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Combo Box - Populate List Options Based On Data Already Entered

Microsoft Access 2003

Novice and working on a project with deadline... please help.

I have a table w a field that I want to convert into a combo bo and use data in the field as the options:

FIELD: Student Status


How do I get the combo box to automatically pull the values from that field into the options in the field when u pull down the drop down box?

Am I being clear?

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List Options Based On Other Fields

I've been using this forum for a couple of weeks but this is my first post, so apologies if I've put it in the wrong place!! I have a table with some drop-down lists to fill certain fields, and I would the available list options to change based on information in other fields. To provide an example:

Field One: The drop down list lets the user choose "Alphabet" or "Number"

Field Two: The drop down list lets the user choose A-Z if "Alphabet" is selected in Field One or 1-100 if "Number" is selected in Field One

Hope I've been clear enough. Any help is greatly appreciated!!



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Automatically Populate A Date Field Based On Value Entered In Another Field
I need to create a New Form control for this situation:

If I enter a date into a field and the choice for another field is equal to a certain value. How can I get the date I entered to be automatically populated into another date field.

For example:

If I enter 11/10/2005 in a date field and I choose either "BN", "BA", or "BT" in a text field, I need that date of 11/10/2005 to be automatically populated in another date field on the same form.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Automatic Values Based On Entered Data
Hi all,
Please bear with me if I'm asking a dumb question. I've been tasked to create a database from scratch and I've not had much experience working with Access.

**My Question**
Using a form is it possible to have the form automatically enter a "value" in one field based on the information inputed by someone in a different field.
ie. When some one puts in a value between 0 and 20 in one field it automatically enters a 1 in the other, and when some one puts in a value between 21 and 30 you get a 2 and so on down the line.

Thanks for the help.

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Pulling Data From Other Tables Based On Values Entered
I'm attempting to build a simple database for a martial arts tournament registration. The weight division (Fin, Fly, Heavy, etc.) depends on the age, the sex and the weight. I've tried this several different ways, most recently by using one table called "competitors" with all the entrant's information, and several other tables based on the age class/sex (i.e. I have a table called Age 8-9 Male with the weights and divisions in it, and other tables for the other ages/sex).
So, basically, what I'd like to have happen is a report that will lookup in the correct table the division, based on the weight entered. In other words, for a record where the age is 8-9 and the sex is Male, the report compares the weight to the values in the 8-9 Male table, or if the record is a 12-13 Female, it looks in the 12-13 Female table for the weight, and places the correct division in the Division field of the report.
Probably going about this wrong.....but any help would be appreciated.

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How To Populate List Box With Self-customed Data
I have a listbox call lst with two columns, what I want to do is to populate this two column with "firstdata" and "seconddata" respectively.
What I do is:
Me.lst.RowSource = """firstdata""; ""seconddata"""

But I see nothing appear, what is the corect way to achieve in vba?

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Populate Form And Subform With Data Based On Search ..

I have a form with a subform, Both of them are based on a query.the form

displays a productid and its details ,and the subform has matching

productnames for that productid.

Now i have a search on the main form wherein the user enters ( search

for) the productid, once they click search button, the form should show

that particular prod id and details and subform loaded accordingly with

that productid matches...seems simple but how do i code this in VBA??

Basically populating the form and subform with data based on search..

i am using ODBC coonxn with backend oracle tables..

any help would be highly appreciated!


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Combo List Based On Current Record
I am designing a contact management system and have hit a bit of a wall. I am farily new to Access so please advise if I am going about this the totally wrong way.

I have three tables; Contacts, Companies, Company_Addresses

ContactID (P)

CompanyID (P)

OfficeName (P)

What I want is when adding a contact, to have a drop down list in the CompanyID field showing all the companies in the Companies table, and then in the OfficeName field, have a list of only the offices related to the company selected in the previous field.

I can do the first list, but cant work out how to list only data related to the company selected in the previous field. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

Thanks. James

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Populate Field From Previously Entered Name
I have a form with a text box that the user enters their name into. When they click submit a menu form is opened. I want the name that was entered to be carried over to a field on the menu form. This will welcome the user, eg: WELCOME John Smith.

Im thinking that i should use the INSERT INTO function, but im not sure of how to go about it.

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Populate Form Based On Combo Box "On Change"
Hey all,

I'm new to Microsoft Access but I'm not new to programming. What I want to do is when the combo box triggers and On Change event, do the following:

SELECT user_email FROM user WHERE user_first LIKE '[COMBO BOX CHOICE]'

Then set the value of that query to the textbox called "reportedEmail". I know this is easy, but I can't seem to find a decent tutorial on it anywhere.



- MT

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Populate Option Group When Date Field Is Entered
I have a form where users fill in a date resolved and click complete in the Option Group, it's default value is incomplete. I have a problem with the users forgetting to change it to complete when the enter the date resolved. Is there a way to change the option group value when the date resolved is entered?

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Populate Option Group When Date Field Is Entered
I have a form where users fill in a date resolved and click complete in the Option Group, it's default value is incomplete. I have a problem with the users forgetting to change it to complete when the enter the date resolved. Is there a way to change the option group value when the date resolved is entered?

--- OR ---

Can it notify the user that they need to change the Option Group?

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Populating Combo Box Based On Data In Another Combo Box
Hi all!

It's been a while since I've used Access, and I seem to have forgotten this.

I have a form which allows entry of Borrower's details. I have 2 combo boxes on the form.

They are:


Once the user selects the name from the cboBorrName, I want the cboLoanSN to display all loans associated with the Borrower so that they can select the correct loan and add repayment details accordingly.

I have added the following SQL statement as the record source of cboLoanSN

Code:SELECT * from tblBorrower WHERE tblBorrower.fldLoanSN=[Forms]![frmBorrower]![cboBorrName]

I have also added the following code in the After Update event of cboBorrName


However, it doesn't work.

Can someone please help me out?

Thanks a bunch!

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List Data In Subfrom Based On Combobox
i just to know how to list the all data at subform that same thing that i selected at combobox..

ok for example..

i want to list all car part that purchased in nov 2005 at subform...
date(nov 2005) selected from combo box...
then if i change other date (ex: dec 2005) it update n view new parts..

is there need some coding at macros?

plz help me im new with access... :confused:

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Populate A List Box With Table Names & Table Data
I have 2 questions/problems:

1. I want to populate a list box with all the Tables Names in my Database using VBA.

2. I also want to create another List Box or Grid (or any thing that will show table data) that when i have select a Table Name (See above (1)) it will show all the data in that table in the List Box. Was thinking some kind of SQL using vba to populate the list box?

Any ideas or help will be much appreciated


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Combo Box To Add Data Items Based Upon Table
I have a small database, that I would like to use a combo box to allow user to select a value based upon values already entered on table, and then if value is not found enable the user to enter a new value that will then become part of the selection for future record adds.

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Displaying Data From Combo And Text Boxes In A Single List
I have several combo boxes and textboxes showing quanity,productname,
size, and price. How can I pass all of this info in a single row that also calculates
the quanity and price. Also, multiple selections can be added, so several items can
can added in other rows. THe ability to cancel each row would be required as well.

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How To Run A Report Based On User's Options

I need help with something (i attached a database).
I need to run a report based on user's options so i created a form. There are two comboboxes and 2 checkboxes on the form. If the checkbox is checked i want to consider the choice of the user on the particular combobox. If no, to ignore that column.
The second problem is when the user choose "no choice" i want the query to run for all choices without filtering the combobox.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

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Field Updates Based On Month Entered
I have a report were I want to enter a month say "November" and I have 31 independent fields that reflect each day of that precise month. I also need the the last day of the month to only show the actual end date. 28, 29, 30, or 31 respectivly.

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Combo Box To Also Select All Options
I am having an issue with a combo box on a form with the following query. It works exactly as it should, but unfortunatly, I need a little more.

cboASC is off a table, cboQCode is from values, If I don't fill 1 of the combo boxes I get a blank record (just fields).

What I need is an option to choose all Primary Locators and/or all Qcodes for a general report instead of a local report.

SELECT CallsEntered.[Work Order Nbr], CallsEntered.[Date Entered], CallsEntered.[Time Entered], CallsEntered.[Primary Locator Code] AS [ASC], CallsEntered.Headend, CallsEntered.Node, CallsEntered.[Grid Id], CallsEntered.[Q Code], CallsEntered.[Problem Code 01], CallsEntered.[Primary Finding Code], CallsEntered.[Primary Solution Code], CallsEntered.[Cancel Code], CallsEntered.[Scheduled Date], CallsEntered.[Wo Status], CallsEntered.[Date CheckIn], CallsEntered.[Assigned Installer], Calendar.Week, Calendar.Year
FROM Calendar INNER JOIN CallsEntered ON Calendar.Date = CallsEntered.[Date Entered]
WHERE (((CallsEntered.[Date Entered]) Between [Forms]![frmServiceCalls]![txtStartDate] And [Forms]![frmServiceCalls]![txtEndDate]) AND ((CallsEntered.[Primary Locator Code])=[Forms]![frmServiceCalls]![cboASC]) AND ((CallsEntered.[Q Code])=[Forms]![frmServiceCalls]![cboQCode]));

Your time and help is appreciated.

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Updating My Combo Options
I just added a column to my table upon which a cascading combo box is built. When a name is selected from the combo box, 2 related fields populate. I want it now to populate a 3rd field. So I added the column to the table to input the data into that 3rd field, and adjusted the column widths and count in the combo box. However, when I indicate the control source of the 3rd field as the corresponding new column from the combo box, nothing populates in my 3rd field. I've tested it by designating one of the previuosly exisiting combo box columns and it will populate the data, but it seems to not be recognising my new column. I've also verified the properties of the new field to ensure that it is visible. What went wrong?

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Make User Select From A Drop Down List If A Number In Another Field Is Entered?
Hi all, i have a 2 fields in a subform named "HRS_ABSENT" & "ABSENCE_REASON" i'm trying to create some code that will display a message if the user inputs any number into the "HRS_ABSENT" field & leaves the "ABSENCE_REASON" field empty. I want to force the user to select a ABSENCE RESON (these are 3 letter codes) from the drop down list, if they enter a number in the HRS ABSENT field. Ive tried the below code but it doesnt do anything :-(

Anybody please help me out?
Private Sub Form_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
MsgBox "Please select an Absence reason"
Cancel = True
End If

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