Converting Text To Hyperlink (possible ??)

Hi All,

I have a table with person's name, clubname, cluburl.
In a report I can show the clubname,but when I export to HTML, can this clubname
become a hyperlink to the clubURL ? (While showing the clubname..)
Anybody ideas ?

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Converting Text To Numbers

I wondered if someone could help.

I am using the Val () Function to convert a text field to number within a query which still gives me a text output.

P.S I do not have permissions to change within table as using Access as a front end to SQL via link Tables.

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Converting Text To Date

Hi, I have the following problem which I hope someone can help me with:

I am importing a CSV file, one of the field in which contains times in the following format: 1200 (ie this is 12:00, th text file does not contain the : separator)

I want these to be recognised as time values by access, which at the moment only treats them as text. Is there any way i can run a query on this table to convert the numbers into times? I can do it in excel using concatenate to add in the :, but access does not have this function.

Thanks in advance!

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Converting Text To Date

Hi there,

I have a table with a field called 'dereg_date' which is formatted as text, an example is as follows:

2006-07-07 00:00:00.000

I want to be able to convert this field to a date. I have tried using a query with Cdate([dereg_date]), however it doesn't convert it and just returns #Error for all the records.

Has anyone got any ideas on this? I need this fixed fairly urgently as my superiors are getting quite impatient!

Many thanks in advance!!

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Converting Text To Datetime

Is it possible to convert the text field that comes in this form:


to the following datetime format: MM/DD/YY 12:00:00AM

Please note that the text field contains a colon at the beginning. The number 8 represents a year (2008), the 04 represents a month (April) and the last two characters are days in the month (21). The converted field should look like:

04/21/08 12:00:00AM

Thank you.

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Convert Text To Hyperlink

If you have a table with two fields, Field 1 set up as a text field and Field 2 set up as a Hyperlink field, how can you move the text from Field 1 into Field 2 and have it saved as a Hyperlink address? Everything I have tried (Queries and VBA) simply moves the text as text and leaves the address blank.

Thanks for any help anyone may be able to give.

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Converting Hyperlinks To Text And Cleanup

My Db had an email_address field which was a hyperlink. For various reasons I had to change it to a text field. However, now every email shows as:
Is there a simple way of cleaning this up so I am only left with the email address? In other words is it possible to create an update query to remove everything between # signs (including the # signs)?

I found some vba code on the forum which extracts strings but was wondering if there is an easier way just using an update query since I'm still not too efficient with vba

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Converting Dates Into Text From Combo Box

Dear All:

I have creadted a form with a combo box that has 3 dates in it: February 1, 2005, September 1, 2004 and June 4, 2004.

Is there a way to display in another field on the form(A text field) when one of these dates is selected from the combo box, a text field returns "DATED ON THIS FIRST DAY OF FEBRUARY TWO THOUSAND FIVE"?

I reckon this is a vb issue and any help is appreciated.

Thanking in advance


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Converting A Null To Text In A Report

I have a date field in a form which is not compulsory.

I then pull this date field into a query to create a report.

If the date is not entered then is it possible for "Date not entered" to be written into the report automatically. I have tried playing around with nulls but have had no luck.

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Generating Hyperlink From Text In Access

I have a table with one field set as a hyperlink. I have to generate the hyperlink according to what else is going on in the record, I do this by assembling a text string which I can write to a text field in the same record. I have no problem doing this but when I try to copy that string into the Hyperlink field I get type mismatch. Incidentally if I put two text boxes on a form and bind one to the text and one to the hyperlink field the I can 'cut and paste' it OK so how come I can't do it with Access basic?

Dim stGunlib As String
Dim stGunlib2 As String
stGunlib2 = [Stock number]
stGunlib = "" + stGunlib2 + ".jpg"
[Link] = stGunlib
[Picture] = stGunlib ([Picture] is a hyperlink field) it goes wrong here

I am using Access 2002

Thanks Dennis

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Converting A Percentage Field From A Text File

I have a text file delimited and uploaded the information to a new Access Table. One field "MarketValue" has a number followed with a percentage (i.e. 100%, 54%, etc..), however it converts as a text column.

How can I convert the column to a TRUE percentage field representing the value originally imported.

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Converting An Abbreviation To Full Text In A Report

In a table called Appointments and the field called Plastics we enter the initials of surgeons.
However in a report i want the initials converted to full text - in the example below the initials are HJC

The expression below doesn't work - it just returns everything in the Plastics column.

Any ideas?

Expr1: IIf(HJC([tblAppointment]![Plastics]),"Heather Cleland")

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Converting Data To Text - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

How would I automate a process to convert data pulled from a query to a delimited text file.

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Automatic Transformation From Text Format To Hyperlink

Hi all,

I've made a create table which gives 2 fields which contain links to websites.
In the new table these links are in "text" format. I need to change those 2 fields from text to hyperlink in an automatic way.
Currently I've manually changed in the table the "data type" of those 2 new fields from Text to Hyperlink. In this way the hyperlinks work.

I can't do this job every day. How can I make it automatic? How I can
change automatically the formats from text to hyperlink? Do I have to
use VBA or can I avoid it?


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Creating Hyperlink In Text Box - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I have a form that has a subform listing consignment numbers relating to a despatch.

I need to be able to jump to the couriers website tracking page for the consignment.

How do I create a hyperlink from the 9 digit consignment number in the text box?

The hyperlink will be in the form of " consignmentNo "



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Ms Access Converting Oracle's Number Field To Text

Can anybody help me ?
I've a case where ms access displays oracle's numeric field as text where msaccess is linked to oracle.The possible reason could be when we don't specify precision in declaring the filed in oracle table, default precision is 38 which ms access cannot hold. So, it(driver) converts this to text field.But this is with MSORCL32.dll(microsoft driver for oracle).Is there any other possible reason that will result this behavior?

The following are the configuration details:
1.Oracle 9i on Unix server.
2.MSAccess on Windows XP.
MSAccess holds linked data of Oracle server.

Thanks Inadvance.

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Converting Text To Number Producing Error Data

I am using the funtion:

Clng([text field]) to convert a text field into a number so that I can link in a query. Because it is an informix database, I cannot change the underlying table format.

When I run the query, the data is showing "Error".

I tried changing the other table to text and linking but it doesn't seem to link properly because the query doesn't work.

Your advice appreciated.

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Converting Option Box Number Results Back To Text

I have an option box 1=Yes, 2=Np 3=Unknown. the result is stored in a field in my table. When i run a query I pull up the numbers 1, 2 or 3 but to put in a report I actually want the written answers. How do i convert them back?

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Converting Text To Title Case. - Version: 2000 (9.0)

I have a name field that has many different case entries in it (e.g., some names are all caps, some are all lowercase and some are title case (first letter of each dord in capitilized). How do I get these names (last, first) to show up as title case (i.e., Last, First). Can I define this in the control's format property or do I have to use VBA?

Thank you


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Converting Text Field To Number Without #Error In Empty Fields

I have a text field I need to convert to numbers. There are both empty and non empty fields. I then need to show the numbers like this "1.234" and a "*" in the empty fields.

I have tried to convert the fields with Cint, but I get an #Error in the empty fields.

Is there any way to solve this??

Thanks in advance..

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Converting Number To Text Or Vise Versa - Version: 2003 (11.0)


I was wondering if there is a function/macro/script that will convert number to text or text to number. I am having problems linking two fields because I am getting Data Type Mismatch.

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Converting A Text Field Into A Yes/no Answer On A Report - Version: 2003 (11.0)


I have produced a report containing a number of text fields. For all of these text fields the report obviously pulls out data in the form of text. What I want to happen for one of the fields is that if it has an answer i.e. the field has data, then I want the report to say 'Yes'. If there is no data for that field I want it to say 'No'. However I want to keep it as a text field in the table and not a yes/no format.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



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Converting Values In Postscript Back To Raw Text? - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Hi folks,

I'm playing with Stephan Lebans' RichText control (from here) to allow job notes on the system to be coloured, bolded, etc etc. I've even written a little function that I use via an update query to update all 82,000 existing job notes within the system - tested and working perfectly!

However, I'm a bit... well, stuck now.

As far as I can see, the RichText control basically wraps the entered text in the required wrappers to translate into postscript - but I wondered, is it possible to reverse it?

The reason for my asking is that I need to be able to allow the guys and gals here to email the notes to people, and also everything gets backed up onto a Word File (old process don't ask, it's only used as a backup) - but how can I do this without having the postscript stuff there too?

Any ideas would be (very) greatfully received. Anyone had to do anything similar in the past?

Thanks in advance,


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Converting A Number To Text Or Vice Versa - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I need a way to convert a number to text or vice versa, other than opening up the table and changing the data type manually. Can I do this via a query and then an update query - something like (text[field name]) or (number[field name]).

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Convert Text To Hyperlink Piggy Back - Version: 2003 (11.0)

DBGUY if you're out there or anyone else who may be able to explain:

I am faced with the same problem that another poster had as to converting text to a hyperlink in the address portion of the hyperlink field. My issue is that I don't necessarily know where to place this code. I have been placing everything or 98% of everything in my form on current.

I have tried [info].address=[info] Based on the code below. info is my hyperlink field
The other poster indicated it worked for him/her, as you can see I am not doing something right and would appreciate assistance.

DBugy responded with the the following:

Welcome to UA!

Not sure if this will work, but you can try updating the Hyperlink field with something like:

[textfield] & "#" & [textfield]

or using VBA:

[hyperlinkfield].address = [textfield]


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Convert Hyperlink Data To Plain Text - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but I figured it would require some VBA to fix the issue... So...

I have an "e-mail" field, which I set up as a hyperlink field, thinking when a user clicked on it, Access would see the "@" and recognize it as an e-mail address and launch the default e-mail client. I recently learned that this is not the case. When you click on an e-mail address in a form, it attempts to open it in a web browser (it has given the hyperlink an http:// prefix).

So... What I'd like to do is convert the field to plain text and put in a bit of code to automatically send an e-mail when a button is clicked. The problem is when I convert the hyperlink field to a text field, it is formatted like this:

i'm wondering if there is a function i can use to select and delete the text between and including the number signs... so i am just left with a plain text field that contains nothing but the e-mail address... my other choice would be to do this manually, which would probably only take a few hours, but I'd rather not have to do that.

any clues? thanks.

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Problem Converting Date Stored As Text To Data/time Format

I have a problem converting text to a real date value so I can do some calculations. I have a query that brings in data from an external data source. It appears the data is stored in the external table in text format and looks like this:

20050902 15:40:41

I have tried CDate to convert the text to a date/time format, but no luck. Any ideas?

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Converting Field Data Type From Text To Number With Macro - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I have a database that is read only, but I can link to it and Query from that. It has a two fields with Geographic Coordinates, with a data type set to 'Text' and for GIS software to recognize it, it must be in 'number' format, with a field size of 'double'.

I can query the data to a new table, and I can change the data type manually, but I really need it done by a macro or script or something. The data in the orginal table, as far as I know, will constantly be changing, and the table being imported into my GIS software, needs to show these changes.

So to clearify I cannot change the orginal table field data types. I can only change any created tables queried from the orginal, but I would like to do it with a macro or something.

If you need more information let me know.

Edited by: jtrzaska on Wed Apr 5 10:09:27 EDT 2006.

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Auto Open Hyperlink In A Form Or Create A Hyperlink Base To An I - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I am having two issues with a form I created to display digital images in access 2003. The first, is there an add-in or code available to display Tif images in an Access 2003 form. After much research it seems microsoft deleted this option for 2003 but left it in 9720002007. I can only add the jpeg image capture function with the installation disk.

Secondly, I created an image box that is linked to a text field in my table named image path. The code I used was
Private Sub Imagepath_AfterUpdate()
On Error Resume Next
Me![ImageFrame].Picture = Me![Imagepath]
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Current()
On Error Resume Next
Me![ImageFrame].Picture = Me![Imagepath]
End Sub

The picture displays when there is a correct path but I would like the first portion of the path to automatically populate my field and/or set the the field to a hyperlink field rather than a text field and create a hyperlink base. However, If I change the field type can I display an image in a form by using some sort of autoopen function.

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Hyperlink (in Hyperlink Field) Opens A File But Then It Closes I - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I am trying to put a link to a file.pdf which is located at c:filesfile.pdf

In a hyperlink field, I created a link using the above address, and when I click on it the file does start to open in acrobat-but then it flashes closed before it finishes opening completely. any idea why this is happening? acrobat works fine with other files, and i can open this same exact file just fine by double clicking on it in windows explorer...


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Topic: Converting International Text To English, ASCII Chr(128 T - Version: Any Version

If you are venturing into combining international data such as names and city names with data in English, the below functions may prove useful.

The Functions are designed to:
1. Convert ASCII Characters 128 - 255 to ASCII characters 1 127 (Function MakeTextEN).
2. Determine if ASCII characters exist within a text field (Function GotAsciiTwoByteCharacters).
3. Display ASCII characters that exist within a text field (Function ViewAsciiTwoByteCharacters).

Non-English programmers will need to tweak the code to make it applicable to their language/regions.

Perhaps the most subtle problem is dealing with Spaces, Chr(160) vs. Chr(32). A space can be represented by either character and searches containing spaces can be vexing (unless conversion is made). You can be looking at apparently identical text and not see the difference.

We recommend that you do not merely convert characters (using the Function MakeTextEN) if you ever might need the original text (international users). Rather we would recommend additional fields be added like [CustomerNameEN] or [CityNameEN]. Then if you need to run queries (like part name), use UNION queries that examine both fields (don't forget DISTINCT Unique Values).

Once you have converted, you can never go back (---- all = A, Chr(65) ) !!!

We had thought about posting these functions to the UtterAccess Code Achieve. However, we thought others might have valuable suggestions for improvement.

A few sample SQL statements are included.

Regards to all (and thanks to all those who contribute all the wonderful questions and answers),


If members find this useful, we'll try to post this to UtterAccess Code Achieve.

Function MakeTextEN(strText As Variant) As String
' Convert ASCII characters 128 to 255 to ASCII < 128

If IsNull(strText) Then
' One could argue not to convert Nulls to "", if so change the code
' and Function MakeTextEN(strText As Variant) As Variant.
' Then MakeTextEN = Null
MakeTextEN = ""

Dim strWork As String
strWork = strText
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(159), Chr(89), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(192), Chr(65), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(193), Chr(65), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(194), Chr(65), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(195), Chr(65), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(196), Chr(65), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(199), Chr(67), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(200), Chr(69), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(201), Chr(69), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(202), Chr(69), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(203), Chr(69), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(204), Chr(73), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(205), Chr(73), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(206), Chr(73), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(207), Chr(73), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(209), Chr(78), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(210), Chr(79), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(211), Chr(79), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(212), Chr(79), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(213), Chr(79), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(214), Chr(79), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(217), Chr(85), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(218), Chr(85), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(219), Chr(85), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(220), Chr(85), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(221), Chr(89), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(224), Chr(97), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(225), Chr(97), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(226), Chr(97), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(227), Chr(97), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(228), Chr(97), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(231), Chr(99), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(232), Chr(101), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(233), Chr(101), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(234), Chr(101), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(235), Chr(101), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(236), Chr(105), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(237), Chr(105), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(238), Chr(105), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(239), Chr(105), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(241), Chr(110), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(242), Chr(111), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(243), Chr(111), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(244), Chr(111), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(245), Chr(111), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(246), Chr(111), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(249), Chr(117), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(250), Chr(117), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(251), Chr(117), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(252), Chr(117), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(253), Chr(121), , , vbBinaryCompare)
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(255), Chr(121), , , vbBinaryCompare)
' Convert asci Chr(160) [Space] to asci chr(32) [Space]
strWork = Replace$(strWork, Chr(160), Chr(32), , , vbBinaryCompare)

MakeTextEN = strWork
End If

End Function

Function GotAsciiTwoByteCharacters(strText As Variant) As Boolean
' Determine if ASCII Characters 128 to 255 exist in String.

' Sample SQL to view fields within records with Two Byte Characters:
'SELECT CityName FROM [CustomerList] WHERE GotAsciiTwoByteCharacters([CityName])=True;

Dim GotTwoBytes As Boolean
If IsNull(strText) Then
GotTwoBytes = False
Dim i As Integer

For i = 128 To 255

If InStr(1, strText, Chr(i), vbBinaryCompare) > 0 Then
GotTwoBytes = True
Exit For
End If
Next i
End If

GotAsciiTwoByteCharacters = GotTwoBytes

End Function

Function ViewAsciiTwoByteCharacters(strText As Variant) As String
' Display any ASCII characters > 127

' Sample SQL to view Two Byte Characters within a field:
'SELECT CityName, ViewAsciiTwoByteCharacters([CityName]) AS ViewTwoByte FROM [CustomerList] WHERE GotAsciiTwoByteCharacters([CityName])=True;

Dim strTwoByte As String
If IsNull(strText) Then
strTwoByte = ""
ElseIf Len(strText) = 0 Then
strTwoByte = ""
Dim i As Integer

For i = 128 To 255

If InStr(1, strText, Chr(i), vbBinaryCompare) > 0 Then
If i = 160 Then
strTwoByte = strTwoByte & "[chr(160) SPACE]" ' hard to see spaces
strTwoByte = strTwoByte & Chr(i)
End If
End If
Next i
End If

ViewAsciiTwoByteCharacters = strTwoByte

End Function

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Problems In Converting Date Field To Text Field

I have a strange problem of converting a date field stored as dd/mm/yyyy to a text[8] field. Example 01/06/1947 should be converted to 01061947. What is the easiest way of doing it? I tried changing it to first to ddmmyyyy and then change it to text, but it did not work.Can someone help me please?
Many thanks,

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Converting A Text Date String To A Date For Calculations

Hi there. I'm just jumping into Access and have the following question. In my Purchase Order Table, I have a date field calcualated as text, i.e. "01/12/04". I need to convert this to a date format in my queries so I can do calculations, i.e. 01/12/04 - 01/05/04 = 7 days. Can someone help me with how to convert this text date to a date format. Sorry if this is an easy question. - AJS

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