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'Id' Is Not An Index In This Table Error Help!

Hello, I keep getting this error when opening up a database. What can I check to find and fix the problem? TIA

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Database Corruption Error "AOIndex Is Not An Index In This Table"
I got this "AOIndex is not an index in this table" error with Access 2000 after replicating a database and storing it in the same network folder. I am not able to open my database now, i am afraid 2days work on my forms is lost. I usually have backup, but the last backup i have is 2 days ago i have made alot of changes to 2 FORMS after that :(

Please anybody have suggestions on how to retrive my forms??? I am really concerned about the forms. I have backup for data and for the reports. Please help me?

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'AO Index' Is Not An Index In This Table
Last week my hard disk on my old machine corrupted…

It happened half way through entering information on a particular MSAccess 2000 database although I am assured that the failure of the database did not result in the failure of the disk.

The computer would no longer boot up and unfortunately we hadn't taken a ghost image of the disk or made a boot up disk.
In the end we managed to take the hard disk out of the machine - then using a small white pin on one of the disks rear ports change it to a slave by placing a small white plug in two of the vertical pins at the rear of the scsi port we then put it into a vacant port on another computer's scsi bus and got that computer to recognise the disk.

Once I managed to get the disk up and running I copied the file to the master disk and went about investigating whether I could get the database back.

With regards to the database the problem I got immediately prior to disk failure was
-'AO Index' is not an index in this table- and this was still the case when I could see the file again.

I tried compact and repair
I tried copy and pasting / renaming the database
I also tried importing tables from the corrupted database by using a fresh database.

None of these things worked.

Note initially I was getting a Cyclical Redundancy Check Error trying to paste the database from the old slave hard disk to the master disk however this seemed to disappear.

Eventually I set up an ODBC link and was able to export the data into an excel spreadsheet. Obviously all the forms / reports have been lost however this was a small personal database on which had been conducted little design. I also have a similar database into which I can place the information and it wil probably take me about a week to get the data back into a database.

All in all a good learning experience - our network databases are fully backed up and we would just go back to a historical copy if something happened to one of our Access applications. I did a search on the forum and only found one other thread on this - 'AO Index' is not an index in this table - so thought I'd post my experiences.

Would welcome any comments if people have a better understanding of the causes / solutions to this problem.


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Error 3022 - Duplicate Key/Index
Just when I thought I had my problem licked...

I created a subforum with an updateable query, and this works. I can view the results of the query, modify them and add new records.

However I shortly realized that once I deleted a record (either by some VBA code, or by SQL) that I could not re-add the same record through the subform.

I've made sure that the record is deleted, so there is no duplication of the key.
I've made sure that Index is Duplicates OK, so there is no duplication issues there.

What am I missing?

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Linked DB2 Tables: Duplicate Index Error

I am attempt to connect to a DB2 table via ODBC. However, each time I do, I get an error stating that the index already exists (two indexes with the same name). Our IT folks are telling me that this is not the case, and additionally, I am able to connect using ODBC in excel, and I am able to conncet to other tables in this DB. Does anybody know a method by which I could connect to this table? Thanks!

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Creating A Table To Cross Index Items In Another Table
How do I create a table that can cross index items in another table. Maybe I am not using the right terms here so let me show a small example.

Say I have a tables of words.

Then I have some entries, all more or less synonyms of each others

Now I want to create a cross-index table, related to the table "tblWords" where I can select synonyms from words already in the table "tblWords", so if I for the word "fresh" add "new" and "clean" as synonyms or entries, if I then go and look at the word "new" it will already have the synonyms "fresh" and "clean", likewise the entry "clean" will then have the synonyms "fresh" and "new".

Kind of a many to many relationship junction table but only with one table!

I hope my explanation have not been to confusing, but let me know if you need a clarification.


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Continuous Form, Ordinal Index By Function, #Error
I want the recordnumber displayed on a continuous form. The code below works with the command button, but not afterinsert.

Here's the code: (function GetPosition() is the control source)

Private Sub Command28_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub Form_AfterInsert()
End Sub

Private Function getPosition() As String
If Me.RecordsetClone.RecordCount > counter Then
counter = counter + 1
getPosition = "#" & counter
getPosition = "#new"
End If
End Function

Private Sub numbers()
counter = 0
End Sub

So it should do something like this:

#1 [ctrl 1]
#2 [ctrl 1]
#3 [ctrl 1]
#new [ctrl 1]

But called from after insert only the records on the screen get updated unless I scroll up, so simplified it looks like this:

----------------- top of subform after scrolling up
#3 [ctrl 1]
----------------- top of subform before scrolling up
#1 [ctrl 1]
#2 [ctrl 1]
#new [ctrl 1]

Where else can I put it or how can I modify the code to make it work?

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Creating An Index Using Code? Any Other Way Besides On The Table?
I am pullling data from a query using an unbound form and a query that that uses linked tables. I can not edit the index of the tables, so is there a way i can create a new index for sorting data in a form?

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Make-table Query With Index
I am creating a table with a make-table query. The only trouble is that I can't figure out how to designate which field will be the primary key. Is there a way to do this...... other than creating the table, then manually going into desing mode and specifying the primary key there? I want this to be automated.


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A Problem With .index Property With A Linked Table
I have a linked table to a SQL server table called AllAttendanceEvents.
the AllAttendanceEvents table has index called "AttEvents". I wrote the following code:

set AllAttendanceEvents=currentdb.openrecordset("AllAttendanceEvents")

When it executes the read line statement, it generates the following error:
Operation is not supported for this type of object

Is there any way to get around of this problem with the linked tables?

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What Should We Index?

when creating indexes for databases what needs to be indexed? is there an article online that explains it??

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Sum And Index

i do a sum on a field..... if i put an index on this field
does query will be faster?


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Help Index
I created a help file for a using a db I created, though I am thinking it would be nice to have it "look more professional" something similar to the Contexts and Index help option found in IE.

I am think a form would be the easiest to do with a subform for each element in the contents, so when the user clicks on an element on left form (which is the contents) the detail of that page appears in the right form the subform (perhaps just using the visible property)

There are tab options for a form so I can use that to make the contents, Index, search, favorites

some questions come to mind though...
0) how would I create collapsible menu (like a tree menu) see the contexts and Index help option found in IE.
1) how to create a search field to look for anything in the db except the code (i.e. part of a record, a description of the record, etc.) ?
2) how would I create a favorites section (a place to save help topics viewed) ?
3) how do i create a navigation system (back and forward through the subforms) - it seems I would need to track which forms are displayed and when then use that to navigate back and forward ?
4) how create various options such as stop or refresh search queries, and perhaps turning on/off select highlight

Finally is there something similar to this already out there that I can just customize various options off of, perhaps even a tutorial.

thanks for any direction you might be able to provide.

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