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Should I Validate Cookies Values?

Should i validate cookies values?

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Carrying Form Values Without Cookies Or Sessions.
Is it possible to send form values from PAGE1 to PAGE2, and then retain the
form info for PAGE3 without using cookies, sessions or DB storage? Also, I
dont want to repost page2 to page3 using hidden form fields.

Just curious! Want to know how to "simply" maintain user form inputs across
a web site even when security and privacy controls are set to MAXIMUM on the
browser. I know using databases would do it, but I would love to find a
simpler solution.

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Reset Cookies Values When Window Closes
Is there anyway to reset cookies values when window closes?

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Creating Cookies In Global.asa Session_OnStart But Cannot Read Cookies On Subsequent Pages.
In my Session_OnStart in Global.asa, I am setting some cookies. One
of them, I set as follows:

dim UserID
UserID = Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER")
Response.Cookies("User")("ID") = UCASE(UserID)

When I immediately log the cookie value retrieved from
Request.Cookies("User")("ID") into the Windows Event Log, I get the
correct value. However, when I try to retrieve the cookie on the home
page of my application using the same code,

Request.Cookies("User")("ID"), it either cannot find the cookie or
cannot read the value. I am retrieving the cookie before all HTML
headers are written. It is my first statement on the page after
Option Explicit. I have even compared the session IDs. The SessionID
created in the Session_OnStart is the same value as the SessionID on
the home page.

I have read that the Session_OnStart only has access to the
Application, Session and Request objects. It does not explicitly say
that it does not have access to the Response object. Also, I was even
able to use Response.Write's in Global.asa to print out the values
although it looked like it had also stopped the session after I did
so. Cookies are definitely enabled on my machine. I have even tried
setting the session cookie's expiration to be persistent for a few
days to see if it was perhaps expiring before I was able to read it
but this did not work either.

Is there something preventing cookies to be created in Global.asa in
the Session_OnStart sub? Is the Response object not available???
Please let me know if anyone else has had this problem or solution.

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Enable Permanent Cookies But Disable Session Cookies
Is it possible for a user to enable permanent cookies but disable session cookies.....this seems like a contradition yet this is what I appear to be
reading in online articles?

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Creating Cookies File And Stored In Cookies Folder
I m creating a cookies in my application and it work properly but i can't see the cookies where it will sotred i checked the cookies folder but i didn't find that I want to create a cookies file as the other web site create and store where other cookies will stored in Cookies folder or Temprory Internet files folder eg:1.[1].txt this stored in cookies folder 2. arvind@msn[2].txt ....

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i want a user to enter an amount in a text box he can enter it in different ways like this


anything other then this should not be valid

like if he enters

this is not valid does someone has a script for it Code:

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I have a date entry on a form that must be at least 30 days from the current date. It is a delivery request date and the soonest it can be processed is 30 days from the request. I need code to validate and message should they enter a date less than 30 days from the current date.

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How To Validate
i have three combo box in my form and if one combo box empty it has to say eror message,

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Validate URL
I've been given a task to write an function to validate URL's used on a website. The URL's are going to be kept in a table with other fields to indicate if the URL is valid and when it was last validated.

Any URL's that aren't valid won't be displayed on the site. Is there a way in ASP to check if any given URL returns a 404 error?

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Date Validate
How can I validate a date, like 3/26/04, before submitted?

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Validate A Password
I have created one of those change your password forms whereby the the old password and new password are provided.

What I am having trouble with is ensuring that the old password entered actually exists already. Below is what I have tried, but I am getting a syntax error:


'Check Password

if request.form("CusPassword")<>rsCheckUser.fields("CustomerPassword") then

response.write "Invalid password"

end if


if request.form("CusPassword")= rsCheckUser.fields("CustomerPassword") then

'write new password to databasestrSQL ="UPDATE Customer Set CustomerPassword ='"& NewPassword& "',CustomerPasswordverified ='"& NewPassword& "' where CustomerEmail = '"&CusEmail&"' "

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Validate Email
Does anyone have a nice javascript message that chacks whether a valid email address has been used in the form?

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Validate Form
I have a form which consists of a few fields. The problem that i encountered was it seemed like just checking the first field only rather than all the fields. Code:

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Validate Forms
I am looking for a way to do a validation in the form that who ever is filling the form is a true person & not a automatic system. there is a way to do it with letters in an image & the user must enter the same letters in a text field.

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Validate - Problem
i am validating a textbox i want data to be entered as Firstname.Lastname

so there should be "dot" between the firstname and lastname

if there is no dot then fire an alert and here is the code but its not firing the alert am i doing something wrong Code:

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Validate Xml Against Schema
I've created an xml document with Microsoft's XMLDOM. How can I validate
the xml I've created against a schema (xsd) ?

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Validate Login
I am wondering if there is a way to validate a user's login from 2 different tables.
Currently I have a sql string that pull info from a table based on the users login and password.Code:

sqlStr = "Select * From authorised_user_table where username = '" & Request.Form("username") & "' and password = '" & Request.Form("password") & "'"

My problem is I the passwords in this table are old, and I have a new table with all new passwords (same structure, just different passwords). I'm thinking most of the users don't remember their new passwords just the old. So is there a way I can query both tables? Something like Select * from table1..... else Select * from table2

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Validate Email In ASP
I once saw somewhere, and I cannot recall the site / article... But I believe there is a way that you can "Check" an E-Mail Address to make sure that it is a Valid Email Address. NOT Syntax checking... But to actually determine if the email address typed in is a "Real" and "Active" E-Mail Address.

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How Can I Validate Email?
I realize this is not solely an ASP question, but I thought you guys might
know the answer and I couldn't find anywhere else to post this. If you have
suggestions for this I am more than happy to post somewhere else.

How can I, using ASP code, validate whether or not an email address is a
real one? For example, if I have the email address called Join Bytes!
how can I determine if it is real?

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Validate MS SQL Logins
I need to know how to validate a user and password that is in the MS SQL Logins. (Not a table)

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Validate Data
A form is passing "firstName" and "lastName" to your ASP code how to validate them server side validation as follows:Only Alphanumeric characters,commas,hypens, spaces or periods are allowed in the last name.

Only A-Z, the hyphen are allowed in the first name.Both fields must be provided.Return a string value from your validation indicating to the user what is wrong with their entry. "

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Validate Server
I am trying to validate the success of Server.CreateObject through


Dim MyObject
MyObject = ""
Set MyObject = Server.CreateObject("ThisObject.Something")
'// Check if the object was created
If MyObject <> "" Then

However this code fails:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Object doesn't support this property or method

Is there a way I can test if the object was created successfully?

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Validate Checkbox
I am using this code to validat a checkbox in a very big file, the problem is,its not validating:

here is my code
function checkAgree(theform){
if(theform.Agreement.checked == false){
alert("Please tick the checkbox to continue.");
return false;

<form method="post" action="check.asp" onSubmit="return checkAgree(this)">

<input type="checkbox" name="Agreement" value="Yes">
<input type = "submit" name="submit" value="Submit ">

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Validate Only Name Field
I have 2 fields on a form called 'name' and 'title'.

I want to make the 'name' field compulsory to fill in on a form. So if someone submits a form and the name field is not filled in, it will tell them and won't let them submit.

But I only want the name field to become compulsory when the 'title' field is filled in. So if the title filed is blank then the validation will not be effective but if the title field is filled in then the name field will become compulsory. Code:

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Do You Have Your Own RegEXp To Validate Your String
I just realized that it's so important to validate each string, I mean
'each' before you insert data from asp page into database.

I guess some customers just copy data from some electronic document and
paste intoform field which it will probably mess up the program.

for example, we have a customer who wants to enter AH12345 into one of our
fields, it appears ??12345 in hidden field of our asp page, but it displayed
AH12345 to the customer, but our program failed because of the data does fit
into char field in sql database.

I don't know in reality, how other companies deal with those kind of thing.
Do I have write our own regExp to validate each string, since we do need to
allow apostrophe or "-" in first name or last name.

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Validate: Formobj Has No Properties
i am getting this error message when i validate my page and it is

Error: formobj has no properties
Source File: /sellgiftnum.asp?
Line: 55

and line 55 is this one
var obj = formobj.elements[fieldRequired[i]];

Can someone tell me whats wrong with it .....

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How To Validate A URL From Client Side
I have functions with which i can validate a URL from serverside. But, i need to valide the URL at the Client side (ASP- Javascript) itself. Is there any way to validate a given URL from the Client side.

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Validate 1st Field On Form
I have a form that users fill in, thefirst field is a username, which
must be unique.Currently only when I attempt the Insert into the DB does the restaint
inform the user that it already exists.Is there any way i can check , let say onblur, if that username exists, so that they dont have to complete the whole form before being

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Email Validate Function
how do I add this to my form? I don't understand.

Function chkEmail(sEmail)
Set objRegExp = New RegExp
searchStr = "^[w-.]{1,}@([da-zA-Z-]{1,}.){1,}[da-zA-Z-]{2,3}$"
objRegExp.Pattern = searchStr
objRegExp.IgnoreCase = true
chkEmail = objRegExp.Test(sEmail)
End Function

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Validate Credit Card
How can we validate credit card in ASP?How can we create a dll file in VB?

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Validate Date In Text Box
I am developing an application ASP and desire to validate the fields of dates before jumping to consultation SQL, the dates is entered text boxes and the idea is that been worth when losing the Focus. How I can do that?

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How Username And Password Validate
How to set up code that validates a password that is at least six characters long and contains one number

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Validate Character Length
I have a text box within a form that allows for Codes to be inputted.What i want is for an error message to be displayed and the form to be prevented from being submitted, if the code length inputted is less than 14 characters.I'm using dreamweaver and i have already set the text box to restrict the maximum character length to 14 characters, but there does not appear to be a mimumum character delimiter option available.

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Validate Date Format
is there anyway that I can validate my date format in asp?? I have tried like date=now(), that gives me like 5/14/2004, the format should be mmddyy, no space,no dash,and has to include 0 if month is from 1-9, for example 01, 02, like that?

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Validate Incomming Request
I have one Page "page1.asp" in my website "" that should open only if it is requested from a another site "" with one ID as parameter (may be querystring - Encrypted).

Even the page1.asp should not get open of requested from within the How do I implement this and what are all validation I need in the top of page1.asp.

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Validate Form Variables
I have a form that imputs several variables. Some of these variables are varchar some are smalldate and some are numbers.

What is the recommended method of handeling input that does not fit the required variable type? I am thinking of doing some kind of check and if it is not the required field type just dropping that value (for instance if they type "aaaaa" into a date field I would just turn that variable into "").

I have done a search and came up with many great methods of doing this, but what is the best way? I would like to avoid large Java routines (actually I would like to avoid java all together.

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Validate Using _Java Script
If the input textbox name is dynamic, like <input type="text" name='<%=rsItem("Item_Code")%>'>, what is the ??? in the following Jave Script? Or is there other way to validate if the entry is numeric?

function validate (form1)
if (!IsNumeric(form1.???.value))
alert (msg);

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Validate Email Address
I have about 10 text boxes and "Email_Address" is one of the first boxes. I would like it so when they exit the Email_Address box it checks to see if it is in the right format before they continue.

I have scripts that check at submit, but the form already goes through another complicated Perl script then and I did not write the script so I would rather not mess with that.

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Validation That Validate Whole Form
I built a form with all fields validated:

here's my code===========================

' validation
Dim validationOK
For Each elem in fields
'all fields required
'If (Trim(fields(elem))="") Then validationOK=false
If (Trim(fields("name"))="") Then validationOK=false
If (Trim(fields("email"))="") Then validationOK=false
If (validationOK=false) Then
Response.Write DisplayPage("error.html", fields)
End if

end code================

how can I change this so that certain fields are NOT required.

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Using Nslookup To Validate Email Addresses
I am wanting to validate the domain name of email addresses submitted through a form. Has anyone written a script for using nslookup to do this? My searches are finding components for sale.

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Validate Form Field Against SQL Database
I need to validate an item number from a form field against a MS SQL database

I am using a 2 page process to print barcodes from an entered item number on page 1 and need to only use valid item numbers from the database. If they enter a wrong number I want to give them a page telling them of the error.

I have 32 fields on page 1 to enter 32 items.(one for every label on the second page that contains the barcodes. Here is the connection to the database that I am using for the barcode.(Column IMLITM contains the item numbers) Code:

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Validate A Required Phone Field
I got this so far.But I need the user to be able to enter a space, a () and a dash into the field. ASP Code:

if studentphone="" or not IsNumeric(studentphone) then
lvstudentphone="<font color='#CC0000'>"&lvstudentphone&"</font>"
end if

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Simple Form Validate Question...
I have a form, and it has an email and phone text input fields. I want to test if BOTH are empty and stop the email from being sent. I thought that this would work Code:

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Validate Fields When A Dynamic Checkbox Is Selected
I am trying to make several fields in a HTML form validated, but only
when a dynamic checkbox is selected. I am not sure how to do this.

Here is a snippet of the dynamic checkbox code:

Set RSLIST = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
SQLLIST = "SELECT * FROM Newsletters ORDER BY Newsletter_Name"
RSLIST.Open SQLLIST, Conn, 1, 3
<%Do While Not RSLIST.EOF%>
<input type="checkbox" name="Newsletters"

I would like to make three fields (company, phone_work, license)
mandatory when one of the "ID" (i.e. ID 2) is checked.

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Validate User Text Input Problem
This problem only occur when ppl using NetScape 7.2 I've tested it myself and it works in IE and it DOESN"T work in NetScape 7.2 Here is the code:

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Validate Username And Password From Access Database
I am trying to create a "Members Only" section of my website. I have an Access Database to store usernames and passwords and I am using Frontpage 2003.

I have very little ASP experience and am having trouble finding some help on this subject that is understandable. I already have a global.asa file on the site because I currently have a page with a form that writes to the database.

What I would like to know is how to setup a login screen to get to the members only side of the site which will validate against the password table in the database.

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Validate Form With Multiple Payment Options...
I have a form where the user has 2 payment options. Is there a way to add validation to the form to ensure that at least one payment method is selected? This form does not actually process the payment, just sends the information to the recipient.

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Form Values With A File - Passing Values
I want to call a recordset so you can edit the details and then obviously pass the parameters onwards into the db. However, the user guide just says this:

To process other fields in the form, use the Form collection of the upload object the same way you would use the Form collection of the Request object. For example, if your form had a text element named UserName, your processing code would include: Code:

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How To Convert Escape Values In To Actual Values
i need to convert the escape values which are by mistake updated in DB.

this is a sample text string
is updated in DB as

here %20 is the space.

like wise there are many entries for :,'

is there way that i can update all this in a update statement?
or use asp to to update the records?

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How To Extract Indiviual Values From A Set Of Values
I have a variable SET which has the value Of 1, 2, 3, .., N.

SET=val1, val2, val3, val4, ..., valN

What is the commend or procedure to extract individual values, val1, val2, ...

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How To Validate One Radio Button Against Another Group Of Radio Buttons?
I have a group of radio buttons with the same name (which are in turn generated by the database). Since they share the same name, I can select only one of them.

Now I have another radio button which is not a part of the above group, but this radio button opens up a report which has different set of parameters to open a crystal report.

Now I want to know how to select only one radio button. Either from the group or this single radio button. User can select only 1 radio button at a time. Code:

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I've added a cookie and I am able to read it when using the same window but
if I load up a new window and try to access it, it can't find the cookie.
Any one know why?

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