Sending Form Data To Access Database

I have a member registration form that when the user clicks the submit button the form info is sent to a file name validate.asp.

The file validate.asp checks all the information to see if it correct and now I would like to have the data that was submitted added to an access database named members into a table that I named reginfo (registration info) and I have tried numerous ways to do this and spent countless hours browsing through websites but cant seem to get it to work. Code:

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Form Submit Data Into Access Database With Date()

I have an ASP form that has a field that automatically places the current date into it. It uses the function Date().

The problem I am having is when the form is submitted into my Access database the date is coming out wrong in the Access field. The datatype for the field is Date/Time but it still is not coming out right.

Example: the date in the ASP form shows as 12/19/2006 and the entry in the Access form shows 12:00:27 AM. If I change the format of the Date/Time field to Short Date, the result is: 12/30/1899.

Does anyone know how I can get the data that is posted to the Access database to come out the same as the ASP form?

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Sending Data From A Form To A Vbscript

I've been asked to take data from a form and then send it to a vbscript. The client
has made a vbscript that performs a calculation (i haven't been told a great deal
about it yet) and now they wish to put it online, so that when a user enters
data into a form, it sends the data to the relevant fields in the vbscript.

I don't know a great deal about Visual Basic, so if anyone could explain how i might be able to go about this ..

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Sending Form Data Between ASP And ASPX

Im doing an where we have an external asp-form in a iframe on the mainpage. On submit, the form sends its data through method="get" to a page with a frameset (i couldnt get the data through POST).

In the framsetpage, the data is receieved in the frameset and then sent to the lower frame through querystrings. The lower frame is also an external asp-page.

My problem is this, the .NET-platform is using utf-8 and some other way of URL-decode things then the old platform did. So for example the swedish letter '÷' is in .NET URLdecode '%c3%96' and in the old asp-way '%D6'. The asp-page has no idea what '%c3%96' means so the formdata is a bit corrupted on arrival.

What i was wondering is if there are any ways of convert the new way of urldecode strings to the old way? Preferably in C# since thats the site's main programming language.

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Html Form Sending Over Blank Data

I have a form that is being sent over to an asp page. About 5% of the time, the form fields are blank when the ASP page is reading them. But when the user hit the submit button, they were not blank, because I have client-side validation that will not allow the submit to occur if any of the fields are blank. When this occurs, all the fields in the request.form object are blank?

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Inserting Data To SQL Database And Sending Email At The Same Time?

Iím attempting to insert some basic information (name, address, details) to the sql database and send a notification email (at the same time).

Right now, I can insert the information to the DB after I click submit, but how can I also receive an email? Please give some ideas how to do it.

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Sending Form Data (like Post Method) To A Location Offsite

I'm trying to "post" a form in asp to a script off the main site.

I suppose I could do a response.redirect to the script, but am wondering if there is a more direct way to do it. Something like the XMLHttp obj in js.

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How To Insert Image To Access Database From Form When The User Submits The Form?

my form contains two text fields(name, address) and two file field control where user can insert image(photo1 and photo2), i want to insert this data in to ms access when the user submits the form?

this is my code for insert text fields to access data base.but i have no idea about the code for image fields. In my access data base i set photo1 and photo2 as herf (binary data). Code:

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Data From ASP Web To Access Database

I'm using Dreamweaver MX with ASP VBScript and using a MS Access Database. For about the longest time now, I've been trying to make a Mailing List form online and when you submit the data, [data] goes into the Access Database.

The Form is obviously working fine, although sometimes I do get errors, I'm mainly trying to get this data skullduggery working. Is that even possible (with ASP even)? I have to use ASP and I can't use SQL (because I would), but I think my n00b self has tried everything I could think of. Code:

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Adding Reg Form Data To MS Access DB

I am trying to test a form at home which is for registration purposes. I dont have a server connection yet. Im wondering if it is possible to check whether the form is working offline or whether my code just isnt working! ?

I should also say that my html files, asp files and database are in the same folder. Code:

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Pulling Data From Access Database

I have an access database from which I am pulling records. The main table contains all the info for a specific person and their business. I am retrieving the data and sorting based on last name, and I am also retrieving and sorting the data based on the specific region a person is in.

What I would like to do is also sort based on a sector that a personís business is a part of. I would be able to retrieve all the records for each sector and sort them just as I did with region, but I donít want to list ALL the sub-sectors. Code:

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Retrieving Data From Access Database

does any one just help me with the an example of retrieving data from access data base?

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Pass Data To MS Access Database

I'm new to this and I'm trying to take data collected from this nice form I created, and pass it to a MS Access database. To simplify my learning, I created a database name test.mdb. It has one table, customers. The table has 3 fields, name, address, and phone. There are 3 form fields that have the same names as the table field names.

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Inserting Data Using A Form Into Two Access Tables

I have two tables Property & Landlord. I have a form and when it is filled in and submitted the information should be sent to the two tables, but i cant seem to get my head around this problem.

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Inserting Arabic Data Into Access Database

I am trying to save arabic data from asp and it's not being saved with right encoding. i tried with both code pages 1252 and 1256. each time i am getting different set of characters in db, but not as i am entering in asp page.

when i retrieve arabic data from database and display in web pages it's showing correct text.

i am using following code in asp side: ....

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ASP Form To Access Database

Does anyone know where I can find a great tutorial that will show me how to take information filled out in a form on a web site that will go directly to an Access database?

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How To Insert The Data Into The MS Access Database Using Visual Basic

I want to insert the data into the MS Access Database using Visual Basic 6.0. Anybody please heplp me to tell the steps to insert the data into the database.

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Form Field Data From Database

I currently have a web page that pulls in job vacancies from a search form all written in asp and the database is in access. I will be placing an extra field which will say "apply now" and on selecting this you will be taken to a new page where you can fill in your details and email them to the employer.

My problem is I need to know how to get a field in the form that will automatically fill in the title of the vacancy being applied for from the database.

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Adding Info From A Form To Access Database

Except for extremely basic ASP programming that I did two years ago and have forgotten I have not touched coding since!

I've taken a look at a couple of tutorials but they all baffle me!

Can anyone tell me how I can just create a simple html form with input fields of FirstName, LastName, Email and Phone amd when the user hits submit it is recorded in an access database?

I can do the HTML part fine. And I believe I've set up access ok although Ive never used it before.

Also, if the server that the database will go on is a Microsoft one i suspect that is ok? Im not sure if all i have to do is upload the database and it will work? or do i need to talk to my hosting company to set up some kind of odbc thing that ive heard about?

My database will just be called clients.mdb and the table is called Customers.

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Problem In Saving A Form To Ms Access Database

Iam facing a problem in saving a particular form to ms access datdabase. Iam preparing an enquiry form and want to host it onto the company's website, but Iam not able to save the form to a database. The code is as follows: Code:

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Adding Data From A HTML Form To Database

Basically i have a form on a HTML page which someone fills out with a few IDs, then i have a .asp file which is meant to add the info to a database.

However it just wont work, the field names in the database are correct. - i hope the if statement is correct too. Code:

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Error Inserting Form Data Into Database

I am trying to insert data from a form into a database and i am getting the following error:

Microsoft JET Database Engine error '80004005'
Operation must use an updateable query.

The code that i used can be seen below: Code:

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Capturing Form Data And Storing In A Database?

I have an asp contact from which gets data and generates an email containing the users contact details it also send the user a confirmation email.

I was wondering if anyone could explain in simple terms how i would send the form data to be stored in a database?

I know i would have to set up a databse conenction.

how would the form fields be sent to the database?

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Sending Email With Values Form A Form

<%@Language=VBScript %>
<%option explicit%>
MESSAGE = (Request.Form("type"))
MESSAGE=MESSAGE & vbcrlf & "Name" & (Request.Form("name"))
MESSAGE=MESSAGE & vbcrlf & (Request.Form("address"))
MESSAGE=MESSAGE & vbcrlf & (Request.Form("handphone"))
MESSAGE=MESSAGE & vbcrlf & (Request.Form("phonenumber"))
MESSAGE=MESSAGE & vbcrlf & vbcrlf & (Request.Form("comments"))
MESSAGE=MESSAGE & vbcrlf & vbcrlf
MESSAGE=MESSAGE & "____________________________________________"

Set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")

objMail.From =Request.Form(email)
objMail.To = ""
objMail.Subject = "Business/Career Enquiries"
objMail.Body = ""&MESSAGE&""
Set objMail = Nothing

but somehow i'm not able to send the mail....

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Data Sending

i used a check box in a loop:
<input type="checkbox" name="Inv" id="Inv" value="<%= rstMain("TR_ID")

n transfered the value to the next page...wats the best way to transfer
the data to a 3rd page

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Sending Data Between Pages

How can I through asp figure out if a page is opend through a regular link
or from form post method like this :

<form action="something.asp" method=post>
<input type="submit" value="Ok">

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Sending Data From One Table To Another

Right i got the login page working, on my main page i have a big table in the middle with a few small tables either side of it, one of the smaller tables has a form where you can search a database, is it possible to have the results of the search appear in the main table? and is it difficult?

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Sending Data Via Email

Does anyone know how i could send bulk info from a database to an email? Like an order confirmation for more than one product? or where i could find some info?

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Access Denied While Sending Mail From ASP

I searched through this forum to find a answer to my problem but
couldn't find it in any of the forums, so I'll describe the problem and
the solution here.

I am using ASP on SBS 2003 with IIS 6.0 and Exchange 6.5.7226.0. I have
a page where the user can submit a form to send email. I followed
Microsoft's sample code to use either CDOSYS or CDOEX, but I kept
getting error 80070005, which is an access denied message. Here's my
simple sample code:

function sendEmail(to, from, subject, body) {
var iMsg = Server.CreateObject("CDO.Message")
iMsg.To = to
iMsg.From = from
iMsg.Subject = subject
iMsg.TextBody = body

Here's what I did to fix the problem: From the IIS Manager, right-click
Default Web Site, choose Properties, then the Home Directory tab.
Change the Application pool from DefaultAppPool to ExchangeApplicationPool.

No more error 80070005.

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Simultaneously Sending Messages To Access

I'm having this asp application where the visitor is able to send a message to an Access database.. This works great (with the code below). Code:

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Sending Data Info With Jmail Page.

I have a SelectBoxes.asp page that is working with multiple selection
dropdown boxes to extract data and total the selection prices.
Tom & Bob were kind enough to give me a big help getting this page
working and it's working just fine, no problems with this page.

However I then would like this data e-mailed using jmail (my host insists
on this method) and that is the function of the sendEMail2.asp page.

This is failing and only giving me a HTTP 500 - Internal server error and
I'm at a loss as to what's wrong. Code:

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Sending Dynamic Input Data Through Email

I have sent form data through email using .asp before but I have never done it when you are using a form that has createelements involved. I have a form w/ 3 inputs, two text inputs and one select combo box. if i click an add user button it will appear with another row of 2 text boxes and a combo box, and you can repeat up to as many as you need. I am trying to figure out how to mail all of those values to someone. Is there an easy way. Below I will attach the code that I use to name the fields when they are generated maybe it will help....

<SCRIPT language="javascript">
counter = 1

function addRow(id){
var tbody = document.getElementById(id).getElementsByTagName("TBODY")[0];
var row = document.createElement("TR");

var td2 = document.createElement("TD");
var input2 = document.createElement("INPUT");

var td3 = document.createElement("TD");
var input3 = document.createElement("INPUT");

var td4 = document.createElement("TD");
var input4 = document.createElement("select"); = "Role"+counter; = "Role"+counter;
option = document.createElement("OPTION");
option.value ="Admin";
option.text = "Admin";
option = document.createElement("OPTION");
option.value ="Read";
option.text = "Read";
option = document.createElement("OPTION");
option.value ="Read/Write";
option.text = "Read/Write";





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Sending Data To Processor Page For Use In SQL Statement?

I have a form page with a drop down menu of article types that can be submitted. On my processor page where I enter the article, I want to be able to send an email to the person who is responsible for those article types, letting them know a new article has been submitted. I have a table set up in my access database, with an article type and email associated with that which I would like to send an email to.

On my processor page, i would like a SQL statement something to the effect of:

SELECT * FROM table_artemail WHERE art_type = request.form(art_type)

but i can not seem to get it to work.

Also, when I get that working, i plan on using cdonts to send the email. can I just create a variable called "mailto" and have a statement such as: Code:

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