Show/hide Table Using Asp

Is there a way to hide a table using asp?

I would like to 6 radio buttons and if one is selected then a table with further contant/ checkboxes relates to that particular checkbox become visible.

ie. radio button will display table 1 etc.

the table should appear under the selected radio button.

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Show Or Hide Record

Is there a way to tell my data table that lists my records
that if a record's entry contains "Is Down" to show it on the page but if it contains "Is Up" to hide it?

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Show/Hide Record

As admin I need the option to Show/Hide any given record at any giving time from any given user's query. When a client calls up their info, I may have added additional data to the db but I may not want to grant them access to that data until a certain time or I may need to 'un-activate' the data but still keep the record in the db. An on/off switch per record.

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Show/hide A Radio Button

I have a form I've created that pulls a list of options out of an access db. It then generates a table with a radiobutton and the course details. I use this code to throw up the radiobutton and when the user chooses an option, the id for that course is submitted. The code also takes -1 away from the value of a field linked to that record called "currentcount" (tracking the number of students that can register in that class)

Now I want to show the radio button if the currentcount field is >0 and hide if it's 0 or less. I also need the text 'session full' to appear if the currentcount is 0. My code for the radiobutton is Code:

<input name="session1" type="radio" value="<%= (traininglist.Fields.Item("sessionid").Value) %>">

So how do I show/hide this?

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Hide/Show Text Fields

I have a form that has a drop-down select box which is linked to a database table, and also tow text fields. I would like to show or hide text fields according to the value selected in the select-box without refreshing the page.

If I select TEST from the select box I want to show the RESULT field and hide OTHER field . If I select anything else I want to show the OTHER field and hide RESULT field. I'm interesting code in ASP and PHP.

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Show/Hide Part Of A Page

I'm working on an asp page where I need to be able to click on a link and then show or hide a section of the page. Kind of like folding markers. I can do it by simply refreshing the page but I'd prefer for it to just open and close. Is there a way to do this?

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Hide A Table With No Data

Is it posible in ASP to hide a table that brings no data when you query a data base and if you have two tables that brings different information?. If it's posible, can you guys help me with this one please?. The table that I would like to hide is the one that brings no data.

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Show Db Table Name

where in i could show in a dropdown the database table name as i would like the whole databse be searched according to a specific table?

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Show Table If Field X Is YES

I have problem to print out a table data only the data witch have the field paid yes..
I used
pi.Open "select * from invoicees where paid like '"&yes&"', "DSN=anitel"

What's wrong

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Show Layer Of The Table

I created a link click counter. Now I want to read and show to the public one layer of the table, with one specific number. How do I make to read only one specific "cluster" of the table of the DB? My script already records new entries, the problem is reading a specific cluster. I am using a Acess DB. Simple connection with the following connection code:

set conn = createobject("adodb.connection") "provider=microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0; data source=" & server.mappath("contador_clicks.mdb")
set rs = conn.execute("SELECT * FROM clicks ORDER By id DESC")
do while not rs.eof

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Hide Until

I want to hide a submit button until all parts of the form are completed, the form contains 7 rows of radio boxes which are in groups(5 in each grp) when all are selected i want the button to appear but the page not needing to be refreshed, any ideas?

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How To Hide

I migrated a mysql DB into a MSSQL DB. In this DB all chars like "blank"
or @ are encoded in...whats it called in english? :)
you know, when a blank is "+" or @ is "%40"... :)
How do I resolve those "%20"s back into a readable character or a blank
with asp?
Plus: How do I convert blanks into + again to write them back into the DB.

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Hide The Value

i m passing value through href link.
like this

<% while not rs.eof
<tr><td style="font-weight:bold">::</td><td ><a href="<%=rs("newsurl")%>&id=<%=rs("newsurl")%>" style="font-family:sans-serif;font-size:12px"><%=rs("headline")%></a></td></tr>

and this value appers in address bar.any way to hide this whole value in address bar

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Hide The Values

I have an Invoice.asp page which displays the number of products ordered by size. I would like to make the 0 values invisisble on the page. Can any1 help?
Below is some code that applys what i would like to do this using text fields.

If O("S4") = 0 Then
txtValue4 = ""
txtValue4 = O("S4")
End If

<input name="textfield4" type="text" value="<%=txtValue4%>" size="1" maxlength="3">

"O("S4")" is the recordset name and "txtValue4" is the initial value of the textfield.

Does anyone know how to alter this piece of code so that it applys to only the recordset "O("S4")" and not the textfield, alowing me to get rid of the textfields?

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Best Method To Hide

What's the best method to hide, or not show a certain record when doing a pull from a database, as in I am pulling a list with a dozen category's and I don't what to show one of them.

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Hide Code

Is possible to build a old ASP application in order to give to final user an application that hide its code?

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Hide Drop-down Box

I need to hide a drop down box. For a car search page, if the user selects "NEW" the mileage drop-down dissappears, but if the user selects "USED" than the mileage drop down appears. I need this on the server side, so I would be needing to use VBScript.

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Hide Hyperlinks

Can anyone provide the code to hide hyperlinks (change to background colour?) if the files they link to do not exist?

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Hide ASP Or Php Code

How can i make sure my ASP code is hidden on my web server when soebody accesses the ASP page? I want to do all I can to protect against this. The other day I was at a web page and instead of seeing the results of the page, the entire page was displayed to me as text and you couldd see all the asp code.

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Hide Your ASP Code

Is this posible? You wrap a javascript function around all of your ASP code, link it externaly, and simply call your function later. I wonder if this could be done?if yes, how about the performance. Does it stay the same?

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Hide The URL In Address Bar

I want to hide the web URL that gets displayed in the address bar every time we visit the web site, say first time we login and we get the url and next time when we navigate through the web site we also get the web page location and name on the address bar, is there a way to stop this and displaying only the starting web address where ever we visit the web page form the current site, and with out using HTML FRAMES is there any login in this so that i can use it with any script language like javascript and vbscript.

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Hide An Inital Value

im having a problem with one of my insert pages. On this page i have a form with a number of text fields, all these text fields must have an initial value of 0. Is there anyway of displaying these fields to show no value at all when in fact they have an initial value of 0.

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Hide Area

I am trying to hide an area if the value in a record is true, can anyone tell me why what I have below won't work?

<% if (String(rsAccount.Fields.Item("Suspend").Value) = false) { %>
<form name="SuspendArea" method="POST" action="<%=MM_editAction%>">
<input name="Suspend" type="hidden" id="Suspend" value="True">
<input type="submit" name="Submit2" value="Suspend">
<input type="hidden" name="MM_update" value="SuspendArea">
<input type="hidden" name="MM_recordId" value="<%= rsAccount.Fields.Item("ActivationCode").Value %>">
<% } // end %> </td>

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I Need To Hide The URL Address.

Its very common to pass information from one page to another using asp through the address bar. It is also possible to hack the code if one notices this. I.e the price of the item.

I was hopping someone new a way which would either mask the address bar so it never changed from example it stayed static irrespective of the page the view is on. Or they must be another way.

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Hide A Button

I have a query that checks one field against another and the recordset is not displayed if they are equal. What I need is to hide a 'proceed' button if the recordset is empty.

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How To Hide Duplicate Fields Value In Asp From

i want to hide duplicate values of a column in a asp form, lets suppose i have a field schoolname, and studentname, so it is possible a school have so many studnets, so i dont want to show school name infront of each student name, how can i hide it,

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Hide Missing Images?

Is there a way I can test if an image file exists before displaying it?

I have a database that has an image field in it that users enter a filename into. Is there a way for me to check using an "if" statement that the file is actually on the drive before displaying it? ie:

If okimage='actually on the drive' then%>
<img src='(rsFile.Fields.Item("image").Value)'>
<img src='noimage.jpg'>
<%end if%>

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How To Hide Password In Querystring?

when i send my login details (password and user name) in a querystring, i notice that the username and password are displayed inthe querystring in the browser URL bar. I feel this is very insecure, is there anyway to hide the password part?

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How To Hide Future's Records (id=?)

I have a site, constructed with dreamweaver, that contains a master-detail page set.
I have make some changes to the code (although I 'm not a programmer, I am beginner), so that I can insert records that will

be displayed when the date of the record is equal to the current date(server's date).

The detail page is something like http://localhost/1.asp?id=495

My problem: I discovered that anyone that hits to the browser any other id number by hand(example

http://localhost/1.asp?id=496), can view the records I wanted to be displayed when the appropriate date come!

So, I have not any way to protect my records from these people?

What can I do, so that nobody can see the future's records above the current date?

The master page already has a 'where' statement, and displays only the records with date=< current date.

My problem is at the detail page.

Suppose someone hit in the browser, just because he wants to cheat me, write another id in address bar, replacing the one the browser currently displays.

Thenhe has discover a brand new page which should be online in the future.

That's my problem.

It would be nice if I could hide the real address from browser address bar.

Or if I could somehow change it in order not to reveal the real address and this could make it more difficult for someone to reveal future's pages.

I know the use of frames hides such information(exact address) but as far as I know this solution has many disadvantages.

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Hide View Source

I Would Like To Be Able To Hide All My Code And Stop Others From Taking My Scripts From The View>source Option. And I Would Like To Be Able To Put A Picture In That Option So That When Other View Source All They Get Is A Picture ?

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Hide Duplicate Records

i want to hide duplicate record fields in an asp form, i have access database, e.g, i have a field schoolname, and studentname, 1 school have many students, so i want to print or display schoolname only once.

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Hide Part Of Page

I have created a drop down box that picks items (active product lines) from my dbase (sql), once the user selects an item from the drop down, I would like asp to relate that choice to the next table and pop up another drop down box (active products from the above product line chosen).

I'm assuming that there needs to be some function to hide the second drop down box until the first choice is made (I could be wrong here??) so I don't know what the code would be for the page to stop showing anymore information until a choice is made. I usually show code here but this is really a question about code that I don't know.

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Hide A News Item

I have added a new field in my database for the news items, basically a boolean value (true or false) for the display or hide of a news article. I have simple added to my queries WHERE newsDisplay, and that does the job except now I have one query qhich is actually causing me a small problem, due to the query already having a where clause.

like below:

dbSelectQuery("SELECT * FROM tblNews WHERE newsID ORDER BY newsDate DESC")

So that leaves me a little puzzled as to going about this query which should solve the small issue, I was even thinking is there a way I can use an if operator. Something along the lines of if newsDisplay = true or checked then do something else. Someone must know. I just dont think you can actually use an if statement on a sql query? Any tips would be perfect . PS - The new field I have added is newsDisplay as a yes/no in an access database.

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