Creating A Running Total Calculated Field

Feb 17, 2006

I have a query, and I want a field that shows the current balance as of that transaction, eg:
__________________________________________________ _______
|__Transaction ID__|__Type_______|__Amount__|__Balance__|
|__1______________|__Deposit_____|__£10______|__£1 0_______|
|__2______________|__Deposit_____|__£30______|__£4 0_______|
|__3______________|__Withdrawal__|__£15______|__£2 5_______|

So far, I have this:

SELECT [Transaction ID], [Type], [Amount], (SELECT Sum([Amount]) FROM tblTransactions AS tblTransactions2 WHERE tblTransactions2.[Transaction ID] <= tblTransactions.[Transaction ID]) AS Balance
FROM tblTransactions
WHERE [Account ID]=1;

Although this does not look at the 'Type' field; it just adds the amounts; regardless of it being a deposit or withdrawal. I'm really not sure how to add this.

Thanks in advance.

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Queries :: Running Total In Calculated Field

Oct 5, 2013

I want to calculate running total and find out the date when that total is greater than a number.

My initial plan was to use Dsum and then use dlookup to find when that Dsum value > [Fixednum].

But when I try Dsum and use Totals in query, access shuts down. maybe because of 15000 rows.

I have attached a sample database that shows what Im working with and what I would like.

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Calculated Field With Running Cumulative Total

Oct 29, 2012

I need calculated field (in a query) that executes a running cummulative total for three conditions: "="&Project Name, "="&Service and "<="&Date.

I can do it in Excel using SUMIFS(), but have no clue on how its done in Access 2010 !

The "Balance" field should be the end result:

Project Service Date Amount Balance
A Welding 1/1/2012 100 100
A Welding 1/2/2012 120 220
A Wiring 1/3/2012 150 150
B Welding 1/1/2012 103 103
B Painting 1/2/2012 124 124
B Painting 1/3/2012 155 278
C Welding 1/1/2012 106 106
C Wiring 1/2/2012 127 127
C Wiring 1/3/2012 159 286

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Queries :: Running Total Field In Query

May 20, 2015

I have a table with dates in field1 and an amount of seconds in field2.

field1 field2
01/01/2015, 1345
02/01/2015, -132
04/01/2015, 259

I would like to produce a query that performs a running total in the third column like so:

field1 field2 field3
01/01/2015, 1345, 1345
02/01/2015, -132, 1213
04/01/2015, 259, 1472

This is quite simple to achieve in Excel. (eg =SUM($B$1:B3))

What is the query formula for Access?

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Queries :: Adding Another Field To SUM Running Total

Jun 24, 2013

I have qry with these fields: DateOfPayment and Ammount.

I would like to add another field with running total sum. I am trying this:

RunnTot: Format(DSum("[Ammount]";"qryCFSUM"; [DateOfPayment] <=#" & [DateOfPayment] & "#" );"0 000"" Kč""").

But It still does not work.

Example of my data in "qryCFSUM":


1 2000 Kč
15 456 Kč
23 465 Kč

And what I would like to have:

1 200 Kč
16 656 Kč
40 121 Kč

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Forms :: Running Total Of A Field From A Form?

Jul 15, 2015


I have this expression in a field on a form. It's been a really long time since I worked in Access. Is sub2013 a field on a form, in a table?

It's doing a running total of a field from a form. I can't find a subform with this name, or a field anywhere, I'm drawing a blank.

using Access 2007....

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Queries :: Running Total With Text And Date Field?

Jun 19, 2013

I have a table ("tbl_idq_all") with a text field for product codes ("scode"), a date field (dd/mm/yyyy) and a quantity field ("po_qty"). This table therefore holds future receipts of stock for products.

What I am having trouble doing is create a running total of [po_qty] based on [scode] and [Date].

A good example is stock code 10254. This has a quantity of 40,032 arriving 01/06/2013 and a quantity of 30,096 arriving 01/09/2013.

Therefore the running totals should read:

scode | Date | po_qty | RunningTotal
10254 | 01/06/2013 | 40032 | 40032
10254 | 01/09/2013 | 30096 | 70128

As you can see from the attached DB I have 70128 repeated twice in the RunningTotal column.

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Calculated Field Pull Total From Another Report Or Form

Dec 16, 2004

I have a report with a calculated field. This calculated field needs to pull the value or total from a field in another report. I think the formula is :
but I'm getting ?Name as the result.
The report is AssmntB where I need to have the value copied.
The original report is AssmntC and the field is totalreqamnt4 where the value is originally calculated.
totalreqmant4 is also a calculated field which sums fields from a query.

Help with the formula? please?

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Replacing Running Total From Subforms Control To Main Form Table Field

Jun 11, 2015

I have an access form (Customer) along with a sub-form (Work_done). On sub-form I have Running sum of Amount in Text box-1. I want that Total of Running sum be replaced with Main form's tables field total_amount. Is it possible that we can replace an amount of control of sub-form into main form's field?

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Queries :: Self-Referencing Running Total Used To Calculate Next Total In A Query

Jul 23, 2015

I am trying to create a query that has a self referencing running total based on the values (point totals) of itself (running total of values in the running total column that have already been calculated for all previous records) plus the total of new points being added in the current record, less the total of points being removed in the current record. This running total can never go below 0, if it does, the running total should restart at zero and add in only new points and begin the process again with the next records

I am able to do this in Excel in less than two seconds so I know there has to be a way to port this into a query. I've attached an excel example of what I am exactly trying to do

If it takes multiple queries to complete the required output I am ok with it. In my previous outtakes I have had up to 8 queries but just couldn't seem to do it..

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Forms :: Continuous Form - Calculated Total Field In Footer?

Apr 6, 2013

I have a form that is displayed continuously and there is a text field in it (Text12).In the footer of this form I would like to add a textbox that is the sum of all Text12's on the form.I tried =Sum([Text12]) in the textboxes control source but that is just displaying an error when I run the form.

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Running Balance As Opposed To Running Total

Mar 14, 2005

Can anyone tell me how to get a running balance on a report. I know how to create a running total, by setting the "running sum" property of a text box to "Over all".

I can't however see how I can adapt this to give a running balance (as in a bank statement for example). Attempts to do so end up in failure!!

Many thanks in advance.

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Creating Calculated Field With Two Expressions

Aug 6, 2007

Hi guys,

I am writing a select query and need an extra column which will be calculated using two tables.

The problem i am having is that i need to to say basically, return value A if value from table x < value from table y or return value B if value from table x > value from table y.

I tried using the HAVING clause but you cant use the if function with this it seems.

Your help is most appreciated.

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Receiving Error When Creating Calculated Field

Feb 4, 2013

I'm attempting to create a calculated field in a query called 'Test'. It's purpose is to determine if a certain field has a 'c' for closed and then returns the appropriate 3 months in a concatenated string. This previously worked when it was shorter. Now that I extended it for 2011 fields i'm getting an error that it is too long. I'm pasting the below code into the 'field' line of my query.

Test: IIf([DEC12_Status]="c",[OCT12_A] & " " & [NOV12_A] & " " & [DEC12_A]
,IIf([NOV12_Status]="c",[SEP12_A] & " " & [OCT12_A] & " " & [NOV12_A],
IIf([OCT12_Status]="c",[AUG12_A] & " " & [SEP12_A] & " " & [OCT12_A],
IIf([SEP12_Status]="c",[JUL12_A] & " " & [AUG12_A] & " " & [SEP12_A],
IIf([AUG12_Status]="c",[JUN12_A] & " " & [JUL12_A] & " " & [AUG12_A],

[Code] .....

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Running Total

Dec 4, 2007

Ahhhh this is doing my nugget in!!! I have a simple table with 4 fields
ID (unique number)
DATE (date)
CAPACITY (number of SKU we can hold)
ORDERS (number of SKU on order)
the data looks like this

1 01/01/2007 250000 250000
2 02/01/2007 250000 300000
3 03/01/2007 250000 300000
4 04/01/2007 250000 300000

So looking at the above table we can see that we have more orders than capacity in our factory, however they require to see this in graph form, so what I need is for each ID a running total of the CAPACITY and ORDERS so over a given date range i would produce a graph to find the "pinch points" where we could see if the capacity is less than the orders we have over time.

so my new table would be:

1 01/01/2007 250000 250000 250000 250000
2 02/01/2007 250000 300000 500000 550000
3 03/01/2007 250000 300000 750000 850000
4 04/01/2007 250000 300000 1000000 1150000

etc. which i would create my graph from. Ive looked at Dsum and some other methods but cant get my head around it so any help will be much appreciated.
Thanks Steve.

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Running Total

Dec 27, 2004


I'm trying to create a database to keep track of invoices .
on work that was there any sample database that I could take a look at.Or can anyone help me on this I'm trying to capture price on parts + price on labor = total the order form in the tradewinds database looks good but don't know where the code is for calulations? can anyone help me out?



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Running Total

Mar 28, 2006

Im having a problem doing a running total on my form.
I want the result to be displayed in a text box, with the figures being collected from a column of figures.

Any help is appreciated

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How To Maintain A Running Total

Sep 11, 2005

My friends, please help me figure this out. I am new to MS-ACCESS. I am trying to create a simple Leave system for my office. When a user requests a leave, the number of hours will be added to a table. I have created a form for this purpose. What I would then like to happen is, the next field in the Table is the sum of hours requested thus far. So that field would be Requested + Total requested Thus far. I can do it easily in Excel but I can't figure out how to do that in ACCESS. It is a very simple database and I can mail you my sample if you are interested. Thanks in advance.


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Running Total In Query

Mar 12, 2007

Does anyon ehave any experience of running totals in an access query.
I'm reporting the data through excel not access reports so need a query not a report solution..

I have a table which looks:

RegionCategoryTypeDesc Period_IDPeriod_YTDPeriodTotal
CanadaEventsWSOP Team67Budget15000
CanadaEventsWSOP Team78Budget0
CanadaEventsWSOP Team89Budget0
CanadaEventsWSOP Team910Budget0
CanadaEventsWSOP Team1011Budget0
CanadaEventsWSOP Team1112Budget0
CanadaEventsWSOP Team1213Budget0

What I would like is to have an additional column which keeps a monthly summary of spend based on running total month 1to 12. All items have months 1 - 12 and are ordered in that fashion.

Any helpo really appreciated.


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Percentage And Running Total

Feb 26, 2007

Hi guys

I am making a query that calculates how much costs i have per job. I'd like to create a function in the query that can calculate how big a percentage each job is. (need total for every job/ total for all jobs) but so far i haven't been succesful in this.

Anyone who could help me?



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Trouble Getting A Running Total

Mar 2, 2007

I have a table called Team Standing that includes [TEAM] [PLAYER] [GAME DATE] [POINTS]. From this table I have a query that provides for each game date and team a count of the players, [GAME DATE] [TEAM] [PLAYER COUNT]. [PLAYER COUNT] is calculated using the total COUNT .

What I would like to add is a cumulative running total over the game dates. For example.


2007/01/05 --- 1 ------- 11 -------------- 11
2007/01/12 --- 1 ------- 8 -------------- 19
2007/01/19 --- 1 ------- 14 --------------- 33

I am having trouble figuring out how to get a cumulative running total. I have tried a number of different sub-queries and selects but I can’t seem to get something that works.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Running Total Query

Aug 22, 2007


Am trying to create a query for a chart where I can total the employees over time but am having real trouble creating a running total from the "Total" field within a query but cannot seem to get it at all.

TotalStartDateLeftDate RunningTotal

Here is my current SQL query:

SELECT Sum([CountOfStartDate]-[CountOfLeftDate]) AS Total, Atest1.StartDate, Atest1.LeftDate, Sum([CountOfStartDate]-[CountOfLeftDate]) AS RunningTotal
FROM Atest1
GROUP BY Atest1.StartDate, Atest1.LeftDate;

Can anyone help please?

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Running Total Per Employee

Sep 16, 2007

I've been tasked to create a report that shows the date an employee hit a loss of $200.00 or greater for the company. Each day they work, they will either have an overage or a shortage in their till fund. They start out each day with a set amount of money in their till and at the end of the day they are expected to turn in that same amount; the tills are used for making change. If they are short, and the amount is fairly large, hence the $200.00 mark, then it becomes an issue that needs investigating.

I need to total these amounts up and when the total hits a negative $200.00 or greater, I need to display the date it occurred and then display the amount the company would have saved if the employee had been either terminated or transferred to a non-revenue department.

Getting the "saved" amount should not be a problem once I figure out how to get the above indicated loss amount.

Any ideas?


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Running Total For Grants

Oct 10, 2007

Hello, I am new so if I am posting in the wrong board, please feel free to move this.

My question is as follows:

I have several tables set up to track the grants my office adminsters. These include Project Information, and Payments. I am attempting to keep a running total (in each funding source) that shows up in the Payments form. I am not sure how to build the query for this.

Grant A has the following funding:
$20,000 -Capital Projects FY04
$50,000-Federal Funds FY06

The following payments have been made (each payment would be a seperate record:
$1,000- Cap FY04
$2,000- Fed FY06
$4,000-Cap FY04
$8,000-Fed FY06

PS-I am really not that great with VB so if you could explain it as if I were 5 that would be great

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Query With A Running Total

Mar 10, 2008

This should be easy! Right?

I have a series of dates with events that occured on those dates. Some events were extended, others were not how do I get a running total, cumulative total, for all records in the RunTotal column?

Opened DateOpen IssuesCountOfExtendedNotExtRunTotal
5/21/2007 1 10 1
8/6/2007 1 10 2
10/8/2007 1 10 3
11/1/2007 1 10 4
11/8/2007 1 01 5
12/5/2007 1 0 1 6

Thanks for your help.

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About Dsum Or Running Total.

Apr 22, 2008


i'm working on a report about firm's personal. i have to calculate a column as running total. But i could not.
Please help me.
i am sending my file.

best regards.

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