Auto Populating Fields In A Table/form

Sorry for posting into another thread about this, but here's my problem:

Hello All. Finally getting my pride out of the way and asking this. I've searched and this is the closest question pertaining to the problem I'm having. I have created a form to populate a table in Access. I've created Lookup fields for parts of the table that will get data from another table/tables. I want a certain part of the form to auto-populate data based off of the last name I put in the initial Drop-down box. Say, I have a person with a last name (and there are several with the same last names), I want the remainder of that line in the form/report to populate with his/her data needed for the form letter. Unfortunately right now, I have it where we have to select each from a drop down menu, for both last names, first names and other data needed. I've tore my brain up trying to figure out how to link the data in each one of the combo boxes to the first combo box. Any help would be appreciated. These are driving me nuts as I should be able to figure this out and it's just escaping my vision I guess. Thanks in advance for the help.

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Auto Populating Fields From A Different Field

Hi there,

I've been working on this issue for quite sometime. I've tried different methods, such as the DLookup function, but I think I'm doing something wrong. Let me explain what I'm trying to do:

This is a Work Order, the user will Select a Customer (Table Customer: Contains CustomerID and Customer Name, address, etc) from a drop down box. When they do this, I have another textbox which is designated for the Address. I would like the address to automatically populate. but its not quite working. I've tried it with the DLookup function (I entered it into the control source of the textbox). I entered the following syntax:

=DLookup("Address","Customer","CustID=" & cboCustId)

It keeps coming up with an error. I have no idea why.

Now this is just the first half. The second half I have a subform on the same main form, which lists the equipment they have on their site. The database has a number of customers with many equipment for each of them. How do I make sure that the subform only populates equipment associated with the Customer that was selected on the main form?

I hope someone is able to help me.

Thanks a lot!

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Auto Populating Fields When Adding A New Record - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I am new to access and have managed to make quite a good databse using tips from forums. However I can not find a solution to the following issue and would be extremely grateful if someone could give me some tips.

I have a table called customers and a table called contacts with a one to many relationship. (one customer can have manycontacts) I have a command button on customers to add new records to the contacts and I would like the customer ID and the Customer name (which are fields in both tables) from customers to be passed to contacts so the user does not need to input these values.

Ive tried many things like subforms, adding additional code to the command button and playing around with properties but with no joy.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help :-)

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Auto-populating Fields Based On The Values Of Other Fields - Version: Any Version

This is probably an easy one:

I have a table which includes about 20 yes/no fields. I want to show, either as a field in the table, or as the result in a query, a field which would be "Pass" if all the 20 fields are "Yes", and "Fail" if at least one is "No".

I can think of convoluted ways of doing this, but is there anything simple that I might be missing?

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Auto Populating Sub Form

I’m fairly new to Access so I hope I can get the terminology correct. I’ve been working on creating a database which has a one to many relationship. With the help of the people in the table forum, I do have that working correctly, and even have a form and sub form where the data can be successfully input.

In short, I have a main item table to track my widgets. I have a reference or look up table of colors. Third, I have a relationship table that manages the one to many relationship. My main input form has all the fields that need to be plugged into the primary table. The Sub-Form is setup for continuous forms which allow me to input as many colors as I need. Again, this all works great.

Now, to go to the next level. There are times when I want to select many (lets say 8) different colors to my widgets (kept in the primary database and form). To select each all 8 colors each time is somewhat of a pain. It is my hope and intent to create a button on my sub form that would populate my subform with the static 8 colors that I want, thus bringing me down to a single click instead of 16. (1 for the drop down, 1 to select the color).

Is this at all possible? If so, can someone give me a shove in the right direction?

Structure as follows:
•Widget – Text
•Value – Numeric
•Description – Memo
•Type – Text

•Color - Text
•Description – Text

TblWidgetColorRelationship (one to many relationship)
•Widget – points to primary key in TblWidgets
•Color – points to primary key in TblColors



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Populating Fields/table

I have search the forum but dont seem to be able to find the solution i am looking for. I am hoping its because it has a simple solution .......

I have a database which records grant applications for the current year. What i also have is a table which stores all the grant applications from last year and i have a search form which the user can search to see if the applicant applied last year. What i want the user to be able to do is if the applicant did apply last year - to be able to double click on the particular applicant on the search form and populate the fields in the new applicant table, show on the new applicant form, and delete the applicant from last years table. This would save the user time because they would not have to retype name, address etc. Can someone please point me in the right direction? I seem to have a mental blank with this one.

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Populating Fields From Another Form

I deal with freight carriers and each one is assigned a code. There are over 30,000 carriers so I don't want them all in my carriers table.

I have them all in a CarrierCodes table. I would like to open a form that would allow the user to search for the appropriate carrier and when they choose it would populate that data to my Carriers table.

Any help and suggestions will be appreciated.



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Populating Form Fields

I have a form based on a table named <Staff>. The fields in the form are StaffID, Surname, Name, Grade. What I am trying to achieve is that when a particular StaffID is selected, the other corresponding fields (Surname, Name, Grade) are filled up automatically. Could anyone assist? Thanks.John.

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Control Source For Calculated Fields Not Populating Table

Hi Everyone,
I know that a calculated field on a form does not populate the underlying table. However, if I bind the field via the control source to the field in the table and set the "default value" to my calculation shouldn't the result show up in my table? This is driving me nuts.... :eek:

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Populating Form Fields - Version: 2000 (9.0)

All fields are in the same table and form. I want to be able to click on a combo box (drop down selection) of one field then have other fields in the form populated with information that is linked/related to each individual field in the combo box, however, I don't just want to bring up a previous record and fill in all the fields. I want it to be a new record and only want it to fill in certain fields that will remain the same, while the user is able to fill out the remaining fields in the form.
How do I populate fields using a combo box?
Is there a way to distinguish which fields on a form will be populated when using a combo box?

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Beginners Question - Auto Update Fields Based On Fields In Another Table

I don't have any database experience whatsoever so please go easy.
I'm guessing this kind of this is extremely simple for all of you.

I'm constructing a database of network resources and devices and I'd like to automatically update the values in one field based on the values of a field in another table.

The first table is called "IP" and the fields are called "Address", "IP Type" and "Device".
The second table is called "Devices" and contains the fields "Name", "Description", "Asset Number" and "IP".

Here's an example of the tables: (ignore the "code" tag. i've only used it to align my columns properly)

XserveFile Server107203.30.144.75

AddressIP TypeDevice

What I want is for the Device field in the IP table to automatically update it's values based on the values found in the Devices table. In this case, the values that should appear in the Device field in the IP table are "Xserve" and "ProliantX".

I've searched through but haven't found a complete solution, just little pieces which I'm too inexperienced to put together myself.

thank you

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Seeking Advice! Populating Fields Based On Other Entries In Table

Last week some very altruistic folks here helped me solve a many-to-many relationships quandry, and I am hoping that there may some others out there who can help with another question.

I have a feeling this is simple, but I can't quite get my head around it, and have not been able to find it in the past forum threads, but....

I want to create a tblJobs that has information about our clients' Companies, as well as Contact. As there can be many Contacts for each Company, my current setup looks like this:

ContactID (Pkey)
Lookup_to_qryCompanies_to_Contact(shows Contact's company)

CompanyID (Pkey)
Company Name
(Client info is included as embedded table based on qryCompanies_to_Contact)

Company (from tblCompanies)
Contact (from tblContacts) (one-to-many)

In my new tblJobs, I would like to have a combo box in which I can input the company name, and then the next field will have another combo containing ONLY names of the contacts affiliated with the chosen company. (I will also eventually like to make a form that allows the same function, but am assuming that the process will be the same for updating the table trhough a form as it would be updating it directly).

Thank you for any advice!!

Blair Sly

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Checking Fields On A Form For Data And Then Populating - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I have 2 questions regarding form fields:

1. I have a main form and on this form I have combo boxes for a salesperson and a client. When a user enters in a value for either and it is a new client or salesperson the database prompts to enter the new data. This works fine!

I have a sales entry form which also contains salesperson and client fields I would like to have them populated with the value which is typed in on the main form:

either the saleperson name or the client name

My end user will only be entering either a salesperson name or a client name on the main form as search criteria.

2. I also have a (3rd form) client entry form with a button to the sales entry form and when the end user enters a name on this form and clicks on a button I would like for the client name to appear in the client name box on the sales entry form.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Auto Entry Of Fields From Another Table

I have a simple table called CUSTOMER with contact details on there...First NameSurnameDate of BirthAddress 1Address 2Address 3Town/CityCountyPost CodeemailetcI have a second table called TOWN_COUNTY_REGION that lists all the towns and cities in the UK. Each Town/City is listed with its corresponding County and Region. This table has 3 fields...Town/CityCountyRegionThe TOWN field in the CUSTOMER table is populated by the user selecting from a list of towns in the TOWN_COUNTY_REGION table. When a user clicks the town that they are in, I would like the appropriate COUNTY and REGION fields to be automatically populated in the CUSTOMER table. So, for example, if the user clicks LIVERPOOL from the list of towns and cities, Merseyside and Northwest should automatically be populated in the other 2 fields.How do I do this ??Many thanksAllan

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List Box: Populating Table From Form


I have a form with various list boxes that display options based on a query. When options are selected the text relating to them is populated in a seperate text box at the side.

The problem im having is when I select options from the list box I want it to store the selected options in the table that holds each record when the form has been filled out and submitted. At the minute it populates everything into the table apart from the options selected from the list boxes.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks in advance

Edit: I have got the control souurce of the list boxes set to the correct field in the table.

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Calculations And Populating Table From Form

I hope you can help - I have two simple problems and one slightly more complicated problem (bearing in mind I'm quite an Access Novice!)

Problem 1.
I have set up a simple form for a Timehsheet where the user can select a project and then enter hours worked in 7 text boxes for Mon-Sun. Then I have create a Total Text box at the end of the row. I need the Total box to Sum up the hours from the 7 boxes dynamically. How does one do this?

Problem 2.
How do I then ensure this calculated field populated the field hoursID in tblHours? (I am able to do this with a normal field, but with a calculated field, doesn't the formula go into the Controlsource field??)

Problem 3.
I plan to put this form as a sub-form into a main form 4-5 times so that a user can select 4-5 projects to enter hours against. I would like to have a SUBMIT button on the main form, so that all the calculated hours and selected projects populate the respective tables ONLY after this button is pressed.

Can this be done?

Thanks in advance!


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Calculated Form Data Not Populating Table

Hi all ... been awhile since I have had to create a database so I have gotten a little rusty. :eek:
I have a form where some of the fields I have formulated to calculate an amount. Example... =[GrossAmt]*[FeePercent] This is calculating into the form correctly but not writing to my table for that field. What am I doing wrong or missing here?

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Populating A Table With A Form - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I'm not sure I've got the right forum, but here it goes.

I got tasked with creating a quick and dirty registration system for a seminar and I've run into a problem.

I have a table with the class ID, the class name, max class size, and current size.

I have a table with the attendee's ID, the class ID, their first name, and their last name.

I created a quick query to tell me which classes are not full and used it on a form to create a drop down of classes that are not full.

The problem is that I do not have a list of attendees (ie, walk ups), so I created a data entry form that will let me input their first and last name so they can be registered.

When the class is selected, I created a button called "Register" so when you click on it the data entry form pops up. Also on this form is a text box that has the Class ID from the open class selected from the open class form.

My thought was after the data entry was complete, the form would update the attendee's class ID record with the class ID value from the form, and then increment the current size by 1.

I've realized that when a new name is entered, the record won't be created in the attendee until the form is closed or you navigate to a new record on the form.

Given that, how do you pass these other two values to the appropraite records?


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Populating A Table From A Form - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

In my database I have one Table which lists Engineering skills another which lists a ranking for each skill, while a third is a Table of Jobs. I would like to be able to use a Form to compile entries to populate a fourth table. The Form should allow me to select a job from the jobs table and view all the skills from the skills table. I would then like to allocate a ranking to those skills applicable to the selected job and save the result into the fourth table.

Is this possible?

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Populating A Table From A Form - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Hi...I'm fairly new to Access, and I'm creating a database for my company. At this point there is one table with 90+ fields & one form. We are a forklift distributor, and will be using this to compile information about current & potential customers to help our salesman operate more efficiently in their territories.

On the form I've created, I have some fields return entries automatically based on the entry of a separate field. Ex. if a certain county is entered, the salesman for that county will automatically show. I did this by creating an IIf statement which I then put as the control source. Problem with this is that the result of the IIf statement does not populate into the table. Any ideas? I'm sure this is something simple, but I'm learning as I go along and would appreciate any help.



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Auto Populating A Field

In case my other question cant be resolved, I'd like to do a work around, but dont know how to do that either.

So, I have a form (Photos) with a field (PhotoTitle) and in the form is a subform containing a continuous form a (Sales).

This form contains invoiceno, location, customer etc... but also PhotoTitle field.

I've been trying to get it to populate based on a relationship and use that data elsewhere, but cant, so I'd then like it to.. on enter (or focus) automatically populate with the value from the main form (photos), phototitle field and put it into the sales subform phototitle field.

What is the code for doing that?


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Auto Highlight In Form Fields

Hi guys

I just built a tracking database (I can't post it because it contains PHI, and I do hope I don't have to) and it's been giving this issue starting today.

When I am in a field the cursor automatically goes to the end and highlights everything between the end and where I click. So if I mistype the third character I need to delete everything from the end to the third character to edit it.

It just started doing this when I loaded it up. Does anyone have any idea?


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Populating Combo Fields Based On Other Fields Per Row - Version: 2000 (9.0)

A form has ten fields including Field A and Field B.
Field A is a combo box with 2 values, “Event” and “Non-Event”. Field B is a combo box also.
On each row, I want Field B to be populated only when Field A has a value of “Event” for that row only. How can I do this in Access?
Thanks a lot for your help.

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Auto Fill Fields Within The Same Table - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I’m trying to update an old Access DB at work and have run into a snag. For group, we have a set of personnel that come work with us for a one year period. About half leave their families and geo-bach for the year. So, our database has two sets of address fields (one for permanent and one for local addresses). The other half moves the family up with them, so the permanent and local addresses are the same. I have a yes/no button that is to be checked if they are the same. If the box is checked, I’d like to have the info entered in the permanent address auto-fill into the local addresses as well (since we create two separate docs using each of these addresses) to save our admin folks some time from cutting and pasting. I thought I could use an Iif statement, but either a) I can’t, or b) I’m doing it wrong. Could someone please help.

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Auto Update Table Fields - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Greetings and thanks for any help you may offer.

Here's my situation. I have an existing database with about 50 users and want to be able to monitor who's making changes. I want the tables to show when last updated with date an time ( now() ) and show which user based on them logging in to the database to be saved in another field. I would like this to be done automatically.

Thanks again for the view and any help you may offer!!



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Auto Populate Fields On Current Form

Hi. I tried to find out if this issue was already posted, but did not find. If anyone can help me, I am trying to auto populate two fields on a subform. The field I want to populate is the description of a role. So if the user selects the role name from the combo box, the description field will automatically update. Thanks.

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Populating An Underlying Table When Using Cascading Combo Boxes In A Form

Hello everyone

I have read the FAQ on cascading combo boxes and have managed to apply the theory to my DB's data input form (frmDataEntry) which is very cool and prevents a lot of errors however in doing so it no longer populates the underlying table (tblProductionDetails).

I am at a loss as to how to correct this as you can see from the example I need the customer and description field to be populated with the correct data rather than the fields I am using to make the cascading combo boxes work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Auto-populate Fields In A Form Using A Command Button

Can someone help me figure out how I can create a command button on a form that will prompt the user to enter a file # (or similar data) and that will auto-populate all the fields in the form from the underlying table? I hope this makes sense. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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Help With Form Fields And Auto Entries - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I have a form that I use to create work orders.

Here's what I need help with:

I want to have a field on the form that has a button that when that button is clicked will generate a work order # in the field. I would like to have the work order based on the Month, day, year and work order for that day.

Example: Today is January 17, 2008. If this is the first work order of the day the Work Order # would be:
01170801, if its the second work order of the day it would 01170802, etc...

Any suggestions?

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Combine Two Fields In A Table To Auto Fill Another Field In Same - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I have two fields in a table, "First Name" and "Last Name", and I want to create another field that automatically combines these two fields, and fills in the information to form a first and last name, in the same table. Is this possible? Thanks.


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How Can I Configure A Table To Auto Data Entry Into Fields Based On A Previous Field

My situation is this. I have 3 tables that I have imported from my mainframe system, between these 3 tables I have the data of product code, description,supplier code, supplier name, order method, and ABC code.

I am trying to create another table that I can capture daily Out Of Stock data for products.

What I would like to do is to enter the product number in the first field of my new table, and then the remaining fields will auto populate with the correct details based on the product data stored in the parent tables that I have imported.

How can this be done?

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Auto-fill Feature Will Also Update Form Fields? - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I have a form set up with my contacts table, and my goal is this. As I type in a box, an auto-fill feature will complete it for me (like when you type in a drop down box). In addition to this though, the rest of the fields need to change with it. Any idea how to do this? Any help would be very much appreciated!!!!

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Populating Fields

I am looking to populate fields of one form based on another table with about 100 records.

Table Name: 1) StaticInfo
2) Data

Form Name: EntryForm (Based on the Data table)

I want to be able to select a value in a combo box in the EntryForm and have certain fields populated in that form based on the StaticInfo table.

Want to use all of the fields in StaticInfo to populate the same fields in Data. Historical data in the Data table needs to remain intact, meaning that if something is changed in the StaticInfo table, the historical records will remain unchanged in the Data table.

So, if I am able to select a department in a combo box in the EntryForm and have the fields populated in this form based on the StaticInfo table, will the records in the Data table change or not change if there are changes made to the fields in the StaticInfo table?

Also, could someone provide a method as to how I would go about populating these fields from table to form.

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