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A Simple Way To Keep Track Of Incoming Invoices


I need a simple way to keep track of incoming invoices in Access 2000. I don't work in the billing dept., but I am an assistant that has been given the job of listing bills as they come into the office. I want to be able to type in the company's name and relevant information one time and then enter all invoices from that company in table format so that when I print a report, all invoices that are related to each individual company are listed accordingly. I'm new to working with Access. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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Test Incoming Files For Bytes
I need to add some code to our access 2002 database to test incoming files for bytes, zero byte files in particular. Our system will then pick out the zero byte files for emailing to our customers. Can someone provide code for testing for bytes or provide me some direction on this matter? Thank you!

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Invoices Database

i am trying to develop something for my business to organize job cards and invoices.

so far i have done the following:
a table that has the following format:

job cards|Date|Client|Start time|Finish Time|description|status

i also did the queries that search for clients job cards and dates.
i also did a report that shows all the above information for different job numbers.

I want to do the following:
when i choose which job numbers i want to print to have a print botton that does that then a message box to appear asking to confirm the printing of the job cards and then update the status field to printed.

Also i want to be able to calculate the time spent of each job and then add all the times together for each client separately so i can calculate the time that we spend on each client each month.
also i want to be able to create a table that has each client and the month and the time that we have spent there in hours and minutes.

Also i need to be able to update that table every month to see if we still owe the client any more hours.

all you help is appreciated.

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Recurring Invoices

Thank you for your time.
I want to set up an automated recurring monthly invoice for clients in my database.

I know this is possible but I am having trouble finding the solution and in fact having problems how to search for a solution.

On the 1st of every month I would like to have a query run that inserts a new row into my invoice table for all current clients invoicing them for that month.

Please please help. Invoicing one at a time using a form is taking far too long each month.

Thank you.

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Combo Box And Invoices
I have a table called vendors in that table is Company Name,
address, city, state and zip. I also created a form called vendors same information. On the form i have a combo box called bill to party which selects the name that will print on the invoice.

Ex Company Name ABC
Address What Ever
City State Zip

Billed to party (here is the combo box on the form)

However when i select the bill to party on the form from the combo box it is only showing the name of the billed party on the invoice and not the address city and state.

I dont want to create extra text boxes on the form so when i chose the bill to name on the form will fill in the text boxes I dont want to do this. All i want is to select the bill to party from the drop down menu and when i view the invoice it will automatically show up on the invoice.

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Numbering Invoices
I have a report that produces invoices and gets its data from a multi-table based query. The query has multiple lines for each customer and the report groups and totals them. How can I have the invoices numbered sequentially? Any help please?

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Newbie Inputing
What Im trying to do is make invoices that I have in to data base...
reason for it is to keep a close watch on the price fluctuation since the stuff we get are from different country. We don't really need it but this is my own little project just for myself...I have all the tables made and form ready but I have couple of problems.

1. How do I calculate and save it in the table? I Know this violates 3rd normalization but I need to do this since the price will change almost every week. basic calculation which is total price / quantity.

2. How do I get the previous record on the form automatically? lets say that the date I put in is July,4,2005. How do I get this to show up in form for the new data input? and keep that date until it is updated using form.

3. Since I'll be getting same stuff lots of times, and since they all have item number, How do I get it to auto fill? lets say that I input a item number and rest of the form automatically fills in the rest of the values...and updates are saved to the table and next time I input the same item number updated data will automatically fill in the rest.

Thanks in advance. This is my first post so, please go easy on me...:)
I also search the forum but couldn't find anything that I understood...
Is this a project too advanced for newbies? As I have stated earlier, I have everything layout but I'm just trying to make it easier inputing new data.
and all the codes that are here, I'm lead to believe they are Visual Basic.
and good book for newbies on VB?

Thanks. and sorry for the long post...

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Picking Orders For Invoices
Hi everyone,

I'm sort of new to Access, but over the past few months I've been able to develop an inventory database for my work which turned out quite nicely and does everything I need it to, except for one thing.

I want to also create invoices for my customers, and after looking at examples I understand that most people link the "order" with the invoice, so that there is one invoice per order. However, I need the ability to combine many orders into one invoice. That's where I'm stuck.

I don't know how to arrange my relationships and forms so that I can "pick" the orders I want on my invoice, and not at the time of the Order, but at some point after. Basically my orders will be established, but their allocation to invoices won't, until I come along and put them into their rightful bill.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm pretty stumped.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Cash Sales Vs Invoices
I'm creating a database where I have a customers and invoices table, obviously there is a relationship between the two tables using a customerID field where I have referential integrity enabled. However not all invoices require a customer account as some are cash sales where no customer details are required.

I'm unsure of the correct procedure, all I can think of is to create a separate table for cash sales??

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Show Me The Last 4 Invoices For Every Customer
I have a table with every invoice I have raised to my customers on it (160,000 records so far). Every record identifies the customer and the date of the invoice. I would like a query that returns details of the last 4 invoices raised to each customer based on the date of the invoice. So, if I have 100 customers I would expect 400 records returned. I have spent ages searching and reading the forums re this and have seen several post that I "think" are similar, but I think I'm too daft to understand the solutions put forward. I "think" this involves a module to count but as I have never written a module in my life am a bit confused. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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Amounts In Text For Invoices....Urgent....
Is there any way we can convert the amount in numeric form to text format Eg: $ 1000 as Thousand Dollars.
I need this for generating invoices.

Thanks in advance for the help...


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Numerous Invoices On Orders - Averaging By Chronology
We have a billing scheme in which we partial-bill ceratain customers based on certain events: 30% when they sign the contract, 30% a number of days later, 30% when we ship the goods and the last 10% upon installation. This is a common process, known in many indistries as 'progress billing.'

What I am trying to do is compare the collection performance on the invoices based upon which trigger sent them. For example, I'd like to find the average and standard deviation (plus some percentiles) of the time it takes to collect invoices that are sent... when we ship, let's say.

I have a table that shows order number, invoice number, invoice date, amount and payment date. So, I can have the order number show up to 4 times with a chronology of invoice dates.

My question is this: How do I group for analysis all the FIRST invoices, the SECOND ones, etc...?

Thanks for any help! I can do this in excel... but I was given this extract of 100000+ lines, and hope to do it all in Access. Thanks again.

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Invoices Filter In Northwind Sample And Replication ID Type
Hi guys,

As you all know, in the Northwind sample database there are the Invoices and Invoices Filter query. The Invoices Filter query adds a criteria to select only items that belong to the current order. OrderID is integer.

However, if I change OrderID to Replication ID, it stops working.

Any idea how to make it work? Currently I work around this problem in my DB by adding a criteria to filter by Date and Customer ID, but IMO this is less than ideal.

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Track Changes
Hallo Everyone,

I am working with the database that consists of more than 15 tables with more than 50000 records and the problem is that more than 10 people use the database. So in this case I am not sure whether who has the changed the data in it.

So for this reason i need to create a logfile to determine what are all the changes made in the data in the database with the user who uses that.
(I need to create a history and save it.)

is that possible in MS ACCESS? if so can anyone tell me some suggestion


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Am I On The Right Track?
Hi! I am new to Access and am trying to create a database for my customers that tells me what product/service they avail of and the status of their payments.

My tables are

Customer Info

Products (A,B,C) ( A customer can only purchase one product)

PaymentSchedule (Annual, Quarterly, Monthly)

Annual Product Fees

Quarterly Product Fees

Monthly Product Fees

Am I doing ok so far? I wasn't sure How to make my tables since the amount payable is dependent on both the product type and the payment schedule. Any suggestions?

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Track Changes By Users
What is the simplest way to track who is making a change to a record and when they made the change? I've tried searching for help but I'm not quite grasping how to do this. Any ideas?

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How To Keep Track Of Hours?
Hi, I am trying to figure out a way to keep record of store hours, and days open for lots of different restaurants. The only thing I could up with is the following. I'm not sure how to keep track of store hours, or even the best way to make a table for hours. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

RestaurantID (pk)




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Track Field Value Changes. Please Help
Hi. I have a form with many fields. I want to track changes av 1 field to know the field value has been changed or not. I know about onchange event, but this only works when user inserts or changes the value. My form is being updated by macro/visual Basic. Is there any way to fin out if the value of a field has been changed automatically?

Thanks for any help!

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Track Users
hello all... i tried to search an answer for my questions but i couldn't...

what is the easiest way to track users and their login time???

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Track User Changes
Is it possible to identify the user and date of a change made to a record in an Access 2003 Database retroactively the built in securiy features were not turned on?

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How To Track User Logins

I thought this was posted here in the past, but I can't find it. I need a way to track when users log into an access database (username and time).

Is there an easy way to do this?



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Track Changes Made To Database
Hi guys,

Im fairly new to MS Access and have recently created a simple database to track the details of people in my department.

The database is on a shared drive and the idea was that when the details of the individual change, they open the database themselves and edit the appropiate field.

However, is it possible to track the changes that people make over a certain period (ie every month).

Thanking you in advance,


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How To Track Utility Bills???
I'm interested in tracking monthly utility bills....monthly charges, units/volumes, costs per unit and so on, by monthly date. Would I be OK using a single table for my data, since it only involves gas, electric and water each month? How would I chart the data, so I could see trends (i.e., cost per volume, etc.)

Are there any sample projects out there that I might be able to adapt to what I'm interested in?

I'd be most appreciative if anyone has a comment, idea or suggestion. Thanks in advance!!

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How To Keep Track Of Documentation For BE / FE Revisions
Hello everyone,

I have been wondering about how I'm going to keep track of revisions for one of my databases.

Currently, I have the database split into a Back End (BE) and Front End (FE). In the work environment, the BE sits on the server, whilst all other 4 machines get a local copy of the FE. All table data in stored in the BE and linked to the FE.

I have recently got my act together and started documenting all the revisions I make to the BE and FE of the database. To do so, I created two tables with the following fields:

RevID (PK Auto increment),

I called them tblRevisions_FE, tblRevisions_BE. I placed both tables in the BE.

Whenever I make changes to BE / FE, I record it in the appropriate table.

However, because I often work on the FE of the database off site, I don't have access to the BE table (tblRevisions_FE) to record the new changes for the FE.

One alternative I thought of was just recording the revisions in a text document, and asking the client to manually record these in the tblRevisions_FE (via a FE form).

I did have tblRevisions_FE located in the FE, but when each db user got a copy of the FE, there would also be 4 copies of the table floating around.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to manage documentation of FE revisions in this situation?

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Track/log Changes To Live Data
I have created a database that I am happy with, and I am about to receive information to populate it with. I know I am about to be asked to about security and logging of changes made to the data, which I know nothing about!!

As a result before I get into this part of my project I would like to know myself what is and what is not possible!!
Currently I have 2 tables and 3 forms, one of which is a sub form........ All changes will be done via the forms, adding new records, editing existing records or even deleting obsolete records.

•Is it possible to record any changes made to the live data?
oFor this to happen I presume that I need to setup users and access rights?
•What type of information can be saved if any?
oWhat form would this be saved in and where (a temp table?)?

While typing this a change of plan – if it is possible I am going to start building it regardless, as it will enhance my database.


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Track Missing Records
Hello people. Iam having a problem and i need some help.
iam appending data in one table to data in another another.
I have two tables(table1 and table2), with the same fields but the records in one table2 are 5 more than those in table1 which are 3.
The 3 records in table1 are also in table2.
I would like a query which outputs the other 2 records that are in table2 and not in table1.

Thanks in advance.

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Keep Track Of Stock Items By Query
Hy, I have this db where a user can purchase and item and total stock number needs to be updated.

I can calculate how many items are left but how to update the warehause table?

I can live without table updating, but if the same item is purchased multiple times my query return incorrect values as the number from which the formula subtracts is never changed.

See attached database.

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Query To Track Files Last Status
Hi folks,
This is my first posting to this forum and I hope someone will be able to help me out with this.
I have a table called FILETRANS in a DB.Essentially this table is to track the in-flow and out-flow of files in a documentation unit.
The schema of the table is as follows
Filetrans_id Pk int Auto
Files_id int
Filetransdate date
Filestatus_id int

A filestatus can either be 1(IN) or 2 (out)
I need a query that will give me a list of all files whose last recorded status is 2(out) and vice versa.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Grid To Track Data In Common
I have a table with a list of dentists and which carrier's networks they are in. I want to produce a grid that will show a count of which ones each carrier has in common. The table has the following four fields; ID, Last Name, First Name & Carrier (see attached example). How do I set up the query to produce a grid like the one below:

Carrier ACarrier BCarrier CCarrier D
Carrier AN/A324
Carrier B3N/A44
Carrier C24N/A3
Carrier D443N/A

I tried a crosstab, but it is not quite getting me what I need. It shows the names along the rows, but then I have to look by hand to see where the name is in more than one carrier in the column.

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