Response.binarywrite Cuts Some Of The Image

when I upload images to a db, everything seems to work smoothly. But when I'm trying to view the page, it seems that there is sth wrong with images - all of them are cut at the bottom. The image size is correct, the filesize is ok, but the bottom part of the image is blank...

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I have a problem when trying to do response.binarywrite for files > 64kb. I am reading a blob data from the database, this blob data contains files. To read from database ADODB.Recordset is used. I am using the following code to write on to the browser:

Response.BinaryWrite rs.fields(blob field)

This works fine when the blob data is < 64 kb but when this limit exceeds then an error is thrown. how I can go about and read files > 64 kb ? Is there a maximum limit on the size of the file that can be used with response.binarywrite?

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Response.BinaryWrite For One JPEG Is Very Slow

I am using Response.BinaryWrite to display JPEG's to the browser. The
problem is that in IE, one particular JPEG is loading very slow. Normal
JPEG's take a few seconds, but this one sometimes takes up to 30 seconds.
THe weird thing is that if I refresh really quick, the JPEG appears for quick
second, and then the new Response.BinaryWrite kicks in. So, it looks like
the browser has the image, but for some reason it is not finishing loading it
into the browser. Code:

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Response.binaryWrite Chunks Of Data

I made a posting a while ago regarding doing a binarywrite of a large
file in chunks and got a lot of helpful responses. I was able to make
it work then. Unfortunately when the project is being tested its not
working and I am getting some weird results when testing. A month ago I
was able to stream a file of size 80Mb and it worked like a dream

Yesterday it would not work on the same file, but would stream smaller
files. The largest file i was able to stream yesterday was 55.5MB.
Today it wouldnot work with the 55.5MB file but only with a file of max
size of around 54.5MB. I can't seem to figure out what is causing this.
Because the code is the same. I actually get no error, with the file
size i mentioned i get a popup window within seconds for the file
download. But anything greater than that file size (max size as of
today 54.5) even if it is an MB more i get a blank screen but it never
pop ups the file download box Code:

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Aspupload Response.Binary Retrieve Image Datatype

Found that the code offered by aspupload to retrieve image datatype needs to be altered to work with MS SQL whereas it works fine with MS Access.

The following piece of code has the BinaryWrite executing prior to the ContentType request:

' AspUpload Code samples: filelist_download.asp
' Invoked by filelist.asp
' Copyright (c) 2001 Persits Software, Inc.

' The file must not contain any HTML tags, not even HTML comment tags <!-- ...-->

' Build ADO connection string
Connect = "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=" & Server.MapPath(".aspupload.mdb")

' If you use SQL Server, the connecton string must look something like this:
' Connect = "Provider=SQLOLEDB;Server=MYSRV;Database=master;UID=sa;PWD=xxx"

Set db = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
db.Open Connect

SQL = "SELECT * FROM MYIMAGES where id = " & Request("id")
Set rs = db.Execute( SQL )
If rs.EOF Then Response.End

' Send actual file
Response.BinaryWrite rs("image_blob")

Response.ContentType = "application/octet-stream"

' Let the browser know the file name
Response.AddHeader "Content-Disposition", "attachment;filename=" & Trim(rs("filename"))

' Let the browser know the file size
Response.AddHeader "Content-Length", CStr(rs("filesize"))


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it is possible to print binary content via response.BinaryWrite!
But is it possible to determine as a value?
(I get content from another site, they send to me wrong character because of the chracter coding.I want to get it as binary.I can already get, but I can't edit

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help me regarding the 'Response.BinaryWrite' I am making one web application where I need to store some of client logo's and others images. In this context I am able to store images into .DB file and even able to display into browser to. But it seems to be 'Response.BinaryWrite' does not support 'html/text' hearder if you user 'BinaryWrite'? I had tried many way to do so but its does not write binary if pages content <html><body> tag's.

I could had done it by uploading images into disk, which is quite simple method and faster too<img src"images/<%=filename%>.jpg/gif"> by having unique file name. But I am not the person who is going to monitor it as user itself has a persmission through the web to have there image as they want to give file name etc. Also I can't have individual directory for each users as if tomorrow users grow then what I suppose to do?

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BinaryWrite And Firefox

I am using Response.BinaryWrite to write a PDF to the browser. Everything works great on IE and Safari but when I try to use Firefox the browser hangs. The title bar says application/pdf but nothing ever shows up. Going directly to the pdf works fine but unfortunately am unable to do that in the long run and must use BinaryWrite.

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Displaying Img From Access Using BinaryWrite

I have a commercial database written in access and I'm trying to display some images, jpegs, stored in the DB on web page. My code is as follows:

Response.ContentType = "image/jpeg"

sql = "SELECT PartImage FROM Parts WHERE ShortID='AAPTM01'"
Set rs = AMConn.execute(sql)
If not rs.eof Then
PicSize = rs("PartImage").ActualSize
if PicSize > 0 then
end if
End If
set rs = nothing

All i get on the page is the image not found icon with the red cross in IE.
What could possibly be going on?

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File Does Not Begin With %PDF - BinaryWrite

Been struggling over this issue for a long while. We store PDF's in our SQL Server database. And I do a BinaryWrite to display the PDF.

It works for me without issue, on FireFox, IE, and Opera! But we are receiving feedback that some users are receiving the file does not begin with %PDF message ....

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Binarywrite And ADODB.Stream

In Windows 2000 IIS 5 SP3 this:;en-us;276488

is not working. No error but wants to save binary.asp to disk and can't. I have it in a High Isolation Application.

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BinaryWrite, IE And Adobe Reader 6.0

I'm having some problems with the Reponse.BinaryWrite, IE 6.0 and Adobe Reader 6.0. When I try to write a pdf-file to an IE browser with a Adobe Reader 6.0 installed then it just displays a blank page and the earth on the top rigth corner keeps turning like it haven't read the pdf-file (for 10+ minutes on a lan).

If I change the settings on the Adobe Reader 6.0 to not open in a browser, then it works fine. If I use Mozilla 1.4 then it opens fine as well.It works fine as well with Adobe Reader 5.1. The code looks like this:

[Some code that places the pdf-file in a byte array called vntStream]
Response.ContentType = "Application/pdf"
Response.BinaryWrite = vntStream

I have tried to place a Response.Flush after the BinaryWrite, but it just makes the Adobe plug-in say something like "document corupted".

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Updating Browser While Do BinaryWrite?

Here is a snippet of some code that writes/exports a Crystal Report to an I.E. Browser (this is on an intranet using ONLY I.E). Code:

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How Can I Output TheResponse.BinaryWrite

How can I output the Response.BinaryWrite content in an asp page that has
html tags inside?

I need to write the binary data to the client browser inside the html tags.

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ADODB.Stream And BinaryWrite Problems.

I`m writing a little routine that captures the data from a form submit (ie a picture) and then at the back end the asp will saved it back out into a file on the server.

I can capture the file fine and display the binary data to the screen.. but now I`m trying to write the data back into a file on the server. After a bit of searching around on the net I found that most people where suggesting using the ADODB.Stream functions.

So this is what I've got but for some reason when I go to write the binary variable it complains. Code:

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ASP, DOC, RTF, ADODB.Stream, ContentType, BinaryWrite, And ReplaceB()

It involves using ASP/VbScript and ADODB.Stream to read binary data from a *.DOC or *.RTF
file and then send it to the user with Response.ContentType and BinaryWrite.

Everything works fine until I try to Replace() certain strings in the *.RTF
file with my own data. I'm assuming Replace() is choking on the binary characters, or
incorrectly thinking 0x00 values are marking end of string. Code:

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How To Break Up BinaryWrite File Into Multiple Chunks

I am doing a binaryWrite to allow users to download files. The problem
occurs if the file is too big. Some of the files i have are close to
100 megs. I read on msdn that if the data is greater than 4MB it is
advisable to break it up into multiple chunks Code:

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Response.Write To The HTTP Response Body

<a target="_blank"

Can anyone please tell me what to enter after Response.Write to write the above to the HTTP Response body.

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Display An Image From Access, Stored As Location Name Not Actual Image.

I have a client who has had a ASP site with an Access database for several years. It stores information for the used cars on his lot. I have stored text in the database that points to the location of the image for each record. Each record will have a thumb image that is supposed to display in a list of vehicles available then the user can select an item from this list and a new page displays with the information and the regular size image. So far everything has worked fine exept for the display of the images which are stored in a separate directory called veh-photos. All I get are image place holders. I am using Dreamweaver 2004 and and Access 2000 for the database.

Following is the code to list vehicles: ....

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Open Image In 'Kodak Image Edit Control' With Web Browser

1.I want to show a image file of type '.tif' in the browser window; for that I'm writting as ASP code page.

2.This '.tif' type image can be shown better with 'Kodak Image Control'.

3.To have this 'Kodak Image Control' on my code page I just add it's ..ocx to tool box and then drag it from 'Toolbox' to the page.

4.Now after dropping this control to the code it's type is getting changed to 'object' instead of type 'ImgEdit'(and I think this is the
reason I don't get correct result).

5.On one button's 'Onclick' event I'm calling a javascript function with which I'm setting a 'Path'and'Display' property of a control.

6.And want to show a image at location -- '..MFTDRCMF919685173-62.tif' which get shown in new browser window but could not get shown in that particular control. That means the path is correct, then what is the problem?

For better understanding of problem I'm pasting a following code which I've tried up till now......
<%@ Language=VBScript %>

<META NAME="GENERATOR" Content="Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0">

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=javascript>
function showpic()
var path;
path = document.frmtif.path.value;
document.frmtif.ImgEdit1.Image =path;


<BODY bgColor=#ffe4e1>
<form name="frmtif">
The Image
<OBJECT id=ImgEdit1 style="WIDTH: 409px; HEIGHT: 218px" type="ImgEdit"
border=1 classid=clsid:6D940280-9F11-11CE-83FD-02608C3EC08A

<input type="hidden" name="path"
<input type="button" name="show" value="Show" onclick="showpic();">



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Displaying Alternate Image When Image Source Not Found

I am creating a dynamic ASP VBScript page, which gets data from an Access database.

In the database, there is a field which holds a URL to an image. I can get the image to display fine, but where there is no file that matches the URL (i.e. a missing image) I want to display an alternative, default image (e.g. one that says "Awaiting Image"). The field is never blank, but the image file may not exist for all records in the database.

I think what I am trying to get to is the following:

If file exists (using URL from database to get location of image file) then
display image using the url from the database as the image source
display default image - hardcoded in program

I have had a go and come up with the attached but I get an error with my if statement...

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Image From Image Folder Into Byte Array?

I can convert an image that is retrieved from a FileUpload object into a byte array and insert it into the database..

When the user signs-up i wish tosimply insert into the Picture (DB Type = Image) field to an image i already have saved in my images folder?

Anyone know of a way to do this? Tutorials, articles or advise??!

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Show Image From SQL Image Field?

Here is my code. I'm using 2 pages.

(Page 1) blob.asp

set Recordset1 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
Recordset1.ActiveConnection = MM_blob_STRING
Recordset1.Source = "SELECT AboutPic FROM Elizabeth.GF_AboutUs"
Recordset1.CursorType = 0
Recordset1.CursorLocation = 2
Recordset1.LockType = 3
Recordset1_numRows = 0
Response.contentType = "image/jpg" 'Recordset1.Fields("AboutPic") <---Tried
both methods
size = Recordset1.Fields("AboutPic").ActualSize
blob = Recordset1.Fields("AboutPic").GetChunk(size)

(Page 2 Show the Image)

Dim urlString
urlString = "?" & Request.QueryString

<% Another rs to show other information as text from the same table %>

<img src="blob.asp<%=urlString%>" width="194" height="256">

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Upload New Image Get Path Of Old Image

I'm working on a project where I'm suppose to upload a image to a server. The uploading works fine but when I want to change the image I uploaded to another image I can't get the filepath of the old image to show in my "filefiled" it possible to set a "value" where I can retrieve a filepath in a form if the input type is "file"?

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Response.redirect And Response.end

Is there any point in having response.end after response.redirect?

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<%=request.querystring("image")%> Image Won't Display

This worked fine for enlarging my images until i put it onto a secure server, anyone know how i can fix it ??? just comes up with the standard box with a red cross in it .. and the url when i click image properties says: http://url/images/<%=request.querystring( which is only part of the code)

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Merge An Image Into Another Image

I'm looking for a simple way to merge an image into another image.What i have is a screenshot uploader, and i want to make it so that when they upload the SS, the script will automatically merge a small copyright type image onto the bottom right of the picture.

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The following code checks to see if user is an Admin...if not then the user get redirected to another page.

If(accountType <> "Admin") Then
        response.redirect "message.asp?msg=20"
End if

My question is:
Do I need Response.End?
Can a user (not an admin) stop the browser from redirecting and execute the code after the if statement?

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Response.End Or Not?

after looking at someone elses code here I noticed that he
always does a Response.End after a Response.Redirect. I was under the
impression that code execution would stop on the current page as soon as the
Response.Redirect statement appeared, but the guy reckons that the code will
continue running on the current page before starting the new one. Can
someone give me the definitive answer on this?

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Response End, Set Rs = Nothing

I must admit I always forget to use "response.end"

and I also forget to "set objects = nothing"

how important are these things.

I know my application run fine without them probably because I usually have
plenty of processing power and ram.

My understanding is that a small peace of ram will be tied up for a set
period of time, and then it will be returned for use.

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What is wrong with this line?

response.write <img src="" & rs("LastName") & "_" & rs("FirstName") & ".jpg" width=85 border=1>"

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Using Response

I have placed an include to "security.asp" at the top of each .asp page in the Members Area of my client's web site.
When the following code in "security.asp" is executed, the user is redirected to the "join.asp" page but the url in the browser address bar still shows the last page's url.

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Immediate Response

My first question was, can I hide a form field and make it visible upon
selecting a particular value on a dropdown select field? Hoping for your
immediate response.

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