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Creating A Custom Formatted Id Number

I'm trying to create an auto generating ID number field that contains a date followed by a sequential number for that date. In example...


tomorrows numbering would be
070720002 and so on.

Each new day would start a new sequence of 001, 002, 003, etc.
I have searched these forums and haven't really found any answers. Could someone direct me in the correct direction. Also I need this number to be saved in the table and not just displayed or printed.

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Creating Custom PivotChart
I am trying to make a special kind of blob chart. It has to mimic the charts I have attached. I have a high number and a low number for everything that someone might want to put on the axes. The eventual goal is to have a form were the user selects what goes on each axis, and have a few other possible choices to limit how much is displayed. What I am making doesn't have to be as fancy, flexablity is more important. Can Access make this kind of graph or am I on my own, making shapes in VBA?

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Creating Custom Letters????

I would like to create a custom letter where I can type the body of the letter and it will print the letter for every customer in the database.


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Pages - Creating A Custom Theme

Can anybody help?

I would like to create a custom theme for my INPUT page, however within Access 2003 I only have the option of about 20 predefined themes. I want to insert my companies' logo onto the INPUT PAGE.

What I would like is to save a template, like I have done in REPORTS, so that when I build a INPUT PAGE I can select my own theme to use, based upon my companies' logo, type face et al .,

Thanks and kind regards.

Phil Drury.

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Creating Custom Date Format After Import
I am stumped: After importing from an outside source (an excel spreadsheet) I have to change the short-date format
that I have just imported into a very specific custom format: "yyyymmdd" Ex: 20040828. How do I convert into this
new format? Help will be greatly appreciated...

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Custom Generated Number
Quote by Pat Hartman
>>>BTW, one somewhat undesirable thing happens when you go with replication. Access changes ALL your autonumbers to random instead of sequential. That means that from that time on, all new autonumbers will be assigned randomly to minimize the problem of conflicts between the design master and replica sets. A random autonumber can range from a very small negative number to a very large positive number. These autonumbers can no longer be used as your customer numbers or order numbers if these numbers are ever printed or given to the customer to be used for reference. A customer probably will be confused by an order number = -2. If this is going to cause you a problem, you'll need to switch to custom generated numbers. Post back for details if you need them.<<<<

I'd be interested in getting some details. Data will be entering that table through a data entry form and through appending from a second copy of the DB. I want to make the PK a random autonumber but then when the second DB is added to the Master DB have the table in the Master DB assign each record a "prettier" more usable id number. I know this is stupid but I'm not sure how to relate code to a table (there's no before update event for a table as far as I'm aware).

Thanks for any help you can give.


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Custom Line Number On Report ?
I try to explain my problem.
There is a report have 50 records.
I print the report first time and Set the number by Data>running sum method. This start from 1 to n...

I require a Form Where i enter to initial number example 22 and say preview report.
The report Set the line number of Details Section Like
24 etc...

How can i do this. Please help

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Creating A Random Number
Quick question, how do I have access generate a random number between 1 and 8? I want it to generate either a 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, or 8. (no zero, no nine)

Expr1: Fix(Rnd(8-1)*10*Rnd()) is what I have been using, but this always generates the number 2? I do want the decimals to be rounded to the nearest integer, thus I have Fix.

If someone could please help me, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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Creating Reference Number From 3 Fields
Hi there,

I'm making a document control database where the a unique reference number is automatically generated from 2 tables and updates a 3rd table.

xxxx or yyyy/lookup in 2 table/autonumber

I have been trying to do this is a form but because the control sauce is a calculation 'Text1&Text2&Text3' I am unable to update the 3rd table with the combined reference number.

I have limited knowledge particularly of VBA coding

Any help much appreciated

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Need Help Creating Auto Customer Number

I am v new to Access and am creating my first DB.

I want to create a unique client office code....

For example, for a (law firm) client name Brown Smegmore in Sydney,
I want to create a code like BS_S_1, Brown Smegmore in Melbourne: BS_M_2

I would really really like some simple help



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Creating A Custom "What's This?" Button In Forms
Is there a way to use a command button to perform the exact same function as the "What's This" (?) button on the title bar? Is there code I can give it "On Click" that will make it do the same as as the What's This button?

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How To Look Up Formatted AutoNumbers?
Good evening,

I am a little confused. I have one table with the Autonumber field and another table with a field that looks it up.

Tha problem is that I am using a Format for my Autonumber, e.g.
"O0045". And the field with the foreign key refuses to accept it! It needs a number to be entered, i.e. 45, and then it can format it. So on the whole, the LookUp Feature does not work, because it suggests FormattedAutonumbers, which do not fit in (obviously the foreign key accepts numbers only).

Is there a solution? Thank you in advance.

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Special Formatted RTF Export
Ok so I have a bunch of data collected from interviews. I need to export this data into a rtf format.
I'm going to be using TAMS for analysis. So I'd like to specifically format the output

for instance say I have multiple records that contain this info

interview number = <Number>
barriers faced= <Text String>
postal code = <text string>

I'd like them to be formatted like so for each record


{!context ID Post_code}

{ID} *number from interview number here* {/ID}
{POST CODE} *Text from post code here*

{Barriers} *text string here* {barriers}



then the next record

Thanks for any help provided!

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Formatted Date Not Recognized
I am using this formula to format my date field

Convert this:A601030730 to 03-Jan-06

A6 = Year
01 = Month
03 = Day
0730 = Time (not worried about that part)

ApptDate: IIf([abap_030] Is Null,"",Format(DateSerial(Val(Mid(Left([abap_030],6),2,1)),Val(Mid(Left([abap_030],6),3,2)),Val(Right(Left([abap_030],6),2))),"dd-mmm-yy"))

I get the date to "Look" the way I want, but Access does not seem to recognize the formatting as it will not sort properly?

Any suggestion would be welcome, thanks


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Importing Formatted Excel To Access
If the data in the spreadsheet is not in a standard row/column datasheet format how can I import it to Access, does anyone know, please help if you do. I have a formatted excel form and i need to import it to access!!!!!!

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Formatted TextBox On Form To Report
On my Form I'd like to have a textbox that I could type something like the following...

Hi, My Name is Adam
Here is my favorite sport: Soccer
I'd like to find out what other people's favorite sports
Please send me an email back with your answer

Keep in mind the above could be one line, or it could be 20.

How can I transfer all the hard/soft returns etc. into a text box when I view and print the report?

Hope that made sense.

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Apply 'save Formatted' To Reading?
I have a DB with tables where the primary key fields are autoincremented, but with formatting applied.

Formatting is for example "CC"000000 so record 1 will be CC000001.
(each table has a different alpha prefix)

This works fine, except the database content is being read by another application, and it sees only the 1, 2, 3 etc.
Exporting the data to Excel format proves that this is due to Access not the other application.

However, if I export to Excel format, and tick the "Save Formatted" option, the data exported is as I require, CC000001, CC000002 etc.

Is there a setting or way to make Access present the data when it is read by another application to be the 'formatted' version of the data?

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