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Access 2007: Inventory Database

Hey all, long-time-lurker-first-time-poster.

I'm setting up a database for work, which is not quite an antique store, but for our purposes, let's assume that it is an antique store. We often have items that sit for a long time and cost several thousand dollars. We have a very, very slow moving inventory. The way we have been managing it is on paper, but now we want to move to a computer solution. We have about 500 items and we'd like to be able to rapidly look through pictures of each item and maybe click on one to bring up a page that has more info on each item. We need to be able to view the database from several computers at once, and ideally make changes. Right now we have everything set up as a SharePoint list on our Windows Server 2003 machine.

I'd started by making a database and adding photos as attachments which works ok in theory, but it is very very slow. I then tried to reference each picture as a link, using VBA to swap the pictures using this method:

But the problem with that is we want to be able to look at many items at once, like in a continuous report, but it loads the same image for every picture frame! It isn't until i click on each record that the photo updates.

Does anyone have any general advice for me on the best way to set it up, what tables I might use or any other set up advice? I have the data basically inputted, I can bash it into any format you think is appropriate, so just let me know!


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Importing Daily Excel Spreadsheets Into Item Inventory Access Database

I am not sure how complicated of a job this is, but we want to be able to import our daily recievals of inventory into our existing inventory database instead of entering it by hand. I try using the wizard, however when I get to "finish" it says there was an error and it was not imported.

I don't know much about access but I was hoping one of you could point me in the right direction.

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Inventory Database Help
I have some basic knowledge of Access and how it works but when it comes to the SQL formulas and some database structures I have not had enough experience. If someone could please guide me in the right direction with this I would appreciate it.

I have need to setup a database of all equipment in a small room so that I can keep inventory on it. Right now I have a database with three tables in it. An Items table that relates barcodes of an item to the actual item name. A Tech table that contains all the techs that would take from or replace something in the inventory of this room. And a Transactions table where it holds what item, who, and if it was taken or stocked.

What I need the most help with setting up right now is how do I use the transactions table to total up all uses and stocks of each unique item so that I can get an idea of what is actually supposed to be in the room at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

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Music Inventory Database
hello, i am looking for a music inventory database, anybody any idea where i might get one

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Manufacturing Inventory Database
I need to create a small inventory database tracking product in stock and "x" amount of raw material to create it.

Is there a way, using MS Access that I can track inventory of the product as well as update how much material was used to create the product?

I am new to access but I know how to create a database and enter the fields I want, eg: product id, model number, product color, in stock, re order, lead time.

My problem is associating another table to deduct/or add the amount of material based on totals.

In a nutshell, I want to track product inventory as well as track raw material in stock to create more.

Thank you for any help!

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PC Inventory And Allocation Database
Im creating a db to keep records of computers that have been assigned to persons in their various departments and also unassigned computers and spare parts.


For the machine specifications table should i put in the following fields as columns

Hard Drive 1
Hard Drive 2
Hard Drive 3
Optical Drive 1
Drive 2
Drive 3

or should i just create a field called Component and another field called type/size e.g. component would be hard drive or opticqal drive and Type/Size would be 60GB or DVD+RW

or should i just create individual tables to store the Hard drive info separate from the optical disk and separate from the memory.

The database is going to get really big which is why i wana structure it properly you r help would be really appreciated.

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Inventory Control Database Help

I am trying to develop an inventory control database and would really appreciate some advice on the way I propose to develop the application

Inventory Control Database.

Outline for inventory control database.

The database will have the following tables:

Supply Table

Person Table

Supplied Table

On hand table

Orders Table

The Supply Table - will store the names of the stock items available

The persons table - will basically hold information on the person receiving the product/supplies

The Supplied Table - will hold information on who is being supplied, what is being supplied, who is the supplier, how much is supplied and when.

The On Hand table - will initially store the opening stock for all the stock items available. When an individual is given some of that stock, the amount of stock given will be subtracted from the on hand total, for that particular stock item.

The Orders Table Will be the place where we will record all orders received. Once an order is received, this figure will be added to the On Hand Total for that particular item. So ultimately the on hand table should reflect initially the opening stock figure, then the opening stock figure plus any amounts ordered. I anticipate that after the initial opening stock figure is entered onto the system, the on hand table will be automatically populated by the orders table, and the site user will only need to manually update the On hand table in case of emergency, for example if a mistake is made on the order table.

I would really appreciate some help with the table design logic here. This is the first time that I have developed a stock ordering system, and would appreciate any advice on the over all design.

Initially, I want to build this as an access application then convert it to a web application ASP/SQL Server



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Table Organization For Inventory Database
I'm wrestling with a problem with a hardware and software database, on the software side. I'm trying to figure out where to store the license and media cost for a piece of software. Right now I have the following tables:

1. Software name (MS Word, Office, for example)
2. Software version, which also stores whether a license is required
3. Software license, which includes the license code and whether that license expires
4. Software inventory table, which stores the # of licenses we have available for installation. The purchase order (PO) # and date are currently here.
5. Software PO generating table. This is used when we need to reorder more licenses, or a new piece of software.

I need to figure out where to store the cost of the software, the cost of the license, how many people are covered by the license. I've been trying to decide which of the last three tables should store this information.

There are two issues: we need to keep a history of how much older versions of the software and its licenses cost, as well as be able to enter information to order new versions of the software and/or licenses.

Any input would be appreciated!

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Newbie Needs Help With Tracking Inventory In Orders Database
I am developing a database for a friend and have all the relationships,
tables, forms, queries and reports working well. I used the orders template to
build this and just made a few changes. I have an orders form with an orders details
subform that works beautifully. There is also customers table, employee table,
products and inventory table. The inventory table has product ID, units in stock and reorder level
as the only fields. I need an easy way to have the orders detail form decrease inventory as
items are ordered and also some sort of way to enter restock. Can anyone offer advice that a
beginner can understand in regard to this?

I wrote an update query that he can run that will subtract the qty ordered from the units on stock
for orders with order date >= whatever date he enters, but if he enters a date he's previously updated it will update those records again. I think this is not a good way to go but the only way I could accomplish. I have him using the same order entry form with customer name Restock to add items to inventory by putting an if then else statement in the before mentioned update query. This just adds to inventory if customer name="Restock" else the qty ordered is inventory units in stock -qty ordered.

I'm sure someone can suggest a better way. A friend mentioned dsum function but can't explain how to apply it in this instance. Thanks so much!!!!

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Access 2003 To Access 2007 Split Database
Hi All,

Background Info: I developed our main department's Access 2003 split database which is on a server for 15+ Users. I've now been given Access 2007 for development -- Users still have 2003. There are also 2 other smaller databases that are not split (.mdb).

Problem: In the split database, I've saved the Application .mdb as 2003, relinked and made a new .mde. But the Users still cannot open the database. (I did this in a copy until I figure out the nuances with 2007.) The 2 other unsplit databases can be saved as 2003 version and Users can open OK.

I'm grateful for any suggestions on working with Access 2007. I've been trying to tackle the ribbon which is a whole other question.

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Access 2003 Database Not Functioning In Access 2007

I have an Access 2000/2003 database which opens up and displays correctly in Access 2007, but when I go to use the File>Print command, or for that matter any of the other pull down menu's nothing happens?

Has anyone else experienced thisproblem, or does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Any help greatly appreciated.



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Extension For Access 2007 Database.
Greeting All,
I am trying the beta version of Access 2007 and realize that when converting Access 97 to Access 2007, the new db in Access 2007 has an extension of .accdb. I rename the db file name to xxxxx.mdb and the VB app fails to recognize it.

Is there any way to convert the xxxx.accdb (Access 2007 beta) to xxxx.mdb so that I can try my app against the Access 2007 db?????

Thank you for your time,


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Replicate Database In Access 2007
I am trying to copy/replicate an Access 2007 database. My objective is to have a new copy of the database, without any records in it.

Can't find anything in the Access help about this -- what I find in my old Access 97 does not apply.


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New To Access 2007 Want Secure Database
I am kinda new to 2007 and have at the moment a simple database.

I want three things

A: Use the database on a server.

B: Restrict the use to users etc as i used to be a ble to do in Access 97 i think (do i have to make a MDW if so how ?) 9I tried ACCDE but does not seem to do anything)

C: When users use the datavase not see all the normal access editing stuf..


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Database Crash With Access 2007
I have built a database with Access 2007, and intend on sharing the database amongst two users.

I am running Vista, and the two PC's or on a peer to peer network. Both with Vista.

I have split the database, and put separate copies of the front end on each of the PC's.

The backend of the database is on the public drive on my PC.

Access opens and functions correctly on both PC's with 1 User logged in.

However, if both users are logged in, my collegues PC crashes when it tries to open forms. This does not happen on my PC.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I need to change. Thanks in advance.

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Taking Ownership Of Database-Access 2007
Just upgraded to Acccess 2007 and have ownership problem extracting queries from a 2002 db.

When trying to import into a new 2007 or export from the 2002, get "you have no permission" message

Have created a new user tried to change owner of the db, but no permission
File security looks correct in that I am owner of the file with full permissions, but Access doesn't recognize me as the owner

Tried logging in as admin, but it isn't the owner either

This is not critical, just very time consuming, this is a test project, but it would be nice not to have to rewrite about 30-40 queries and equivalent forms

Any guidence appreciated

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Creating Access 2007 Database Question
I am not sure where to post this question. I remember finding a forum just for Microsoft Access 2007 questions, but I couldn't find it again... Indifferent

Anyway, I have created a database, and have been testing it with my application. I have some data in this database. I was wondering if there was a way in Microsoft Access 2007 to create an empty copy of the database for release. In other words, I would like to create a copy of the database with all of the tables and columns, but without the data (rows) that I had entered as part of using my testing database...

Does anyone know if I can do this?

If anyone knows where this Access 2007 forum is, or resources that might answer my question, please let me know, as I would greatly appreciate that.

Thanks Again,

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Access 2007 Backup Menu Won't Back Up My Database
I'm using Access 2007, with what I think is a normal database that I've built up over the past month (maybe 15 tables, <1000 records, 20 queries, 4 or 5 reports and macros). I'm not an experienced Access programmer, so I don't think I'm doing anything fancy with security settings or any other such stuff. (If I have, it's surely by accident, not by intent.)

When I try to back up the db using the simple office button -> manage -> backup method, access generates a date-stamped backup filename and opens a file save dialog for me, but it ALWAYS fails to backup the database. I always get the same error message when I click save, whether I save on my machine, or on a network drive.

"Could not use '<path to the current database dir><backname>.accdb; file already in use."

This same error occurs when I create a new blank database with a single Table1 in it, so I don't think it's my database.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening? I scoured the net for help, but nothing. I checked various Access forums, but nothing. So I arrive here after I've done my homework... thanks

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How Do You Hide Top Toolbars When Open Database - Access 2007???
I want to hide the top toolbars when my users open my database in Access 2007! i have an autoexec macro to maximise the window which gets rid of the navigation bar on the side but cant work out how to hide the top bar? do i need to write code? if so what code and where would i input it.. any help would be much appreciated...

many thanks,


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Create A Shortcut To Open An Access Database Object For 2007
Running 2007. In 2003, to make a shortcut for an object, all I had to do is right click and place the short cut where i wanted.

I can't seem to find anyway to do it in 2007

Anybody have any clues?

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Relink Database With Common File Dialog In Access 2007 W/Password Protection
All -

Just as the title describes, I can't seem to find a solution to be able to link the front-end to the back-end tables through the common file dialog when the backend is an accdb file that is password encrypted.

See the example attached. Here it should work just fine per the Article at :

I've found it works fine without a password encrypted back-end but not with a password encrypted back-end.

Anyone have any ideas? It would be nice to use this feature in Access as well as automating the relinking.


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