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Localhost Slow

I'm trying to surf on a website on winXP, but IIS response is very slow. It doesn't load a lot of images (red x). Besides, it alerts always there's no connection (from each page to the following), asking whether I want to connect. The browser keeps waiting for images then it fails. What can I do?

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Slow Site
I'm working on a site that is just *extremely slow* on certain pages that are very database intensive. Now... I've worked quite a bit with databases before - and this is different. It's ridiculously slow.
I've looked through the long ASP script (it's a calendar listings page, with some more db stuff under the calendar).
There's not really anything else I can do to fix up the code. I've consolodated SQL statements, converted everything to GetRows... closed my objects immediately... etc. I've also added indexes to the db fields in my WHERE clause of SQL.
The page isn't *that* complicated that it should take so long. Sometime it even time-outs.
I've tried so much, and nothing is working.
Could it be that I need a dedicated server? Something I'm missing in the code? (It's really long so I'd prefer not to post it if possible but I might).

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Tooo Slow
I need help with a database problem in asp. When the page runs is is timing out.
THere are 18000 records.

Is there something I can do to make it faster or run on the server side before display?
I have set the timeout to 2400 and it is still timing out

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The Page Is Too Slow
I developed a page that takes from the database based on a select information and displays that on the screen. My problem is that the display proces is very slow, it takes time to display the results. Code:

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Loading Too Slow
in what condition will lead the the ASP page run too slowing.

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Slow With Authentication
I've set up a form which sends info to my email address usind CDO 2000 w/ authentication which takes about 10 seconds for the message to get sent.

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Getstring Really Slow
I'm connecting to an Access table with 100+ rows of data of approx 20 columns wide. I'm using getstring to "Quickly" display it in a table, but it's un-useably slow.

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IIS Is Really Slow After IE6 Upgrade
I have a development box running Windows NT Server 4 SP6a with all the
latest hot fixes and patches. Up until a couple of days ago, it was
running IE5.0 without problems. I upgraded to IE6 SP1 and ever since,
whenever I access the default ASP web site, it takes ages for the first
page to appear. After that subsequent pages load fine. Code:

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Slow ASP Pages On IIS 7
I have migrated to Vista Business and installed IIS 7.0. I moved some
classic ASP pages from my old XP box running IIS to the new box. I've
made no changes to the code, which worked fine on the old machine.

They also run fine on a remote server. On the new machine, the ASP
pages are running extremely slow and timing out with the error "cannot
display the web page." I've verified that I'm making connections to my
Access database (which is fine for my low-volume site) and closing the
connections. I've checked the IIS log and seen no issues. I turned off
my firewall briefly, which didn't help. I watched perfmon and didn't
see that unusual amounts of resources were being used. Code:

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ASP Site Slow Performance
I have an asp site that of late is having a very very slow response at the production environment and it is taking 6-7 minutes to do the basic operations that are needed. We have come to know that the performance has deterirated after the recent release.

Going through this thread IIS 6.0 slowing down one of the suggestions listed was to make sure one destroys objects the code creates which I have taken care in all the pages. Actually all the new changes that were to be done involved working with session or local variables and so no com objects were touched.

We are using Windows 2000 server with SP4 at all the environments. Could someone tell me some suggestions on how to identify the problem? This is a problem faced by many at the clients end and this occurs even on server restart. Please let me know if there are any additional details that are needed.

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Slow Image Serving.
I've got a client that has a site that seems to be serving images up slowly.
win2k, xeon, 1gig ram, the box is inhouse. HTML generation and viewing is
blazingly fast. The page size runs around 165k, but is taking 7-10 seconds
to download all the images.

I ran a netstat -an on the box, and see a load of time_wait messages.

The guy who does the networking for them insists that since the images
reside on the same box as the web server, the slowness has nothing to do
with the internal network. hhhmmmm.....

I know there are a hundred reasons for the slowdown, but does the logic of
images on same box not having anything to do with a slowdown make any sense?

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Slow ASP Page Need GIF To Show
I have a basic asp page running that is very slow it has to crunch some info
and when a user hits submit it can take a minute or more for a response. So
what I did was call a second page that should show a gif that is asking them
to be patient.

Unfortunately this never shows (See below). I have tried
other ways as well, but I have been unsuccessful in getting the gif to show.
This has to be simple but I'm not a skilled asp developer so I don;t know
how to do it. Anybody have any ideas?

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Slow ASP On Server 2003
I just migrated an NT4.0 website (all ASP) to Windows Server 2003 (small business server - deluxe edition) and some pages are very slow to render on client.

Seems to be pages with tables. I can stop the browser by clicking "X" and the table will be partly rendered. The table only has 26 rows and very little content.

Any ideas why this is happening would be appreciated. I have read of others with the same problem but no solutions.

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Slow MDB Acess In Global.asa
The following code runs in less than one second when used in an ASP page but when used in Session_onStart() in global.asa, the first page in a new session is delayed by more than thirty seconds. The code seems to work - its just slooow. Why is this so and how do I fix it?

Dim cnComDoc
Set cnComDoc = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
cnComDoc.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data
Source=c:comdoc.mdb;Persist Security Info=False"
cnComDoc.execute "Insert into SessionInfo
(SessionID,BeginDateTime,IPAddress) values ('" & Session.SessionID & "','" &
FormatDateTime(now(), vbGeneralDate) & "','" &
Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR") & "')",,adCmdText +
Set cnComDoc = Nothing

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Page Loading Very Slow
I am running a query from MS FoxPro and displaying a table after the query is ompleted. I assume the query of the criteria takes longer than displaying the table...but in this case it's reversed.

After the Query is complete, it takes about 10-20 seconds to display the table, which consists of just information from the database. i.e. customer name, number, vehicle make and model, date it was purchased. Those simple items. Is there a way to make it load/display faster? I am using ASP and MS FoxPro.

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SLOW Response Time
Anyone know what might cause my ASP to start running slow? It's been running fine until today. Today when I pull a repost, it takes forever to for the code to create the page.

When I go into the Access database itself and run the individual queries, they run just fine. It only takes a fraction of a second for the data to apprear. When I run the ASP code to see it on the webpage,it takes around 30 seconds!

Anyone got any recommandations on what I need to check? It just doesn't make any sense that all the sudden it runs flat out SLOW.

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Slow ASP-SQL Database Connection
My ASP pages have very slow connections with SQL Server database, although eventually it will reach the page and get the results. The SQL Server database and IIS are in the same machine, I have no idea why it will cause the problem.

I just put this connection string as SSI:

strConnect="Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security
Info=False;Initial Catalog=MYDATABASE;Data Source=MYCOMPUTER"

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Slow Loading Of An XML File
I'm reading an XML file in my ASP script which then uses XSL to format the output. However, the script takes a long time to load the script, almost 30 seconds. Code:

set xml = Server.CreateObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument.4.0")
xml.async = false

Does anyone know why the webserver will all of the sudden take so long to load the file when it used to work almost instantly?

View Replies !   View Related *very* Slow Initial Load.
where I can find information regarding a problem I am having with w2003 ii6 and The first page load each morning can run to 1/2hr, which as you can imagine is not exactly making anyone happy. There doesn't appear to be a newsgroup dedicated to, though I may have been looking in all the wrong places.. so many groups.

I've found some info on the web related to the problem but nothing which discusses what may be going on, nor how to diagnose it.

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What Causes An Asp Script To Run Slow/hang?
I have a piece of form processing software that basically saves the form content to an Access database and then sends the data in the form of an email to the specified email address.

I had it running perfectly. Everything worked as it should.

But then strange things started to happen, it would start to slow down in the admin backend when adding new form processors (contains info like required fields, recipents email etc). Code:

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Slow Connection Cause IE Crash
I have an application written in ASP. It only uses JavaScript (.js) on
client side. If the browser is accessing the web site through fast
connections, like intranet or broadband, everything is fine; but if the
browser accesses the web site through slow connections like dial-up, IE
continuously crash when you click on buttons or images in the web page. The
crash is always in MSHTML.DLL.

The server is Windows 2000 Advanced Server with SP4 and all updates. The
client machine is Windows 2000 Pro with SP4 and all updates. The browser is
IE6 SP1. The same client machine, if I am visiting the application through
local network, it's ok; if I disabled LAN and use built-in modem to use
dial-up to connect to the web server, the IE always crash. We already
disabled all firewall when testing dial-up. We also tested XP Pro with IE6
SP1 and all the updates, the same result.

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Page Loading Slow
I have a stored procedure that is large and accesses the database a lot which slows down the loading of the home page. Is there anyway to load the whole HTML page and then load the stored procedure inside the page?

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Reason For Slow Processing?
I have developed an application in asp which is available over intranet. the first page of the site is a login page and allows the users to enter their credentials and login.

The login page is a simple html page. The site works fine , but after quitting if it is left idle for about 30 mins, the next user who tries to login it takes about a minute to process to finally enter the site. after which it again becomes fast.

what can be the reason for the site being slow only when it is accessed after being left idle for some time?

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Response.BinaryWrite For One JPEG Is Very Slow
I am using Response.BinaryWrite to display JPEG's to the browser. The
problem is that in IE, one particular JPEG is loading very slow. Normal
JPEG's take a few seconds, but this one sometimes takes up to 30 seconds.
THe weird thing is that if I refresh really quick, the JPEG appears for quick
second, and then the new Response.BinaryWrite kicks in. So, it looks like
the browser has the image, but for some reason it is not finishing loading it
into the browser. Code:

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File Upload Over A Slow Network
I'm facing problem with file upload over a slow network. Whenever I tried uploading a file that exceeds 3Kb, the browser will freeze for a few minutes before I get the "page over found" error.

I've tried different ASP upload solutions, including 1 from ABCupload, Smartupload and ASPupload from Microsoft, and the result is the same. Does anyone have a solution for this?

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Website Very Slow – Looking For Solutions
website is experiencing extremely slow reaction times. Web pages are taking a long time to load. The site is designed with ASP pages coded with VB Script and run on an MSQL 2000 Server. We are looking for help / tips on how to debug and troubleshoot the problems.

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Displayin In Slow Loading ASP Page
I have built an app that takes some time to load some ASP pages, is there anyway i can display a loading icon or even some interesting pictures and text while this is loading?

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Extremely Slow Loading Page
I've got a list of variables which have data. Most of them are empty at the time of testing, so it could only be worse if they had data....

Here's the code below. Basically what I want it to do is:

There are a list of variables with data in them (some blank, some not) There is a list of those variables' names that is created into theArray. I want each variable in that array to be run through DocClean in order to convert the JavaScript link. Code:

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I am trying to test a website that uses ASP on my PC. I am running Windows 2000 and have IIS 5.0 installed.The first page is a form where the user enters a password. When the form is submitted the progress bar indicates something is happening, but I can leave it for 20 minutes and the file has not loaded.

I am using the URL http://localhost/webname /.

I have tested it on 2 servers and the script works. I have had similar problems with other ASP pages and assume the problem is something to do with IIS.I have tried re-installing IIS.

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All this while I have been running my ASP pages on the webserver.
In the web server, I can access the web server through the Internet Services Manager.
Now I want to access these web pages locally, so that I do my development locally and then when it works, I move to the web server.
I have Windows XP Professional 2002
How can I access the web services within this machine?
When I type in http://localhost in this machine, i get the message-Page cannot be displayed. Cannot find server.

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I just bought a new computer with win XP PRO. I'm trying to set it up so
that I can use it as a local host and with IIS etc. I don't really know where
to start. How do I start running IIS? At this point, pointing to localhost
doesn't work but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing.

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Localhost ..
I have downloaded this example from this site i have tried reading the install guide but i still dont understand. I manage to set up localhost in my pc. Anyone who is kind enough to guide me thru step by step....

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I like to learn ASP and database related, how do I practice it at home using XP pro? Like with PHP I use localhost and stuff.

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Is there a way I can run ASP on my localhost? I run a valid copy of Win XP pro, but I do not have the CD as it is a pre-installed version on my Dell Latitude. So, is there a way I can run ASP?

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Slow Code Writing Data To Table
I am trying to plot the days off employees have taken in the selected month visually using the following code. The code below takes a long time to execute typically about 8-15 secs each time. Code:

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Response.redirect & Server.transfer Very Slow
On my WinXP machine, with both IE6 and Firefox 1.0, response.redirect and server.transfer take about a minute. But on my WinNT machine with IE5.5, it works instantly. What's going on?

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Slow Opening Socket On ASP With Multihomed Machine
This is a cross-post from the .NET group since it looks like it may not be

New information since the original post is that is the wireless network is
enabled and connected the socket connect time is 4x longer! Disable wireless
and it is back down to just very slow. Code:

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Will ASP Query Be Slow If Field Names Are Lengthy?
I have an Access database with 58 fields in one table. I wrote many
of the field names so that they were descriptive so that others could
figure it out in the future. As an example, one field name is called

Should I be worried about the length of the field name? I'm expecting
about 20,000 records a year to be entered into the database. So, five
years from now, which would be about 100,000 records, will the
query.asp for a list of records be slow due to field name size? BTW,
the query.asp would just show a list of the last 3 months worth of
records and only a snapshot of about 6 of the 58 fields.

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Slow ASP Pages On IIS6 / Windows 2003
User clicks a link that displays a customer card and financial stats (has a
lot of database calls). Every 5 times the user clicks the same page/link it
takes about 30 seconds (normal response time is <1 second) to display. Code:

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Sessions With Localhost
I am working with sessions to check if the user is logged in.
This usually works fine and all my .asp-pages checks if: <%
session.Contents("loggedIn")=True %>

But this only works on my web-hotel
When I run the same pages on my localhost, it can't find any sessions and I
appear to not be logged In.

I have tried to set my localhost on the "trusted sites" list and "always
allow" in "override cookie handling" in my Explorer.

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Localhost Is Not Being Recognised
when I run my asp programs, suddenly I'm getting the page "page can not be displayed"

when it worked fine till the previous day suddenly what made those pages to be not recognized I didn't understand.

the browser is atleast not able to recognise the "localhost".

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IIS Version 5.0 Will Not Run ASP On LocalHost
I have a new ASP project that I need to desperately test on my Windows 2000
machine before posing to my Hosting Company. I am having problems getting
the ASP pages to run from LocalHost. I will attempt to give as much
information of what I have done to try to correct this without success.

First my setup. Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 2 installed.
IIS is installed. I have turned off the firewall just in case that was a
problem as the laptop is operating as a stand alone and not on a network at
this time. I also have VB6 with Service Pack 6 installed. I will explain
later why that my be pertinent.

The error that I am getting is:

The Page Cannot Be Displayed. with a HTTP 500 error. This occurs every time
I try to access a ASP page. HTML works fine from LocalHost. Code:

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Localhost Access Is OK But Not IP ADD
I developed a small asp application. My problem is that everytime I use LOCALHOST, accessing and adding data on the database is OK but if I use the IP ADDRESS for accessing the website it would generate this error

Error Type:
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server (0x80040E4D)
Login failed for user 'MYSERVERIUSR_MYSERVER'.
/o/dog_evaluation/add_dog_db.asp, line 22

The connection string on my page is this


conn.Open "Provider=sqloledb;Data Source=MYSERVER;Initial Catalog=dog_evaluation;Integrated Security=SSPI;"

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Localhost 404 Error
I get the 404 file not found error message when I try

I've created a virtual directory and pointed it to the asp
file and the error message appears.

I've tried creating a new directory and received the same
error message when I pointed it to the new asp file. I
think it's something in the IIS configuration. Any ideas?

View Replies !   View Related And Localhost:8082
my applications run as


- i've downloaded a sample aspx solution,
and get the following error when trying to
open it:

"Unable to open web project "FormsAuth". Unable to
validate that the file
path "c:/downloads/ddj/aspnet/aspform/FormsAuth" matches
the url
path 'http://Localhost:/FormsAuth'. A connection with
the server could not be established."

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Connecting To Localhost
I have got a scenario where an asp script needs to request via xmlhttp a file sitting on the same server. The code all works find on my local machine. However, on the hosting server, it does not. The problem is that I am on a shared server and the server can't "see itself", i.e. it's probably blocked by the host to receive request from itself. The problems comes in as the server will hold multiple sites and use host headers to channel request. I thought of using "localhost" and some kind of header sending scenario to get the server to go to the correct subfolder/virtual host. However, googling has not brought up much.

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Http://localhost Is Not Available
Installed IIS on w2k pro, started Personal Web server and pointed the home catalogue to the folder with my asp codes. However IE keeps saying that http://localhost is not available without Internet connection. Such thing often happend on other computers, but after several refresh it worked. How shall I get rounf this now?

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Can't Connect To Localhost
I have installed wamp5 on my laptop so I can develop php pages with mysql.I have started the wamp5 which give you a semi circle and three quarters of the icon is shaded yellow - this is supposed to mean that apache is running. I then type in http://localhost in the address bar and I get the "page cannot be displayed" error.

This is weird because wamp says apache is running ok.Is there any other setting that may affect the connection?If this is any help, I also have a sneaky suspicion that because I have visual installed on my laptop there may be a conflict with IIS? I have not developed any sites with visual studio yet but could there be a conflict here? Thing is, I am not sure what to look for or change?

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Localhost On Mozilla
I try to run localhost on other browser other than IE, in this case i run on FireFox Mozilla.Can anyone tell me why does the browser popup with the security windows where i need to type a Username and password. However, that wouldn't happen if i run on IE. Is there a special setting where IIS can check whether a user run scripts on that type of server on other browsers than IE.

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Sendto Go To Localhost
I want to make localhost on my browser a sendto destination, so I can right click on an ASP or PHP file, choose sendto, then localhost and have a browser open up with the ASP file running in it.

I've put a link in the sendto folder with a target of localhost. That changes the icon to look like a computer monitor, but when I right click it doesn't show up in the sendto list. I know I'm in the right directory (documents and settings/myuser/sendto) because I can put a shortcut to a directory there and it shows up in the sendto list.

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Using Mailer On LocalHost
I have used Mailer successfully on websites before. This time, I am trying to run my Mailer code on localhost, with IIS. This line, which in general works, is now generating an error message:

set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("SMTPsvg.Mailer")

What I've tried so far:

set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("SMTPsvg.Mailer")
set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("localhost")

I don't know if I should be trying something else, if I have to do something beyond the actual code, or if it is simply not possible to have mailer working on iis/localhost.

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Localhost Connection
it work out when using localhost, but it doesn't when i uploaded to web host server. local host connection string is :

MM_connFMX_STRING = "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ= D:InetpubwwwrootfmxdatabasefmxData.mdb"

and i change to the string given by my asp host server which is :

MM_connFMX_STRING = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source="& _Server.MapPath("fmxData.mdb")

anyone knows what is the problem?

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My ASP-access Site Suddenly Very Slow To Respond With Queries
I have an application, which simply consists of an Access database being queried by ASP code in a website, running on a Dell PowerEdge 1650 rack mount server (Pentium III 1.4 GHz) with 1024 MB ram. The server runs Windows 2000 5.00.2195 with Service Pack 4.

The application presents HTML tables to users, based on queries made by the user on the website.

Problem is: recently the construction of these tables has been very slow and the scripts time-out. The script timeout is set to about 3 minutes.

The application has been running for 2 years without any problems, well one. About 6 months ago the same thing was happening. I compacted and repaired the database - did not fix it. However on restarting the server it was back to normal, producing the tables immediately.

Now that the same problem is occuring again, neither a restart or a shutdown-restart fix the problem. The straight HTML part is served immediately, but it is evident that it chokes on the tables.

There are two other applications on the same server written in the same style, but much more simple. They are working fine. Code:

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