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Use Hidden Field For Checkboxes

Is it possible to take a checkbox array and dump it into a hidden field each time it is checked?

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Copying A Value From A Textfield To A Hidden Field
Does anyone have any idea if you can set the value of a hiddenfield to be that of a textfield on the same page, when submitted?

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Passing Hidden Field Value In Hyperlinks
I currently us JavaScript to populate a hidden field with my scroll
location in order to retain the page location when I post the page back
to itself. However, I don't know how to pass that hidden field value
in a hyperlink as the value is always changing. Anyone have any

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Passing A Hidden Field Containing A Session Variable
i have two asp pages, one collecting value in a for the other displaying those values.

Normal non-hidden text fields are displaying properly. But my hidden field is not. The hidden field is made up of 3 other text fields and joins them together. This page collects and sends values (i only included the item in question) Code:

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Building Hidden Input Field From Loop?
I could do with a little help with the code below,

<input name="order" type="hidden" value="prod=<%=RS("product_name")%>,item_amount=<%=RS("product_price")%>x<%=RS( "cart_quantity" )%>;prod=SHIPPING, item_amount=<%=postage%>">

I am trying to build 1 hidden input field only, the input is inside a while not EOF loop,
currently the code above is building an input field from each product record, so i get one hidden input from each item, what i think i need it to do is build a string from the records and then put it into the input field i.e. the final input field should look like this: Code:

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Pass Hidden Form Field Value To Another Form Field To Insert In Db
I am trying to pass a hidden field value on a form into another field on the
form so that it can then be inserted in the database, to enable me then to
reference that number at a later date.

(The hidden value (1 for example) would then automatically get passed to the
other input field.)

The code for the text field that allows users to type an number into it for
submission to the db is below, but what code do i need within the hidden
field to populate this text field below so that users do not have to type the
number in? Code:

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Hidden Value
I want to pass a hidden value from Page1.asp to Page2.asp. My Codes for Page1.asp

<form action="Page2.asp" method="POST" name="form1">
<input type="hidden" name="num1" value="<%= value %>">
<A HREF="Page2.asp" title="Click here." <%=blank%>> Example</A>

Num = trim(Request.form("num1"))

But when i click on the hyperlink and is at Page2.asp. When i click the back btn on the IE, it cant bring me back to Page1.asp. It is always in a loop.

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Hidden Input
I have a simple problem :

When I try to pass a variable via an hidden input and it contain a word with a space (ex :The Wall), only the first part is sent(ex: The).


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Hidden Code
I am totally new to ASP.Till now the i have been using php, so i will try & relate my question with php.If a page is written in php & is seen by the client browser only the html code is visible to the client if he wants to see the code.But for the person who has access to the server,he can easily see the code by viewing the file in any text editor.What i want to ask is that if i write pages in ASP is it possible in any way that the people who have access to the server are unable to view the ASP code? Something like an exe file where the person cant see the code but just use the application.I want to know this cos if i want to hide my code of a web based application located in the server is it possible to do this in ASP?As far as i know this is not possible in PHP.

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Passing A Hidden Value
passing a hidden value to a querystring via a form. It is not working correctly because when I submit, it will go to calendar.asp?date= instead of calendar.asp?date=12/13/2004.

Here's the code for the hidden value:

<input type="hidden" name="CURDATE" value="<%=dtCurViewMonth%>">

This code works because I have already tested. The value was correct.Here's the code for submitting the hidden value (this is the line of code that I need help with):

<form name="frmCalendar" action="Calendar.asp?date=<%=CurDate%>" method="POST">

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Hidden Visible
how to make an onmouseover:visible area in the page? i mean ie. i have an output page, and list of datas from database. i want buttons releated its appear when i get my cursor over area of any data. but my buttons are called from includes this:Code:

<td><%if session("isUserLogin") then%>
<%select case cint(session("userLevel"))%>
<%case 10%>
<!--#include virtual="/includes/"--><%case 15%>
<!--#include virtual="/includes/"-->
<%end select%><%end if%></td>

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Hidden Text Box
I building online forms for our new client acceptance forms. The first page has 35 fields, the second page has 20, and the third has 8. My question is how is the best way to move the data from page 1 to page 2 then pages 1 and 2's data to page 3? Should I use hidden text boxes or write them to a temporary table then move them once the form is submited? Network traffic is not an issue.

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Send Hidden Value
how to send hidden value to more than one page.

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Hidden Process
when i call for a asp page i c some process still running in the status bar. but when i click on the same link again, i could not find the process. it happens alternatevely.why is this happening? how to prevent?

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Get Hidden Value From A Iframe
I need your help for this:

<script language="javascript" >
var getvalue

getvalue = top.markcountframe.document.hiddenform.element[0].value;


<iframe src="" width=480 height=0 center name="markcountframe" scrolling="no">
<form name = "hiddenform" >
<input type= "hidden" name="count" id="count"

How to make this work?

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Hidden Fields
When I create a form with hiddenfields and then view it in an ASP web page the following shows where the hiddenfields are on the form- "> -this appears for every hiddenfield is there anyway these can be hidden from view on the web page.

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Using Hidden Fields
how can i set the value of a hidden field at run time in my page? how can it be done in scriplets (<%%>). the second issue is that if we define a function using javascript, how can it be called at any place.

we don't want to call that function at any event but instead want to call that function every time or on validating an if condition.

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Function Hidden Fields
Can I add a function to a hidden field to get the value of that field?

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ASP / Hidden Text Box Issue
I am having a really strange issue. I have a few users calling in
saying they are getting an error. On further review I found this line is
what is causing it...

Set strLookup = cnAddStep.Execute ("SELECT * FROM ActionSteps WHERE
planId = '" & intPlanId & "' ORDER BY stepId DESC")

The exact peice causing it is intPlanId. For some reason the form
request isn't getting the ID.

intPlanId = Request.Form("hdnPlanId")

intPlanId is populated from a hidden text box in the previous page. But
only on a very few users machines will the post not occure. Any ideas?

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Parse Hidden Variable
i hav drop down menu wif 6 titles. this is populated using the Table Grade.
Now for example, im selecting Senior, which has the ID 4. how do i parse the ID thru when pple select the title? it must be hidden

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Using Sessions Within Hidden Fields
I have a product ordering process that passes information between 3 asp pages using web forms.

I am attempting to set a session on form2.asp with data entered into form1.asp . This session is then displayed.
I then wish to use this session value within a hidden field on form3.asp as follows

<input type="hidden" name="productname" value="<% Session ("productname") %>" >

This hidden field value is not being parsed in - any suggestions why this will not work?

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Input Type Hidden
i need to track the source of a page which user browses ex: aboutus.html, contactus.html in which there is a link to enquiry.php where a user fills out a form. so i need to track which page the user originally came from(aboutus.html or contactus.html)

presently i am using enquiry.php to track the previous page with the following code

<input type='hidden' name='fromPage' value='<?php print $_REQUEST['fromPage']; ?>' />

i need to know what is the syntax in ASP for the above statement so that i can read the hidden value into a variable called source using Request.Form and later i can read this source variable in php

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Hidden Form Action
Is there a way with ASP or Java to hide the form action part of a form? I have someone that has found the location of a script by looking at the source of one of my forms.

They run some type of script that trys to post bogus info from 6:00 in the morning till 12:00 in the afternoon. Although it gets denied due to wrong input by the user, it sends administrative emails that are annoying (hundreds). If the user only saw the client side (below), they could not do it. Is there a way? Code:

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Pass Hidden Values In ASP
We are integrating 3rd party s/w which would process online

this product would require that we pass some sensitive information over
the web, using FORM-POST-Hidden fields method. On viewing source this
page we are able to see this info. To overcome this - steps followed.

PageA.asp - collect information, exists on our server
PageB.asp - request info from PageA.asp, append sensitive information,
automatically POST to client server - this code exists on our server.

The issue arises that while connecting from PageB.asp to client server,
there is a little delay which shows the hidden page.

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Hidden Fields Are Visible
I have a form in which if i check one checkbox it makes 2 textboxes invisible. Thats working fine.( I am using java script to perform this)Now when user fill the form and hit submit and if some required field is missing than it forces the user to go back to form and complete it.
While going back it retains all the values for all the fields.It also retails the checkboxs but even though the checkbox is checked now but textboxes which should be hidden are visible.

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Hidden Data In Hyperlink
I have a set of asp hyperlinklinks on my asp pages which direct the user to specific products.i.e. the link jumps to ....../product.asp?product=productA&ID=1
is there anyway to still carry over the ID, but hide it from the link,so that visitors will only see


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Open Hidden .doc And Print
Is it possible to open an word doc when a form is opened, and then if the users wishes to print the form also print the word document without actually showing the word document to the user.

The user should only be able to see the contents of form which will include the name of the word document, but not the contents of the word document. The print out will have the contents of the form and of the word document.

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Update Hidden Fields

in a routine.

I have declared a Hidden field called Update in my form. I have checked before the submit that the value does actually get set, but after Submission the value of Update is empty. I have checked everywhere and this is the only place in the page that this value is set.

Does anybody have any idea why my value is being lost on submit. My form is declared :
<FORM NAME="myForm" action="AgentDetail.asp" method="post">

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Count Of Particular Hidden Fields
is there any Request object's method that could calculate the count of particular hidden fields, the ones that have a 'item' in their name:

<input type="hidden" name="item1" value="10">
<input type="hidden" name="item3" value="20">
<input type="hidden" name="item5" value="30">
<input type="hidden" name="somethingelse" value="40">

The result should be 3, not 4 (only the fields which names - or IDs - start with an 'item'). Note: I'm not satisfied with the solution of naming the fields with same name "item" and then split the array to get their values and read the ubound of array. I would like to keep the names of the fields as I stated in the example.

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Hidden Form Fields
i wrote a script in asp/vb script that validates form fields. all works fine, apart from the fact that alerts are being shown against the empty form fields when the page loads the first time.

so, validation should not be carried out when the page loads the first time. my friend challenged me and said i can achieve this "using a hidden form field or even the submit button" and submitting the page to itself

i was more thinking of using session variables or a session cookie, but does anyone know how you could accomplish this using a hidden form field?

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Date And Time In Hidden Value
How can I insert the current date and time into a hideen form field in a UK
format (dd/mm/yyy hh:mm:ss) that can be passed to a SQL DB?

I have been using <%=Date()%> as my hiddenn fields value, but this only
gives me the date, how can I modify this to give what I need?

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Finding Hidden ASP Variables
I'm working on an ASP page that calls variables from another ASP page that I am unable to access. Is there any way to call all active variables from the other page and list them out, so I can find the variable names that I need to work with?

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Hidden Values And IFrames
My form, "Form1.asp" includes an "email" input box. Upon submit the user is redirected to "Form2.asp" which includes an iFrame called "formFrame.asp".

How do I entrap the "email form" value

'extrap fields from URL on prev. page
ea = request.form("email")

and apply it INTO a iFrame form input box using <%=email%>

I am not able to establish connection to the hidden value from the iFrame.

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Who Knows How To Pass A Hidden Variable?
i want to upload my file from the first form and then keep passing the destination path (obtained from File.Path) as a hidden variable to all other forms. and in the end to upload it... how can i do this?

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Detect Ip Hidden By Router
Can anyone tell me how to detect a ip address behind a router?I know that using ASP, we can detect the actual ip and the proxy ip, but what if the visitor is using a router that dynamically assigns a ip.

Im trying to detect the ip addressed of visitors coming to my site. They are from all over the world. I am able to do that if they use either a proxy server or if no proxy server is used. However once a router is used, the ip address returned to me will not be the actual ip address of that visitor as the ip address returned to me is randomly assigned by the router of that visitor.

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Passing ASP Via Hidden Form Fields....
I want to pass ASP returned values via hidden form fields...

Here is a simpler demo of my what I am trying to do....

Page containg asp values in hidden fields of a form:

<form method = "post" action="ad.asp">
<input type = "hidden" value = "adski" name = "ad1">
<input type = "hidden" value = ""<%= WeekDayName(Weekday(Date)) %>"" name="ad2">
<input type = "submit" value="submit" name = "submit">

Output page, showing passed ASP values:

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Get Hidden Form Values From Another Web Page
I received the following bit of code from a friend in need of help. I've done all I can do so far and need assistance with the rest. This code is supposed to get a web page and grab the necessary info from it so it can be used. After the page is grabbed I need to grab the values of 3 "hidden" input fields in a form.

The fields look like this:

The code I have looks like this. I need help getting started on how to search thru the retrieved web page to get the above values.

If someone knows of better code than what I have so far please feel free to enlighten me with it. Code:

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Input=hidden - How Much Data Can It Store?
Can someone tell me if it is possible to store the contents of a TEXT AREA
field in HIDDEN FIELD in another page after the initial form containing the
textarea is submittted....

I need to do this to seamlessly present the submitted data in an attractive
format while hiding his submitted data in the hidden field...but I am not
sure if there are restrictions of eg 255 characters for a hidden field?

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Pass Hidden Value Without Submit Button
how to pass hidden field value without a submit button?i have a popup window that sends back value as hidden to its parent form..n now i want 2 pass the hidden value to a database query in another page.

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Assign Hidden Value To A Repeat Region
Currently, my repeat region is showing all of my repeated records that are being brought in from my database. I would like to display these records in a confirmation page, but I am having problems having them display in my confirmation page.

I tried to assign a hidden value to the repeat region, but I am getting no data to come across. Below is the code that I'm using: Code:

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Refresh Page And Hidden Data?
I am doing a drop down list for example list of countries... when i choose one i want it to refresh the page and add new label as another drop down list or input type text and so on till all the information is given then when i submit i want all the information to stored in a databse .... so plz if u know the way will u send me a small example between two drop down lists

and one more question i know that i am asking too much but i want to know "if i could choose in a page an item which has a price and it is hyperlinked to another page which is a form and when i fill it and submit it i want the name of this item which is not included in the form and also the price ... my question is could i do it or not ? and if i can will you show me how .... as i know i might put the name and the price of this item in a hidden input and then when the form is submitted i send it to the database ..

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Hidden Input Referenced By Javascript
I have a page created by using response.write. I just found out that if I put a <input type=hidden..> within a <div> section, this <input ..> could not be referenced in the javascript. Becasue when I used the document.form1.tageName.value, the system will respond as an undefined. However, If I put this <input type=hidden..> outside the <div>, thenit is OK. The basic structure of the page is like

<form >
<input ... name=name1 >
<input >


name2 can not be referenced; but name1 can. This is first time, I had such? Can not find any explain on web.

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Hidden Files On Windows Hosting
I was told that i can change the attribute of a folder to hidden on a windows hosting by using asp. how to do that? Or if there is another way to do that? Bear in mind that i cannot do it through control panel of my hosting.

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Passing Variables In Hidden Fields
I am passing variables in hidden form fields and have got it working fine. However, if the variable value has a space in it then Request.Form("fieldname") only returns the first part of the variable upto the space and the remainder is lost.

I can pass such variables in the URL using URLEncode (and a URLDecode function) but this particular form is posting to the same page. Do I have to do some kind of encoding again to format the space properly and then decode it again?

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FCK Editor - Hiding Hidden Fields
Is there anyway of making the hidden fields not show in the editor?

I use alot of hidden fields and it confuses the design if there are lots shown on the page. I have written validation for this site and need to hide the hidden fields i have created. I have searched google and there is some information on this, but it is very confusing.

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Passing Hidden Fields Into Multiple Forms
I'm having trouble passing hidden fields between forms. I have a total of four forms. I have the 1st form passing its field to the 2nd form, and the 2nd form passing its field to the 3rd form, but the 1st form's field then is not passed into the 3rd form. So obviously, my summary form (the 4th form) is not getting the 1st form's field or the 2nd form's field, only the 3rd form's field. Code:

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Problem Is Passing Hidden Variable To Next Page
I am storing the hidden variable in DISPLAY.ASP

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How To Maintain Session State Using Hidden Fields?
I have a org tree with hierarchical display of employees built using
classic asp and vbscript.

I also have list of radio buttons for report names.

I have 1 select box with dates in it.

Then I click on the submit button to view the reports in Crystal. But
when I come back, my org tree is now collapased

I store the employee clicked (radio button), report clicked (radio
button), date (drop down) in hidden fields on submit of the form.

Now when I come back, how can I use these hidden fields to store the
page state?

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Passing Data To Pages Using Hidden Fields
I am creating a form that has 5 steps/pages. Each page contains about 20 fields. But I don't want to write them until they submit on the last page. I figured out that I can use hidden fields to carry the data from the previous forms forward. If should bascially work like this:

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6
20 Fields 20 Fields 20 Fields 20 Fields 20 Fields 100 Hidden
20 Hidden 40 Hidden 60 Hidden 80 Hidden Write to DB

But the problem I am having is when I submit page 4 page 5 won't load. No error, it just won'tload. It seems to be overburdened. Is there a max on the number of fields it can pass? Is there a better way to go about doing this that someone can suggest? Or a suggestion that someone can make to fix this problem?

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LEFT JOIN On A Date Field And A Numerical Field - Using WHERE Clause
I am using a Relational database for my site and i have the following tables:


the fields in FIXTURES are:


(All of the above are numerical fields)

the fields in GAMEDATES are:

GameDate(#Date Field#)

What i have done is in the GAMEDATE field in the FIXTURES table i have used the ID number of the date that i wish to assign to that record - using a LEFT JOIN to display the actual date that is pulled from the GAMEDATES table (That which corresponds to the relevant id used in Fixtures)

The problem is that in some of my code i want to display records using sql and sometimes in the where clause i use the following:

WHERE Fixtures.GameDate<=(Date())

obviously meaning WHERE GAMEDATE is LESS THAN or EQUAL to TODAY.

The thing is when i use the join it does not use the where clause and displays all of the records in the FIXTURES table.

Does any one know how to get around this, i have not received any error messages it just isnt displaying the right data

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I have a form that has checkboxes. I would like when the user clicks the
process button the next page will display the value of the boxes that were

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Do any of you guys know what the value of a check box is.

I am offering two ways to download, posting to a diff form and using info from there but do not know which check box has been ticked??

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Checkboxes Value
To get the checked value of checkboxes I use this code:
For Each subitem In oFileUp.FormEx("imgCheckBox")
How can I get the value of those unchecked checkboxes?

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