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How To Hide The Drop-down Arrow On A Combo Box
Is there a method you can use to hide the drop-down arrow on a combo box until the combo box is selected?

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Remove The Arrow Next To LookUp Field

I have a SearchResult Form, it only display search results.
one of the field in this form is a LookUp field (Nationality).

and LookUp fields, as you know has this arrow next to them.

and since this form display only the results, i don't need this arrow. how can I remove it?

i tried using a text field, but it will only display the code of the nationality because the discription is in another field (that's why I used a lookup so I can select the discription in the Row Source) and text field dosn't have Row Source.

Please Help!


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Can The Autofilter Drop Down Arrow Be Reformatted To A Different Colour?

Possibly a silly question.

The drop down triangle toggles from black to dark blue when a filter is on. I find the difference quite difficult to distinguish without giving my age away, screwing my face up and leaning into the monitor. :(

I would like to reformat the triangle to toggle to, say, bright red when the filter is on.

Can this be done?

Thanks in advance.

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Combo Box Drop Down
When I get focus of a combo box I do an automatic dropdown but when I select an item from the list the dropdown doesn't close so it covers my other fields until I click randomly anywhere on the form. How can I get the dropdown to close as soon as I make my selection from the list?

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Remove Help Combo Box From Menu Bar
I am using Access 2003 - by default there is a 'Type a question for help' drop down box on the menu bar - this is a tad annoying and looks similar to the 'New Mail' icon that displays from my mail client in approximately the same part of the screen....

Any ideas on how to remove the 'Type a question for help' drop down from the Access Tool/Menu bar?

Thank you.

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Remove Text From Combo Box
I have a combo box that I use a barcode scanner with. I scan the barcode and it finds the product using the code below:

Private Sub cmbBarCode_Click()

Dim RS As ADODB.Recordset
Set RS = New ADODB.Recordset
RS.Open "SELECT * from tblTransactions", Application.CurrentProject.Connection, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic
RS!OrderID = ID
RS!Barcode = cmbBarcode.Column(0)
RS!Manufacturer = cmbBarcode.Column(1)
RS!ProductName = cmbBarcode.Column(2)
RS!QuantitySold = -1
RS!Cost = cmbBarcode.Column(4)
Set RS = Nothing

End Sub

What I need to happen is all the above but after it has finished or before it starts it needs to clear the contents of the box. So the barcode is entered it runs the above script and then removes the barcode from the combo box, so I am ready to scan the next barcode.


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Auto Drop Down In A Combo Box

I remember seeing it. i just don't remember if i need code for this or not. I would like to the combo box to open and show the full menu upon entry.



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How Can You Use Drop Down Combo Box In Forms
Hi I'm a beginner using access and I was wondering if it's possible to choose a value from a combo box in a form (like a customer #) and when chosen the rest of the fields would get the corresponding values from table CUSTOMER. I have made the customer info a sub-form in my main form called ORDER your help will be greatly appreciated

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Add And Remove Button For Combo Boxes
Lets say that I have four combo Boxes on my form A I need to create another form B that will give the admin the permission to add or remove from these combo Boxes their values, do I need to create another form and simply add 4 combo Boxes and connect them to their source? What about the add and remove button is it done like VB? Can anyone help me with that?

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Refresh Combo Box (Drop Down List)

I have a combo box in which it's value changes according to user input. It is working but it is annoying to have to click the combo box for it's list to refresh. How to make it seemless?

Thank you

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Stop Drop Down From Displaying On A Combo
Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible to prevent the drop down list from displaying on a combo box, and even better, to hide the drop down button. I know this just sounds like using change to and changing the combo to a text. However, as the text box doesn't have the same properties, it won't display the correct information and explaining how the combo box get its information is a little complicated. If there isn't a way, I'll try to explain in a reply. :)



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Adding Drop-down Combo Box To Toolbar?
Is there a way to add a drop-down box (that references a query) to the toolbar? What I want to do is allow users to jump directly to specific file that they choose from the drop-down. I realize I could put the drop-down on a form, but if it's possible, I'd rather have the box on a toolbar. FYI: I'm a novice when it comes to VBA. Thanks.

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Enabling Drop Down Menu On Combo Box
Hi all,

This is a simple question i think, but how do i enable my drop down menu to work for a combo box. I have a search query bound to a form and the combo box bound to a field of that query. At present my query just display the first record for any search result from my query on the combo box.

Thanks in advance,


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Left And Right Arrow Keys
I would like to have a event for the left and right arrow keys, does anyone know how to do this?

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Up And Down Arrow Keys Not Responding Correctly
I am working in a continuous form and I noticed when I use the up and arrow keys to navigate within the database, it does not move. How do I fix that?


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Drop Down Menu Inside Drop Down Menu
Ok, This is something I have long wanted to do, but cannot figure out.

I am working on a database for a company that orders a large number of Items. I have these all in one table (itemCode, itemDescription, price, categoryCode, etc). I have another table with categorys (categoryCode, categoryDescription) . Each Item is asigned a categoryCode and the appropiate relationship exsists. Right now I have a comboBox in a form that when selected opens a drops down menu with all the Items. Then another one auto loads up (continuous form) and I get the same drop down list of all the Items.

What I would like to have is a combo box then when it is selected shows the categorys, then based on that selection, I see all the Items that are in that category.

I guess another way of saying this simply is, I would like to create a drop down menu inside of a dropdown menu.

Is this possible? Does anyone have another alternative suggestion that might work well? I'm relectant to use a list box, becoase ideally it would be a drop down menu inside of a drop down menu as seen on many websites.

Thanks in Advance!


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Sum Of Remove
Hi i have created a plotchart and at the bottom of the chart it is displayed as SUM of SUM of apr 05 etc for all the months is there anyway i can remove the sum of before each month??

thanks :)

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Drop-down Box
A group of us are working on this database for a girl scout troop and we were asked to create drop-down boxes for the parent information and doing one for the bus information. We are a bit clueless right now so I was wondering if anyone could help us out. I have added database Its called project.mdb

This is the link for the database

This is my e-mail

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Drop Down Box
I have a form with some drop down boxes
The form is based on a table
One field is lastname and one is firstname

The row source is based on table/query

The lastname field works fine but the firstname brings in the lastnames
What am I doing wrong

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Drop Down Box
Hi Guys,

I have a combo box on one of my forms that on clicking the arrow the user has the option to either input yes/no. However i have just noticed that the user doesn't have to input yes or no and can actually put whatever they want in it (which sort of defeats the object of the combo box!!)

Any ideas guys/gals??



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Drop Down Help
My database is set up with a sub form showing:

Mfg, Model, Serial#, and Type. When I drop down and choose the Mfg, I then go to the next drop down (Model)and the only choices I have are those associated with the Mfg I just selected from the previous drop down. On my Enter Repair Data form, I want to be able to drop down a box for Part Number and then have a drop down field for the Part Description to match the part number that i just selected. Then I would like to have the next drop down to show a unit price for the Part Number and Description fields that I just entered. Is it possible to accomplish this with an existing Data Base? My data base is 1.61M so it's too large to upload here, but if someone can help me my ICQ # is 65-489-369, e-mail is I can upload a copy of my database if needed.

I also need to have a field added to another report in my data base sowing the total labor for units shipped on a particular date to a particular customer. The report already totals parts used in the repair of the units for that date. I just can't seem to get the total labor to show up.

I was also trying to set up an inventory Report on parts used for my repairs where it will calculate the number of parts in stock in the form of:
RR#, Part#, Description, Unit Cost, and Total Units in Stock. You can see that I am somewhat complicated and ignorant to the use of Access.
Can you help me out please?

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