print it in 5 columns, that is a poor drawing of 12 records in 5 columns:

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12
...every one of this 12 is a name

printing a name + checking if is there some ditails reffered to this name in other table column...

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Access Columns

I access an access-table by this SQL-ADO-string:

SQLGetInfo1 = "SELECT * FROM kalender ORDER BY year DESC, month DESC, day DESC;"
Set rsGetInfo1 = DBConn.Execute(SQLGetInfo1)

Now I want to drop all the names of the columns, that is the field names, into a 1-dimensional array (or perhaps some ordinary strings, doesn't matter), but how do I do that? I tried with some rsGetInfo1.Fields.Name() and stuff like that, but the bottom line is, I don't really know how to fetch that property.

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Looping Through Columns

Normally I do a query, and loop through the records. Is there a way to loop through the columns of each record?

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Get A List Of Columns

I have to fix an asp database site, that may or may not have ever worked properly. I keep getting the following error:

"ADODB.Recordset error '800a0cc1' Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal."

I have researched and found that this is happeneing most likely because the script is requesting a field that doesn't exist in the database (maybe a mis-spelling). I can't find the code to display a list of columns in the database.

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Number Of Columns

How can I know the number of columns of the .csv files? I want to import them to the database.

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Get Columns From Recordset

Just like we have Recordset.GetRows() method to retrieve all the rows of the recordset, do we have anything that retrieves only the column values for a specific column from the recordset. I want to transfer all the contents of a column field by doing this into an dynamic array in a single go. instead of using loop statements to fill the array.

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Display Only 3 <td> Columns

I want to display a table with 3 columns only. The cells will be populated with database fields requested from a queryString .

The actual Access field value is either "Y" or null. If a "Y" value is true then I want the Field.Name to be displayed.

Anyway, the table has 40 possible columns so I'd like to limit it to display
only 3 columns: I can generate the field names below: Code:

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Displaying All Columns In A Table

What I want to do is list all of the columns in a table from a MYSQL database.. How would i go about this? I already know about select *, what I want to do is write them all down.

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How Do I Format Excel Columns In ASP?

I'm using Response.ContentType = "application/" to display my SQL filled table in Excel and all the data shows up, but the column formats are not correct. For example, Excel treats my column with data such as "01-80" as date "Jan/1/80" and I want it to stay as a string. How do I specify the column format as text inside my ASP code?

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SQL Update Multiple Columns

I'm trying to update an acccess database using (
Can anyone tell me why the following code does not update the columns

Dim sqlUpdate As String = "UPDATE tblForumMaster SET Replies = @Replies, LastUser= @LastUser WHERE ID = @MasterID"

Dim objCmdUpdate As New OleDbCommand(sqlUpdate, objConn)
objCmdUpdate.Parameters.Add("@Replies", intReplies)
objCmdUpdate.Parameters.Add("@MasterID", Request.QueryString("MasterForumID"))
objCmdUpdate.Parameters.Add("@LastUser", strUserName)

No errors are produced so the syntax passes but the update does not happen.

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Select DB Columns Dynamically!

A Form has a select list which lists all the column names of a SQL
Server database table. Users will select one or more than one column
from this select list & after submitting the Form, the records of only
those columns that he had selected in the previous page will be
displayed to him. This is the Form code:

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Appearance Records In Two Columns

I have this code who show some records in one column. I want to appearance the records in two columns. What changes i make in code to do this? Code:

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Display Records In 2 Columns

i have a database with 60 records. I display all of them into a single column. What i want to do is to display the records in a table with 2 columns, the half of them into the first left column and the rest 30 to the right column.

I used the RecordCount to count all my records but how will i count the half of them and when the half is reached i will change the column and go to the right one?

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The Best Method To List By Columns From A Db

I'm using the following code to read articles from a db and show them by columns and not by rows. Code:

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