Creating Date Field For Reminder Date

Mar 14, 2006

I want to create a field for displaying a 90 day period date before the time of renewal.

This date will be displayed to remind me to send out a notice to a client and will be based on the actual renewal date field.

Can anyone please provide some insight into creating such a field.

Also, I will be creating a similar data field that will be based on 30 Days after the 90 day notice that I send out.

Thank you in advance...


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Date Reminder

Sep 21, 2005

This is my problem!!! Bit new to Access, so here goes! I am setting up a claibration database for test equipment, what i need to do is to set up the database so that say a week before a calibration date is due, the database will flag this up, say display a reminder!! Can anyone tell me is this possible and the best way to set this up????


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Trigger Reminder To Occur At Later Date

Apr 22, 2014

How I would accomplish the following scenario in Access 2010. I have created a data base for a funeral home. One of my tables includes the date of death of the individual (DOD) (i.e. 04/16/2014). From that date I want to trigger a reminder to follow up with a family letter 6 months from that date. Would I do this with a macro or would I do this with VBA Script?

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Kind Of Countdown Reminder In A Date Column

Jun 29, 2007


Sorry to open with a question but its usually the way, i'm quite an experienced computer user but never used any office products before and just thought i should learn as i'm losing money every week by not keep track of things properly.

So then to my question..

I've made a table to cover all the orders i have had placed, this includes a date column for when that order was placed. I just wondered if it would be possible to have some kind of system where after 7 days without any acknowledgement from me it either pops up or turns red or something similiar. I'm thinking the acknowledgement could be the yes/no box and i tick that when i recieve the item back, if i dont it either pops up or turns red or something :confused:

any help much appreciated

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General :: Schedule Maintenance - Reminder By Date

Jul 15, 2015

I have a table called schedule maintenance.

In that table I have a "date" field

Is it possible that if " todays" date = a date in the field date a e-mail can be sent to me to remind me there is a scheduled maintenance to be done.

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General :: How To Make Reminder Pop Up Based On Selected Time And Date

Oct 12, 2014

I want to make an application that reminder Radio Broadcaster to read ads based on airing hour.

I have a question , how to make reminder pop up based on selected hour or time and date of that advertisement.

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Forms :: Setting Popup Reminder On Form Load For Expiry Date

Jul 26, 2015

I have a form (Access 2010) in which i insert contracts; each contract has a start and an expiry date, but instead of dd/mm/yyyy i would like the user to be able to insert just the year, while the day and month are predefined values and they are automatically inserted (i.e. 01/10/yyyy; the year being the only value that changes, and it is manually inserted by the user).

I would like to set a pop up remainder (on form load) x days before the expiry date, but, because too many of them have the same expiry date i am wondering if the reminder can be set on different days, based on another field (i.e. partner location [country]).. i.e. reminder for contracts with Austria to pop up 60 days before expiring, for UK = 67 days and so on.. or even a specific day for each, i.e. for Austria = 01/08/yyyy, for UK 01/09/yyyy).

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Creating An Expression From A Date Field (Help Please)

Apr 8, 2006

I one of my tables, I have a date field (DateCompleted) with the format: mm/dd/yyyy

Now, I want to create a query which would create another field (DateExpected) by using the date in the above table and adding 5 months to the date.

The only issue is that for the new field in the query I want it just to have mm/yyyy format.

For example, if the original date in the table is 04/05/2006, after running the query, I would have a new field 09/2006.

Does anyone know the exact expression I would put in the query? Thanks. The expression would be put in the "build" area.

Thanks for your help!!

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Modules & VBA :: Date Field To AutoPopulate Other Date Fields To Future Date

Oct 24, 2013

I'm trying to get my "IncidentDate" field to autopopulate two other date fields to a few days from the "IncidentDate". The other two date fields are "ContainDueDate" and "RootDueDate". I'm trying to accomplish this on my "Test CAP Form"

I tried using the following in the BeforeUpdate of "ContainDueDate" and received a complier error: expected =

Code : DateAdd(d,2,[IncidentDate])

so I removed the parenthesis and nothing happened

Code : DateAdd d,2,[IncidentDate]

I even tried redoing it in the AfterUpdate of "IncidentDate" and nothing happened either

Code : DateAdd d,2,[ContainDueDate]

I'm not sure if I'm even using the right function to get what I want.

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Creating Combobox With Unique Month And Year Entries From A Date Field In A Table

Jul 18, 2005


Anyone know how to create a combo box that has unique month and year entries from a table (month in one column and year in another - i.e. 2 columns)?

I've been able to get the textbox of the combobox to output the correct format using a custom format but it does not affect the combobox data. Also, I'm not sure how to separate this by two columns...

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Modules & VBA :: Creating New Field In A Table With New Date - Result Type Is NULL Error

Sep 23, 2014

I'm new to programming with Access but am attempting to create a new field in a table with an new date based on existing fields in the table.

The current fields are [Frequency], integer, [Risk], text, [Last Audit Date], date/time, and the new field is [Next Audit Date]. [Frequency] is a calculated field based only on [Risk] and is equal to "5" if [Risk] is "Low" and is "3" is [Risk] is "Medium" or "High", and [Frequency] is blank if [Risk] is (thus far it has never been empty).

What I need the new calculated field to do is return "N/A" (or blank, or anything easily separated really) if [Frequency] is blank, or if [Risk] is "Low" or "Medium". If [Risk] is "High", [Next Audit Date] should be equal to [Last Audit Date] plus 3 years. When I try to save the code, I get this message: "The expression could not be saved because its result type, such as binary or NULL, is not supported by the server."

This is my code now:
IIf(IsNull([Frequency]),"",IIf([Risk]="Low","N/A",IIf([Risk]="Medium","N/A",IIf([Last Audit Date]="N/A","N/A",[Last Audit Date]+Year(3)))))

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Forms :: Auto Populate Date Field Based On Another Date Field

May 13, 2014

I am building an Access database for a client. It is an employee staffing database. With that being said they would like the ability to automatically populate the "T2PPCD" date field based on what is entered into the "Report Date" field. (Same table)

The date is the Monday after 180 days from the report date.

I already know how to get it to auto fill 180 days from the "Report Date" but I'm not sure how to tell it to give me the Monday after 180 days.

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Reports :: Showing Date Field Differently Depending On Current Date

Nov 23, 2013

I have a report that displays simple date fields. One of the fields is "lease execution". On the report, I want "lease execution" to display differently depending on the date the report was run.


- If the "lease execution" date is more than 120 days away from today, I want it to display as Q YYYY.
- If the "lease execution" date is between 120 and 90 days away from today, I want it to display as MM/YYYY
- If the "lease execution" date is 90 days or less away, I want it to display the normal date MM/DD/YYYY

I was thinking I would need to do DateDiff() to figure out an amount of days that's between Now() and [Lease_Execution]. Then based on that amount make the report show it differently. Pseudocode would be: if DateDiff() = 40, then display [lease_execution] as MM/DD/YYYY

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Display Fields As Column Showing Date One Month After The Date In Field Above

Jun 2, 2015

I am creating a repayment schedule (as a report) and I want to display a series of fields as a column which return (show) a date one month after the date in the field above.

The first repayment date field (Line 1) will show a date one month after the loan was paid out. the Next field below will show the date one month later.

I can't simply insert the "Date + 30" because that would get out of since over the year. If the loan was issued on say the 15th of January, I need the first field to display 15th February and the next would be .... 15th March.... Yes - You've got it!

Now I could do that in Excel, but I don't know how to get Access to do it.

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Auto Fill Field In A Table By Comparing A Given Date Against Current Date?

Aug 18, 2015

I am building a database to track contract of employees so that I can know which contracts are valid and which are expired.

My table has the following fields:

ID (Primary key)
Employee ID (Foreign key to link to the employee table)
Status (Either valid or expired)

I want when I enter the end date, the system checks the end date against the current date and fills in the status field with either valid or expired as appropriate. For instance if the contract end date is March 10,2016, the status must be filled in the word valid.

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Forms :: Form Auto-populates Date Field - Want To Add Check Box To Enter Alternate DATE

Nov 1, 2013

We use access to enter our service tickets in at work.What we have are three date fields.

Call Date
Start Date
End Date

We are 24/7 operation.Currently all 3 just autopopulate with the current date.What i would like to do is ADD a CHECKBOX next to each Date Field.And make it work like this.

1. let them autopopulate as they are currently
2. if you end the call AFTER MIDNIGHT (the next day). CHECKING the box would automatically populate yesterdays date in each of the fields that has the check box CHECKED

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Deriving / Reformatting Date Field From Another Date Field In Same Table

Jun 19, 2014

I've inherited a database into which the user (not me) is entering essentially the same Date data twice: field 1 contains 6/19/2014 and for field 2 they enter June-14 (the month and year from field 1).

I suspect there should be a way to derive and then reformat the display of field 2 based on the contents of field 1, such that the user only has to enter the first. Is this true? If so, how?

(I know there really is no need for the 2nd field, but existing reports and queries are built around it -- so for right now, I'm just trying to eliminate the duplicate data entry)...

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Print Date Range On A Report Based On A Non-date Field

Aug 7, 2005

Is there a way to show the earliest and latest dates of a report generated by a non-date field?

E.g. I generate a report based on Food, and it'll list the days that this food is associated with. Is there a way to show the first and last day that appears in this report (i.e. the range of dates that the report shows based on the food selected)

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Query Date From DateTime - General Date Format Field.

Mar 10, 2006

I have a date and time stamp in a Date/Time field of General Date format (3/1/2006 7:52:25 AM).

I wish to select query on the table's Date/Time field by date portion only (3/1/2006) and not include the time portion (7:52:25 AM) of the field.

Using this expression in the query's criteria - "Between [Enter Start Date: (MM/DD/YY Format)] And [End Date: (MM/DD/YY]" will not return the date ranges as desired without also typing in the full time string.

How can the date integer be parsed out and the query properly expression ed on the criteria field without using VB?

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Queries :: Date Field With Time - Query For Date Only And Get All Records

Apr 26, 2013

I have a query based on a table which has a date field. the field both in the table and the query have the time also in the date value so when I try to query on a date I get nothing if I copy the date and time from the field I will get the result for that record if I just use the date I get nothing. I have tried the format which does display just date but if you click on the field the time is also there You must be able to query for a date only and get all the records.

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Feb 18, 2014

In VBA, how to compare date variable with date/time field from table, as when defined the data type in table, date/time option is the only choice for date data type even though I don't want the time portion.

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Forms :: Show Date Picker On Selecting Date Field?

Apr 26, 2014

I am using Access 2007 and I have had a curious issue arise.

I like to use the Date Picker feature on all my forms to make it easier to enter dates. I have set up each table's date field property to "show date picker for dates", as per attached (.jpg)

When I use that particular field in a form, I also set up the field to allow for the Date Picker option (date picker form property sheet.jpg)

The curious part is that not every form that I set up actually shows the date picker when I select the date field. Some forms it works perfectly, others it doesn't.

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General :: Date Field - Highlight Future Date In Different Color

Mar 25, 2014

In a date field is it possible for a date that is in the future to be hi-lighted in a different colour.

E.g. todays date is 25/03/14

So anything with todays date or previous would stay in black


but anything from 26/03/14 forward would be in red


Then will change to black when the 26th comes.

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Comparing A Date/Time Field To System Date

Dec 11, 2006


I am trying to compare a value in my databse produced by the date() function, short date format, to one that is exactly 24 hours after the value recorded by the date() function. If the value in the database is 24 hours prior to the current date(), I need to flag a text box a diffrent color to alert the user. I am unsure on the If statement that I will need to produce this result.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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Forms :: How To Insert Current Date Into A Field Using Date

Oct 10, 2014

i have just started to use access and i know how to insert the current date into a field using date() but i am not sure will this change the date everytime i open the form ? i want to create a form for invoices that shows the date the invoice was created and doesnt change if i re open for editing,

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Forms :: Date Field That Can Trigger Other Date Fields?

Oct 30, 2014

Working in MS Access 2010. Data must be entered and updated in Access only. Trying to figure out if it's even possible to auto populate dates in multiple fields in a form that are triggered when I enter ANY date in a primary date field on the form. I have close to half a dozen fields I'd like to do this for but here are a couple of the fields I'm working with:

Re Insp Date 90 Day Notice(Form field to be triggered and show a date 90 days prior to the trigger date)
Re Insp Date 60 Day Notice (Form field to be triggered and show a date 60 days prior to the trigger date)
Re Insp Date (Trigger date)

What I'd like to do is enter values in the "Re Insp Date" field (in the form) and have it trigger/auto-fill/auto-populate the "Re Insp Date 90 Day Notice" so that it shows the date 90 days prior to the "Re Insp Date" and the "Re Insp Date 60 Day Notice" so that it shows the date 60 days prior to the "Re Insp Date"........all this, and have it auto-update the queries and tables its linked to.

I've tried looking online and in instructional material to see if there is a formula, equation, macro, an expression or VBA coding that I can use to execute this but am having no luck.

The MAIN OBJECTIVE is to have the the linked query and table update automatically. Possible??

I have tried doing =([Re Insp Date])-90 but no dice...

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