Calculate Percentages Of Survey Responses?

I'm setting up a database for student evaluations. Students have several options as to how well the instructor did for each survey question. I've been able to set up the data entry form to my liking, and I can use a query to average the total answers to each question, including a count of how many people responded. HOWEVER, I need to calculate the percentage of responses for each option. For example, I need to know the percentage of students who picked "Excellent" for question 1, how many students chose "Very Good", how many chose "Good", etc., so on and so on for every question. How can I do that? I'm completely stuck and a novice user. HELP!!:eek:

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Scan Survey And Append Table With Survey Answers - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I have seen many posts regarding scanning the entire document into ACCESS. I need to be able to scan individual items from the document into ACCESS. The document would be similar to the SAT test format with little bubbles.
For example, if the bubble is highlighted, it would go into a yes/no field.
Any thoughts?

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SURVEY Database - Problem On "survey Questions"

Hi, I have a survey database file containing the following tables

tblQuestions - contains survey questions
tblResponse - contains responses inputted by user
tblRespondents - contains info on user (e.g. Name, Add...etc)

Is it possible that answer to some questions are dependent on other questions?
for example:
Question 1 -True/false
Question 2 -True/false

Question 3 -True/false

If question1=false or question2=false then question3=false
(the response to question 3 is automatic and dependent on the responses of question1 and question2)

Thanks in advance for those who can give me some suggestions.

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Questions And Responses Tables

I have a table with questions and a table with responses. The questions are all answered with Yes, No, or Don't know. However, two of the questions go on to say that if you answered yes, please specify. It then provides a list of possible specifications for the "yes". One of the possible specifications is "other". I need to know how to set up an additional table for the question/statement: If you answered yes, please specify. I then would need a table for its responses. Same goes for the option "other", I need a table for the responses for other. Attached is my paper form that I am devising my questions from. It is in part iii of the app. Question 6 and Question 11 are the questions I do not know how to deal with. I also don't know how to set the overall section up. Since each question will have a yes/no/don't know, but how do you set it up when you get to Q6 and Q11 to have it ask the user additional questions or ask for more information?

Attached is also my DB. You can view tblApplicantQuestions and tblApplicantResponses to see what I have set up so far in line of questions and responses.

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Questions And Responses Tables

I have a table with questions and a table with responses. The questions are all answered with Yes, No, or Don't know. However, two of the questions go on to say that if you answered yes, please specify. It then provides a list of possible specifications for the "yes". One of the possible specifications is "other". I need to know how to set up an additional table for the question/statement: If you answered yes, please specify. I then would need a table for its responses. Same goes for the option "other", I need a table for the responses for other. Each question will have a yes/no/don't know, but Question6 and Quesiton 11 has additional questions or ask the user for more info. how do you set it up when you get to Q6 and Q11 to have it ask the user additional questions or ask for more information?

Attached is also my DB. You can view tblApplicantQuestions and tblApplicantResponses to see what I have set up so far in line of questions and responses.

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Counting The Responses In A Report

I have a database for collecting evaluation responses for training. There are 20 questions, with a combo box for each with responses: agree, strongly agree, neutral, disagree, strongly disagree, n/a. I want to create a report that counts the number of responses for each question from a session. I don't know how to put a calculation field in a report to count the various responses and am not a programmer. Can someone help me.


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Error Responses - Version: 2003 (11.0)

what error messages can i do for a mechanic booking system and i need to Create a test plan that will accept data input values (including maximum and minimum) can any1 help me on this particular problem?

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Parameter Query W/null Responses W/date Range

I have set up a parameter query with multiple criterias. I have also set it up so the query will accept a null response from the user. I have done this by using the following string in the criteria section:

[rma?] Or Like [rma?] Is null

This works fine except how do I apply this theory to a date range in the criteria? This is what I tried but it does not work properly:

Between [Begin Date?] Or Like [Begin Date?] Is null And [End Date?] Or Like [End Date?] Is Null

Any suggestions of how to make this work and return the proper data if the search dates are not entered?

Appreciate any help!

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Report That Counts And Totals Combobox Responses - Version: 2000 (9.0)

I'm developing a database to track fire responses in our building. When users record a fire response they'll enter date, time, location, notes and type. There is a combobox in the form for type with two options: Real and Drill.

I am developing a report that will permit start and end dates so reports can be done by month, quarter, year, etc.

My question is how to get my report to count and total the number of Real and the number of Drill responses in the type combobox for the period.

I'd like to end up with (1) a monthly report with a detailed list with the type totals at the bottom of the page and (2) a multi-month report that shows total Real and Drill by month with grand totals for the entire period.

Are these reports possible? They're moving from Excel (where this was very easy) to Access in order to expand capability and to standardize responses with comboboxes and make data more consistent.

Thanks for anything anyone has to offer.

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Simple question: how do you convert vlaues into percentages?
I have a boolean expression so when it's ticked the bookings are regular, and if they're false they are occasional bookings. I have used 10 bookings as test data (5 regular - true, 5 occasional - false). How would I convert these into percentages? For example, I've used the "Count" total to fint the number of regular and occasional booknigs, which are both 5. This is 50%, but how would I do that? Thanks for your help guys. :)

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Percentages Help :)

hey there i need help :)

ok, so i have to work out week by week percentage uses
i have a query that already finds the bookings in the week already, that works fine, but then i need to find the % use for that week, which is the count of the number of bookings in the week / 21
ive tried doing this in an update query, but it doesnt like me :)
any help would be great :)
i have a % use field in my table that it updates to, but im flexible :)

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Percentages Of Time

Hello all,

I have a requirement to give a % figure from 2 time fields. I would have thought this was simple, but when I divide the fields I keep getting #Error. Its not an error caused by a divide by zero, i can recify those. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get a % from 2 time fields.


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Displaying Percentages

This is probably simple but it's something I haven't had to do before.

I have a main table.
I have a filter query based on this table.
I have a report, based on the query, which displays the total number of records in the query.
In the same report, I would like to display this total as a number (already done, obviously) and also as a percentage of the total number of records in the main table.

How would I go about this?

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Query Percentages

Hey guys.
I have a boolean expression which I want to calculate the percentage of.
I have the field 'Regular Booking' which is either true or false. I have 6 true and 5 false, equalling to 11 in total. I've tried using: 100*[CountOfRegular Booking] / [TotalRegular Booking] but this gives me the same percentage for both true and false. So if I enter 5 I get 45.54% for both true and false... why is this? I've had trouble with this for ages now and I'm pulling my hair out, lol. :(
Thanks guys!

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Percentages In Option Groups

Been searching for an answer to this one but still cant quite get it.

I am using an option group to subtract and add percentages on an amount in a text box. This is the code i am using but there is something wrong. My syntax is out.

Me.TechsRate = ((Me.Chargeout.Text - (Me.Option17.OptionValue /100))

I am trying to calculate 5% or 10% or 15% and so on, up to 35%

Thank you in advance

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Percentages - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

I have always gotten around this, but I can't this time. How do I format a field in a table to show a percentage? Data type is number, field size Integer or Decimal, Format seems like it should be Percent, Decimal places should be 2. I want to display 7.25% but if I input that it is rounded and I see 700.3%. I know the percent sign multiplies by 100, but how un-instinctual can this get? Any information is appreciated.

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Data Type For Percentages Or Text?

Is there a data type that I can use that will handle both text and numbers such as percentages? Or is there a way I can set the field type to text then convert the text to a percentage? I plan on using this field in a form so when the user inputs the info I will want to display it in the correct format. Any ideas or suggestions?


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Crosstab Query & Calculating Percentages

I'm trying to compare referred clients of different racial/ethnic backgrounds based on whether my agency accepts, defers, or denies their cases. Here are the tables and fields involved involved:

ReferralID (PK)
RaceID* (FK)
DecisionID (FK)

RaceID (PK)

DecisionID (PK)

Here are the queries I've made to allow me to do a crosstab query that reports the numbers of referrals in each category:

SELECT TblReferralMaster.referralID, TblRace.Racecategories, TblDecision.decisionname
FROM TblRace INNER JOIN (TblReferralMaster INNER JOIN TblDecision ON TblReferralMaster.DecisionID = TblDecision.DecisionID) ON TblRace.RaceID = TblReferralMaster.[RaceID*];

TRANSFORM Count(racextab1.referralID) AS CountOfreferralID
SELECT racextab1.decisionname
FROM racextab1
GROUP BY racextab1.decisionname
ORDER BY racextab1.decisionname, racextab1.Racecategories
PIVOT racextab1.Racecategories;

How to I make a second crosstab where the row headings are decision names, the column headings are race categories, and the values are percentages (number of clients of a given race where a given decision was made / all clients of that race where any decision was made)? I found some other threads on the forum related to crosstab queries and percentages, but either those problems weren't quite the same as mine or my limited SQL isn't enough for me to figure out how to apply those solutions.


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Percentages In Table Design View

can anyone explain how to use a percentage in a table.

i have a field designated as data type "number" and format set to Percentage.

when i go to datasheet view and attempt to enter in these percentage (1%,50%, 34%, etc) it is multiplying the data entered by 100 (100.00%,5000.00%,3400.00%, etc).

gotta be something easy.


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Percentages On A Report - Version: 2003 (11.0)


I have received a lot of help in the past with this same database I am supporting. Thanks to a lot of hard work and your help it has been successfully running for six months. There have been bugs and fixes but nothing major so thank you for your help.

Right now I have a report that shows the Department Level percentages complete and incomplete It is grouped by Department, then by Level. (level is a field that determines the level the course is like 1, 2 etc. Runs like a charm

It is grouped by Department so all departments are together
then it is grouped by Level so all the levels are together
The detail shows the records of the employees, the courses, and whether it is complete or incomplete.

In the level group I have created formulas that calculate the percentages.

Right now I have been asked to add a similar report, the only difference is they want to see only INCOMPLETE training. I filtered the query, got my results, but of course the math is all wrong, It will now only show 100% incomplete, because the query filters out the completes. Heres the question they still want to see the percentages complete and incomplete on this report. How can I filter out the incompletes and still keep the same results for my percentages.


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Creating Percentages - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I have a report based on a query. The report is to dislay the "level of comfort" with an item. The level of comforts runs from 1 through 4. So, currently, I have "level of comfort" header, which I want to display 1 through 4, and the total at each level. This I am doing by a simple statement (=sum(levelOfComfort)). But I would also like to show the percentage that each level represents of the total:

......1.................15............. ?

I am not sure how to calculate the percents, or if I can do it in the "level of comfort" header. Any help would be appreciated!

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Simple Query Problem - Calculating Percentages

Hi, first post!

Just started doing access at work and have a problem.

I have a database. Each record has a bunch of different fields.

In one field, the record can either be DC or DS (different classifications).

I would like to run a query which would tell me the percentage of DCs and DSs.

I have managed to create a query that counts the total of each one, but for the life of me i cannot figure out how to do the percentages.

Can anyone help?

I am using Access 2000 and my query is being made in design view

The Query has 2 columns:

Column 1
Field: DC/DS
Table: Main
Total: Group By
Show: yes

Column 2
Field: DC/DS
Table: Main
Total: Count
Show: Yes

Can I add the percentage section as another column (using an expression?) or will it have to be another query, that runs the above query then uses data from that?

Thanks, Craig

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Using Conditional Formating With Percentages - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Hello- I was wondering if anyone encountered issues when using conditional formating for percentages. I have constructed a database and a report that basically is comparing a monthly "projected target %" to an "actual %". If the "projected target %" > than the "actual %" then the entire field color is red. However, if the "actual %" is > "target %" the color is green. The problem I am having is that when a projected target is 81.25 % and the actual is 81.00%, I am getting a red color. Technically, what is occuring in the conditional formating is correct because the target is .25 greater than the actual. However I want the conditional formatting to compare rounded #'s. In other words, I want the conditional formating to see that both the target and actual are at 81% and to color the field green. Any advice on how to correct this in a Conditional Format would be appreciated.

Expression1: Actual=0 (No Color)
Expression2: [Target]>[Actual] (Color Box Red)
Expression3: [Actual]>[Target] (Color Box Green)

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Report With Counts, Percentages, MTD, And YTD - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I am trying to create a report that will be the basis for many others. The report is based on a table called MemIncident. On it are columns for IncidentNum, Member, and PaidIndicator. There will be multiple rows for each IncidentNum. There may be only 1 occurance of any individual member per incident. What I am trying to do is count up the total number of unique incidents. I have used the Select Count(DISTINCT... for that.

I would have

Member Number, MTD # of runs, YTD # Runs , MTD Percentage of Total MTD Runs for all members, and YTD Percentage Number of Runs.

I have not been able to figure out how to get the results of my Count(DISTINCT) to be used for the other calculations. Where do I insert the SQL, as well as, the other SQL I will need for other calculations?


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Converting Percentages To Grades - Version: 2007 (12.0)

Hi, I am trying to find a way to convert a percentage to a grade for a student's report.

The boundaries I want to set are:

A=63% to 72%
B=53% to 62%
C=44% to 52%
D=35% to 43%
E=30% to 34%

Is this done via a module? Thanks for your help.

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How To Type In Percentages In A Table Cloumn - Version: 2000 (9.0)

If i have a column where i enter the percentages.I have the cloumn name as Task Percentage Complete and for that i have defined a data type as number.The field size is Long Integer and format is percentage. So the default values in the column are shown as 0%.But when i try to update those values it either comes back to 0% or multiplies the number I type with 100.
So what should i do to manually enter the percentages.

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Creating Percentages From Combo Box Data - Version: 2000 (9.0)

I was asked to create a table based on a questionaire with 44 questions. Each question has it's own field with a combo box response of "Yes", "No" & "N/A". What I need to do is create fields that will calculate the percentages of each response category for both individual records and groups of records. Can this be done through the table or should it be done through a report or form? Or can it be done for all three?

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Automatically Create A Crosstab Containing Value Percentages - Version: 2000 (9.0)

After searching across the web I couldn't find anything that would let me put percentage values into a dynamically produced crosstab. This is my attempt...

Note: I am new to this coding malarky and so there are probably heaps of errors in how this has been put together. I'd be grateful for any lessons anyone wants to teach me!

My (inherited - passing the buck about the table design) db contains survey results in a table; one line for each answer with each customer and question having a unique ID number.

I would have to manually set up crosstabs at the end of a research project and then take the results into Excel to format, calculate percentages etc.

The number of columns and rows varies depending on the survey answers I am looking to crosstab, and so the standard Microsoft dynamic crosstab report report didn't really work for me.

I got fed up with this.

What's in the box?

This form allows me to pick the answers from one question and crosstab it against another for a particular research survey. It calculates the percentage value for each number total in the crosstab.

What next?

I aim to add functionality to spit the results to Excel, add in a header row for the columns so that I don't forget what it was I crosstabbed and add in totals rows & columns.

I'd also like to automatically format the excel sheet with gaudy colours and illegible fonts of my choosing.

The first two queries (qryPrepareXTab and qryPrepareXTabData) get my data ready for the crosstab.
The meat and bones are in crosstabs qryXtab (main X-Tab) and qryXtabtotal (contains the totals to calculate percentages).

Hope this is of use to people!


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Calculating Percentages In Detail Section And Group Footer - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

Am spinning my wheels here and would appreciate some help.
I have a report running that successfully calculates percent of increase/decrease between two numbers on the report for each row in the detail section. The query behind the report does the calculation. How do I calculate the overall percentage for a group footer section and for the entire report?
P.S. I think I'm suffering from noise overload from the fireworks displays nearby for three nights in a row

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Survey Db

I've been asked to make a survey db by someone. I was wondering what is the best way to go about this? The output spread sheet list several questions asked of the user. The user id and questions asked are in columns. So you could have a columns like the user id: date: when was the last time you reaed a book?:Did you like the book?: Was the book helpful? What type of book was it?. These are listed in many rows one for each survey asked. Is my best bet to just make each column a field name in a table and build off of that? Some of the question asked are very length? I can have the spread sheet altered to column names that are more relivant and shorted so when I import into access and populate them into a table it will be easier to follow. Just looking for a little guidance. All thoughts are appreciated. Thanks...

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Survey With Many Users With Log-ins Please Help

I need to create a database that allows users to log in. Once logged in they choose 1 of 3 locations. Then they choose a department. They get a different set of questions based only on the department. Each store has the same set of questions.

Thanks for your help. Let me know if I need any other info.

Would you give me some help, If I told you its has nothing to do with Best Buy.

Please help.

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Survey Example Database

Following on from a thread I gave advice on, I done a little database just to see how I'd go about doing it.

So here it is, a small database that could be used as a poll or survey in a larger database or something.

Database is an Access2000 database.


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Another Question On A Survey Database

Ok, I need further help with that my survey database. I wonder if somebody could help me figure this out. So, I have this survey database with questions for visitors of a certain park. I have several Yes or No questions. I created queries that will count how many Yeses or Nos I have for each question. But a problem is happening. Sometimes certain questions are left blank, with no answer. My query is showing the blank answers with a count of zero, even if there are more then one blank answers. How can I get the query to count the blanks? Or, can I fill the blank answers with the word "Blank" automatically somehow?


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