How To Calculate Image Size And Number Of Kb Used

how to calculate image size and number of kb used.

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Calculate The Size Of Image

How to calculate the size of image, using ASP technology. Size means total pixel X pixel and total number of bytes.

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Calculate The Size Of A Folder?

How do I calculate the size of a folder? Also how do I count the number of images stored in a folder?

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Calculate Total Number

i am developing a hosting directory web site on this site there will be the links of hosting websites, i want that when user click on a particular website link it will be recorded in the database how it could be done.

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How Can Calculate Total Number Of Hits

i am developing a hosting directory web site on this site there will be the links of hosting websites, i want that when user click on a particular website link it will be recorded in the database how it could be done.

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How To Calculate Number Of Days Or Month Between 2 Dates

I would like to know how we can calculate the number of days OR number of months between 2 dates in ASP.

If you someone have some suggestions or can provide me some exmaple code, that will be a great help.

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Calculate Month From Week Number And Year

is there a way to calculate the month from a week number and year?

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Calculate Image Dimensions

Is there a simple function in ASP to calculate the dimensions of an image?

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Image Size

I am having a problem with this code. The problem I am facing is that
the first image is displayed in its original size. But when I click the
next button, the next image not displayed in its original size, but
being displayed as 100 x 100 pixels, same goes to the 3rd picture and so
on. Code:

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Getting Image Size

I only need to know the height and width of the image.

It doesn't seem to be as easy as php's "getimagesize($imgFile);" method.

'Copyright *c* MM, Mike Shaffer
'Permission is granted to use this code
'in your projects, as long as this blah
'copyright notice is included

function GetBytes(flnm, offset, bytes)
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objFTemp = objFSO.GetFile(flnm)
lngSize = objFTemp.Size
set objFTemp = nothing

Set objTextStream = objFSO.OpenTextFile(flnm,1)
strBuff = objTextStream.Read(offset - 1)
GetBytes = objTextStream.Read(bytes)
set objTextStream = nothing
set objFSO = nothing
end function

function lngConvert(strTemp)
lngConvert = clng(asc(left(strTemp, 1)) + ((asc(right(strTemp, 1)) * 256)))
end function
function lngConvert2(strTemp)
lngConvert2 = clng(asc(right(strTemp, 1)) + ((asc(left(strTemp, 1)) * 256)))
end function

function gfxSpex(flnm, width, height)
if fileT(1)="gif" then
Width = lngConvert(GetBytes(flnm, 7, 2))
Height = lngConvert(GetBytes(flnm, 9, 2))
elseif fileT(1)="bmp" then
Width = lngConvert(GetBytes(flnm, 19, 2))
Height = lngConvert(GetBytes(flnm, 23, 2))
elseif fileT(1)="png" then
Width = lngConvert2(GetBytes(flnm, 19, 2))
Height = lngConvert2(GetBytes(flnm, 23, 2))
end if
end function

if gfxSpex("images/urlogo.gif", w, h) = true then
response.write w & " x " & h
end if

Which is a little bit shorter, and seems to work ok so far, but isn't there anything easier, like php's "getimagesize($imgFile);"?

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Asp Get Image Size

i have a page that displays an image. the image path is a variable passed in the url link. eg. enlarge.asp?picture=http://www.hey/.com/you.jpg
and the window it opens works. but id like to try and get the enlarge as to get the height and width dimentions so i can call a new window to opena popup and ill dynamically have the images dimentions to scale the popup to fit.
and right after the javascript calls a new popup window itll use a close window function. and since it happens before the head tags it should be seamless as if i had a regular link calling a popup.

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Size Of Image

I have a table full of pictures with urls to images. Any idea how I could find out the dimensions of the images? i want to design tables to show them in a better way.

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How To Get The Size Of A Jpeg Image ?

How can I get the height and width of a jpeg image?

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Size Image Upon Upload

is it possible to have an asp script create a thumbnail of an image upon upload?

i want to create a rather small thumbnail and 65 x 83 and put it in a folder '/sized'

oh yeah, and one more quick thing.. i am pulling information from a database.. why is it that the symbol ' gets changed to a ? when pulling it from the field.. will this go away when i start adding information through forms instead of access?

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Displaying Image At A % Of It's Size

The pic in the DB is just a named reference, as all the pics are stored in 2 common folders. 1 for the normal size pics and 1 for the thumbnail equivalents.

As this particular page has to be tight on space, I wanted to set the image as a percentage of it's size so I set the following:

<IMG SRC="thumbs/<%=picname%>' WIDTH="30%" HEIGHT=30%> etc....

Problem I have with this is that the browser seems to set all pics to 1 common percentage size rather than each being say 30% of each individual pic's size. This results in some piccies being completely distorted.

I don't want to go down the route of storing the x and y of each pic in the DB, so could you please let me know if I am doing something really stupid with the above.

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Image Type And Size

My ASP app dynamically retrieves from db and sends JPG images using Response.BinaryWrite(). And it seems work. The script sets image type as "Response.ContentType = 'image/JPEG';"

But viewing image properties in IE returns Type and Size as 'Not available'.

How to set these properties properly?

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Reduce Image Size

Is there any routine I can call to reduce the size of an image file after
uploading a file from a client. I am looking to reduce file sizes
programmatically using C# in my web page after uploading. I know that
Photoshop can do it but I need to do it dynamically in my web page. I tried
doing it myself with some of the Bitmap thumbnail instructions but the
resulting image is very bad. I need a file reduction routine that creates a
good image that is smaller. I figured if Photoshop can do it then so can I
but how?

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How To Get The Image Size With VBScript In ASP?

How to get the image size with VBScript in ASP?

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Detect Image Size Automatically In Asp?

I am writing a little script for an online album. The pictures' size varies
a lot. I have a maxim size for every displayed picture because the layout
of the page. So I want to resize the larger one to that size while leave
the smaller one in their original size. Is there any script or code that
can do this automatically?

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Check Image Size (width)

How can I use ASP to check the size of the images used in my solution?

This is what I need to do:

If the width of an image is more than 256px, I want to set the image width to 256px. Images that is smaller (ex: 100px width) shall not be adjusted.

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Check Image Size Before Upload

I have a couple of images that the user can upload, but I want to limit the size to 512kb(most of them will come from a digital cam).

Is there a way to check the file size before the page submits? ie a javascript function that i can call before submitting the page?

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Auto Detection Of Image Size

I have an photo gallery, I want to create a button that opens a new window fixing the full size image snugley in it, which is easy.

But I want to get a script which detects the image size so i can use the variables to open the window.

What i want to not do is have to more options in the database with height and width in, and have to call them, although i'll do that if i have to, but i thought i would try something new.

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Image Size 13kb Only Uploaded

Can u tell me how to control image size , its height and width and total size of image like that 13 kb. while uploading the file in asp?

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Upload Image Maximum Size

I want to specify the maximum length of an image the file can upload.If the image exceeds that limit it should show me an error.E.g.; 640x480 pixels.

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File Size And Folder Size

I'm using Windows 2000 server n IIS I'm Using FileSystemObject of ASP in Server Every File and Folder has 2 Size when we get properties of any 1 actual size and Size on my problem is when i get the file size from ASP object it give Size value but when i try to get folder size it gives size on disk and both values are different.

I'm creating a size to access limited size to upload files so i just check the folder size and then get size for those which are going to update by user then i will less those size to actual folder size to get remaining size.

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Calculate Max Value Of Y Axis

I am using a javascript function to draw a graph on my page, which all works fine. One of the parameters that I pass to the javascript function is the maximum value of the x and y axes.

I have encountered a problem, in that if I hardcode the maximum value of the y axis to 1000, and the maximum value that I am plotting is very low, eg 10, the bar is so small it can hardly be seen. It would be better in this case if the maximum y value was something like 15 to ensure that the bar went almost to the top of the grid.

The code which is doing the count is a simple loop which is looping through each of the months in the financial year counting the number of meetins which have occured in each month. Code:

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Calculate Percentage

Our store software currently displays the total amount saved (the list price minus our price) for every product using the code below:

'Calculate "YouSave"
If Product_ListPrice > 0 Then
Product_YouSave = Product_ListPrice - Product_LowestPrice
End If

I, however, would like to also diplay the percentage saved next to the amount saved. I tried using the code below but it won't work. Can someone help me out?

'Calculate "YouSavePercent"
If Product_ListPrice > 0 Then
Product_YouSavePercent = ((1 - (Product_LowestPrice / Product_ListPrice) * 100)
End If

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Automatically Calculate

I am building a database that users will update.
I have a table named "products".
Every product has a shelf life of 3 years and expires exactely at the end of the 3rd year.
Here is my table:
Productid ---- int
productName ---- varchar
manufacture_date ----- datetime default (getdate)
Expire_date ----- datetime

What I want is this, whenever a product is entered, the defualt date is the date the entry
was made. (I am using the "getdate") to automatically grab this.
BUT I also want the "Expire_date" field automatically calculated and then filled in.
That is, a user enters a product "manufacture_date" as 05/22/2003,
Then I want the expire field to be filled with 05/22/2006.
My preference is to handle this on the DB site and not ASP.

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Calculate Values

How to take values from a query and add them together to get totals.The current setup I have:

User selects home they want and clicks on link that passes variable (model home #) that takes them to page 2.

Value in query string is taken and used to bring information about home such as base price amongst other things.

What I would like to do is start with home base price and then call upon options stored in database(each option has their own price)and user can go down a list and select the options(via checkboxes)they want and then at bottom they have a total button that totals base price of home and each option they chose.

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Calculate From Querystring

if it's possible to do what follows:

i'm getting from querystring *, /, - or + like ...&calculate=* now i want to use this in the calculation like var1 calculate var2 . how do i get it to understand that it's not a string but an actual calculation?

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How To Calculate With Criterias In ASP?

I have a table named tblsheets (access 2000), There are 4 fields I'm concerned about.
Size, Material Grade, Module and Weight.

I wanted to be able to give the user the ability to calculate the
sum of weight according to a specific material grade and specific size in a specific module.

How would I go about creating an asp script that will allow me to do so?
There has to be an option in which the user can select from a combo box the module, and then select material grade and size, also from a combobox if possible (getting the data from tblsheets).

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Calculate Day Difference For ASP

I have a problem to calculate the day different. I use

datediff(currentdate, quoteDate) > 20

The error message is : Wrong number of arguments or invalid property
assignment: 'datediff'

I use datediff("D", Date, quoteDate) > 20, but still could get the correct one. Maybe I need to change string to the digit. How to do it?

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Calculate Form

need to do a simple form calculation in asp based on values in 2 other field and enter that data into table.

(field)SubTotal + (field)VAT = (Result in field)GrandTotal

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