!!??? All My Forms Are Blank Under Form View - But Fine Under Design View!!!

Anybody ever heard of this before? I open a form, and it is empty, just a blank window. I open the same form in Design View, all appears well. :mad:

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Blank Form In Form View But Fields Present In Design View

After reading many of the posts here, I decided that one of the problems with the tables in the db I was working on was in the primary keys. I had used the same field name as the primary key in all of my tables. This was RecipID, which was a user entered textbox with an example in a label beside it showing the format to use.

After reading stuff here, I decided this wasn't a good idea. So I changed RecipId to be an autonumber in the parent table (Household_Info) and a long integer foreign key in the children. Also, I added some fields to the parent table to identify the head of household (lastname, firstname)

I already had a continuous form made with a subform and a pop-up form associated with it based on my previous tables. Reran the query underlying the form, and the new fields showed up in the field list box for the form. The fields are all still present in design view, but I get a totally blank form in form view. I checked the forms recordsource and made sure that it was set to the new query.

Can anyone give me an idea about what I'm overlooking? Do I have to recreate the form?

(Sorry if this is a repeat of a question someone has already addressed, but I couldn't turn up any relevant threads after several hours of searching.)

Thanks, Charlotte

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Field In Design View Not Showing In Table View

I have a table called NewTransactions_tbl that I have been using for some time. I am trying to add a new field called CustomerProjectNumber. It's not being displayed when I look at the table view. I've attached an image showing the settings for the field. I am probably missing something obvious.

Any ideas why it is not showing?

I am using Access 2000.

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Access Forms Design View

(Forms) How do I insert a Page below the Detail Bar?

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Design View - Where'd The Table View Go ?

You know how normally in design view there would be a table at the bottom of the screen where you can drag your fields from the view above.

Well, I have a query where this table view has disappeared ?

I can edit the query in SQL view, the query works, just the table view is missing.

Ever happened to anyone else ? I've done the obvious and scrolled down as far as I can and nope, it's not there ??? :confused:

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Normal View -v- Design View

I am wondering why the alteration to my form in design view is not reflected in the "normal" form view. I have included the two views. In design view I moved "Staff In"/"Staff ID" to the top of the form believing that as I work left to right thay would appear on the left hand side in normal view.

However, in the image of "normal" view you can see that "Staff In" is way over on the right hand side of the form.

Any ideas how I can fix this?

Thank you

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Form View Screen Is Blank

Hi, i have my form open in design view and it includes quite a few fields on a tab. But when i go to open it in form view, the form is just grey and nothing appears on it. Never seen this before, can anybody help?

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Show Blank View On Form

I have created a form from a table and only the startup screen when I hit the button I want the form to display a clear entry so that I can create a new contact each time - at the moment when i hit the button it shows the first record and im in danger of changing it (im having to hit the create record button) Help!

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Modified Form View For UNC And Now Data Is Blank

I'm a novice Access user and I've been put in charge of changing this. The database is on a shared device. I copied a working frontend (access file) to another machine and used the link table manager tool to find the new database. Now when I open the table view mode I can see the table data, but when I open the form, it doesn't show the data at all and it only lists 1 record. I know this sounds like a really stupid question, but is there one more step or am I in insert mode?

Thanks a bunch for your help.


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Subform Design/form View ??

I created a subform on one of my forms and in design view it looks all nice with a nice background and stuff. But in the form view it looks just like a regular datagrid. I'd like it to look like it does in design view. Any idea how?


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One Form Closes When Another Goes Into Design View

I have a form called MainMenu which has hyperlink buttons to various other forms in the database one of which is frmMenuBTOnebill.

If I open MainMenu then link to frmMenuBTOnebill, in normal view, then go into design view on frmMenuBTOnebill, the form MainMenu closes completely. If I simply close frmMenuBTOnebill, then MainMenu stays open

frmMenuBTOnebill does not have any events other than On Open which is

Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
Set dbs = CurrentDb
strSQL = "Select tblRectype007.* from tblRectype007;"
Set rst = dbs.OpenRecordset(strSQL)

If rst.RecordCount = 0 Then
Me.lblClearImportAreas.BackStyle = Transparent
End If

DeleteTableName ("CompactTable") ' deletes table "CompactTable"

End Sub

Any ideas why one form should close when another goes into design view?

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Open Form In Design View

This is a little bit of code which was written for me by HansV (Thanks) from Woody's forum.
My issue was, while designing my database, I was continously updating my forms.
I was labourously right clicking to go to design view and having to close down every other opened form.
Now with this code, I don't have to.
All I have to do now is ctl-F11 and the form changes to design view and closes all other forms.
Heres how to do it:-

Create a new module:

Function OpenFormInDesignView()
Dim strFormName As String
Dim i As Long
If Application.CurrentObjectType = acForm Then
strFormName = Application.CurrentObjectName
DoCmd.OpenForm strFormName, acDesign
For i = Forms.Count - 1 To 0 Step -1
If Forms(i).Name <> strFormName Then
DoCmd.Close acForm, Forms(i).Name
End If
Next i
End If
End Function

Then create an autokey macro and assign any function key you want, I use ^{F11}

Then in the action of the macro put:


In the function name put :


Thats all their is to it.

It's really quite handy if you have switchboards, mainforms etc opened.


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How Do I Show The Subform As Form View Instead Of Datasheet View :confused:

See title :)

I have seen that in some sample db's rightclicking the mouse showed the menu with an option to check or uncheck the dataview option, unchecked the formview was applied, but when i 'just' import the subform, i cannot find somewhere the possibility to change from dataview to formview.

Maybe someone can help me with this, probably very simple(?), question?

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Form Won't Open In Design View - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I have an Access 2003 database w/ a SQL Server backend. I already have about twenty forms created on the frontend, but today I went to create a new table in SQL Server and then a form to go with it in Access. After creating the form, I tried to open it and nothing happens. Then I tried to open it in design view and still nothing happens. I thought maybe it got corrupted so I tried to cut and paste it into a new form, but nothing happens there either. I'm at a loss, except to recreate the form from scratch. I can open the linked table to view the data, but nothing w/ the data entry form.

I tried copying the frontend on another user's pc and open the form, but the same thing happens. All of the other forms work. There is no code attached to this form that is any different from the other forms (ie, BeforeInsert event to grab the ID). Any ideas would be great!


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I Want Datasheet View... Why Does It Keep Showing Form View?

I have a form which is opened with a filter from another form. For some reason it views the form in form view, although it was set up as datasheet view. I even went to the form properties and the default was datasheet and i made it not to allow other views. This still didnt solve it. I want it to be in datasheet view because i want to show multiple records at the same time.

If u kno how i could resolve this please offer ur help


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Error Message Displays When Trying To Close The Form/switch To Design View

I have a form with a subform in it. On the main form, I have a combo box with a list of program numbers to choose from. Once one is selected, the subform displays all the unpaid invoices under that program number. This part works fine. The problem occurs when I try to close the form, switch to design view, or scroll the subform to the right. Basically, the error message says that the record can't be saved because it would create a duplicate value in the index/primary key. However, this form is used to display information only. I have disabled the edit, delete and addition abilities, so I can't figure out why it thinks I am trying to change or add a new record. Any help would be appreciated.

I figured it might make things easier if I included a copy of the database, so here it is.

The form is called SETR, and the subform is AllInfo subform.

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Disable Opening Specific Form In Design View - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I would like to prevent users from opening a specific form in design view.
This includes preventing the form from opening when the user clicks on the
Design button in the Forms tab of the database window.

Thanks for any ideas.


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Access Does NOT Retain Design/Form View Toolbars - Version: 2003 (11.0)

This has been driving me crazy for the last few weeks.

For some reason Access will not retain the toolbar layout when I close the program.

I'll open a database to edit it, and the Design toolbar (I think it is actually called the Form View or Form Design toolbar) will not be displayed.

I can go and readd it, but then I have to add it to every view, the normal form view, the design view of the form, even the queries need to have the toolbar readded to them.

Drives me up the wall.

Is this a common issue with a quick fix (hopefully)?

(The toolbar being the one that lets you easily move from normal to design view, click the code button to open the VBA interface, it has the SAVE icon, print, etc....)

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Can't Set Sub-form Column Width - Ignores Design View Settings - Version: 2000 (9.0)

I have a form and a sub-form created with the form wizard that seems to be doing most of what it is supposed to, but in the sub-form which is in datasheet view, I have a column called Labor Rate which happens to come in as a text field with no more than 4 digits with a decimal point, so width 5. The table design says it can be width 255, but so do some of the other fields.

My problem is this: This Labor Rate field, when I am in form view is 2 to 3 inches wide. Some of the other fields do the same thing to a lesser degree. It should only be 1 inch, maximum so I have room for the other fields on the screen. So, I went into design view and changed the datasheet and header portion and made everything narrower. Then, I went into form view and it totally ignored my settings. When I got back to design view, the settings and column widths were narrow, just like a set them, but not in form view.

Please help me, somebody with this.

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Form Will Not Resize - Made Small In Design View But Resizes In - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I have a form that was large, had a tab control on it and pages on the tab controls. I reduced the size of the buttons on every page, and then reduced the size of the tab control. Everything resized OK. Then I reduced the width of the form closer to the size of the tab control. There are no objects to the right of this and none of the objects is larger than a standard command button except the label at the top of the page which I also reduced, and maded the text inside wrap.

Then, I proceeded to reduce the size of the form and I even pulled the window size to the left so it overlapped the form size properly. But everytime I open it in form view, it is still as wide as it was before. It is NOT maximized. All my objects now are on the lefts side of this now very lopsided form. How can I reduce its size. Even in the properties, the width is less than 5 inches.

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Form / Sub Form Question In Design View


I have a main form and a large sub form that covers alot of the main form fields. My question is when I'm in design mode, the sub form blocks the fields I need to edit. I've tried setting the sub form "sent to rear" and the fields "sent to front", but this does not seem to solve the problem. So I end up dragging the sub form
off to no-mans land and then place it back. Is there way to say hide the sub form in design view and then unhide it.

Thank you

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View Records In Form View

Hi, I am in the process of creating a new database - I am a bit new to this. I have a main form, which also contains two subforms. The record source of the main part of the form is 11 tables, and then each of the subforms is based on one table each (so there are 13 tables altogether).

Everything seems to be linked up ok, and when I add new information to the form (and the subforms), the information gets saved to the tables as it should be. However, I want to be able to view past records in the form view, so that users can regularly update past records using form view. I can't do this. Each time I open the form view, the thing at the botton left says 'record one of one.' THen if I put the curser in (for eg) the box called 'client name' and click on the search button, I get a message saying:

"you can't find or replace now, the fields are not searchable due to:
- the fields are controls;
- the fields have no data;
- there are no fields to search."

well I don't really know what that means. There is definately data in there somewhere, because I can view it in the table view, but I'd like to be able to view and update old records, and search, in the form view.

any tips?

thanks for helping

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DATASHEET --- Allow Design Changes: Design View Only DOES NOT WORK

I have a sub form in DataSheet view and I would like to lock the design so that the User should not change the layout

Even when I set the property of the Datasheet “Allow Design Changes: Design View Only” users are able to unhide the hidden columns and they can also change the size of the column by dragging the column end line

Does any one know how to lock the design of datasheet ( I am using this sub form datasheet for data entry but do not want users to change the layout)


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Error To Set This Property Open This Form In Design View Error A - Version: 2000 (9.0)

We have an Access 2000 database that has been working perfectly for 2 years. All of a sudden out of the blue we get this error

To set this property open this form in design view error access send error report

And then it says Microsoft Access has encountered an Error and wants to send an error report?

Can anyone tell me why this is happening? Thanks

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Design View...

I should know this but it's has me stumped at the moment - When I have a form open I can right-click and it let's me go into design view. How do I turn this right-click option off?

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Can't Go Into Design View

I am getting the following error when I click on design view:

FSADSAFASF can't run macro or callback function 'fdesign'

I completley removed Access and re-installed the application again and I am still getting the error.

Thanks in advance for the help - John

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I Cannot Get To The Design View

I am a new user of access and have a question concerning a database that I am working on. The database has a switchboard where you can open different objects but the problem is that the main menu on the top is missing the tools menu and the view menu. When I pressed control , I could get the views (without the actual view menu) but the tables do not have a field property control i.e. I cannot add any new fields to the table. In addition to that problem there is a reference problem with one of the tables when I add some data to it - but the table that access refers to I cannot even see. I am really puzzled over here - is it a security issue mind that I don't have the tools menu that will let me check the security settings - I am really puzzled here. I need your assistance please I am going crazy over here ! I attached a screen shot so you can see what I am talking about - also how come the database is designed this way where the forms and tables are b ound together?

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Access 2007 Unlocking Controls On Form In Design View When Sizin - Version: 2007 (12.0)

Still trying to get acquainted with 2007 and would like to know if there is a button or whatever within the Ribbon to turn off moving all of the controls or just the selected control when sizing.

When trying to size one control ALL controls are sized rather than just the one selected.

Thank You

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Blocking Design View

How can I get Design View off the toolbar? I have users getting into it and making changes. I need to keep this from happening.

Any ideas?


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Problems With Design View

I work at a school district and we have a report card that was just created by one of our teachers in Access 03. Now, when you Shift+Click on the card on her machine (her personal laptop) it opens it up in Design View so the appropriate changes can be made. But, when we transfer it to our network so that we can copy it and give it to the teachers, the Shift+Click option doesn't work. I did some research earlier about VBA scripts being put into access documents to allow/disallow special options like this, but even when the database is open on our network, we (as administrators) can't Alt+F11 to bring up the Visual Basic Editor to check for those scripts. I thought that maybe it was a permissions thing, so that it could only be edited on the original machine, but she can move it to her home computer and Shift+click and Alt+F11 work as they are suppose to. Any ideas?

Thank you for any input.

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Opening In Design View


I've got a DB where I need to simply change a few images on the form buttons. When I open the file I cannot access design view at all. There is no toolbar and the menu doesn't contain View, just file, edit etc. I can edit the properties of the records etc but this is all I can do. I thought maybe it had something to do with it being created in a different version of Access but still it will open in this way only. There is no messae telling me I'm locked from anything and I've tried ctrl + enter etc. I'm running Access 2003.

Does anyone know what's wrong? Its driving me nuts. :confused:

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Mde Made But Still Able To Use Design View

I've made my mde file from a mdb which is fine apart from the fact that I can still view all the tables and queries and more to the point able to change them. Has anyone come across this before, if so how can it be fixed?

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Design View Freezes

When I click on a command button to print a report and there is no data, after the message there is no data cancelling report the tool bar freezes and I can't get into design view. I can't figure out what's causing this. Any help appreciated.

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