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255 Max Text Length?

is there a way to allows more that 255 chars in to a text field in a mdb? or do i have to do something like save it to a test file then link to the text file (cos i really dont know how to do that :P)

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Criteria Text Length Issues With Query
Hi All,

I've been developing the code below but when the length of .lstAnswers is longer than 128 it doesn't delete the question.
Is there a reason under queries or SQL this should happen? I'm hoping that i'm just thick and there's an easy answer but nothing seems to work.

Private Sub cmdRemoveAnswer_Click()
Dim Answers_SQL As String
Answers_SQL = "DELETE tblOptions.* " & _
"FROM tblOptions " & _
"WHERE (((tblOptions.strAnswer)=[Forms]![frmQuestionWizard]![lstAnswers]) AND ((tblOptions.strQuestion)=[Forms]![frmQuestionWizard]![lstQuestion])) OR (((tblOptions.strAnswer) Is Null))"
DoCmd.RunSQL Answers_SQL, 0
End Sub


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Import (memo-length) Text Into Access 2002

I am having trouble importing text records into a simple Access 2002 database. I’d be grateful for any help; it would save me hours and hours of manual cut-and-paste from Word into Access!

The records I want to import are text passages which originate in Word. Within some records you might find more than one paragraph. I want that formatting preserved. I signify the end of a record with a “#” character.

I create an Access database consisting of two fields: a) one called "Item" for the text records, with the data type set to memo so it can handle long text passages, and b) one for the primary key ID, which when prompted I let Access create automatically.

Here’s what happens when I try to import the data to my “Item” field”. First, I cut and paste all my original text from Word into Notepad. Then in Access I go File / Get External Data, and then choose Import, and choose Text as the data type. In the ensuing wizard under the Advanced tab I choose the option for delimitation by a specified character, and make “#” that character, and I speciy that I want the data to go into the "Item" field as memo data type. I then finish the wizard.

Sometimes I get error messages that not all data imports successfully, due to key violations, and when I check, nothing has been imported. Other times I just get a message saying it didn't work out. It's never worked.

Here are the records I'm trying to import from Notepad:






cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc





(end of records)

I've tried two other forums but none of the suggestions work. There must be some way to do this other than by manual cut and paste. Any advice?

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Field Max Length
Um, well hi

I am a VB programmer, and need a database for a diary program i am making. Only i need more then 255 characters in one of my fields.

Is this possible, if not, what are my options.

Thank you

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String Length.
I have a fax number field iwhich has a mask. +(000)-00-000-000 in a table of many records.
The problem is that every record has a number in the first part of country code +(001)which must have come there by mistakes, few records have complete and true fax numbers.

I need a query that can Update this Fax_Number field where the length of the string is less than 7 digits.
Some thing like UPDATE Contacts SET Contacts.Fax_Number = ""
WHERE ((Len("Fax_Number")>"6"));

How can i do this. Thanks.

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Integer Length
I have a field, integer, that needs to be exactly 6 characters long, no more, no less. How would I set this?:p

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Field Length

I'm looking for some advice on what the maximum field length is in Access. Which option will provide the maximum length. I am wanting the field to capture both numbers and text.

Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

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Max Length Of Query?
What is the maximum number of characters which can make up a query?
Is it 255?


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Length & Width
I've notice a situation in a few databases. One is where we track sidewalk construction. There are two called fields LENGTH and WIDTH. In my report I have text box with the control source =[Length]*[Width]. However it returns some bogus number. If I change the field names to something else like Width1, it works fine.

Any ideas?

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Length Of A String??
How can I extract a string and from a textbox and make out that it is x (here x can be any value, e.g. 15) characters long??

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Changing Allow Zero Length Default

Is it possible to change the default table setting in Access 2000 for the 'Allow Zero Length' property from No to Yes? Or does anyone know any code that can be run to change any existing fields with Allow Zero Length = No to = Yes?

Any assistance would be much appreciated.


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Variable Length Records

Would it be possible for someone to explain to me how to program a variable length text fields in a table, as opposed to a fixed length field?

Also - what would be the disadvantage of using this type of field ?


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Memo Field Length

If I read the documentation then memo field in a Access table can be 65.000 chars long.
I have three memo fields in a linked ODBC table which is filled by a append query from SQL-server database. The text in these field is cut off by 255 chars.
Does somebody know what the cause of this can be?

1. Is there a limitation/property where I can configure the length of Access memo field? DAO? I have read something about this but I don't understand this.

2. How can I trace that everything is send from the source? Maybe it's cut off at the source site. On this moment I don't know something about a Linked tabel.
Is there a sniffer or trace tool so that I can see what kind of data is realy send?

Thanks in advance


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Storage Length Of Field
Hi everyone,

I am using a table that stores data and one of the fields is just a text field with a maximum length of 10.

However, when I store the data in the field, if I only enter 5 letters in it, it stores the 5 letter word correctly but followed by some spaces (I assume 5 spaces but I may be wrong.

I cannot figure out why does anyone know why?

If not, then can I trim the field if I use it in a query/report?


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Adding New Fields - Allow Zero Length

I am using an Make-Table query to add many new fields to a Table using Fieldname: "".

However, when I use this, it sets the Allow Zero Length to No.

Is there code that I can use to stop this happening?

I am using this method for multiple fields and across multiple tables.

Your help appreciated,


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Query Specific Length
I have a query in which I need to pull all values from a field that is exactly 10 characters in length (Alpha or Numeric). Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you!

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Do I Need Zero Length String Query
In a database that holds membership records, I have three years worth of info relating to membership dues paid. I want to extract who has not paid a membership fee for the last three years, so we can strike them off our records, i.e. I have members' personal details, but there are no records in the payments table, nothing has been entered because they just have not paid. Do I run a query looking for a zero length string? Just how do I achieve this? Have I done right in not entering anything?

Help appreciated!

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Zero Length Strings In A2007
I posted this before, but didnt get any answers

In A2007, has anyone had a problem with checking whether a text field is equal to "" in a query

ie - select * from whatever where targetfield = ""

this generated a type mismatch (I actually had <is null or ""> in the query definition, but it was the "" it didnt like.

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Code Length Too Long On One Row Help!
I have written a bit of code in a Microsoft Access 97. The code basically creates a Microsoft outlook message. I am trying to add in the message that I want to display in Outlook by using the MyMessage ="" command. But the message I want to add is too long to fit on one line of code - I get to the end of the line and can no longer type any more! I have tried to add the second part of the message to the next line but all I get is an "Expected line number or label or statement or end of statement" error message. I think this might be because access keeps putting a " at the end of the first line - every time I remove it and add the " to the end of the second line it keeps adding it back to the end of the first line!

any ideas would be gratefully received!!!!!

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Query Field Length
I've built a query that when displaying information it cuts off any letters/numbers that are over a certain length (ie 27). The result I'm displaying is pulling from a field in a table specified as text that is 40 characters long. Is there a reason this is happening? I might also let you know that I'm using an IIF statement that checks a field of 1 character length. Since this is the condition it shouldn't have any impact should it? Is there a function I can use to define the length of this query text field?

Thank you very much.

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Format Field Length
Is there a way to format the length of a text field within a query. I'm pulling from a table that provides enough character spaces but the query is truncating the results.

Thank you.

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Changing Zero Length To Null
in my db, all fields that aren't required default to a zero-length string.

In some reports (like mailing labels) I want the rows that contain no information (like the second Address line) to "shrink". I set all my properties to "can shrink" etc., but of course it's not working, because the value of the "empty" fields is "" instead of Null.

Is there a way I can write an IIF statement that will set the value of the field to Null if it contains a zero-length string?

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Export Zero Length String As .csv
I am using VBA code to export a small table as a .csv file, which is no problem, except that the customer insists that where a field is blank, the .csv file must contain a pair of double quotes.

In other words, I can produce this:
but they insist on this:

In the table design, I have made the default for each field = "", but I still can't seem to force the double quotes into a blank field.

Any suggestions will be welcomed.

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Length Of Detail In A Report
Hello and Good Morning,

I am trying to create a 5 page report filled with colorful tables, charts, and graphs. This report will need to be reproduced 115 times. I am almost finished with page 2 of 5. When I try to start page 3, it appears that the height of the report is capped.

I have reset my computer to clear my RAM, but I still have the same problem. I try extending the length of the report, but the window will not scroll down beyond 22". Is there a way to extend the height of the report?

Thank you in advance, and I will try to answer your question in return.

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