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Parent To Form To Asp Page To Parent

i have a form that pops up based on a click. the popup opens up correctly.
now what i want it to do is this.

1. submit the data to an asp page. that part i got working
2. close the popup box. have that working as well.
3. after processing the data on the asp page, direct to and refresh the
parent page that the popup was created from.

to be more specific....

i have a bracket page, where you click on the winners name to move them
over. works fine. that sends variables to a pop up box, where you enter a
score. that works fine. now when i submit, it only sneds the data to the asp
page, and even though the bottom of the asp page redirects it to the parent
page, it doesn't. it seems like it is trying to redirect to the popup that
doesn't exist anymore, so it does nothing.

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Setting The Value Of A Form From A Parent Screen
I have a screen, screenA, from which I call another screen, screenB, with a form on it. ScreenA has an ID that is captured in a variable called strShortName. (That variable is defined in another file called into ScreenA via an include.) I want to write that name as the value in a hidden field in the form on screenB. How can I do that?

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Parent-Child Form Menus
I have two menu form elements that need to refelect a parent child relationship. There are 85 zones and 2200 zone-network combinations.

I want to bind the networkid element to an xml datasource that contains only the networks related to that zone. I have read about something like this before but have never implemented it.

create table tblZone ( zoneid int, zonename varchar(20))
create table tblNetwork ( networkid int, zoneid int, networkname varchar(20))

<select name="zoneid" onChange="reloadNetworks()">...</select>

<select name="networkid">...</select>

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Form When Refreshing Parent Window (only FF)
i have a simple form with about 20 dropdowns. if the user preferes they can go through each dropdown with the question in a pop up window.

In this popup window they enter each question one at a time, once they enter an answer and submit the page reloads and stores the answer in the database and goes to the next question. At the same time the popup window forces a refresh on the main form so that the value selected in the popup is now seen on the main form as they go through each question.

My problem is that when the main for refreshes with new values to be selected FF does not change the value on the drop down. but when i go to the source the correct value is selected. I do not have this problem in IE everything works as it should be.

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How To Pass Values Into The Parent Form
i have a drop-down menu with a list of products.when i select any one
product i open a popup displaying hte product categories in it.i then
enter the no. of items i want.and finally when i click to the submit
button i want to display a summary of selected item in the parent make it more elaborate:

i have 3 items in a drop-down menu and each item has further 10
different types of products.

something like u have an item soap. and then 10 different brands of all my products are in the drop down menu in the parent form.
item 1
item 2
item 3
item 4

when i select item 1 i get a popup menu which has say 20 types of item1
from the database.i generate textboxes beside each label so that user
can enter his quantity. Code:

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Altering/refreshing A Parent Page
I have an asp application where in a certain page you have to enter a PO number, if you click the search it will bring up the 15 most previous PO number w/some information.

I want to be able to have those PO Numbers to be links, that when you click them it closes the new window(I have this) and the parent page can grab the PO number clicked and display that in this text field how would I go about this?

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Passing Variable To Parent Page
I want to pass a variable or value from the pop up page to the parent page. how do i do that?
Another approach i was thinking was dragging and dropping the selected variable from pop up page to the text box in the parent page. but i dont know whether ASP has any drag and drop module or something.

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Issues Sending Popup Form Contents To Parent
I have the code below which displays a popup where the user will enter a username and password. When they click the Submit button it should redirect to the Parent Element who then sends it to the ASP Page for processing.

I have the following bits of code but when I dump the ASP Page results the Parent is not sending the info from the child element: Popup Code:

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How Do I Reload The Parent Page When I Close The Pop Up Window?
I have a datagrid displaying data. There's an "edit" button, which I use Javascript to create a popup window where I can change the information. There's a "save" button on the pop up window.

Currently, I have to click the save button, and the the close button to close the pop-up window, go back to the calling page and refresh it before the information is updated in the calling page.

I would like to be able to use the "save" button on the pop-up window to close the pop-up AND reload the parent page. Is that possible?

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Refresh Parent Page From Child Page
This is my coding:

window.opener.location.reload(); window.close();

I don't want the IE to pop up the alert msg to false retry or cancel to reload the page.

I have tried:

1. window.opener.location = window.opener.location
2. window.opener.history.go(0)

But as i carry some data from previous previous page, when i use (window.opener.location = window.opener.location), it can't capture my data as it just load the page. It will pop up error as no data captured :

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d'
Type mismatch: '[string: ""]'

Any suggestion?

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Popup Parent
i have an aspx page. on that page there is a link that open a new popup page. Popup page contain some text fields. user fills that fields and press OK. By clicking OK I append the textbox values in the DataTable, which is already saved in the session
My Problem is that when that popup windows closes by clicking Ok i want to show that new information in datagrid on the parent page(which opened the popup page[]). i have info in the session, but problem is that when i bind datagrid by using the session Datatable on the parent page.

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Parent Paths
If I've enabled Parent Paths (PP) in IIS, but have installed the URL Filter
and disallowed ".." and "../" within links, am I covered from the
vulnerabilities of PP's?

This allows me to use PP's in #Include statements, but doesn't allow
visitors to use PP's in their links to access directories on my server.

Is this correct?

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Indicate The Parent Directory
I have a software that has generated a code for me, not sure if I'm allowed to give out names of other companies on here so i won't for now. anyways, the code has worked for a long time on my server just fine. Until I got a new server, same operating system and everything, i just cut and paste everything over from the old server to the new one. But for some reason now one of my sites will not let me use ".." in my code.

<!--include file=../2020applicationsconnections.asp-->

I would just place the "2020applicationsconnections.asp" file in the folder my current file is in, but then that messes up all the the linking that the "2020applicationsconnections.asp" file had in it. So is there any phrase, symbol, ect. that i should use to indicate a parent directory in this code? or is there some setting i need to change on my server that was set up on my old one.

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Parent And Child Folders....
I have one asp file including another asp file in a seperate folder. The file of the parent is in a read only, but the child is in a write and read file. If i run the child alone you can write with it no problems, but if i try to write with it calling it through the parent it tells me that permission are denied.

So my question is: are file permissions inhereted by the child from the parent? Is there any way of getting around this besides moving the parent into the same folder as the child?

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Refresh Parent From Frame
I have a page(1) inside a frameset. The frameset opens from another page(2). I want when I change something on page 1(inside the frameset), the page 1 to be reloaded.

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Parent And Child Windows
i have 2 asp pages. the parent and the child. the parent has has a value doc_id which is null. and a button to open the child window. it has other variables and input fields.

the child window creates the doc_id.

Now heres the problem. I want to close the child window, and send the doc_id(created in the child) to the doc_id(in the parent). and close the child window.

But keep the original variables in the parent id. (e.g if the user entered their name in the parent window, then opened the child window, then created the doc_id, then closed the child window, i want to parent to have the user name, and the new doc_id)

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Refresh Parent Window
I have a popup from the parent window which allwos the user to add in new location. when the lcoation has been added succesfully. then thewindow closes and the parent gets refreshed. In particular, just the location listbox gets updated with the new value. the location listbox i generated from the database using asp.

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Server.mappath() Parent
How to use server.mappath() parent folder correctly:


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Writing URL In Parent Frame
What do I need to do to write the URLs of the two identical iFrames in the textarea of the parent frame? Well, the iFrames are the same asp file, but the three listboxes in each iFrame make their URLs different. The problem is that upon selecting both iFrames listboxes, the 2nd iFrame cancels out the URL of the first iFrame written on the parent's frame.

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From Web Usercontrol Back To Parent
How can I access a web.asp code behind class-on from a code behind calss-function in a loaded web usercontrol. A.aspx loads control B.ascx . A's classA.function A displays info to a label on A.aspx .

I want to call classA.functionA from control B's class B.function B so that when I click on a button located on control B, the on click event fires class B function B which then calls class A function A which displays the info.

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Jumping To The Top Of Parent Using Iframes?
I have a parent window (default.asp) and on this page I have an IFrame that displays the rest of the menu requests for the site. The url always shows the base url, never other pages because they appear in the IFrame - this is by design.

The content in the IFrame is dynamic and may scroll forever depending on how much data is retrieved from the db. If the user scrolls down the IFrame to view to contents, the top of the default.asp page scrolls with it until it reaches the top of the IFrame.

The problem is that when navigating through the site I can't seem to figure out how to get it to jump to the top of the default.asp page when the page in the IFrame changes. This causes the user to have to scroll up and down throughout the site making it unappealing for navigation reasons.

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Parent Path Debate
I know that IIS 6 disables parent paths by default and I see in M@rco's blog that he "hates them with a vengence." The problem with not using them (at least with includes) though, is that your code files cannot be structured in a useful way, otherwise you will not be able to redistribute your code or to move your folders. Code:

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Title Of Parent Window
is there anyway to get the title of the window that opened a new window? in javascript it would be window.opener.document.title but is it even possible to get that with asp?

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Refreshing The Parent Window
i have a popup from the parent window which allwos the user to add in new location. when the lcoation has been added succesfully. then thewindow closes and the parent gets refreshed. In particular, just the location listbox gets updated with the new value. the location listbox i generated from the database using asp.

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Passing Varibles From POP-Up Back To Parent
I have an ASP page form that will be used for data entry. I am redoing a MS-Access Runtime application that has been used for a few years.

One of the issues; "What to do about the conditional visibility code" I had set on several of my Form objects.

What happens is, based on what value the user selects from a drop down box; additional fields would become visible requiring input. What I came up with in ASP was a POP-Up Window.

I got the window working by downloading some code from a tech site and I set up a "Switch” statement to conditionally the POP-Up window's initiation.
I set up users input fields and I tested it and it works fine.


With the Parent window still open, how can I pass the values from the POP-UP back into it for use? I mean without closing the Parent Window and Losing all the data values entered in the previous form fields.

How do I set it up so that when a user submits the Parent window data the POP-Up values go with it? I've have tried the standard POST Method but the Parent can not see the POP-UP window Form Field values.

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Parent - Child - Submit - Reply
I am trying to redirect back to a child form after a submit with a file upload and verification of file data. I would like to go back to the form and display a message returning the status of the data. Is that possible? Any suggestions on an alternate? I am using classic ASP, javascript and vbscript.

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Parent Path And Include Files
I have some asp files that are included in each of the (asp) pages of a new website I have built.I have many pages in the website, in many directories (3 levels).
The administrator does not alow to use parent path, and this is problematic to me now.
Any change of location of the included files, will not prevent from using parent path to access them.What can I do?I can not use one directory for all paes.

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Disallowe Parent Path Error
i have several errors when i want to include a file in my asp codes using "include file" object. i am using windows server 2003 and IIS6. have can i solve this problem?

The error description is like this....

Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0131'

Disallowed Parent Path

The Include file '../' cannot contain '..' to indicate the parent directory.

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Pass Value From Child To Parent Window!
I have a page which had a text box.

When a user clicks in the text box, by using the onclick event, i am opening a popupwindow with a list box. Now when the user selects a value in this list box, i want to pass that value to the parent window and populate the parent textbox.

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'ASP 0131' Disallowed Parent Path
this error on asp project:

Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0131'

Disallowed Parent Path

/ASP/Sale.asp, line 39

The Include file '../_fpclass/' cannot contain '..' to indicate the parent directory.

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Disallowed Parent Path ASP 0131
I am getting a really easy error and can't get it right no matter how I change it. It goes like this:

Active Server Pageserror 'ASP 0131'

Disallowed Parent Path

/raven/includes/include.asp, line 1 The Include file '..database/constants.asp' cannot contain '..' to indicate the parent directory.

<!-- #include file="../database/constants.asp"-->
<!-- #include file="include-filesystem.asp"-->
<!-- #include file="include-constants.asp"-->
<!-- #include file="../languages/language-config.asp"-->

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Relative Reference To Parent Folder
I have a rather large classic ASP application that uses relative references like


all over the place in about 60 pages. The application works OK on my XP Pro machine but does not work on a Windows 2003 Server. Is there a way to set the server to accept the reference to the Parent folder? Does it have something to do with IIS lockdown? Or IIS Version 5 instead of 6?

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Parent-Child Dropdown Boxes
I have two dropdown boxes, one is a state dropdown (statedrpdwn) and the other is a city dropdown (citydrpdwn). I want the values in the citydrpdwn to be dependent on what is selected in the statedrpdwn.

So when the user selects a state, I want the city drpdwn to only display the cities in that state. How can I do that? I also need to save this information to a database and retrieve it back correctly from the database. How can I do that?

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Chaining Parent/Child Relationships
I have a cross-reference table already set up that contains the information about programs that run in our database. It contains the program name, the tables used as inputs and the tables used as outputs. There is a row for each input to a program and a row for each output from a program. Code:

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Parent And Child Relationship On Sql Server
(I include a bmp file to make sure u all understand what my problem is) U all can see from the bmp I supply with this message.. I got 2 Table which is Master and Child table...the problem is I kindda want to make it like a Parent Child Relationship like In ms Access.

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Error :: Disallowed Parent Path
Im trying to log into the admin section but I get this error. tell me what might be wrong?

Active Server Pageserror 'ASP 0131'

Disallowed Parent Path

/portal/home/Default.asp, line 1 The Include file '../includes/inc_config.asp' cannot contain '..' to indicate the parent directory.

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Write To Parent Document Using Javascript In Firefox
I am trying to create dynamic dropdown boxes that query sql. My scripts and pages work in IE, but they do not work in Firefox. Here are the relevent snipents of my code:

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Calculate Length Of Input Based On Parent <TD>
I need dinamically calculate input text field based on parent static TD
before showing content of input.

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Parent Window Refresh When Child Is Closed
I have an asp page (parent) which opens a new window (child) with "". What i want is, when the child window is closed with "self.close()" then the parent window has to be refreshed. Any of you guys know how to do this?

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Grrr Calling Javascript:parent.subwin_open
Have it working as an href link from a button, but cannot get it working as an error condition like:

if on.error then
something = "javascript:parent......."
end if

Is this due to server side parsing of asp ?

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Javascript Parent Window Reload Without Retry Popup
I have a child window that has a button to close it. I would like the parent window to be refreshed (since action taken in the child would change the values in the parent). The code I have works, but I get that "Retry" popup... I would like to bypass that. Any suggestions? Code:

View Replies !   View Related Destroys My Parent Session Values
When a open an asp page from a modal window through, my session values of parent(the screen that invoked the modal window) are lost.

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The Include File '../main.asp' Cannot Contain '..' To Indicate The Parent Directory.
The Include file '../main.asp' cannot contain '..' to indicate the parent

I think it is refering to the fact that I have a file called
communication.asp, and in that file there is a line:

<!-- #include file=../main.asp -->
This LINE should not contain '..' to indicate the parent directory

On the other hand, reading the message as it is written, we see that it
says: Code:

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How To Pass Values From Parent Window To Popup Window In Server Side?
1. I have a form, with a textbox and a button. I have to enter a value in the text box and then i have to click the button, which opens a popup window. Here i want to pass the value of the text box which is entered in the parent window to popup window.

I have to use that value in the popup window's form_load event in the Code behind, and i have to take the values from the database using the value which i have entered in the parent window. Code:

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Security? "Error Disallowed Parent Path"
Having problems with uploaded Database and SharePoint sites. At least one of the errors is mentioned below. Sites do not allow access to DB entry or results. Code:

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Javascript Form Validation - Form Action To Another Page
In my prototype asp page (with no javascript and no password validation, I have a registration form with the following action:

<form name="form" method="post" action="RegDetails.asp">

This works fine, the form details are collected by RegDetails.asp

I am attempting to include javascript server side validation for the pasword, which obviously requires password and password2 fields (to be verified). I have used the script available at:

It works fine in a new blank page with the form action:

<form name=myForm onSubmit="return validatePwd()">

The final stage in this javascript demo form displays an alert box:

else {
alert('Nice job.');
return true;

When I change the first line of my original form to:

<form name=myForm onSubmit="return validatePwd()">

how do I get my original action of - action="RegDetails.asp" instead of this alert box?

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Form And The Form Validation In The Same Page
I have a simple form to accept two form fields and display the values
entered on pressing the submit button. The following is the form I have
created to accept the two entries and display the form fields on
pressing the submit form. It does not work can somebody please correct
the code or provide a simple equivalent code where I can have the form
and the validation and usage of the form values in the same ASP page.


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Posting From One Form On A Page To Another Form
have one form on an html page post to another form on the same page? I would like to have the information (all of the second form) hidden until the post is sent to it. Is that possible too?

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Form Cookies In Asp Page
I have an asp page with a form:

the username field must have the last user who connected ( saved using cookie)
When i press the "cancel " botton of the form this username should disappear and appear again once i close and open the browser again

I have a problem doing it: .....

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HTML Form In ASP Page
I have a html form, and I like to know how to capture the values in the form after the user hit the submit button. How do I capture these values in an ASP page?

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From Front Page Form
I have created a workorder form on Front Page that employees use to send in computer and other maintenance problems. In the form properties, I can choose to send the data to a database OR send it in an email, but can not choose both. We have it going to a database so we can better manage the data. But we would also like to send an email notification when a new record is added to the database.

I've tried this in Access on the database end but came up emptyhanded. The Access gurus have suggested it's something I need to do in html on the form. My html is very limited so I'm hoping someone can tell me if this is possible, and how I would go about doing it. The HTML gurus suggested it was an ASP issue.

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Form On Web Page By Email
I have a web page which has a registration form. The user inputs data in the form and I would like to be able to send the entire form contents to an email address (In the HTML format).

What is the best and easiest method to do this? Do I have to capture each element of the form and string it to the body and then send it out in the page or is there any faster way to grab the entire contents of the form entirely and attach to the body?

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Info From .NET Web Form To ASP Page
How can I get contents of a web form transferred to an ASP page. i.e. the form variables? I tried using Server.Transfer with the preserve form parameter set to true, but this created some wierd .NET framework error.

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