Calculate Percentages Of Survey Responses?

Apr 22, 2008

I'm setting up a database for student evaluations. Students have several options as to how well the instructor did for each survey question. I've been able to set up the data entry form to my liking, and I can use a query to average the total answers to each question, including a count of how many people responded. HOWEVER, I need to calculate the percentage of responses for each option. For example, I need to know the percentage of students who picked "Excellent" for question 1, how many students chose "Very Good", how many chose "Good", etc., so on and so on for every question. How can I do that? I'm completely stuck and a novice user. HELP!!:eek:

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General :: How To Calculate Percentage Of Correct Responses PER RECORD

Sep 12, 2013

What I'm looking to do is calculate the success rate (%) of compliance rates with Quality Control paperwork. Essentially, each record has 12 "check box" fields representing the different QC sheets that are submitted each day.


I have been able to find the code for counting the success rate of a specific type of QC sheet across multiple days worth of testing, eg:


But I have been unable to determine how I can count the total of all the successful fields listed above, across a single record.

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Reports :: Calculate Percentages Based On Criteria In Report?

Oct 22, 2013

I created a database to record time logged per workorder for each employee on my job. Each time log has a specific "Trade" attached to it along with a number of hours the employee spent on that workorder. I've created a report to display how much time the selected employee spent on each workorder (within a date range) and now I want to see what percentage of their time was spent on a particular "Trade" (for instance, during September Employee "name" spent "percentage" of their time on Electric, "percentage" on HVAC, "percentage" on Plumbing...[and so on])

I have trades listed in the table and in the time log, the form writes to the trades area of the table (probably very elementary for this discussion) and the report lists the name and grand totals with percentage of total time on each workorder, but does not list any trade information.

How can I add this into my report, preferably at the end (Report Footer?)

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SURVEY Database - Problem On "survey Questions"

Jul 16, 2007

Hi, I have a survey database file containing the following tables

tblQuestions - contains survey questions
tblResponse - contains responses inputted by user
tblRespondents - contains info on user (e.g. Name, Add...etc)

Is it possible that answer to some questions are dependent on other questions?
for example:
Question 1 -True/false
Question 2 -True/false

Question 3 -True/false

If question1=false or question2=false then question3=false
(the response to question 3 is automatic and dependent on the responses of question1 and question2)

Thanks in advance for those who can give me some suggestions.

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Questions And Responses Tables

Apr 26, 2006

I have a table with questions and a table with responses. The questions are all answered with Yes, No, or Don't know. However, two of the questions go on to say that if you answered yes, please specify. It then provides a list of possible specifications for the "yes". One of the possible specifications is "other". I need to know how to set up an additional table for the question/statement: If you answered yes, please specify. I then would need a table for its responses. Same goes for the option "other", I need a table for the responses for other. Attached is my paper form that I am devising my questions from. It is in part iii of the app. Question 6 and Question 11 are the questions I do not know how to deal with. I also don't know how to set the overall section up. Since each question will have a yes/no/don't know, but how do you set it up when you get to Q6 and Q11 to have it ask the user additional questions or ask for more information?

Attached is also my DB. You can view tblApplicantQuestions and tblApplicantResponses to see what I have set up so far in line of questions and responses.

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Counting The Responses In A Report

Jun 20, 2006

I have a database for collecting evaluation responses for training. There are 20 questions, with a combo box for each with responses: agree, strongly agree, neutral, disagree, strongly disagree, n/a. I want to create a report that counts the number of responses for each question from a session. I don't know how to put a calculation field in a report to count the various responses and am not a programmer. Can someone help me.


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Tables :: Add A Field That Calculates Percentage Of Yes Responses On That Particular Report And Record

Feb 26, 2013

I'm a Access novice trying to set up a table to record the answers to simple yes/no questions. I've got all the questions set up and yes/no fields set for their responses, but I now want to add a field that calculates the percentage of yes responses on that particular report and record that too. I'm trying to use the 'calculated' data type, but then I can't work out what to type as the expression.

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General :: Sending Form Through Email And Processing Responses - Access 2010

Oct 16, 2012

I'm working on a vacation/time off tracker and was hoping to use the collect data feature. I've created a form where a user submits their requested date and number of hours, at which point I'd like the form to be sent to their manager for approval. The manager's email address is stored in a table. Once the manager marks yes or no, I'd like that reflected in the time off requests table, and an email sent to the requester letting them know if it was approved or not. Is this possible? How would I go about it. I'm pretty new to Access, learning on the fly, but I'm pretty good at modifying code to match my situation/working backwards if you have any examples for me to look at.

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Queries :: Count Number Of Times Each Of Responses Show From Lookup Table

May 9, 2014

I have 2 tables...a lookup table with possible responses (i.e. yes, no, don't know) and the second with 8 fields that contain the values selected from the first table. Tables are related one-to-many. I need to count the number of times each of the responses shows from the lookup table shows in each of the fields in the main table. Have tried to query with the lookup field set to "group by" and each field set to "count".

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Apr 7, 2006

Simple question: how do you convert vlaues into percentages?
I have a boolean expression so when it's ticked the bookings are regular, and if they're false they are occasional bookings. I have used 10 bookings as test data (5 regular - true, 5 occasional - false). How would I convert these into percentages? For example, I've used the "Count" total to fint the number of regular and occasional booknigs, which are both 5. This is 50%, but how would I do that? Thanks for your help guys. :)

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Percentages Help :)

May 4, 2006

hey there i need help :)

ok, so i have to work out week by week percentage uses
i have a query that already finds the bookings in the week already, that works fine, but then i need to find the % use for that week, which is the count of the number of bookings in the week / 21
ive tried doing this in an update query, but it doesnt like me :)
any help would be great :)
i have a % use field in my table that it updates to, but im flexible :)

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Survey Db

Sep 20, 2006

I've been asked to make a survey db by someone. I was wondering what is the best way to go about this? The output spread sheet list several questions asked of the user. The user id and questions asked are in columns. So you could have a columns like the user id: date: when was the last time you reaed a book?:Did you like the book?: Was the book helpful? What type of book was it?. These are listed in many rows one for each survey asked. Is my best bet to just make each column a field name in a table and build off of that? Some of the question asked are very length? I can have the spread sheet altered to column names that are more relivant and shorted so when I import into access and populate them into a table it will be easier to follow. Just looking for a little guidance. All thoughts are appreciated. Thanks...

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Percentages Of Time

Apr 5, 2007

Hello all,

I have a requirement to give a % figure from 2 time fields. I would have thought this was simple, but when I divide the fields I keep getting #Error. Its not an error caused by a divide by zero, i can recify those. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get a % from 2 time fields.


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Displaying Percentages

Jan 13, 2008

This is probably simple but it's something I haven't had to do before.

I have a main table.
I have a filter query based on this table.
I have a report, based on the query, which displays the total number of records in the query.
In the same report, I would like to display this total as a number (already done, obviously) and also as a percentage of the total number of records in the main table.

How would I go about this?

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Query Percentages

Apr 20, 2006

Hey guys.
I have a boolean expression which I want to calculate the percentage of.
I have the field 'Regular Booking' which is either true or false. I have 6 true and 5 false, equalling to 11 in total. I've tried using: 100*[CountOfRegular Booking] / [TotalRegular Booking] but this gives me the same percentage for both true and false. So if I enter 5 I get 45.54% for both true and false... why is this? I've had trouble with this for ages now and I'm pulling my hair out, lol. :(
Thanks guys!

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Percentages In Option Groups

Mar 24, 2006

Been searching for an answer to this one but still cant quite get it.

I am using an option group to subtract and add percentages on an amount in a text box. This is the code i am using but there is something wrong. My syntax is out.

Me.TechsRate = ((Me.Chargeout.Text - (Me.Option17.OptionValue /100))

I am trying to calculate 5% or 10% or 15% and so on, up to 35%

Thank you in advance

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Modules & VBA :: Cannot Seem To Get Percentages In Query

Aug 10, 2015

I am using following function to return percentage spend by testing against number of months elapsed. I am unable to show the CSpend as percentages and I cannot seem to get the percentages in the query.

Public Function CSpend(mMonths)
If (mMonths) = -4 Then
CSpend = 1
ElseIf (mMonths) = -3 Then
CSpend = 0.99956
ElseIf (mMonths) = -2 Then


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Another Question On A Survey Database

Jul 1, 2005

Ok, I need further help with that my survey database. I wonder if somebody could help me figure this out. So, I have this survey database with questions for visitors of a certain park. I have several Yes or No questions. I created queries that will count how many Yeses or Nos I have for each question. But a problem is happening. Sometimes certain questions are left blank, with no answer. My query is showing the blank answers with a count of zero, even if there are more then one blank answers. How can I get the query to count the blanks? Or, can I fill the blank answers with the word "Blank" automatically somehow?


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Survey Database Design...

Nov 21, 2007

I am trying to set up a database that manages responses to a variety of survey questionaires, and I want to know if I am on the right track before I proceed. Sorry if this gets a bit verbose:

Here's the general 'business rules':

1) There are many different historic survey types. Some have also not yet been defined.

2) A specific question may appear on more than one survey type.

3) Each survey type can have a different number of questions.

4) The 'valid' answers to a survey question fall into two general groupings:
- multiple choice (variable number of choices)
- freeform text (and "other__________ " could be a multiple choice response)

5) There will be a lot of repetition in the multiple-choice choices. For example, there will be lots of "TRUE/FALSE" or "YES/NO" questions, lots of 'Rate the following on a scale of 1 to 5' type questions, etc.

6) Some of the multiple choice valid-answer-sets may be more unique, such as '200,400,600,1000,other'.

7) We (sometimes) want to capture such information as 'don't know', or 'answer illegible' or 'not answered' or 'don't care', but these can just be more 'pre-set' choices in the db that do not appear on the paper forms

After some whiteboarding, I arrived at the attached db structure....

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Survey - Check All That Apply

May 23, 2007

I will have the following tables:

QuestionID -PK
SurveyTakerID - PK

You get the idea - a normalized table.

Anyway for questions that state "check all that apply" I could either store in the Response Field a yes, or a no (or a number code for those answers) OR simply store the yes values for ones that are checked. Seems like the latter, but for querying later, will I run into problems? I have had different views based on reviewing posts.

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Subform Problem Is Survey Db

Oct 18, 2005

Hi, all--

Searched for posts related to this problems but didn't find anything.

I have a survey db to be used for data entry of returned survey responses. The main form is a tab control consisting of mutltiple subforms. Each survey question has mutiple parts but each response receives a numerical value.

I am using primarily option groups so the data entry looks similar to the hard copy survey. The enterer only has to click on the correct response.

The data source of each subform is a query with a numberical parameter corresponding to the appropriate question. Because of this, each subform (using continuous form views) has a blank "item" after the survey items. I have hid this on the main form and have tried to turn off the tab stops and removed all scrolls.

I can't keep from the blank item sometime appearing. When this happens, there is no way to slide up to first item.

I hope this is not totally confusing!!! If you understood this, do you have any suggestions?


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Data Type For Percentages Or Text?

Jan 25, 2006

Is there a data type that I can use that will handle both text and numbers such as percentages? Or is there a way I can set the field type to text then convert the text to a percentage? I plan on using this field in a form so when the user inputs the info I will want to display it in the correct format. Any ideas or suggestions?


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Percentages In Table Design View

May 4, 2006

can anyone explain how to use a percentage in a table.

i have a field designated as data type "number" and format set to Percentage.

when i go to datasheet view and attempt to enter in these percentage (1%,50%, 34%, etc) it is multiplying the data entered by 100 (100.00%,5000.00%,3400.00%, etc).

gotta be something easy.


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Tables :: Fiscal And Percentages Calculations

Apr 20, 2015

I'm trying to create a table in an Access Form or create a block of code to export the table with query results to Excel or PDF. In the end I would like to run a query or queries to populate the table or export the query results creating the table. I'm not sure the best way to create the table.

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Reports :: Percentages Of Approved Proposals

Nov 20, 2013

I'm creating a report that list multiple users providing an input of "approved" or "not approved" for a plurality of proposals. I'm trying to create a report that lists the percentage for each user that calculates the number of times the user inputs "not approved" over the total number of proposals that particular user reviewed.

For example,

Steve reviews 50 proposals, and of the 50 proposals Steve inputs 10 of those proposals to be "not approved". I need a calculated field that counts the number of times that Steve inputs "not approved" and calculates that 20% of proposals reviewed are not approved, of all the proposals he reviewed. The number of proposals are continuously being added so the number 50 will not always be the denominator.

There are at least 10 other users that I have to do the same calculation but if I'm able to do the example above.

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How To Allocate Percentages Of A Number Across Different Fields

Jul 27, 2012

We have a model at my job which shows every job code one can do (there are only about 25 of these jobs) For example, let's say one job is called "Trade Settlements" and it's been estimated that we spend about 1000 minutes a day doing this particular job across the entire floor.

Well, I want to come up with a way to allocate the minutes of this to certain hour blocks and determining whether our group is over/understaff given the results.

So let's say I want, 30% of it to be done from 9-10 am, 10% done over the next 4 hour time blocks, and 2-3 pm for the remaining 30%.

Thus, we'd get something something like 300, 100, 100, 100, 100, 300 minutes and 0's for other time blocks.

These percentages would be input fields so if anyone types in a percentage, they get # of minutes spent for that hour on that job. Ultimately we would add these numbers up with other jobs and be able to easily update from there for any job type we wanted.

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