'Id' Is Not An Index In This Table Error Help!

Mar 2, 2005

Hello, I keep getting this error when opening up a database. What can I check to find and fix the problem? TIA

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ParentID Is Not Index In Table Error When Opening Database

Aug 22, 2014

Using an Access 2003 format database, opening in Access 2007...When I try to open my database I get two errors and it will not open.ID is not an index in this table.ParentId is not an index in this table.

I get the error when it opens with autoexec and when I bypass autoexec. I have a master copy of the database that I tried to link to the first database to import tables but I still get the error.

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Tables :: Error - No Unique Index Found For Referenced Field Of Primary Table

Oct 8, 2013

I am trying to create a one-to-many relationship between these two tables. I want to be able to access the 3 fields on the [Processors] table within reports based on [AllItems]. [AllItems] is a listing of account activity where the [AccountNumber] repeats. I have every field set as the "Primary Key" on [AllItems] as that is the only way to avoid importing duplicate data. I am getting the error: "no unique index found for the referenced field of the primary table"

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Database Corruption Error "AOIndex Is Not An Index In This Table"

Aug 11, 2006

I got this "AOIndex is not an index in this table" error with Access 2000 after replicating a database and storing it in the same network folder. I am not able to open my database now, i am afraid 2days work on my forms is lost. I usually have backup, but the last backup i have is 2 days ago i have made alot of changes to 2 FORMS after that :(

Please anybody have suggestions on how to retrive my forms??? I am really concerned about the forms. I have backup for data and for the reports. Please help me?

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Error 3022 - Duplicate Key/Index

Mar 1, 2007

Just when I thought I had my problem licked...

I created a subforum with an updateable query, and this works. I can view the results of the query, modify them and add new records.

However I shortly realized that once I deleted a record (either by some VBA code, or by SQL) that I could not re-add the same record through the subform.

I've made sure that the record is deleted, so there is no duplication of the key.
I've made sure that Index is Duplicates OK, so there is no duplication issues there.

What am I missing?

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Error - Index Or Primary Key Cannot Contain A Null Value

Apr 22, 2012

I'm trying to record a payment, but I keep getting this error upon completion of my form:

Index or primary key cannot contain a null value.

I've checked the data types and relationships and they seem to be fine.

Here are links to my Access files (2007 & 2003)for your reference:


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Continuous Form, Ordinal Index By Function, #Error

Jun 16, 2005

I want the recordnumber displayed on a continuous form. The code below works with the command button, but not afterinsert.

Here's the code: (function GetPosition() is the control source)

Private Sub Command28_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub Form_AfterInsert()
End Sub

Private Function getPosition() As String
If Me.RecordsetClone.RecordCount > counter Then
counter = counter + 1
getPosition = "#" & counter
getPosition = "#new"
End If
End Function

Private Sub numbers()
counter = 0
End Sub

So it should do something like this:

#1 [ctrl 1]
#2 [ctrl 1]
#3 [ctrl 1]
#new [ctrl 1]

But called from after insert only the records on the screen get updated unless I scroll up, so simplified it looks like this:

----------------- top of subform after scrolling up
#3 [ctrl 1]
----------------- top of subform before scrolling up
#1 [ctrl 1]
#2 [ctrl 1]
#new [ctrl 1]

Where else can I put it or how can I modify the code to make it work?

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Forms :: Composite Index To Prevent Duplicates - Trap Error

May 16, 2015

I have a Composite Index to prevent duplicates I get the error message. How can I trap this?

I resolved it with this PHP Code:

'Trap Error.
Dim DataErr As Integer
Dim Response As Integer
Dim Message As String
If DataErr = 3022 Then 'Duplicate value entered
Response = acDataErrContinue
End If 

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Error Message To Display On Entry Of Duplicate Value With Two Fields As Index?

Jun 27, 2011

I was using the following code on a field (ItemCode) that was indexed to prevent duplication of records. The intent is that the user will get an error message that a duplicate exists before they enter all the data for the record and get the built in error message that Access 2003 provides when an index violation has occurred.

Private Sub ItemCode_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
Dim Answer As Variant
Answer = DLookup("[ItemCode]", "tblQuestions", "[ItemCode] = '" & Me.ItemCode & "'")
If Not IsNull(Answer) Then
MsgBox "Item Code already exists" & vbCrLf & "Please enter unique Item Code.", vbCritical + vbOKOnly + vbDefaultButton1, "Duplicate"
Cancel = True
End If
End Sub

Now, the index for this is based on two fields (ItemCode and Question Group). I would like to display the same message before update but don't know how to include the second field in the syntax.

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Creating A Table To Cross Index Items In Another Table

Sep 14, 2005

How do I create a table that can cross index items in another table. Maybe I am not using the right terms here so let me show a small example.

Say I have a tables of words.

Then I have some entries, all more or less synonyms of each others

Now I want to create a cross-index table, related to the table "tblWords" where I can select synonyms from words already in the table "tblWords", so if I for the word "fresh" add "new" and "clean" as synonyms or entries, if I then go and look at the word "new" it will already have the synonyms "fresh" and "clean", likewise the entry "clean" will then have the synonyms "fresh" and "new".

Kind of a many to many relationship junction table but only with one table!

I hope my explanation have not been to confusing, but let me know if you need a clarification.


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Creating An Index Using Code? Any Other Way Besides On The Table?

Feb 17, 2005

I am pullling data from a query using an unbound form and a query that that uses linked tables. I can not edit the index of the tables, so is there a way i can create a new index for sorting data in a form?

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Make-table Query With Index

Sep 22, 2005

I am creating a table with a make-table query. The only trouble is that I can't figure out how to designate which field will be the primary key. Is there a way to do this...... other than creating the table, then manually going into desing mode and specifying the primary key there? I want this to be automated.


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Tables :: Index And Relationships In (Sub) Table?

Aug 30, 2013

I have tbl_orders which records orders. I have a linked table called tbl_order_lines which details the items against each order.

In a nutshell, an item can only appear once in an order. However, I do not know how to create a relationship or code the frm_order in order to reflect this in my DB.

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A Problem With .index Property With A Linked Table

Jul 24, 2007

I have a linked table to a SQL server table called AllAttendanceEvents.
the AllAttendanceEvents table has index called "AttEvents". I wrote the following code:

set AllAttendanceEvents=currentdb.openrecordset("AllAttendanceEvents")

When it executes the read line statement, it generates the following error:
Operation is not supported for this type of object

Is there any way to get around of this problem with the linked tables?

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Tables :: Index For Table With Single Field

Sep 24, 2014

I have a couple of tables which only have a single field. Is it worth adding a second field in order to hold an ID number (is this commonly termed an index number?) for each entry.

My other tables with multiple fields include a field for an ID number and these tables are linked via these fields.

At this stage I cannot see any reason why, in the future, I would want to add additional fields to the tables which I am currently planning to make single field.

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Creating A Table Of Contents / Index / Need Macro To Create A Field

Apr 4, 2014

I have a situation where I have a report which I will generate to print our companies pricebook. I need an index/table of contents for customers to go to the page where a product is to look up prices. The problem is that we add and subtract products on a consistent basis.

So a new product will get added, but of course, to run alphabetically, there's no way to insert it, then renumber the pages for it to be easily found.to use a maketable query, which sorts all of the products alphabetically. Each time it is run, it will delete the previous table. I then need to have an autonumber field created to create my "page numbers". Yes, each time the pricebook is run, products can and will oftentimes get new page numbers.

So my thought is to have a macro run which creates the autonumber field to the table. This will then be the basis for the form, which will in turn utilize the "page number"/autonumber field to both serve as page numbers in the report. And of course, the table which is created each time will be the "table of contents".

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No Unique Index Found For Referenced Field Of Primary Table?

Apr 12, 2013

I am trying a to build a slot booking database in which users will be able to book slots (ranging from 1-30) on a particular day for a specific site (location).

When trying to build the relationship between slot in tbl_available and slot in tbl_appointment i get the following error "No unique index found for the referenced field of the primary table" the same error pops up when trying to build a relationship between site in tbl_available and site in tbl_appointment.

I need both relationships to be 1 to many.

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What Should We Index?

May 15, 2006


when creating indexes for databases what needs to be indexed? is there an article online that explains it??

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Sum And Index

Apr 21, 2006


i do a sum on a field..... if i put an index on this field
does query will be faster?


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Help Index

Aug 23, 2005

I created a help file for a using a db I created, though I am thinking it would be nice to have it "look more professional" something similar to the Contexts and Index help option found in IE.

I am think a form would be the easiest to do with a subform for each element in the contents, so when the user clicks on an element on left form (which is the contents) the detail of that page appears in the right form the subform (perhaps just using the visible property)

There are tab options for a form so I can use that to make the contents, Index, search, favorites

some questions come to mind though...
0) how would I create collapsible menu (like a tree menu) see the contexts and Index help option found in IE.
1) how to create a search field to look for anything in the db except the code (i.e. part of a record, a description of the record, etc.) ?
2) how would I create a favorites section (a place to save help topics viewed) ?
3) how do i create a navigation system (back and forward through the subforms) - it seems I would need to track which forms are displayed and when then use that to navigate back and forward ?
4) how create various options such as stop or refresh search queries, and perhaps turning on/off select highlight

Finally is there something similar to this already out there that I can just customize various options off of, perhaps even a tutorial.

thanks for any direction you might be able to provide.

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Initilize Index

Nov 23, 2005

I have ID field data type is auto number
I need to initilize it to zero after deleting all the records.....

tell me a way to do this

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Msgbox In Index

Jan 21, 2007

I have 2 fealds ( Id and date ) they are primery keys in the table , I want to prevent duplacte id to the same date . ( MSGBOX after update the date )

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How To Convert XLS To MDB And Add An Index?

Feb 21, 2008

When I load a spreadsheet I can't add an index because it is a linked table, so I want to save it in MDB format so that I can add an index and then export it to SQL. However, when I save the file as an MDB file the data is all still linked as a spreadsheet and I still can't add an index. (I would add the index at the last step in SQL, but Pervasive SQL is very temperamental.)

Basically I just want to export an Excel spreadsheet into SQL and add an index.

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Index Duplicates

Feb 7, 2005

Can anyone tell me why access puts the primary key field in the index list twice for the same table? For example i have a primary key called CustID, when i go into design view and click on the index button on the toolbar, i see it listed twice, once as primary key and then again as its own field?!
I dont see the reason for this but often times with many of my databases i see this happen to many of my tables. :confused:

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Unique Index

Jul 6, 2005

I have a beginner Question....How can I set an unique Index on a field in a table if all the four fields are using duplicate values?

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Index Documentation

Apr 6, 2007

Have the situation where a database backend is on a number of sites and if changes have to be made to the design structure of the backend database I would like to run a VB generated report to check that all indexes are correct. While this is not an issue with single field indexes, I have issues with multi field indexes.

Has any one got some ideas on reporting on this?


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