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Changing Color In IIf Statement?

I have this expression:

=IIf([Text131] Between 16 And 30,"Unacceptable",IIf([Text131] Between 31 And 42,"Marginal",IIf([Text131] Between 43 And 56,"Effective",IIf([Text131] Between 57 And 71,"Very Good",IIf([Text131] Between 72 And 80,"Outstanding","")))))

It works just fine, but I was wondering if there'd be a way to change the text color of the <<true>> statement based on what it is? i.e. "Outstanding" and "Very Good" would be green, "Effective" could be yellow, "Marginal could be brown and "Unacceptable" could be red. How would I implement that into this expression, if that's even possible? Thanx for your assistance!

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Changing Backround Color
Hi everybody,

I'm trying to make the backround color of a text box "prova" (short date value) changing according to the values of other two different text boxes "StartDate" and "EndDate" (both are short date values).
I'd like the backround of prova to be blue if its value is between StartDate value and EndDate value.
So in the code builder I made this function:

Private Sub prova_AfterUpdate()

If Me.prova.Value > Me.StartDate.Value & Me.prova.Value < Me.EndDate.Value Then

Me.[prova].BackColor = vbBlue

Me.[prova].BackColor = vbWhite
End If

End Sub

Is that correct?
Thank a slot for your help :confused:

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Changing Color In Datasheet
Is that even possible? I have form in datasheet view and text box on it. I need to change color of font in dependency of value of previous record.
Maybe some kind of conditional formatting? Can somebody help?

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Changing The Back Color
I have a CONTINUOUS form that shows all my records. I want it to change the back color of a field when it is a certain value. so far i get it to change back color when the very first record in the list is a certain value, but then it will change the back color for every value and not just one value.

can i fix this?

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Changing The Color Of A Text Box
This is very close to the label question that I also have posted. I am trying to get my report to have the back ground of some text boxes turn yellow if they are populated. I can get them to turn yellow, but they turn yellow whether they are populated or not. I have the code in the Report Open event. Here is some of the code that I have.

If Not IsNull(MMSJob) Then
MMSJob.BackColor = 65535
MMSJob.BackColor = vbWhite
End If

Can anyone help me?


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Changing The Color Of A Label
I want to change the color of a label based on whether a checkbox is checked or not. Here is the code that I have right now that is not working.

If Not IsNull(MMS) Then
Label16.BackColor = 65535
End If

Can anyone help me out on this one?


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Changing The Color Of An Image In A Form
I have a form which uses a query for entry to the table. One of the fields in the query is a calculated field which shows in the form. The calculated field returns a number from 1 to 5. Rather than showing this number I would like to show a round stoplight that changes color for each number. I have inserted a OLE object OLEunbound235 into the form. The colors I want to use are
icolor = RGB(255, 204, 0) 'Gold
icolor = RGB(192, 192, 192) 'Silver
icolor = RGB(216, 129, 0) 'Bronze
icolor = RGB(255, 255, 0) 'Yellow
icolor = RGB(255, 0, 0) 'Red
and icolor = RGB(255, 255, 255) 'White for any other value.

The text box that returns the calculated number is labeled Text1 and I have hidden this box so it can not be seen. Does anyone know how to write this code that would change the OLE object color automatically so when the user enters data into the form and the return number changes the color of the OLE object changes. I know very little about VBA and I am not sure where to begin or where to even write the code.


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Changing Background Color Of Tab Form

I have design a form using the tab control. I need to add in color to make it more professional. Is there a way I can do it. I realised the filled /Back color icon is faded in color in design view.

Appreciate any help in this. Thanks.

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Checkbox Changing Label Color
How can I indicate with a color change in the label, that a checkbox is checked? I've got it working ...sort of. but when the change occurs it's happening gobally - I want the label to color to apply only to the record I'm viewing. If the check box is checked then the color should be red, otherwise black.

My code is as follows:
Active_Admission.Value = -1 Then

Label1177.ForeColor = vbRed

ElseIf Active_Admission.Value = 0 Then

Labe1177.ForeColor = vbBlack

Exit Sub

End If

End Sub

Also, the condition only works with -1 and 0 - I've read in other places that the condition is 1 and 0. HELP!


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Changing Color Of Tabbed Page
When using tabbed pages is it possible to change the color of the page?

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Changing Font Color According To Selection
(Simplified example)

On a form I have a combo box - let's call it cmboSickness. it has two options "flu" and "malaria". On the same form I have two command buttons - one ehich opens a malaria form and one which opens a flu form. If I select flu then I want the words on the flu command button to change to red. How do I do this and where do I put the code?

I have tried -
If me.cmbosickness=flu then

but this doesn't work...

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Changing Color Of Record Navigation Button
Hi, I have a form and want to change the background color and the record scroll/navigation button colors.

Changing the background color is easy; just go into Design View, right click, and change the "background color" properties.

Changing the record select button (on the bottom of the form) is more a challenge for a newbie like me. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks

Help appreciated.

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Changing Color After Option Group Check
I was wondering if anyone can help.
Please see attached jpg
I need to change the background color of the lead status box when one of the options is selected. i.e. when warm (amber) when Hot (red)

Can anyone help please?

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Changing Color On Multiple Text Boxes
I have about 25 text boxes on my form that use the dcount or count functions to obtain a number. (Text boxes are labeled 'Text1' through 'Text25')
When the value of the textbox is 0, I would like to have the color of the text box turn red.

Is there a way I can do this using a for loop? Or a with statement?

Checking each one individually just seems like poor programming.
Any thoughts? Ideas?
Thank you.

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Color Help Pls
hi all

i have a continous form which is bind to a datatable.I want to show a particular coloumn with different background cols depending on its values.

On the page load i m doing this like-

If txtprodtype.Value Like "*atm*" Then
txtprodtype.BackColor = 255
End If

but the problem is that it checks this only for the first can i apply this to all of the records??


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Tag Color
In MS Access,

I want to one form, whose color is red, but I want to make the tag color to be red. But the Name section of the tag don't need to change the color, only the content section. I don't know how to change the tag color.

Please let me know how to change it.

Please open the example and see it.


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A Useful Color Picker
After Searching the Web, I couldn't find anything that did something as simple as this, choose a color....

So here is one!

Waste not, want not....please feel free to use it!

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Color On Certain Things
Hey guys..

I have a form that displays inventory of goods.

there is a list box with a list all property. If they items are sold a sales order number appears next to it. Now with that in mind how can i have something that if there is a sales order number on that item then highlight it with a color?

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Button HELP Color??!?
Is there any way to change the color of the command buttons? I know you have change text inside the button, I want to change the whole button color.

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List Box Color
My list box on my form has the fore color set to 255 or red yet it still displays the first column in black and the rest in red. Am I missing something? Why isn't it all red?


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Background Color
hi every one

i have an application and the user was asking me to give him the ability to change the backcolor of the main form
i had done that with one color option.

but now he wants to mix two colors together
any one can help me with that , if code or sample would be posted, that would be appreciated .

thanks in advance

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Color In The List Box

I have a question.

Can we do the color inside the List box?

Suppose we 10 rows data inside the List box, I want to put color every other lines.

Can we do that?


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SubForm Color
Is there a way to change the background color of just one column in a subform?

Thanks in Advance - John

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