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Creating Date Field For Reminder Date

I want to create a field for displaying a 90 day period date before the time of renewal.

This date will be displayed to remind me to send out a notice to a client and will be based on the actual renewal date field.

Can anyone please provide some insight into creating such a field.

Also, I will be creating a similar data field that will be based on 30 Days after the 90 day notice that I send out.

Thank you in advance...


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Display Message If Reminder Date Is Todays Date?
Hello, In need of some help on something fairly simple (well when you know how) I have a form with a subform, in the subform I have text boxes showing employee names (in a continues form) and reminder date text field boxs showing a list of reminder dates. I would like a message to be displayed when the user enters the main form if a reminder date is the same as whatever todays current date is and displays the Employee name its related to, I think I need something along similar lines to the below code, on the on load event of the main form but this doesn’t work :o Private Sub Form_Load()if("d",Now(),[REMINDER_DATE]) then MsgBox "Reminder date for this employee is today: " + [EMPLOYEE_NAME]End sub(The reminder date name in the query/table is REMINDER_DATE and is called textbox_reminder_date in the subform)Any help appreciated, thanksKevin

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Date Reminder
This is my problem!!! Bit new to Access, so here goes! I am setting up a claibration database for test equipment, what i need to do is to set up the database so that say a week before a calibration date is due, the database will flag this up, say display a reminder!! Can anyone tell me is this possible and the best way to set this up????


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Kind Of Countdown Reminder In A Date Column

Sorry to open with a question but its usually the way, i'm quite an experienced computer user but never used any office products before and just thought i should learn as i'm losing money every week by not keep track of things properly.

So then to my question..

I've made a table to cover all the orders i have had placed, this includes a date column for when that order was placed. I just wondered if it would be possible to have some kind of system where after 7 days without any acknowledgement from me it either pops up or turns red or something similiar. I'm thinking the acknowledgement could be the yes/no box and i tick that when i recieve the item back, if i dont it either pops up or turns red or something :confused:

any help much appreciated

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Creating An Expression From A Date Field (Help Please)
I one of my tables, I have a date field (DateCompleted) with the format: mm/dd/yyyy

Now, I want to create a query which would create another field (DateExpected) by using the date in the above table and adding 5 months to the date.

The only issue is that for the new field in the query I want it just to have mm/yyyy format.

For example, if the original date in the table is 04/05/2006, after running the query, I would have a new field 09/2006.

Does anyone know the exact expression I would put in the query? Thanks. The expression would be put in the "build" area.

Thanks for your help!!

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Creating Combobox With Unique Month And Year Entries From A Date Field In A Table

Anyone know how to create a combo box that has unique month and year entries from a table (month in one column and year in another - i.e. 2 columns)?

I've been able to get the textbox of the combobox to output the correct format using a custom format but it does not affect the combobox data. Also, I'm not sure how to separate this by two columns...

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Print Date Range On A Report Based On A Non-date Field
Is there a way to show the earliest and latest dates of a report generated by a non-date field?

E.g. I generate a report based on Food, and it'll list the days that this food is associated with. Is there a way to show the first and last day that appears in this report (i.e. the range of dates that the report shows based on the food selected)

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Query Date From DateTime - General Date Format Field.
I have a date and time stamp in a Date/Time field of General Date format (3/1/2006 7:52:25 AM).

I wish to select query on the table's Date/Time field by date portion only (3/1/2006) and not include the time portion (7:52:25 AM) of the field.

Using this expression in the query's criteria - "Between [Enter Start Date: (MM/DD/YY Format)] And [End Date: (MM/DD/YY]" will not return the date ranges as desired without also typing in the full time string.

How can the date integer be parsed out and the query properly expression ed on the criteria field without using VB?

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Comparing A Date/Time Field To System Date

I am trying to compare a value in my databse produced by the date() function, short date format, to one that is exactly 24 hours after the value recorded by the date() function. If the value in the database is 24 hours prior to the current date(), I need to flag a text box a diffrent color to alert the user. I am unsure on the If statement that I will need to produce this result.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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Date/Time Field Date Extraction
How can I create a field in a query, extracting the date portion of a date/time field? The format is mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss. I need just the mm/dd/yyyy so I can prompt the user for a date range, without them having to key in the date mm/dd/yyyy 00:00:00 to mm/dd/yyyy 23:59:59. Please Help

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Year To Date Totals, Month To Date, Week To Date
Can someone tell me how to get year to date totals, month to date totals, week to dates in a query? I need to get all three for three different fields.

I was not able to get the totals with the formulas given. I received the totals for each day instead. Are there any other suggestions? I am trying to different formulas, but they are not working either. I did try doing different queries with the formulas to see if that would work.

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HELP! Special Help Creating A Date Query...
Here's my problem. We maintain a list of items that are sold on ebay. We keep track of all items purchased by individuals and the dates that those items were purchased. We guarantee shipping by 6 weeks after the sell date...

Therefore, I am trying to create a query that will show me all items that are 6 weeks and older and have not shipped. There is a column that says date purchased and one for date shipped if an item is already completed. Any suggestions!!??!?! :confused:

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Creating A Date List Or Calendar
Hi all~

A database front end which was built by somebody else got handed to me to do some updates (as the person who created it is no longer with the company).

The database currently has roughly ~30 reports, about 15 of which are pulled daily, and the rest weekly/monthly. Part of the report criteria selected by the user are beginning and end dates. Currently the dates are input via text boxes on a form, then referenced by the SQL statement which generates the report data.

The users want the text boxes to be changed to either a drop down list or a calendar which they can just click on a date instead of typing it in. I know .NET provides controls for a built in calendar which you can use for date selection, but this database is simply an Access front end, so I cannot use .NET.

Is there an easy way to accomplish this via VBA?

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Creating A Total To Date For The Year
Hello Everyone,

Is there a way that I can calcualte a total to the current date for the year?


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Date Formatting (General Date To Short Date)
I am creating an online post, similar to a guestbook. When a user submits an entry, I am storing the date and time in a column titled "Timestamp", which is formatted 8/4/2005 9:16:58 ("General Date"). I am running the table through a query which is then posted on the web.

What I would like to do is this: I would like to use Timestamp to display the date that the entry was submitted, but not the time (basically, "Short Date"). Can I exclude the time using a query without changing the actual data stored in each record of the table? I understand that the time stored is completely different than the time displayed, even in the table. How can I do this?

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Creating An Invoice Report Using A Date Criteria
I have a form showing projects and on this a sub form which calculates the number of hours worked on a project on any given day (it uses a simple stop watch routine with start and stop buttons).

What I would like to achieve is to be able to create an invoice report which will show the time worked for any particular month.

I can create a combo box in which I can select from a list of 12 months, but I need to differentiate between the year as well. For example I will want to issue an invoice in January 2006 for December 2005 – how can I do this?

I don’t need the invoice to show every day’s work, just to be able to calculate the total number of hours worked in a particular month.

Any help would be gratefully received



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Creating Custom Date Format After Import
I am stumped: After importing from an outside source (an excel spreadsheet) I have to change the short-date format
that I have just imported into a very specific custom format: "yyyymmdd" Ex: 20040828. How do I convert into this
new format? Help will be greatly appreciated...

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Creating A Report Based On A Date Range
I have a database with several clients who have a series of appointments. I want to be able to create a report of all the clients to be seen during a range of dates to be inputted by the user. All help would be greatly appreciated.


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Date Add + Value In Another Field = Due Date
I searched the forums and I couldn't find my answer.

Here is situation: For example:
We receive an appeal 10/1/06, the State mandates that we complete the Appeal in 45 calendar days. We send the Appeal to claims for handling and sometimes they don't reply back in time and we get fined. So, I want a due date on the form to show the date a reply is needed to the State.

I have a received date field
I have a sent to claims date field
I have a due date field
I have a State field
I have a follow-up days State field

Can you have a date add function that adds the number of follow-up days depending on the State, there are several different date rules, some States are 20 calendar and some are 30 calendar days.

I might be better off just running queries that lists the claims that are close to the due date.

And I might be totally off here, so if you have any suggestions or questions, let me know.


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Automatically Populate A Date Field Based On Value Entered In Another Field
I need to create a New Form control for this situation:

If I enter a date into a field and the choice for another field is equal to a certain value. How can I get the date I entered to be automatically populated into another date field.

For example:

If I enter 11/10/2005 in a date field and I choose either "BN", "BA", or "BT" in a text field, I need that date of 11/10/2005 to be automatically populated in another date field on the same form.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Problems In Converting Date Field To Text Field
I have a strange problem of converting a date field stored as dd/mm/yyyy to a text[8] field. Example 01/06/1947 should be converted to 01061947. What is the easiest way of doing it? I tried changing it to first to ddmmyyyy and then change it to text, but it did not work.Can someone help me please?
Many thanks,

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Subtracting Date/time Field From Integer Field
Hello everyone, I'm encounter a problem trying to write a code.

Date Months_to_credit Final_result
01/31/06 4 10/01/05
02/28/06 6 09/01/05
03/31/06 8 08/01/05

Does anyone have any ideas how to to substract Months_to_credit from Date and to return a date in the Final_result field?

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Update Field To Todays Date When Data In Other Field Changes

i have 2 fields in a form - 'Balance' and 'Date'. Quite simply I need the date field to change automatically to todays date each time the data in the 'Balance' field is changed. Can anyone advise me on how to accomplish this.

Many thanks


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