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ADP File Is Not In The Correct Format...

I have looked in several forums trying to find an answer to this question, but so far no solutions. I created an Access database (mdb) for stand-alone use. One of my users has used the database for quite some time, but when she recently tried to open it, she was shown the following error message:

"The ADP file is not in the correct format for a Microsoft Access project."

In all the forums in which I have found any information on this, they refer to a file created to relate to SQL. This is not the is a straightforward Access (mdb) relational database that will no longer open.

I'm not sure how I am going to be able to repair the database if I can't get it to open. Any help on this matter would be appreciated. I do not have any idea what might have transpired to cause the problem.

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Import Wizard (Excel Correct Format)
I am trying to import an Excel2002 file into Access2002 using the import wizard. There is a hidden worksheet named 'Data' with 5 ranges defined (Page1-5), one of which I am trying to import: I am getting the following error message –

“Import Spreadsheet Wizard -- The wizard is unable to access information in the file ‘D:xxxx.xls’. Please check that the file exists and is in the correct format.”

I have successfully imported other Excel files from the same folder, but using a different original file. The original Excel file giving me the trouble was created in 1999 but has been saved with Excel2002 version.

Can anyone tell me what causes the “correct format” error? I am confident it is something having to do with the Excel file. I've attached a zip file with the problem workbook.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Correct Week Number Format In A Query
Wondering if anyone can advise...

The 1st/2nd Jan of this year were treated by most people as still being week 53 of 2004, and week commencing 3rd January being week 1 of 2005. In VB I have a formula to do this:

WeekNo = Format(Now(), "ww", vbMonday, vbFirstFourDays)

However my problem now is that I need to replicate this format in a Query within Access. The formula

WeekNo: Format(Date(),"ww")

treats 1st/2nd Jan as week 1, the 3rd as week 2 etc. Any idea how I can get it to treat 3rd Jan as week 1 instead?

There's a challenge for someone!! Help appreciated.

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How To Update Network Link To The Correct File.
I have 2 files with linking tables. Both are posted on the same network drive for the office to access. However some users have their drive link to drive E: and some to G:, etc. How do I get the file to automatically find what drive the user has and update the correct link in Linked Table Manager?

Thanks for your helps,


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Unrecogonized File Format
Hi there,

While i am trying to open the access database its giving me below error:
"Database ###### needs repair or its not access file format"

And i am not able to open it because of that.
Please advise if something can be done.


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Change File Format
Hi all,

I had a form with a command button which invokes email sending option to send a report..I am using code from a sample database . The code which I am using is here:-

'This will create the e-mail

DoCmd.SendObject acReport, "Rpt_Customer", "RichTextFormat(*.rtf)", "", "", , "Customer Report", "", False, ""

'Tbis explains all the section of the e-mail see SendObject in help
Rem example from help DoCmd.SendObject [objecttype][, objectname][, outputformat][, to][, cc][, bcc][, subject][, messagetext][, editmessage][, templatefile]

The code is working perfect and my question is that can I change the file format from RichTextFormat to word format????? I tried by chaning "WordDocument (*.doc)" but it didn't worked???? Is there any way I can change that to word format (*.doc)???? any suggestions appreciated .

thanks in advance

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Converting A File To MDE Format!!
I have a database with 12 tables,8 modules and 20 forms. But when I try to convert it to an MDE file it gives me an compilation error, that the size of the file is too large.

Can anyone tell me why??

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Extraxt And Format Data From Txt File
Does Access able to extract and format data from Access such as follow:

abc/d e4.5% 0216 010203 USD22.35 - extract 'abc', '010203', '22.35'.

abc - it's always in front, it's either 'abc' or 'wxyz'. If 'abc' is not shown, just input 'wxyz'.

'010203' - it will be in the middle, it may appear as abc010203 or abc222010203, always in 6 digit.

22.35 - always at the back, after three alphabet, if it's not shown, just input 0.

I have been able to do it in Excel, but I am wondering if it can be done in Access so that I can eliminate the process to import the text file into Excel.

Please advise and thanks.

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Odd File Format For Import By Bank

Working with a bank that wants a file from us so they can import into their check reconciliation program. Got the export from the accounting program working for the info they need, but the bank guy says he needs a file structure like this:

(first row is header..don't worry about what the stuff means for now)
(rest of rows are details)

notice the line breaks between header and rows? Wouldn't this call for a line break and mess up an import program? Bank guy isn't a database person and is clueless


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Email Table In Text File Format
I am trying to email a table in text format using :

DoCmd.SendObject acSendTable, "Table", acFormatTXT, , , , "Results", "Attached are the reslts"

It sends the file in text file format, but it adds "-" & "|" characters all over the file. Is there a way that I can send the file in simple "Comma Separated" file format.



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Email Table In Text File Format
I am trying to email a table in text format using :

DoCmd.SendObject acSendTable, "Table", acFormatTXt, , , , "Results", "Attached are the reslts"

It sends the file in text file format, but it adds "-" & "|" characters all over the file. Is there a way that I can send the file in simple "Comma Separated" file format.



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Create Button, Export Five Report Same Format To Five Sheet Of One File Xls
Please help me,
I have the form, in this form there is list of value which run query and resulting the report. For example if I have 5 item in list, i have to choose one of then and the query running and the report is print preview.

My question is,
How to export all 5 report to 5 sheet in one excel file.
I know may be the problem in format if I send to excel, but I will fix it in the excel. The most important is, I export the report to excel, each of the report in each of sheet of excel.

Thanks in advance
sorry my english is not good.

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Correct Qry
Hi, I am trying to group all data on field "YEAR MONTH" as on pic1 and for every grouped records I need the total of "TOT Of Flights" and "Flight Time" , "HOTAC" as total of marked records and "Duty" the total on both F and P caracters contained in the records. to be more precise the results of the qry should be:
Tot Of Flights Flight Time HOTAC Duty
2007 05 2 3.18 0 2
2007 06 16 15.35 4 2

Hope I have given all the informations!!!!

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