Repeat Password Checker

I'm making the register form to add user in my system. I want user to type fullname,username, password & repeat password. So I write function to check the input from users.This is one of the part in function

else if(form.pwd2.value <> form.pwd1.value){
alert("Repeat password again!")

This part are giving error when submit clicked. So i cut this part & try again & it's ok & no error. i want to make this repeat password checker.

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Login Checker

I have a login check that calls Login_Check.asp to place a cookie when the user correctly logs in or redirect to Login.asp if they haven't yet logged in.There are many pages that require the check before of those pages opens in a split frame.When trying to access the framed page before login the login form opens in both frames.How do I open the login screen in a new window instead of in the frames?

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Domain Name Checker

I want to build a domein name checker using ASP & Vbscript but I don't have a clue how to start or what I need to do precisely.

An example of the checker can be found at. it's called an domeinnaam check an can be found at the middel of the right side of the page.

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Domain Checker

im looking for domain checker code for domain name. any one have the coding?

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Link Checker

How can I check a link in ASP?I need to verify the exact link, just as performs the validation -

e.g.: if a user inserts, i'd like to verify whether it's OR OR

How can I do it?

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Form Spell Checker

Anybody know of a good form spell checker other than the ones suggested on

I've created a content management sys and it would be nice to give them the
facility, but I don't want them to have to have such as Word installed on
their machine or the need for me to install a COM on my server (because I
can't!!) to be able to do this.

Was thinking of telling the user that they should simply download the Google
toolbar to have this facility, but don't know if this works on a Mac and

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Broken Link Checker

Anyone knows how to detect broken link using ASP?

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Online Spell Checker

In the Intranet-based Ticket tracking app I have built for our tech support, there is a feature where some customers are going to be able to see the stuff that was typed in by the tech support person taking the call, including the problem description. It would be nice to install some client-side validation which would check their spelling. Is there such a thing? A Dreamweaver extension, some freebie js code, maybe?

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Add New Word To Spell Checker Script

I have a dictionary.txt whereby the form will check each word against the dictionary. Now, one of the features that I need to add in is to add a new word to the dictionary sorted alphabetically whenever the user clicks on the "Add to Dictionary" button.

How can I go about doing this? Code:

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Individually Password Protect Multiple Directories? Password Expiration?

I have a client who wants to password protect a learning course that is set up in modules. Each module needs to have it's own password protection so users can only access them as they progress through the course.

Each user should have their own password (for each module) and, said client would like the password to expire for the user at some (predetermined?) point. Is this possible? It seems like a lot (in terms of setup), but I don't know much about password stuff.

If it is possible, can someone give me an overview of how it works (theoretically) or where to find more specific info on setting something like this up (in

If it isn't possible, can someone suggest what is more reasonable in terms of protecting the modules?

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Password Sessions - Prompt Password Change

I created sessions to authenticate username and password. How can I utilize this same script to alert the user to change password at 3rd login? In other words when a user logs into a site after the 3 or 4th time which ever, they are prompted to change their password. Code:

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Repeat A Tag

I wish to insert several images in a page (1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg…) Is there anyway to use asp programming to keep the code short and smart? Something like this:

<img src="* .jpg" width="72" height="52" /> repeat while * goes from 1 to 5 . I guess that this can be made… In some way.

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Repeat Entry

I have a booking page that the user enters 2 addresses date and time etc
what I need is the option for the user to select multiple date entries for
the same journey or maybe multiple days ie they want to travel the same
journey every Monday or every weekday etc.

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Repeat Sql Query

does anyone know how to set this asp page to repeat the same transaction by mouse click.
i would like to repeat the query in my asp page by mouse click, i.e. first query done by query input in the input page the next would be by mouse click using the same output as the first image page.

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ASP/VBS Repeat Region

Not sure if this is possible, I have a memofield that contains a data string
(e.g. name1, name2, name3, name4 .... name 30) I would like to represent the
data in a table so that each name is on a different row eg




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Repeat Details

how I can repeat details in a ASP page. For example I have to fill in a a form which has the following quetion.Language : (a text box here to fill in the details)

and then a message with 2 buttons Do you want to insert another? YES NOWhen click on the button YES, I want my asp page to take the quetion "Language :" and the text box and copy it so the user can insert another value.How can I do it ??

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Repeat Region

how do I achieve this?

Today's News
Title of current news

Short DescriptionTitle of 2nd newsTitle of 3rd news Note:

I want the current inserted news to be on top with short description and the previous news just to display the title only.

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Repeat Region

I have some fields in the database that are not used in certain records, the problem being of course the it displays these feilds in the webpage and then the size of the webpage gets rather big, full of empty spaces .its just to fields in particular I need to apply this to?

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Repeat Field

what im after below is instead of test the name of the news_attachment field is repeated


Response.Write ("<a href=""" & recordset("news_attachment") & """>Test</a></td>")

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Repeat Header Row

How can I repeat a header every 'x' number of rows?

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Repeat Region

I am on the last part of my ecommerce site but I've hit a problem I can't seem to figure out. I have an asp page with an Orders table that lists the OrderID and the customer name and what they have bought.

Then if you click on the ID number you go to a details page that lists their name, credit card details, address etc. Also I want to show all the items that they have purchased but so far it only enters the first item they've purchase. I have tried making just the products a repeat region but I get an error when I do that.

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Repeat Fields

I have two fields that I want repeated in an ASP page. One column is a list of job duties, and the other column is a list of corresponding values that goes with each job duty. All of the values are coming in, but my job duties are not listing. Only the first job duty is being listed. I'm sure that I have my loop incorrect. Can someone give me a hint as to what I need to do? ....

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Create Repeat Region

I would like to retreive a list of records from my database using repeat region but I need 2 records in 1 line.
Any idea on how to do this?

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Vertical Repeat Region

Anone know of free code available to create a vertical repeating region? (I've found code for a horizontal repeating region.). I want to display my data from an Access table vertically, not horizontally.

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Report Repeat - Database

I have a simple asp script to record user email address entries in a access database.
the script makes record as followed

Set con = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
con.Open data_source
con.Execute sql_insert
Set con = Nothing
Response.Write "Your email address was successfully added to our database"

The problem here is it repeat the same address. how can I report to the user if the entry is alread entered.

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Horizontal Repeat Problem

I'm having a bit of a problem and I can't seem to fix it. I have a page which brings back the results from the database and instead of the results being Vertical, I would like them to be horizontal.

I know the answer is something like RepeatDirection="Horizontal" but as I am not an asp expert and it is a ready to go package that has crappy support... Code:

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ASP Records & Repeat Regions

I want to create a table with records from a database but I want the background colour of each row to be different. For example: Code:

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Getting Totals While Using Repeat Region

I have a database that displays its records on a webpage, The information displayed on the webpage is included in a repeat region so that the related records repeat down the page.

I want to add the totals of the displayed records at the end of the page. How do i do this. Im assuming that it goes outside the repeat region? Does anyone have any code or a walk through of how this is done?

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Inserting An Anchor To A Repeat Region

i am not sure if i am on the right section to place this thread, but my code is in .asp and i am using a access database and i wanted to link a text to another text in a seperate page that contains a repeat region that its pulling from the access database.

this lists like 7 records at a time and i was using the anchor method to link the text from the home page to the text in one of the fields that is in the repeat region and was not succesfull, It would take me to the page but would not go to that specific recordset that i have placed the anchor.

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Repeat Region - Form Fields

I am displaying multiple records returned in a resultset using a Do While loop. I've set the form field names like the following:

<select name="fieldnameA<%=ID%>"...

where <%=ID%> is a hidden field on the page that holds the id value for each record.

I want to append that number to the end of each form field

So, "fieldnameA" would be fieldnameA1 or fieldnameA2, etc.

I thought this would work, but the field names remain the same for every record...i.e. fieldnameA just repeats and the hidden field value isn't appended to the end of the field name.

Is there a way to append the value of the hidden field to the end of the form fields? So, the form field names are different for each new record displayed?

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Repeat Region W/ Data From 3 Recordsets

I have a single access database file with several tables, two of which are tblPanels and tblAssignedPanels. The table tblPanels has a panel ID number and a name for the panel. In the table tblAssignedPanels, there is a record ID, the panel ID of the panel that has been assigned, and the user ID of the user account the panel has been assigned to.

Then, there is a third table (tblManuals) that has a manual ID, the ID of the panel the manual is for, and the path to the manual on the server. What I would like to do is have a repeat region that lists all the panel names (from tblPanels) that are assigned to the currently logged in user based on userID (assigned panels found in tblAssignedPanels), and makes each a link using the path in tblManuals.

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Assign Hidden Value To A Repeat Region

Currently, my repeat region is showing all of my repeated records that are being brought in from my database. I would like to display these records in a confirmation page, but I am having problems having them display in my confirmation page.

I tried to assign a hidden value to the repeat region, but I am getting no data to come across. Below is the code that I'm using: Code:

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Calculate Total In Repeat Region

I need to calculate a total based on fields in a repeat region, these values are stored in an SQL db, all are numeric and written in ASP.fields are

TOTAL_COST VAT GRANDTOTAL (Page selects records based on
field parameter and displays in a repeat region)

At bottom of page need to show total sum like

TOTAL_COST(sum of above)
VAT(sum of above)
GRANDTOTAL(sum of above)

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