Create A 'BROWSE' Button

Apr 3, 2005

Hello All,

Could someone give me a few pointers on how to create a 'Browse' button on a form with the intent to search for an image in an bound-image to record and assign it and store the bmp selected by the user from the user's machine?

I thank you in advance.

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Create A Browse Button That Put Results In Field

Oct 4, 2005

Is there a way to create a browse button on a Microsoft Access 2003 form that also will put the results in another text field.

Once the file is found and selected I need a text field updated with the file location.

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"Browse" Button:how To Create One?!

Oct 19, 2006

I'm creating a DB in a public institution and one of the objectives of this DB is to allow a common user to insert images in the same DB. My doubts are:

-Can I do this in a access form, creating a "browse" button?
-How do I associate this application to the field, where the images are going to be stored.

my Thanks...

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"browse" Button: How To Create One Pt.2

Oct 24, 2006

I posted in this forum once to ask how to create a "browse" button...
a code was given to me (my thanks to meloncolly) but i search others options and i got this code:

Dim strFilter As String
Dim strInputFileName as string

strFilter = ahtAddFilterItem(strFilter, "Excel Files (*.XLS)", "*.XLS")
strInputFileName = ahtCommonFileOpenSave( _
Filter:=strFilter, OpenFile:=True, _
DialogTitle:="Please select an input file...", _

'This code was originally written by Ken Getz.
'It is not to be altered or distributed,
'except as part of an application.
'You are free to use it in any application,
'provided the copyright notice is left unchanged.
' Code courtesy of:
' Microsoft Access 95 How-To
' Ken Getz and Paul Litwin
' Waite Group Press, 1996

lStructSize As Long
hwndOwner As Long
hInstance As Long
strFilter As String
strCustomFilter As String
nMaxCustFilter As Long
nFilterIndex As Long
strFile As String
nMaxFile As Long
strFileTitle As String
nMaxFileTitle As Long
strInitialDir As String
strTitle As String
Flags As Long
nFileOffset As Integer
nFileExtension As Integer
strDefExt As String
lCustData As Long
lpfnHook As Long
lpTemplateName As String
End Type

Declare Function aht_apiGetOpenFileName Lib "comdlg32.dll" _
Alias "GetOpenFileNameA" (OFN As tagOPENFILENAME) As Boolean

Declare Function aht_apiGetSaveFileName Lib "comdlg32.dll" _
Alias "GetSaveFileNameA" (OFN As tagOPENFILENAME) As Boolean
Declare Function CommDlgExtendedError Lib "comdlg32.dll" () As Long

Global Const ahtOFN_READONLY = &H1
Global Const ahtOFN_HIDEREADONLY = &H4
Global Const ahtOFN_NOCHANGEDIR = &H8
Global Const ahtOFN_SHOWHELP = &H10
' You won't use these.
'Global Const ahtOFN_ENABLEHOOK = &H20
'Global Const ahtOFN_ENABLETEMPLATE = &H40
Global Const ahtOFN_NOVALIDATE = &H100
Global Const ahtOFN_ALLOWMULTISELECT = &H200
Global Const ahtOFN_PATHMUSTEXIST = &H800
Global Const ahtOFN_FILEMUSTEXIST = &H1000
Global Const ahtOFN_CREATEPROMPT = &H2000
Global Const ahtOFN_SHAREAWARE = &H4000
Global Const ahtOFN_NOREADONLYRETURN = &H8000
Global Const ahtOFN_NOTESTFILECREATE = &H10000
Global Const ahtOFN_NONETWORKBUTTON = &H20000
Global Const ahtOFN_NOLONGNAMES = &H40000
' New for Windows 95
Global Const ahtOFN_EXPLORER = &H80000
Global Const ahtOFN_NODEREFERENCELINKS = &H100000
Global Const ahtOFN_LONGNAMES = &H200000

Function TestIt()
Dim strFilter As String
Dim lngFlags As Long
strFilter = ahtAddFilterItem(strFilter, "Access Files (*.mda, *.mdb)", _
strFilter = ahtAddFilterItem(strFilter, "dBASE Files (*.dbf)", "*.DBF")
strFilter = ahtAddFilterItem(strFilter, "Text Files (*.txt)", "*.TXT")
strFilter = ahtAddFilterItem(strFilter, "All Files (*.*)", "*.*")
MsgBox "You selected: " & ahtCommonFileOpenSave(InitialDir:="C:", _
Filter:=strFilter, FilterIndex:=3, Flags:=lngFlags, _
DialogTitle:="Hello! Open Me!")
' Since you passed in a variable for lngFlags,
' the function places the output flags value in the variable.
Debug.Print Hex(lngFlags)
End Function

Function GetOpenFile(Optional varDirectory As Variant, _
Optional varTitleForDialog As Variant) As Variant
' Here's an example that gets an Access database name.
Dim strFilter As String
Dim lngFlags As Long
Dim varFileName As Variant
' Specify that the chosen file must already exist,
' don't change directories when you're done
' Also, don't bother displaying
' the read-only box. It'll only confuse people.
lngFlags = ahtOFN_FILEMUSTEXIST Or _
If IsMissing(varDirectory) Then
varDirectory = ""
End If
If IsMissing(varTitleForDialog) Then
varTitleForDialog = ""
End If

' Define the filter string and allocate space in the "c"
' string Duplicate this line with changes as necessary for
' more file templates.
strFilter = ahtAddFilterItem(strFilter, _
"Access (*.mdb)", "*.MDB;*.MDA")
' Now actually call to get the file name.
varFileName = ahtCommonFileOpenSave( _
OpenFile:=True, _
InitialDir:=varDirectory, _
Filter:=strFilter, _
Flags:=lngFlags, _
If Not IsNull(varFileName) Then
varFileName = TrimNull(varFileName)
End If
GetOpenFile = varFileName
End Function

Function ahtCommonFileOpenSave( _
Optional ByRef Flags As Variant, _
Optional ByVal InitialDir As Variant, _
Optional ByVal Filter As Variant, _
Optional ByVal FilterIndex As Variant, _
Optional ByVal DefaultExt As Variant, _
Optional ByVal FileName As Variant, _
Optional ByVal DialogTitle As Variant, _
Optional ByVal hwnd As Variant, _
Optional ByVal OpenFile As Variant) As Variant
' This is the entry point you'll use to call the common
' file open/save dialog. The parameters are listed
' below, and all are optional.
' In:
' Flags: one or more of the ahtOFN_* constants, OR'd together.
' InitialDir: the directory in which to first look
' Filter: a set of file filters, set up by calling
' AddFilterItem. See examples.
' FilterIndex: 1-based integer indicating which filter
' set to use, by default (1 if unspecified)
' DefaultExt: Extension to use if the user doesn't enter one.
' Only useful on file saves.
' FileName: Default value for the file name text box.
' DialogTitle: Title for the dialog.
' hWnd: parent window handle
' OpenFile: Boolean(True=Open File/False=Save As)
' Out:
' Return Value: Either Null or the selected filename
Dim strFileName As String
Dim strFileTitle As String
Dim fResult As Boolean
' Give the dialog a caption title.
If IsMissing(InitialDir) Then InitialDir = CurDir
If IsMissing(Filter) Then Filter = ""
If IsMissing(FilterIndex) Then FilterIndex = 1
If IsMissing(Flags) Then Flags = 0&
If IsMissing(DefaultExt) Then DefaultExt = ""
If IsMissing(FileName) Then FileName = ""
If IsMissing(DialogTitle) Then DialogTitle = ""
If IsMissing(hwnd) Then hwnd = Application.hWndAccessApp
If IsMissing(OpenFile) Then OpenFile = True
' Allocate string space for the returned strings.
strFileName = Left(FileName & String(256, 0), 256)
strFileTitle = String(256, 0)
' Set up the data structure before you call the function
With OFN
.lStructSize = Len(OFN)
.hwndOwner = hwnd
.strFilter = Filter
.nFilterIndex = FilterIndex
.strFile = strFileName
.nMaxFile = Len(strFileName)
.strFileTitle = strFileTitle
.nMaxFileTitle = Len(strFileTitle)
.strTitle = DialogTitle
.Flags = Flags
.strDefExt = DefaultExt
.strInitialDir = InitialDir
' Didn't think most people would want to deal with
' these options.
.hInstance = 0
'.strCustomFilter = ""
'.nMaxCustFilter = 0
.lpfnHook = 0
'New for NT 4.0
.strCustomFilter = String(255, 0)
.nMaxCustFilter = 255
End With
' This will pass the desired data structure to the
' Windows API, which will in turn it uses to display
' the Open/Save As Dialog.
If OpenFile Then
fResult = aht_apiGetOpenFileName(OFN)
fResult = aht_apiGetSaveFileName(OFN)
End If

' The function call filled in the strFileTitle member
' of the structure. You'll have to write special code
' to retrieve that if you're interested.
If fResult Then
' You might care to check the Flags member of the
' structure to get information about the chosen file.
' In this example, if you bothered to pass in a
' value for Flags, we'll fill it in with the outgoing
' Flags value.
If Not IsMissing(Flags) Then Flags = OFN.Flags
ahtCommonFileOpenSave = TrimNull(OFN.strFile)
ahtCommonFileOpenSave = vbNullString
End If
End Function

Function ahtAddFilterItem(strFilter As String, _
strDescription As String, Optional varItem As Variant) As String
' Tack a new chunk onto the file filter.
' That is, take the old value, stick onto it the description,
' (like "Databases"), a null character, the skeleton
' (like "*.mdb;*.mda") and a final null character.

If IsMissing(varItem) Then varItem = "*.*"
ahtAddFilterItem = strFilter & _
strDescription & vbNullChar & _
varItem & vbNullChar
End Function

Private Function TrimNull(ByVal strItem As String) As String
Dim intPos As Integer
intPos = InStr(strItem, vbNullChar)
If intPos > 0 Then
TrimNull = Left(strItem, intPos - 1)
TrimNull = strItem
End If
End Function

well what to say... it works...
the problem is: the browse window appears and i can select the picture that i what, etc... BUT i don't know how to my selection be inserted in a field already created (object OLE) in a table.
so can you help me on this by changing this code or another option...
my e-mail:
my Thanks

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Browse Button

Aug 23, 2006

Hello all:
I'm trying to create a browse button in MS Access. Here is the code I've used so far:

Private Sub ImgBrowse_Click()

On Error GoTo Err_cmdInsertPic_Click

' Set options for dialog box.
With OFN
.lpstrTitle = "Images"
If Not IsNull([ImageFullPath]) Then .lpstrFile = [ImageFullPath]
.flags = &H1804 ' OFN_FileMustExist + OFN_PathMustExist + OFN_HideReadOnly
.lpstrFilter = MakeFilterString("Image files (*.bmp;*.gif;*.jpg;*.wmf)", "*.bmp;*.gif;*.jpg;*.wmf", _
"All files (*.*)", "*.*")
End With

If OpenDialog(OFN) Then
[ImageFullPath] = OFN.lpstrFile
[ImagePicture].Picture = [ImageFullPath]
SysCmd acSysCmdSetStatus, "Afbeelding: '" & [ImageFullPath] & "'."
End If
Exit Sub
MsgBox Err.Description, vbExclamation
End Sub

and here is what is in my module:

Option Compare Database

lpstrTitle As String
lpstrFile As String
flags As Long
lpstrFilter As String

End Type

When I attempt to compile it says Sub or function not defined and highlights MakeFilterString. Why is this and how can I fix it? An ideas? Thank you

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Browse Button

Oct 11, 2006


Is there any way to save the file path to a field on a table, usign a browse

I tried using a button type=file but i can't associate it with my table field.


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Browse Button

Sep 29, 2006

How to I place a browse button on my Microsoft Access form to be able to browse to a file and then place that link into a database field on the form?

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Browse Button To Image

Jul 3, 2005

i would like to create an browse button on my form so i can find the pictures i would like and then to been shown on the picture field on my form. i tried the northwood code from help but i could manage nothing woth it. do you have any idea to help ,me please??

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Adding A Browse Button

Nov 16, 2005

I'd like to add a browse button on a form, so that the final user can choose what files are to be used for the application. Can anybody help me?

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Form Browse Button Code

Dec 2, 2005

I am designing a form and I need to add a Browse button to it. I need the Browse Button to point to the "My Computer". Once that file is selected I need it to fill in the hyperlink box. I have the hyperlink text box on the form and it works if you manually type a link in. I would like it to auto fill-in with the selected file.

Any help would be great!!

Thank you :)

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Browse Button In A MS Access Form?

Mar 3, 2004

Below is a pic of the form I'm having trouble with. the poject is a database of golf courses. there is a form for entering/viewing information for each hole for each course. basically each record has a thumbnail pic of the hole.

That browse button needs to do something. It needs to open a browse dialog box, similar to the browse dialog box you get on many other programs. The idea is that the user selects the picture from the browse dialog box and the file name of this picture is put in the PhotoFile field.

I have no idea where to start on this, but I did check out the Northwind database that comes with Access - its similar but has loads of other functions bundled with it that I don't need and doesn't work without these functions.

I'm no programming genius either! so any help is greatly appreciated.

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Link Pictures And Adding Browse Button

Jun 29, 2012

My job has recently decided that I need to build a database of test pictures, I've read many forums on the link pictures / putting browse button as I gather it makes the database too large with attachments.

My problem is I think I grasp the concept but I cant seem to use the code / Im not sure where im actually putting the code.

e.g imgControl.Picture = CurrentProjectPath & subforldername & Me.ImageName

Where do I put this ? does this go in the field or in a macro ?

Also for the browse to button I have this

Private Sub Explore_Click()
' Gets a filename from the filedialog control and puts it into
' "Filename" textbox control.
' Be sure to rename the Common Dialog Control "cd1"

[Code] ....

When i try to put this into a button it doesnt work.

I've attached my amazing database for reference, you will see pictures attached, these were before I knew about linking and I want the links to work like the attachments.

(Using access 2007)

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General :: Browse Button To Open File Path

Jul 22, 2012

I have a field on a form which the user currently has to manually type in the file path to a specific picture on a local drive. After the file path is entered, the path is linked and the picture is shown in an image box. I did this because I didnt want to bog the database down with attached files.

I wondered if I could have a browse button, which when pressed brought up the browse window to allow you to locate the image (using the standard windows browser). Then when you clicked ok, it writes the filename into the correct field on the form.

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Modules & VBA :: Return Folder Directory To Text Box On Forms Record When Click Browse Command Button

Nov 12, 2014

I need to return a folders directory to a text box on my forms record called Files_Directory when i click the Browse command button... The folder will have more folders within it along with documents all relivant to the folder selected, hense the need for just the folder directory rather than a file.

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General :: Create A Button That Will Create A New Empty Backend

Oct 31, 2013

I created a database and I manage to split it into front end and backend. now I'm going to make an EXE of the front end.My question is when I open the front end, I need the database to be empty, and them create a button that will make the user select which project he wants to open (backend).I also need to create a button that will create a new empty backend and save it as a new project.

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How To Create A Clear Button

May 10, 2012

I need creating a clear form button in access....

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Button To Create New Record

Oct 14, 2011

I would like to create a button with a macro that will bring up a blank form to create a new record (as opposed to going directly to the datasheet table). There are options to Save a Record, Refresh a Record, Search for A Record, Delete a Record and Show All Records, but I don't see a macro to create a new record.

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Create A Button To Check Date...Plz Help

Dec 18, 2006


I am new to the forums, so if i posted this in the wrong section...please accept my apologies...

I am creating a database for recording some information about various customers. There is a date field involved, and if a certain number of days pass from that date, i want to create a button that when it is pressed it will check all the dates to see if this condition is true.


Current Date is 10/21/2006, when i press the button, the database will check to see if 10 days have passed from the date recorded.

User 1 - 10/05/2006 - True
User 2 - 10/10/2006 - True
User 3 - 10/15/2006 - False

Then it would just display the records which are listed as true only. I was thinking of using a query, but i am not sure how to quite do so...please give your recommendations as to what i can do.

THanks in advance!

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How To Create A Datasheet Toggle Button

Feb 3, 2012

I have a contact list db that displays in datasheet view on startup. I also have an alternate form that displays in datasheet mode that i want to be able to toggle to with a click of a button. I would like the button to appear at the top of the default datasheet form, that will allow a user to toggle to the alternate form when they need to.

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General :: Create Time Clock Button?

Aug 20, 2012

I want to create a toggle button (On/Off), that can show time clock on button. Click to start time, click again to stop time.

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General :: Create X Number Of Records With A Button

Apr 8, 2015

I know this has probably been gone over, but I'm just looking for a super-simple way to put a button on my form that will create a number of records equal to the number of days in the month listed in a field. For instance, if MyField is "4/1/2015", I'd like the system to create one record for each date between 4/1/15 and 4/30/15.

I have scoured the forums, and I find many threads on creating multiple records, but none of them deal with the same type of thing I need. I have a field, called MyField, and I have a table called MyTable with a column called MyDate. I want to enter a date into MyField, then click a button, and the button will run code/macro/whatever that will create multiple rows in MyTable, one for each date in Month([MyField])

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How To Create Next And Previous Record Button In List Box

Jun 9, 2012

How to I can create next record and previous record button in listbox. [URL] ....

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Way To Create A New Record By Clicking A Command Button

Mar 13, 2012

Is there a way to create a new record by clicking a command button but to show the same text boxes shown in the attachment in the next record.

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Create A Filter In Onclick Event Of A Button

Jul 14, 2015

I have two fields [InReview] and [TestReviewed].I'm trying to create a filter in the Onclick event of a button like so:

Me.Filter = "InReview Is Not Null" & "TestReviewed Is Not Null"
Me.FilterOn = true

This is not working for some reason. What is the correct way to concatenate a filter in VBA?

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Create Command Button On Form To Send Email

Oct 26, 2004

I have created a form and housed in the form is a combo box that pulls info from managers I work with. I want to create a command button that I can click to send them an email. I have their information tabled and then have also converted that table into a form. I have their email address I just need to know how to properly code the command. I have no visual basic experience. I have had classes where I've coded in C++ and HTML but very limited.


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Newbie Question! Getting A Cmd Button To Create Data In Table?

Nov 29, 2004

Hey all,

I've never used Access much...i was able to use it OK at one point but ive forgotten all about it now.
I need to create something very simple for the reception at my work...

When a customer phones we want to be able to keep track of how they heard of us - so we want a very simple access/VB program.

The best way would be to have buttons of each of the magazines our company is listed in..then when someone phones and says "ahhh magazine 3" the receptionist can press a button and the button will add 1 to a field in a table?/report? next to that magazine.

Hope that makes sense :s

Any help would be very appreciated! - It seems very simple to do ?


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