Contract Management Database

Dec 11, 2006

Hi all,
I need your help.
I am in process of designing a Contract Management database.
I have three tables
The first one is Contracts Details table, with these columns:
Contract ID, Contract Name, Vendor ID, Vendor Name, Start Date, End Date, Type, and Description.
The second table is Vendors table, with these columns:
Vendor ID, and Vendor Name.
The third table is VendorContact table, with these columns:
Vendor ID, Contact Person, Phone, Mobile, Fax, Email, and id.
I want you to help me to construct the relations?
Kindly, see the attached database.

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School Management Database

Apr 10, 2006

Hi Forum,

I am trying to create a access database system which will show classes, students, attendance, progress report, teachers, departments etc...

i have repeatedly failed in accomplishing this database as i dont have the knowledge.

the place that i get messed up is for example the attendance, i want it so that i can select a date and then all the students associated with that class showup. so 1 date and a list of student only on that class.

another problem was adding a progress report for every class and individual students.

this is for a community based school which teachings on saturdays, there are over 15 volunters who do not get paid to teach but are still willing to give something back to the society.

i beg you guys out there, you all are geniuses!!! please help us design this simple system. please if somebody already knows where i can get a system like this free of charge then let me know ASAP!

I would like to thankyou in advance for reading thins messge.

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Library Management Database

May 8, 2007

I’m looking for a Microsoft Access Database that is for library Management.

Any help or directions where I can get help would be great.



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Daycare Management Database

Dec 17, 2007

Hi all, does any one one have or knows of a daycare attendance tracking and management database. We are a non profit org. Action for children out of Columbus, Ohio.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Ronny Medina
614-224-0222 ext 163

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Contact Management Database NEED HELP

Oct 30, 2006


I'm new to this forum so if I ask something stupid please forgive :)

I want to do something like the contact management database which is offered by microsoft for download.

I played a little with it and my problem is I copy-pasted the "calls" tab and on the pasted tab when I browse throug the different calls the call notes field below wont change / update. I thought there is maybe a macro behind it but I looked at every macro and did not find anything appropriate in my opinion.

It is maybe only a minor but I can not figure it out,

Thanks for any help in advance,


PS.: I uploaded the database to rapidshare :

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Help With Incident Management Database

Feb 18, 2008


I am a newbie,
I am create Incident Management Database for our office.
I have sorted relationships & a form in the database but i need more help with a form.

The main table in the database is INCIDENT and there are lots of lookups and 3 tables with one to many relationships.
Now in my database, i must save the Incident entry first and only then i can add info in witness table. Is there any way that the data about the incident gets saved as soon as users try to enter witness info regarding that incident?

Please see attached two images to get better idea.

Any help is appreciated.
See the link below (copy n paste in web browser)

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Property Management Database Needed!!!

Mar 14, 2006

I am looking for a database that can keep up with the full management issues relating to single family houses. Some are on a lease. Some are on owner-financed by use. Any help would be great!

I am willing to pay a designer to program this database for me. Email any samples or questions to



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Help With Clothing Order Management Database

Jun 12, 2007


I am trying to design and build an orders management database for a clothing wholesaler.

Has anyone got any ideas on what entities i should have.

I thought:

Clients (Customer Details)
Orders (Inc. order date, ship via etc)
Order Details (sizes, quantity of orders per size)
Product Details (Product Code, colour, size, stock numbers per size)
Catergories (Shorts, Jackets, Jeans etc)
Suppliers (Supplier Information)
Delivery (Delivery Method etc)

However, loads of problems when i come to planning the sizes part. I have different product catergories with different sizes

And when i do the order details table, i need to enter order quantities for each different size for one clothing unit.

Any ideas?

I would also ideally want to link the order details and products tables by the product code number. I.e. When filling out an order In the order details table i want to type in the product code then have information from the product table automatcially fill in the gaps in the order details table, such as unit price, colour etc.

Hope you understand and can help me!!!

Thanks for your time

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Patient Management Database, Help Needed For Tables And Relationships

Jan 16, 2008

I am new to this post. I am a physician with interest in database designing. I have been trying to design a database for my clinic for few months but am unable to make one. I have been searching/ reading alot of info and came across this thread. Maybe someone can help me.
Actually, I want to make a database regarding ultrsound scan examinations of patients.
I have five tables.
1. Patients. (patinetid*, patientname, age, sex, address, contact no)
2. Physicians. (physicianid*, physicianname, speciality, address, contact no)
3. Scans. (Scanid*, scanname, charges)
4. Scan orders.(scanorderid*, patientid*, physicianid, scanordernumber, scandiscount, totalcharges)
5. Scanorder details.(scanorderdetailid*, scanorderid, scanid, charges, discount)

I want to have primary key for scanordernumber which wil be the patient number and should this be placed in patient table??
All the ids have been linked with one to many reltionships. Actually I am unable to set proper relationship.
So when the patient arrives he is registered with a unique number, a physian name with date added and scan ordered is entered. Sum calculated. I have done the later part with the form all designed but the relationships and primary key are all messed up.

I can post an image of relationships or blank database.

Kindly advise. Thanks in advance.

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Development Contract

Oct 30, 2006

Placed this query in another section of the forum without response - possibly wrong section so please forgive me for duplication

Does anyone have a sample development contract subject to UK legislation. I need one for a project that is quoted at £4,500 stg and as this is my first biggie I want to keep myself covered.

whilst I know you may suggest I go to a solicitor I can't really afford to. some of you may say that I can't afford not to but hopefully after a couple of biggies like this it will be possible.



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Contract Admin For Architects

May 29, 2006

I don't know who to write and thought that I would try this list. Has anyone written, or do they know of, a Contract Administration package for Architects, written in Access 2000 or later? I am an Aus architect who dabbles in Access and doesn't want to re-invent the wheel.

Any help would be appreciated.

Cornelis (Kees) Wegman

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Count Stages In A Contract

Jul 13, 2006

I hope someone can help me. It’s a bit of a strange one.

I have a query with information that I want to count.
Here are the details.

The query is for a reps database.
At a given time the rep will change data in a dropdown box with 6 options to indicate what stage of the prospect he is at. For example:

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3

The rep could have anything from 30 to 50 prospects on the go at any one time with all of them at different stages.

What I am trying to do is count the contracts at each stage. Example

Rep name Stage1 Stage2 Stage3
Joe Bloggs 7 9 14

This will tell his employers how many companies are at Stage 1 and how many are at stage 2 and so on.

This information will then be send to a report that will display the information in the same order as the query.

Can this be done!!!!!

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DateDiff Function - Calculate How Many Days Left Till End Of Contract

May 18, 2013

I am trying to calculate how many days are left till end of contract...

whats wrong with this formula

=DateDiff("d",[Completion_Date], Date())

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Queries :: Crosstab Query That Keeps Each Contract On One Line And Separate Fields For Each Contact

Jun 4, 2014

I have two tables, and I'm trying to create a crosstab query...I think. One table is Contracts, one is Contacts. Each contract could have multiple contacts, but they are numbered (1, 2, 3...etc.) based on importance. I want to create a query that keeps each contract on one line, and separate fields for each contact and each field of the contact. So a contact will have Title, First, Last, Address, etc. So I want my query to show as follows:

ContractX Mr. James Mrs. Sally

I of course need this to be dynamic, so if a contract has 9 contacts, there are fields up to Title9, First9, etc.

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List Management

Nov 4, 2006

Hello - I have a list of approx. 500,000 numbers and want to:

1) Highlight any duplicates
2) Test one list against another for common numbers

Can anyone suggest how this can be done in Access?



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Project Management

Dec 1, 2006

I have over the last few months been building my own Project management system.This is based around A Phase task principle but the phases and tasks are used to create an estimate for a project depending on how much time is assigned to each Task.The system can use multiply Estimates with different billing codes plus their is a billing code system where billing can be done by a default list of codes (Rates 1-5) Or assigned rates for a client.I'm not after any money for it and will make it available to members hear.If anybody want to look at it and maybe make suggestions on improvements or let me know of any errors that would be greatIt would be an mde with an mdb back end.You should be able to update the back end that I don't think will be a problem LOL When it comes to new versions.As I said I don't want ANYTHING For you using it but would be nice to get it working better.mickp.s Ill Post some pictures if ya want. And It is a work in progress?Please use this topic from now on this is where the beta 1 downloads available from.

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Duplicates Management

Nov 10, 2005

I get this from a query

date___ name

field date is unique while field name has
what can i do to get the following such that there are no duplicates for
the name field
| name | date1 | date2 | date3 | date4 | date5 | date6 |
|1 ____|1 ____ |2 ____| ____ | ______| ______| _____|
|2 ____| _____ | _____|3 ___ | ______| ______| _____|
|3 ____| _____ | _____| ____ |4 ______| _____| _____|
|4 ____| _____ | _____| ____ | _______|5 ____|6 ____|

Best Regards

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Date Management

Feb 21, 2005

i have 2 fields
order date and delivery date using a calender operation
does anyone know how to make it so that the delivery date cannot be sellected on a date before the order date?

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Budget Management Program

Oct 12, 2005

I'm just wondering if anyone has made a very advanced budget management program using just access?? I tried to make one for myself but I just want it to advanced for my little knowledge of access. I would love to be able to keep track of all my expenses including everything bought from groceries to hair cuts. I would love to be able to take my receipt from walmart and enter everything bought and the price for each item. Then I would love to be able to at anytime search for soap and thing with soap in the Item name will be displayed with the location and the date and price. This way I can keep track not just what I spend on groceries but what I spend on mountain dew or what i spend on hamburger in a given time. This is just way to complicated for me! I hope someone can help me out here maybe give me a shell and let me try to fill in certain parts or if someone already has one that works kind of like this maybe i could just change a few things to the way i want it! I really appreciate this!!


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Order Management System

Jul 29, 2006

I have little experience using Microsoft Access, but am attempting to create an order management system.

I have designed a system to store customer details and allow the entry of orders. I now want to develop this so that the system can handle delivery notes.

There are currently two tables for order information, since each order can consist of multiple items. So, general information, like the order date, order number and salesperson are stored in an orders table. A second table, Order Detail lists the items and item specific information along with the order number of which they are a part.

A whole order (i.e. all items assigned to one order number) may be delivered at once, or in smaller consignments. However, every consignment must have a delivery note with a unique number. So, there may be several delivery note numbers associated with each order, relating to different shipments.

I therefore need to create a system which allows the user to select which items from an order are being dispatched and then get Access to do the following:

Create a new record in the delivery notes table. The delivery note number will therefore be created (it's an autonumber). The user should be prompted to enter the delivery date and this should be stored in the date column of the delivery notes table, alongside the delivery note number.
Enter the delivery note number in the "Delivery Note Number" field of the Order Details table, for every item that the user selected as dispatching.

Once this is in place, I will then be able to pull all the required details together with a query and then print the delivery note.

Bearing in mind that I'm very new to Access and so don't have any knowledge of scripts/macros etc, can anyone tell me how I can achieve this?

Many thanks in advance,


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Linked Table Management

Jan 24, 2005

Does anyone know if it possible to create a command button, which when pressed has an event procedure to bring up the linked table manager window?

Am not sure what code i would need to place in the event "on click" property of the button?

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Employees Leave Management

Nov 2, 2005

Hai guys Iam looking out for a sample DB for employees leave management.
# With leave application form
# Leave approval form
# Leave status
# All with username and password

Kindly help me out.

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Search Management System

Jun 7, 2007

I am trying to create a database where I can search for a specific vacation spot based on the things to do there and qualities about those things.

Lets say I have the following

Arizona --> Grand Canyon --> Hiking, Rafting, Dining, fun, costly
Arizona --> Family --> Dining, Scary, free, scary
Utah --> Zion Ntl Park --> Hiking, Photography, inexpensive, fun
Florida --> Disney --> Family Fun, Parks, Dining, fun, costly

So now I want to run a search to show me places that have "hiking" which would return Grand Canyon and Zion Park and it would return Zion under the Utah Category and Grand Canyon under Arizona.

Also, would it be possible to run a search of places that meet, say, 80%, of the results. So if i result for places that are costly fun, and hiking it would return results that matched it about 80% or so?


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Trying To Customize The Sample Contact Management DB

Jun 20, 2005


I need to customize the sample Contact Management DB (CONTACT) that comes with MS Access 2000.

I removed the field ‘Region’ in the ‘Company’ table, in the ‘Company’ form, and in the ‘ContactAddress’ query, respectively. Now, when I try to access the ‘Enter/View Contacts’ form through the Main Swithboard's button, it shows a small warning windows asking to ‘Enter Parameter Value’, referring to "Company.Region." What did I wrong and/or should I do to correct this problem?

I'll appreciate your help.


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Order Processing & Warehouse Management

Sep 3, 2007

Hi all. I am considering developing a purchase order and warehouse management database, to be manage a cold store in my workplace.

What i have in mind is a system where the details of each pallet coming in is recorded (weight, quantity, location of pallet in warehouse etc.) is recorded, marked off against the corresponding purchase order number and then a label is printed with a barcode to quickly identify that pallet.

Handheld barcode scanners would be used to record when a pallet leaves the warhouse, and where its going to(despatch, production etc.). Ideally the scanners could be used to give forklift drivers order picking info aswell.

I'm fairly confident i can design the database, however, i have never done anything with barcodes, scanners or handheld devices. Is this even feasible with access? How do i go about doing it, any advice, example databases etc. greatly appreciated.

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I Modified The Contacts Management Template

Sep 14, 2005

and it works mainly except for two problems:
(1) I renamed all the forms on the Database main window. But when I open the forms, on the top blue bar, it still reads the old names. How do I change that to new names?

(2) I've changed the "Calls" table and forms to "Actions." I've renamed the "Calls" button on the main "Contacts" form which is now "Projects." The old key field "ContactID" is now "ProjectID."
When I click on the "Calls" button to go to the "Calls" form/subforms, box says "cannot find field "ContactID" referred to in your expression.
How do I fix it so that it recognises the new key "ProjectID"? They are linked correctly on relationship--or at least they're linked exactly the way it was linked in the template.




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