Converting Text To Hyperlink (possible ??)

Oct 11, 2004

Hi All,

I have a table with person's name, clubname, cluburl.
In a report I can show the clubname,but when I export to HTML, can this clubname
become a hyperlink to the clubURL ? (While showing the clubname..)
Anybody ideas ?

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Modules & VBA :: Bulk Update Of Hyperlink Text To Display Not Hyperlink

May 29, 2014

i have thousands of data records with hyperlinks that are correct. Each data record shows the actual link (,,, etc.). However, i want to change all of the records to just say "link" instead of saying, etc. How can i do this automatically without having to manually right click, edit, and changing the text to display?

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Converting Text To Numbers

Jun 14, 2006

I wondered if someone could help.

I am using the Val () Function to convert a text field to number within a query which still gives me a text output.

P.S I do not have permissions to change within table as using Access as a front end to SQL via link Tables.

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Converting Text To Date

Jul 13, 2006

Hi, I have the following problem which I hope someone can help me with:

I am importing a CSV file, one of the field in which contains times in the following format: 1200 (ie this is 12:00, th text file does not contain the : separator)

I want these to be recognised as time values by access, which at the moment only treats them as text. Is there any way i can run a query on this table to convert the numbers into times? I can do it in excel using concatenate to add in the :, but access does not have this function.

Thanks in advance!

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Converting Text To Date

Jan 24, 2007

Hi there,

I have a table with a field called 'dereg_date' which is formatted as text, an example is as follows:

2006-07-07 00:00:00.000

I want to be able to convert this field to a date. I have tried using a query with Cdate([dereg_date]), however it doesn't convert it and just returns #Error for all the records.

Has anyone got any ideas on this? I need this fixed fairly urgently as my superiors are getting quite impatient!

Many thanks in advance!!

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Converting Text To Datetime

Apr 21, 2008

Is it possible to convert the text field that comes in this form:


to the following datetime format: MM/DD/YY 12:00:00AM

Please note that the text field contains a colon at the beginning. The number 8 represents a year (2008), the 04 represents a month (April) and the last two characters are days in the month (21). The converted field should look like:

04/21/08 12:00:00AM

Thank you.

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Converting Hyperlinks To Text And Cleanup

Aug 14, 2006

My Db had an email_address field which was a hyperlink. For various reasons I had to change it to a text field. However, now every email shows as:
Is there a simple way of cleaning this up so I am only left with the email address? In other words is it possible to create an update query to remove everything between # signs (including the # signs)?

I found some vba code on the forum which extracts strings but was wondering if there is an easier way just using an update query since I'm still not too efficient with vba

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Converting Dates Into Text From Combo Box

Dec 17, 2004

Dear All:

I have creadted a form with a combo box that has 3 dates in it: February 1, 2005, September 1, 2004 and June 4, 2004.

Is there a way to display in another field on the form(A text field) when one of these dates is selected from the combo box, a text field returns "DATED ON THIS FIRST DAY OF FEBRUARY TWO THOUSAND FIVE"?

I reckon this is a vb issue and any help is appreciated.

Thanking in advance


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Converting A Null To Text In A Report

Feb 7, 2005

I have a date field in a form which is not compulsory.

I then pull this date field into a query to create a report.

If the date is not entered then is it possible for "Date not entered" to be written into the report automatically. I have tried playing around with nulls but have had no luck.

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General :: Converting BUF File To Text

Oct 26, 2012

I have a file called CAPTURE.BUF. I am trying to convert it to text. Here is what I ahve done, but I get the message box ever time.

Public Function copyFile()
Dim SourceFile As String
Dim DestinationFile As String
On Error Resume Next
FileCopy SourceFile, DestinationFile
If Error > 0 Then
MsgBox "Could not copy mls file."
End If
On Error GoTo 0

End Function

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Modules & VBA :: Converting Text To Numbers

Sep 19, 2014

I have a short text field where numbers such as "15.00", "2233.56", "-300.00" are stored. Now I want to convert the text field to numeric so that I have actually 15.00 or -300.00 stored as a double. I am going to do calculations on these fields. How can I achieve this conversion?

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General :: Converting Plain Text To RTF

Feb 9, 2013

Using 2010 (accdb format) on windows 7.I'm trying to convert a memo field's format from Plain Text to Rich text. The problem is that every time I try to select the Rich Text format option the field immediately changes back to Plain Text.

Just as a test a created a new memo field in the same table and set this to Rich Text (worked fine) then copied the records for the Plain text memo field to the new memo field. Unfortunately this removed all line breaks so instead of my text looking like

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Converting Text String To Its ASCII Value?

Mar 18, 2015

I have a string that includes mm/dd/yyyy + person's name. All of this is concatenated and is recognized as a text value. Then I want to convert all of these characters to a number. Since each character has an ASCII code, I would like to find ASCII equivalent.

In Excel, this would involve using something like the CODE ( ) function, but that only gives the numerical equivalent for the first character in the string, but I want all characters at once.

When I try the VAL ( ) function, it returns the first character which is the number of the month.

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Generating Hyperlink From Text In Access

Mar 3, 2007

I have a table with one field set as a hyperlink. I have to generate the hyperlink according to what else is going on in the record, I do this by assembling a text string which I can write to a text field in the same record. I have no problem doing this but when I try to copy that string into the Hyperlink field I get type mismatch. Incidentally if I put two text boxes on a form and bind one to the text and one to the hyperlink field the I can 'cut and paste' it OK so how come I can't do it with Access basic?

Dim stGunlib As String
Dim stGunlib2 As String
stGunlib2 = [Stock number]
stGunlib = "" + stGunlib2 + ".jpg"
[Link] = stGunlib
[Picture] = stGunlib ([Picture] is a hyperlink field) it goes wrong here

I am using Access 2002

Thanks Dennis

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Modules & VBA :: Send Text As Hyperlink

Jul 26, 2014

Since my old DB had hyperlink (web pages) either starting with http:// or not, and the users were complaining that they couldn't easily edit the field, I converted all the fields to text. Then I tried the following code on doubleclick:

Dim WebLink As String
If Me.WebPage2 <> "http//" & "*" Then
WebLink = "Http://" & Me.WebPage2
WebLink = Me.WebPage2
End If
Debug.Print WebLink
Application.FollowHyperlink WebLink, , True

The above works fine if there is no http:// but if there is one already in the text, then I get run time error 5 that it cannot locate the page. On checking what is happening, the code is adding http:// again even if it already there.

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General :: Copying Hyperlink As Text

Mar 15, 2013

I need to get an email address from a field and place it onto another form.. HOWEVER I dont want it as a hyperlink, nor do I want the mailto blah blah coming over.. I just want the email address as TEXT.In the application the user opens the email form by clicking an icon on an invoice screen, this will allow them to automatically email to the client.. Once they open the email screen they naturally see an arrangement of other boxes where they can enter subject, email description etc..

At the same time there are two boxes, the "To" box and the"From" box... I want these boxes to be auto updated with the email address (to save time). When the user clicks the icon on the invoice screen it automatically copies and displays the email address of the client in the "To" box on the invoice.. The problem I am having is that it is displaying as useless information which is associated with the hyperlink.The email address comes from a field that has already previously been associated as a hyperlink, and it HAS to come from this field, I have no way around it.... All of this information is coming from an address book section from a field that is a hyperlink field.. If it was a txt field then I would not be having this problem.

As I already have various forms open displaying information I am able to used simple code to fill in various bits of info to save time... Because of this I am using simply code to copy the email address from one form to another:

Forms![Email]![To] = Forms![AddressBook]![Email]

Obviously the above code is simple and works for 90% of this type of approach, however there must be some other code that I need to use to first translate the email address to text...

In the end I don't care what I have to do as long as it works.. Remember though that the original field is a hyperlink field and must remain so, I cannot simply convert that to txt..

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Reports :: Convert Hyperlink (URL) To Text

Apr 25, 2013

I have a report where I need to display a box with the following:

="text text text " & url &" text text text"

I need the URL to be bolded, but not underlined or blue. The URL is a variable, so I'm building the text using a string. It looks like the only way to set part of the field to bold is to make it rich text and add html bolding instructions, but that converts the url to a hyperlink. I don't want it to be a hyperlink, just text.

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Converting A Percentage Field From A Text File

Dec 31, 2007

I have a text file delimited and uploaded the information to a new Access Table. One field "MarketValue" has a number followed with a percentage (i.e. 100%, 54%, etc..), however it converts as a text column.

How can I convert the column to a TRUE percentage field representing the value originally imported.

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Converting An Abbreviation To Full Text In A Report

Feb 21, 2005

In a table called Appointments and the field called Plastics we enter the initials of surgeons.
However in a report i want the initials converted to full text - in the example below the initials are HJC

The expression below doesn't work - it just returns everything in the Plastics column.

Any ideas?

Expr1: IIf(HJC([tblAppointment]![Plastics]),"Heather Cleland")

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Queries :: Changing Text To Hyperlink In Query

May 7, 2014

I was trying to see if there is a way to convert text to a hyperlink in a query.

Background : I'm pulling information from a lotus notes database using an OBDC connection and storing it into an access database and using that to upload to a sharepoint site. While we are converting over to a sharepoint site, I was trying to make it easy to get back to the original site for each document to check the work.

One of my columns in the query looks like this:

Notes Link: "notes://pncpgha66/852570CE0056FEF3/0BFCC83A5C11D7C3852576CD0072ED3E/" & [NoteUNID]

I don't see a way to convert that whole part to a hyperlink though. Like I could with a date and text. Cdate().

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Modules & VBA :: Hyperlink Text In Memo Field

Apr 11, 2015

I want to create an app that works like Wikipedia. for example any word that have an explain and that's explain available in my database that word become hyperlink text with different color and so if operator click on that word open a new form and show the explain.

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Queries :: Update Hyperlink Display Text

Nov 7, 2014

So I have a table with 2 fields.The first field has the addresses to multiple hyperlink paths to folders on my computer.In this field the display text matches the hyperlink paths.In the second field I have the desired display text for field 1.I have tried using an update query to either:

1) Change the display texts of field 1 to match field 2 while preserving the hyperlink path
2) Add the hyperlink path from field 1 to field 2 without altering the display name.

I cannot get either one to work. Upon updating field 1, I lose the path, and upon updating field 2, I lose the name.

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Ms Access Converting Oracle's Number Field To Text

Jul 5, 2007

Can anybody help me ?
I've a case where ms access displays oracle's numeric field as text where msaccess is linked to oracle.The possible reason could be when we don't specify precision in declaring the filed in oracle table, default precision is 38 which ms access cannot hold. So, it(driver) converts this to text field.But this is with MSORCL32.dll(microsoft driver for oracle).Is there any other possible reason that will result this behavior?

The following are the configuration details:
1.Oracle 9i on Unix server.
2.MSAccess on Windows XP.
MSAccess holds linked data of Oracle server.

Thanks Inadvance.

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Converting Text To Number Producing Error Data

Nov 5, 2005

I am using the funtion:

Clng([text field]) to convert a text field into a number so that I can link in a query. Because it is an informix database, I cannot change the underlying table format.

When I run the query, the data is showing "Error".

I tried changing the other table to text and linking but it doesn't seem to link properly because the query doesn't work.

Your advice appreciated.

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Converting Option Box Number Results Back To Text

Jul 20, 2005

I have an option box 1=Yes, 2=Np 3=Unknown. the result is stored in a field in my table. When i run a query I pull up the numbers 1, 2 or 3 but to put in a report I actually want the written answers. How do i convert them back?

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Tables :: Converting Text To Date Format During Import

Jun 17, 2014

I am building a database using data imported from Excel workbooks. The dates in the workbooks are formatted as text in the YYYYMMDD format. Is there a way to convert this into date format during the import or after? I am pulling in a lot of different workbooks and trying to avoid having to reformat each individual workbook prior to importing them.

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